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by Jevic
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Logan by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer

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I met a cute teenager by the name of Logan on a rainy Tuesday afternoon in October. He came by my house with the neighbor kid. I couldn't believe it. I always picture a character in my head as I write, and he was the spitting image of the main character of the short story I had just finished. When I finally got the chance to talk with him alone, I told him I had just finished a story where my main character was named Logan. He was intrigued. I want to read it, he told me. I blushed and told him it was a ... gay story. He insisted that he wanted to read it. So, I gave him a link to my story online. The following is what he read.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

"Bless me, Jesus." Logan heard his mother say as she walked into his room to see her son with his best friend's cock buried deep in his throat. Alex had zipped up immediately and fled. Logan's mother left the room only to be replaced moments later by his enraged, madder than hell, ultra conservative, very religious, father who slapped him hard enough across the face that he was knocked to the floor, his face stinging in heated pain.

"Get your filthy excuse of a human being out of my house before I castrate you with my butcher knife! You are no son of mine!" his father had screamed down at him, spittle hitting his face as he cowered on the floor. "Two minutes! And may God not even try to save your worthless soul! I hope you burn in the hottest pits of hell!"

Two minutes later, Logan was unceremoniously shoved out the front door of his house. His knapsack, stuffed with as many clothes and personal items as two minutes allows, sailed through the air after him. The front door slammed shut. Logan sat on the lawn with his knapsack clutched to his chest, his face still stinging from his father's blow and stared at the only place he had even known as home. Tears streamed down his face.

"What the fuck just happened?" he thought to himself. "Fuck, I knew they were religious and all that. Hell, they think Trump should still be president. I guess we were bound to be caught sooner or later, but this, this reaction is totally unexpected. And Alex, what the fuck?" The thoughts in his mind faded and desperation set in. Logan slowly stood. He wiped his face with the sleeve of his shirt and after taking one final look, he turned and walked away.

Without conscious thought as to a destination, Logan walked toward Alex's house. After all, he'd walked these same steps countless times. Logan looked up and realized where his feet had taken him. He was standing right in front of his best friend's house. He walked up the drive and started to head for the door to the kitchen from the garage, but paused. He knew he was welcome to just walk in the door. Alex's parents knew they were best buds and thought of Logan as a second son. But after being kicked out of his house, Logan thought a more formal approach was called for. He walked to the front door and knocked. Logan waited a few seconds and the door opened.

"What are you doing here?" Alex whispered harshly. Logan took a step back, surprised at Alex's aggressive tone.

"W-what do you mean?" Logan stammered.

"You can't be here. My parents are worse than yours. If they find out about this, they'll beat the hell out of me!"

"What? I need you right now," Logan plead.

"Not gonna happen. Look, this is all your fault. We experimented and we had fun, but then you wanted to keep sucking my dick and look where that got you," Alex again whispered harshly.

"My parents threw me out. I've nowhere to go. Please Alex!" The door slammed in Logan's face. That was it, done. He was officially at the end of his rope. Reality set in and Logan realized that he was in a serious situation ... a very serious situation. He stumbled down the road toward the park a quarter mile away.

Along the way was a long bridge over a good sized river. The bridge was some fifty feet above the rapidly flowing water. Boulders stuck up all over, making the river almost impossible for a boat and treacherous to swim with its rapid current. The river started from near the peak of a nearby mountain range and Logan knew, from firsthand experience, the water was freezing cold. Logan stopped in the middle, stepped up on the first rung of the guardrail and peered down into the swirling river current below. He watched as his big, fat tears fell silently to the waters below. Logan looked up at the scene in front of him. The sunset was close and the orange and red sky glowed behind the tall pine trees. The sound of the water cascading over the rocks was like a siren's song calling out to him. The gentle breeze whispered through the pines. It was picturesque and it called out to Logan. Peace is here. Come and join the tranquility.

"It would be easy ... and it would be quick," he thought to himself. "All this shit would go away and it would be permanent." The word permanent, suddenly triggered a memory. Logan had visited a gay website with stories about gay teens, The Tarheel Writer. There was one page on the site about suicide. Logan remembered that one particular line.

"Suicide is a very permanent decision," he said out loud. Seconds later, a tractor-trailer zoomed by blaring its air horn.

"Fucker!" Logan screamed at truck. "You almost made me shit myself!" He lowered his head and took a deep breath. His heart was pounding. Logan finally looked up. He glanced back at the river and with newfound determination, he continued walking toward the park. The siren's song had been silenced.

It was late in the day and the sun was getting low in the sky. Logan was glad it was still summer, and he didn't have to worry about getting cold. As he walked into the park, he saw that only one or two people were out walking. He headed over to a grove of trees toward the back of the park that offered some seclusion. Logan remembered sucking Alex's dick back there. That thought brought a fresh round of tears. He moved to where he was completely out of sight and sat his knapsack down. He dropped down and sat in the soft pine needles, finally taking a deep breath and relaxing for the first time today.

Reality was tough to face, but Logan knew he needed to assess his situation. He knew he could survive. He'd learned all he needed to know while he was in the Boy Scouts. Hell, he'd even learned how to suck cock while he earned his First Class rank. He spent some really hot quality time in his tent with his patrol leader, on many occasions. Greg had been gentle, but very informative about how to pleasure another male. Logan had received pleasure and had received extensive instructions on how to properly please his patrol leader. Logan left the Boy Scouts as a Life, but counted his learned knowledge, with both the BSA and Greg, as assets for years to come.

Logan emptied his knapsack and took inventory. He had two complete changes of clothes, several pairs of socks and boxer briefs, plus one Andrew Christian jock strap. There was a blanket and a couple of tee shirts. He opened his wallet. Sixty-three dollars was all the money he had to his name. That would go fast, just buying food. Speaking of which, Logan's stomach growled. He'd been thrown out just before dinner.

'Fuck," he mumbled to himself. "I've gotta eat." The closest food available was a McDonalds on the north side of the park, the opposite end from where Logan's secret hiding place was. The memories of the aromas of a Big Mac and crispy fries stirred Logan into action.

Logan left his knapsack, well hidden in some bushes and headed for McDonalds. A double quarter pounder with cheese combo later and a sated appetite, Logan walked back toward the park, with nine precious dollars having been spent from his wallet. As he walked toward the far side of the park with the sunset glowing on the horizon, he noticed a young boy standing alongside the road at the back of the park. As he watched, a car slowly drove up and stopped. The driver and the boy had a brief conversation and the boy got into the car. Logan watched as the car left. He shrugged his shoulders and headed back into the grove of trees. Logan settled down in the soft pine needles.

About thirty minutes later, Logan watched through the trees as the same car that came by earlier, returned and the boy got out. Curiosity got the better of Logan and he walked slowly toward the boy as the car drove off. As he approached the boy looked up then turned and started to walk away quickly.

"Hey dude! Hold up!" The boy paused, glanced back, but continued to walk away. "Hey! Come on! I just want to talk!" The boy paused again and turned toward Logan.

"What do you want?" Logan continued to walk slowly toward the boy, not wanting to spook him away.

"Hey, I'm Logan. What's your name?"

"What's it to you?"

"Dude, just making conversation here, k?" Logan said holding his arms out in surrender.

"Matt, my name's Matt. What you doin' out here?"

"Long story," Logan muttered and paused. "Hey, Matt. What's up with the car?"

"None ya," Matt said

"Come on dude," Logan said with a grin. Matt was kinda cute. "Tell ya what ... I'll give ya a blow if you tell me." Matt's eyes got big and his mouth dropped open. Logan was bigger than Matt and if things went south, he knew he could handle himself.

"You're a little late for that," smirked Matt. Logan frowned as he processed that statement, but then the light bulb came on.

"You just got a blow job."

"Got it in one," Matt said reaching into his pocket and pulling out two twenty dollar bills. "Made forty bucks and I didn't even have to touch the dude." Now it was Logan's turn to go bug eyed and drop his mouth open.

"Really? That guy paid you, paid you real money to let him give you a blow?"

"Yep, and he's just one of my regulars," Matt smirked. Logan had to admit that Matt was cute. His cock twitched.

"You do this a lot then?"

"Yep, usually just on weekends. I make close to a hundred sometimes two hundred dollars every weekend." Matt paused for a minute, then got real serious. "You do not go stealing my regulars, you hear me? That is a no no, cuz you'd be fucking with my income, see?" Logan just shook his head and grinned. Here was an opportunity to make money. Maybe the future wasn't quite as bleak as he thought.

"I don't even know how to find these guys, so chill little dude," he said to Matt. The street hustler named Matt, grinned.

"Look, tell ya what. All the fags who pay know this is the area to pick up boys. I call them fags and I call myself gay. Most of them aren't quote unquote out of the closet. Hell, most of them have wives and sons and daughters at home. Some of them are very, very rich and even more powerful. You have to be discrete. Ever see them in public, like walking down the sidewalk, you don't know them, and they don't know you. Some of them are fit with nice cocks and then there's the fat ones with tiny dicks. Either way, you smile, you seem to enjoy it, even if it's nasty. You are gracious when you accept their money and always hint at the next time. And do not, I repeat, do not ever kiss on the lips. It's okay to nuzzle their neck, suckle their tits, but never kiss them on the lips. That's a huge no no. Oh, and you can make even more money if you take it up the ass."

"Jesus, I've never done that."

"Hurts at first, but it gets way better, especially if they have a good sized cock. I've even cum without touching myself while this one particular regular fucks me. He's got a big cock and he pays real nice, like a good two hundred for a fuck." Logan couldn't believe what he was hearing. And to make things worse, he was getting hard with all the talk about sex. Matt looked down at Logan's shorts and sniggered. "You're chubbin' up. I'll give you a blow for twenty," Matt smirked. "And that's a discount."

"Why don't we blow each other and not charge. Maybe you can show me how you take it up the, er, ass." Matt smiled wide.

"Been a while since I've played with someone my own age and someone who's really cute," Matt said. "And not charged for it. This promises to be fun."

"I've got a spot back in the trees that's pretty private ... if you want." Matt nodded his head.

"Let's go." The boys excitedly walked back to Logan's spot in the woods. Logan retrieved his knapsack from the bushes and pulled out his blanket. The sun had long since dipped below the horizon and the only light was from a nearby streetlight. With the blanket spread out over the soft pine needles, the boys tentatively embraced.

"Is this okay?" Logan asked as he nuzzled his lips against Matt's neck.

"Oh yeah, for sure, look come here dude," Matt ran his fingers in Logan's hair and pulled him in for a scorching kiss. Logan's cock turned stone hard. Matt started unbuckling Logan's belt, undid the button and zipped down the fly. He plunged his hand in Logan's shorts and wrapped his fingers around a very nice seven inch teen cock. Logan moaned into the kiss. Matt dropped to his knees, pulled Logan's shorts and boxers down in one fell swoop and inhaled Logan's cock.

"Oh fuck, dude," Logan whispered as he ran his hands through Matt's longish blond hair. Matt hollowed his cheeks and sucked hard. He was rewarded with a huge ooze of pre-cum. Matt moaned around the cock in his mouth, his tongue working furiously to lap up the sweet nectar.

"Whoa, slow down, Matt. You're gonna make me cum. I wanna suck you too." Matt pulled off the cock with a pop sound and looked up.

"You've got a really, really nice cock," Matt said as he smacked his lips. "I want that up my ass before this is all over." Matt stood up, shucked his tee shirt and dropped his pants to his ankles. He kicked them away and looked at Logan.

"Chop, chop, dude. Suck my cock," smirked Matt standing completely naked with his hands on his hips. Logan looked down at the hard cock jutting out from Matt's groin and dropped to his knees. He ran his hands up the back of Matt's legs and grabbed the boy's ass, pulling him closer. Logan licked the cock, starting at the base all the way up to the tip, before wrapping his lips around the head and burying his lips into Matt's pubic hair.

"Not your first time, I see," panted Matt. "Go ahead and have fun dude. I just got off so I should be able to last a while." Logan moaned around Matt's six inch hard cock. "Oh, yeah. I love it when you do that," Matt whispered encouragingly. Logan long dicked Matt's hard on, coming out to the head, then plunging down and swallowing the whole thing. Logan loved to suck cock and Matt was on the receiving end of his love to do it.

Matt reached down, buried his fingers in Logan's hair and grabbed on to his head. Then Matt started fucking Logan in the mouth. Logan moaned again. "Yeah, baby, take my cock. I'm fuckin' you in the mouth and I bet you love it." Logan moaned again. Matt pumped his dick in and out of Logan's mouth at a good pace, making encouraging dirty comments all along. "Fuck yeah. You love that hot cock, don't you. Your mouth is so hot and wet. Yeah, keep workin' that hot tongue. Yeah, dude. That feels sooo good. You want my hot load of cum, don't you?" Logan moaned again and was rewarded with a good ooze of pre-cum. "Okay, dude, I'm close," Matt panted as he sped up his thrusts. "Suck it! Suck it good! I'm gonna bust!" Matt buried his cock all the way in Logan's mouth, just inside his throat and unleashed a torrent of hot cum. Spurt after teenage spurt of cum pumped out of his cock. Logan pushed him halfway off so he could taste Matt's cum. Two more spurts splashed across Logan's tongue, and he moaned as his own cock sent globs of cum through the air and on to the blanket. Logan reluctantly let Matt's softening cock slip out of his mouth. He looked up to see Matt smiling and licking his lips.

"My turn," Matt smirked.

"Too late," Logan said with a lopsided grin.

"You came?" Logan nodded. Matt sat down beside him. "Fuck, well, we'll take a break and then you can fuck me. Cigarette?" Matt offered as he held out a pack.

Two cigarettes later, the boys, still quite naked, wrapped their arms around each other and hugged.

"This is the street," Matt whispered in Logan's ear. "This is where kids go when they aren't wanted. This is a very serious situation, Logan. Are you here by choice?"

"No, my, my parents kicked me out when they found me and my, my best friend in my bedroom.

"Where are you staying?"

"It just happened today. I'm planning to sleep right here tonight until I figure out what the hell I'm gonna do."

"Man, that sucks. At least my rents are too stupid to figure it out. They just don't give a shit about where I go and when I go. They give me an allowance and their only expectation is good grades at school. That's it. We don't hug. We don't say love you. We just exist. I know they have tons of cash and I could care less. I love what I do with the men on the street. It turns me on! Speaking of which, lay back on the blanket. I'm gonna suck you and get you good and hard. I want that super nice cock of yours up my ass." Logan laid back on the blanket, pine needles crunching as he stretched out on the blanket.

Matt was on his cock in seconds and hoover-sucked Logan into an erection in mere minutes. He reached over to his pants and pulled out a small plastic bottle. Matt moved up and sat on Logan's lap. He opened the plastic bottle and squeezed the liquid onto his fingers. Logan watched as Matt took those fingers and reaching behind himself, pushed them up his ass, groaning in pleasure all the while as he lubed himself up.

"Fuck, you are so hot," exclaimed Logan as Matt slathered more slippery liquid on Logan's cock. Matt reached back and grabbed Logan's cock, lined it up to his hole and slowly sank down on it. Logan squeezed his eyes shut as the velvet heat wrapped around his cock. Matt slowly sank down on the hard cock, taking it inch by inch until he was fully seated.

"Now the fun's about to begin so put on your seatbelt. I'm gonna ride you like a Mexican rodeo stud king," Matt said before he started to bounce up and down on Logan's hard cock. The street hustler gave Logan every penny's worth as he bounced his ass up and down on Logan's cock. Logan could hardly believe the feeling Matt was giving him. He struggled to maintain himself and not cum too soon, but Matt's ass was clenching on his cock and it felt sooo good.

"Hold on, gotta change positions," Matt panted as he came back up to his knees. Logan's cock slipped free. "Get up. I want you to fuck me doggy." Logan scooted up and stood. Matt got on all fours and looked back at Logan. "Okay, now put that hot cock up my ass and fuck me good." Logan dropped to his knees and scooted up to Matt's ass. Grabbing his cock, he pointed it Matt's rose bud and slowly sank back into that wonderful heat. "Oh, yeah, Logan. That feels awesome. Now fuck the shit out of me."

Logan needed no more encouragement. He grabbed Matt's hips and started fucking at a smooth pace. "Yeah, dude. Feels so good. Now go harder and go faster." Logan picked up the pace and was soon pounding into Matt's hot ass. The slap of skin to skin contact echoed through the trees surrounding them. Logan changed positions a bit and went back at it. Whatever he did must have been right.

"Fuck yes, right there. You're hittin' my spot dude. Fuck me hard!" Logan pounded into Matt's ass. Then he pulled all the way out and slammed back in. Matt arched his back and pushed back. Logan pulled out and slammed back in again. He did that several times before he grabbed Matt's hips and pounded into Matt's hot velvet ass.

"I'm not gonna last long like this," Logan panted.

"Okay, okay, stop. Let me flip over." Logan pulled his cock out and Matt flipped over on his back. He scooted toward Logan and raised his legs, putting them on Logan's shoulders. "Now, fuck me, please," Matt begged. Logan lined up again and sank his cock into Matt's ass. He grabbed Matt by his thighs and started pumping his cock into his new friend's ass. Matt reached up and tweaked Logan's right nipple. The skin to skin contact slapping continued in the night of the park. Logan heard the loud groans coming from Matt and it really turned him on. He leaned over and sucked on Matt's right nipple and then his left. Matt groaned loudly.

"Kiss me!" Matt panted. Logan locked his lips on Matt's and shoved his tongue into Matt's hot mouth while shoving his cock into Matt's hot ass. Logan broke the kiss and grabbed Matt's legs for leverage and fucked hard.

"Oh yeah, fuck! I'm gonna cum!" Logan looked down at Matt's cock as it strained up from his stomach. Without touching it, Matt's cock spewed long ropes of cum all over his chest. Logan felt Matt's ass muscles clinch and clinch on his cock.

"I'm gonna cum up your ass. This is so fucking hot," Logan said as he buried his cock as deep as it would go and flooded Matt's ass with a hot load of cum. Matt dropped his legs to the blanket. Logan was still buried deep as he leaned forward and kissed Matt again. Their tongues danced in their mouths as the last waves of their orgasms stilled.

Despite having just cum, Logan found his cock was still stone hard. He gave an experimental thrust into Matt's ass. Matt moaned into the kiss. Logan started fucking him again in long lazy strokes.

"Fuck yes, you hot stud. I fuckin' love your cock," Matt exclaimed as he felt Logan's cock brush over his prostate again and again. "Fuck yes! You are one hot mother fucker!" Logan eased back up and grabbed Matt's legs again and started with long, deep strokes. With Matt's ass full of his cum, his cock slid easily. Logan pulled back until just his head was inside then he plunged back in slowly until he was balls deep. He repeated that over and over until he couldn't stand it anymore and started pounding into Matt's ass. Logan was in heaven and couldn't help but smile down at his partner as he slammed his cock into that hot, slick, velvety channel.

"Fuck! You're gonna make me cum again," Matt panted. He ran his hand through the cum on his chest, then grabbed his cock and started jerking off. "Damn! I'm fuckin' close. I can't believe it!" Logan changed positions just a bit and that did the trick for Matt.

"Oh fuck, right there. Fuck me!" Logan watched Matt's cock spewed another load of cum on his chest. Logan pulled out and jacked off spewing another load onto Matt's chest.

"Fuck, that was the hottest sex I've ever had," Logan exclaimed.

"Hell yeah. You are fucking awesome," Matt smiled back. Logan saw all the cum on Matt's chest, so he leaned down and started lapping it up. He coated his tongue with spooge and swallowed. He licked Matt's chest until all the cum was gone. He looked at Matt and smiled. Their lips met again, and they kissed long and slow.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Logan wouldn't see Matt again until the weekend. They'd agreed to do a double with one of Matt's regulars. In the meantime, Logan decided he needed to learn how to get picked up. He put on his sexiest underwear and his tightest shorts. Since it was warm, he decided on a tight tank top. Logan walked out of his seclusive wooded spot and walked to the back road. He sat down on the bench there and leaned back to enjoy the sunshine.

He had probably been there on the bench for a half hour when he heard someone call out to him.

"Hey kid, you wanna party?" a man in an SUV called out. Logan looked up and saw a middle-aged man with salt and pepper hair grinning at him.

"Sure," Logan said. He got up and walked over to the passenger door and got in. He was about as nervous as nervous can be and he thought the man picked up on his nervousness.

"It's cool little man," he said to Logan as he reached over and patted Logan's bare leg. "I just want suck you off and then I'll give you fifty bucks. That cool with you?" Logan nodded and swallowed the lump in his throat. "Cool, we'll just park over there in the shade." Logan nodded again and the man drove over to a small, shaded parking area. After the man put the car in park, he reached over and gave Logan's cock a gentle squeeze. Logan took the hint and unbuttoned his shorts. He pushed his shorts down to his ankles and the man rubbed Logan's cock through his underwear.

"Oh yeah, you've got a nice one," the man said without even taking his eyes away from his prize. Logan hooked his thumbs under the elastic of his boxer briefs and slowly lowered them until his cock flopped up against his stomach. The man grabbed his underwear and pulled it down to Logan's ankles. The man lowered his face and rubbed it all over Logan's cock. Logan moaned. He heard the man breathe in deeply through his nose as it was buried in Logan's balls. The man's tongue took a long swipe from the base to the tip, then took the throbbing cock into his mouth and slowly lowered his lips until he had it all the way in his mouth. Logan took a deep breath. It felt good and he knew he would be able to cum but, it just felt weird to have someone suck on his dick when he didn't even know the guy's name.

The man was an expert as he bobbed his head on Logan's cock. He even took time to suck first one ball into his mouth, then the other and finally, both balls. His hot tongue played with them. Logan couldn't help but groan. That seemed to encourage the man and he returned to sucking Logan's cock in earnest. He was hollowing his cheeks and sucking hard. Logan was starting to get close and wondered if he should warn the man. If he was sucking someone's dick, he would want to be warned. He groaned again. The man reached out and took Logan's hand and put it on his head. Logan got the idea and started pushing the man down on his cock. The man started breathing hard. Logan glanced over and saw the man was furiously jacking his own cock. That turned Logan on, and he groaned again.

"Yeah, gonna cum. Just about there," Logan whispered. The man's breathing sped up and his hand was flying up and down his own cock. Logan pushed the man's head down hard and at the same time pushed his cock up and came. Five, six, seven squirts of cum went straight into the man's hot mouth. The man groaned and came all over his pants. Logan's hand let up and the man kept sucking at a leisurely pace, evidently savoring the feel of a teen cock in his mouth. He squeezed Logan's spent cock to get every drop of cum and slurped the last bit from the tip. The man sat back up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Fuck. You sure do cum a lot, little man. That was hot."

"Yeah, it was. And you've got a talented mouth," Logan said as he started pulling his clothes back up. The man cleaned himself with a Kleenex and zipped up. Logan zipped up too and snapped his shorts. He looked over at the man and watched as he pulled a fifty from his wallet and handed it over.

"I come to the park every Tuesday and Thursday about this time. I'd sure love to see you on a regular basis," the man said as he started up the SUV.

"Can do. I had a good time and would like to see you again too," Logan said with a smile. The man pulled over to the curb and stopped. Logan got out and before he closed the door, he gave the man a big smile while adjusting his cock. The man looked down and smiled.

"Thanks. See you," Logan said.

"Cool, see you day after tomorrow," the man said. Logan closed the door and turned back to his bench as the SUV drove off.

"Well, that wasn't too bad," Logan thought to himself. He pulled the fifty out of his pocket and smiled. The teen moved over and sat down on his bench, once more enjoying the sunshine. His fifty securely resting in his wallet.

The sun was just headed toward the horizon when a red sports car pulled up and stopped in front of Logan's bench.

"Hey man," the driver called out. Logan looked up to see a younger man, maybe in his mid to late twenties.

"Sup?" Logan answered.

"Lookin' for some action. Have I come to the right place?"

"Sure have," Logan said as he stood up and arranged his cock. The man in the car smiled at the gesture.

"Cool, come on and get in dude. You're hot."

"What you got in mind dude?"

"Oh, I don't know. Probably about a hundred dollars' worth of a little fun," the man said with a wink.

Logan opened the passenger door and crawled in. "I haven't seen you before," the man said as he drove off, away from the park.

"I've been keeping it low, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, sure. Listen, you cool with maybe having another join us?" Logan nodded even as his apprehension level shot way up the scale.

"Cool, my boyfriend and I like to have a third from time to time. He's a big ol' bottom and loves to have a third. It'll be cool," the man said as he turned into an apartment complex. "I'm Jake, by the way. What's hanging between those gorgeous legs of yours?" Logan smiled.

"Seven." The man's eyebrows popped up and he smiled as he turned in a space and parked the car.

"Come on, Randy should be all ready for us." Logan followed Jake up the sidewalk to apartment 3C. Jake unlocked the door and motioned Logan inside. The teen stepped inside and took in a nicely appointed apartment. Jake locked the door behind him and turned to Logan.

"Come here dude," Jake said while holding out his arms. Logan moved into the embrace and nuzzled Jake's neck. "Oh yeah," Jake said as he wrapped his arms around Logan.

"Jake, did you bring us a pretty playmate?" Logan was released from the hug and saw Jake's boyfriend come around the corner. Randy, who was also in his mid-twenties and very well built, roamed his eyes up and down Logan, nodding with approval all the while. "Oh, yes, you sure did. You're really cute little dude. I hope you know how to fuck." Logan smiled.

"Sure do. You wanna ride, do it doggie or throw your legs on my shoulders?"

"I like this one Jake. What's your name?"


"Well, come on Logan. The bedroom is this way." Logan and Jake followed Randy to the master bedroom where Jake and Randy both stripped off their tee shirts. Logan followed suit and took his off. He had just started to unbutton his shorts when he looked up and saw both Randy and Jake already naked and making out. It was a hot sight. Both men were very well built and very handsome. Both of their bodies turned Logan on. He smiled as his shorts and underwear hit the floor. Randy and Jake turned to look the naked teen over.

"My, my," Randy said. "Come over here and let's get to know each other." Logan smiled and joined them by the bed. Randy immediately dropped to his knees and sucked Logan's half hard cock into his mouth. Jake rubbed Logan's back with one hand and tweaked his left nipple with the other. Logan turned and locked lips with Jake and enjoyed a hot kiss. Randy stood up and joined in a three way kiss. Logan was stone hard.

"Get on the bed baby and let's get this party started," Jake said to his boyfriend. Randy sat down on the bed, laid back and raised his legs up. Jake dropped to his knees and started rimming his boyfriend. Logan watched for a second and decided he needed to be involved in this party too. He crawled up on the bed, got on his hands and knees and moved to where he and Randy could sixty-nine.

"Oh yeah, gimme that cock," Randy moaned. Logan lined his cock up and pushed it all the way into Randy's throat and started fucking him in the face. Randy's hands grabbed Logan's ass and pulled him down harder. Logan watched up close and personal as Jake put his cock into Randy's ass and started to fuck. Randy's hard cock was right in front of Logan's face, so he leaned down and sucked it into his mouth. Randy moaned. The vibrations of the moan stimulated Logan's cock to give an ooze of pre-cum, which caused Randy to moan again. Jake pulled his cock out and pointed it at Logan, so he dropped Randy's cock and took Jake's cock into his mouth. Jake fucked his six inch cock into Logan's mouth.

"Fuck, that's hot," Jake said. He pulled his cock out of Logan's mouth and plowed it back into Randy's ass. He gave it a few strokes, then pulled it back out to present it to Logan again. Logan bobbed his head on Jake's cock. Jake pulled out of Logan's mouth and slammed it back into his boyfriend's ass and fucked him hard. Logan slurped Randy's cock back down his throat and hollowed his cheeks.

"Why don't you bring that big cock back here and we'll take turns fucking him," Logan lifted his cock out of Randy's mouth and scooted back. He moved off the bed and stood beside Jake. Logan saw a bottle of lube on the floor, so he picked it up and lubed up his cock. Jake moved out of the way and Logan took his place. Randy rested his legs on Logan's shoulders and the teen eased his cock into Randy's ass.

"I'm good and ready, baby. Go for it," Randy said. Logan slammed the remaining five inches balls deep into Randy's hot ass. "Oh, fuck yes!" Logan settled into a medium pace. Jake came up beside him and put his cock against Logan's leg. Logan reached down and slowly jacked him off while he fucked his boyfriend. A few minutes later, Jake suggested a change.

Jake laid down on his back. Randy got on his hands and knees so they could sixty-nine. Logan moved behind Randy and eased his cock back into Randy's hot ass. Jake had a ringside view as Logan fucked his boyfriend. Jake raised his head and licked Logan's cock as it plunged in and out. Logan looked down and watched. He grabbed his cock and pulled it out, pointed it down and shoved it into Jake's mouth. Jake sucked on it, then pointed it at his boyfriend's ass. Logan shoved it back inside and fucked a few strokes, then pulled out and put it in Jake's mouth again. When he popped out of Jake's mouth, he slammed his cock back into Randy's ass. And all this time, Randy had been deep throating his boyfriend. Logan knew he was getting close, but these guys were paying him, and their pleasure came first.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting close," Logan told them. Randy dropped Jake's cock from his mouth and turned to look at Logan.

"That load goes in my mouth. You understand?" Randy said seriously.

"Gotcha boss," Logan said with a smile. Randy smiled back.

"Since you're close, let's change. Jake stay where you are. Logan stand up," Randy directed. Logan pulled out and stood up on the bed. Randy whipped around, lined up his boyfriend's cock and sat down on it. Then he looked up at Logan.

"Okay, big stud. Come over here and fuck your cum down my throat and don't hold back. My gag reflex has been under control for a long time. Balls deep baby, got it?" Logan smiled a lopsided smile and nodded. He moved over to stand in front. Randy started hopping up and down on Jake's cock. Logan grabbed Randy's head and shoved his cock down his throat, balls deep. True to his word, Randy took it like a champ and moaned on the outstroke. Logan held his head tightly and pounded his cock in and out of Randy's hot throat. Jake put his hands behind his head and watched his boyfriend suck on that teen cock.

"This what you wanted Randy?" Jake asked. "A cock up your ass and a cock down your throat at the same time? Well, you got it baby, so enjoy it as long as you can."

Jake grabbed Randy's ass and held him still while he pounded up into him. That made it easier for Logan to fuck Randy's mouth. Logan tilted Randy's head back so they could look eye to eye. Blue eyes locked on green. Logan's cock was sliding down Randy's hot throat and his tongue was working magic on the outstroke. And they kept looking at each other. Sweat broke out on Logan's forehead.

"Gonna cum. I'm close," Logan said. Randy winked. At that, Logan slammed his cock deep, held Randy's head still and came. Randy moaned and shot a half dozen ribbons of cum across Jake's chest with one shot hitting Logan's leg. Logan let go of Randy's head. Logan felt the bed shaking as Jake hammered up into his boyfriend's ass and came with a long groan. Randy snaked his hand around Logan's cock and milked the last of the cum from the tip. He looked up and Logan, kissed the head of his cock and winked again.

"Honey, that was awesome," Randy declared as Jake's deflating cock flopped out of his ass.

"Damn right," Logan said with a grin.

Two hours later and two hundred dollars to the better, with a home cooked meal for a tip, Logan was on cloud nine. He was back at his bench, looking up into the night stars.

"Wow, what a day!" he thought to himself. "I guess I learned how to get picked up, after all that was my goal for the day. And I did it twice and I've got, let's see, fifty from the blow job this morning and two hundred for the three-way, that's two hundred and fifty bucks in one muther-fuckin' day. Okay, just for fun, if I do two-fifty ten days in a row, I'll have twenty-five hundred bucks! That's enough to get an apartment!" Logan's thoughts had him physically shaking his fist in victory. "Yes!"

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Logan Witherspoon knew it was risky, but the financial reward was just too large to ignore. His life on the streets was virtually moment to moment. The two hundred fifty dollars from that first day was apparently beginner's luck. It dwindled down to nothing on some days. So, when the stretch limo stopped in front of him on Thursday evening at nine o'clock, he quickly snapped to seductive mode. The window came down. The man looked him up and down and nodded. "You'll do," he said and handed Logan two, yes, two hundred dollar bills. "There's eight, yeah kid, eight more of those as long as you are right here tomorrow night at nine pm." Logan grinned.

"You got it. Right here tomorrow night and squeaky clean inside and out. I'll be here," Logan declared. "Is there anything I can do for you ... er ... now"

"While I would love a blow job, I think a shower for you is a higher priority right now, so get a room. Clean yourself up. Be right here, ready to go. Oh, and here, take this," he said handing Logan a small plastic bag containing three capsules. "Be sure to be take these pills just before I pick you up." Logan looked at the drugs. He's never done more than sneak a beer from his father's hidden refrigerator in the garage.

"What are these?" he asked as he held them up in the light.

"Those wonderful pills will, first of all, make you feel really good. Then they'll give you a nice buzz. Next, they'll make your cock hard and finally, they'll make you wanna have sex all night." Logan stood up straight and looked at the handsome man in the limo.

"Yes sir, right here, Friday night at 9PM. You can count on me!" The man in the limo chuckled.

"Yeah, kid. You'll wish you said ... no," the man said as he rolled up the window and the limo took off.

"A thousand dollars. A thousand fucking dollars," he screamed to himself. Logan couldn't believe his luck. It had been three weeks since that first day turning tricks at the park. Yes, business had been hit and miss. Yeah, he still had Brad every Tuesday and Thursday. He'd learned Brad's name the second time Logan got a blow job in Brad's SUV. A hundred dollars a week barely kept him fed since he lived on fast food. His cash dwindled quickly. And he really longed for another shower. Cleaning up in the McDonalds bathroom was not cutting it. The one time he slipped into the YMCA and grabbed a shower without being caught was heaven. Logan smiled as he remembered that half hour long shower. Every square inch of his body was squeaky clean after that ... inside and out. A week later and even Brad said something. Brad liked to suck Logan's dick, but he liked it clean. A total re-evaluation of his sleeping and hygiene arrangements was called for.

"Okay, I've got two hundred dollars. It's Thursday and I have to be ready tomorrow. Fuck!" Logan thought to himself. "What the fuck am I gonna ... oh," he paused in his thoughts as he looked at the billboard across the street advertising a motel just a block away. "That's the ticket!" he said out loud.

Thursday night at a kind of run down motel in the poorer part of town tended to be slow. Logan opened the door confidently and headed toward to the front desk. He eyed the large black woman behind the desk, took a deep breath and stepped up to the desk.

"I'd like a room for two nights, please," he said with confidence. The lady behind the desk had worked this position for many years and knew every trick in the book. She eyed the boy for a moment.

"So, I need your ID and your credit card." Logan slapped a hundred dollar bill down on the desk.

"That's my ID and credit card," he said with confidence, immediately holding his breath. The woman behind the desk sighed.

"Look boy, you be honest with me, and I'll take care of you," she said with a wink. "That's the way things work here." She took a long hard look at him and continued. "You a street boy? You hustle? Why you suddenly got a wad of cash? You need to clean up for a special something or other?" She glared down at Logan who was quaking in his shoes.

"Now you listen to me and you listen good. I don't put up with no drugs. I don't put up with no bullshit. One step outta line and your ass is on the street. Do not even attempt to fuck with me. I am the gatekeeper to the sanctuary from all the shit that follows you. You are required to be nice to me. Are we clear?"

"Understood, crystal clear!"

"Now, here is your room key. You're on the second floor room two oh three. No funny business. Don't be bringing no tricks to the room, ya hear?" Logan nodded. "You got two nights and check out is eleven am. You got that? Eleven am. Not one minute past." Logan nodded and reached for the key card.

"Look kid, I'm trusting you on this. You be good to me, and I'll be good to you." Logan nodded and smiled.

"My name is Haley. You need anything, you ask for me, ya hear?"

"You got it, Haley," Logan said with a smile. Logan found his room and the key card worked, letting him in to the first place he would sleep, under a roof, since he was kicked out of his house.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The limo was at the curb precisely at nine, Friday night. Logan was ready. Clean sexy clothes, clean body both outside and inside. He was ready for the promised eight hundred dollars. Fifteen minutes later, he wasn't too sure.

Logan found himself in a situation, a serious situation, a very serious situation that he had actually agreed to. He was naked and sitting on a bed in a room with black walls. The area around the bed was well lit and the boy could see three cameras set up. Everywhere else in the room was dark. Whatever the pills were, the ones they had given him, really gave young Logan a good buzz and made him feel horny as hell.

"Okay, we'll need to give you a name," the man behind the front camera said. "Decker, ha, let's call you Decker. I like it! It rhymes with pecker! Okay, Decker, you ready?" Logan nodded. The man started all cameras and Logan could see each red light come on as the man hit the record button.

"Okay, here we are today with Decker ..." The interview was thankfully short.

"Now it's time to get down to business," the man said and a hunky looking guy walked out of the shadows and up to the bed. He was wearing a mask, but that wasn't what got Logan's attention. It was the huge cock swaying slightly as it hung down between the man's legs. The pubes were trimmed and looked wonderful, but God it was huge. As the boy looked it over, he saw the big balls hanging down behind the shaft that was slowly starting to rise to the occasion.

"Decker, this is Russ. We call him Russ because, well, he's from Russia. Okay, Russ, he's all yours."

Russ pulled Logan over to the side of the bed, tied his arms behind his back, then rolled him over on his back and pulled his shoulders until his head hung off the edge of the bed. Russ grabbed his cock and slapped Logan's face. It was a nice cock, Logan admitted to himself, nice, but oh so very big.

The man lined up his now half hard cock in front of Logan's lips and painted them with pre-cum. He grinned toward the camera, then slowly pushed his entire cock down Logan's throat. He grabbed Logan's head with both hands and started fucking his face. Logan gagged, but the cock kept going from just the head in his mouth, to the head deep down his throat, the shaft sliding over his lips every time. Logan could only breathe when just the head was in his mouth and it didn't stay there very long. Logan breathed through his nose as much as he could on the upstroke. But, there was no way to move with Russ's hands holding his head securely. Russ's cock was full on hard when he picked up the pace and started to plunge his cock faster. Logan gagged again and threw up. The cock kept ramming down his throat even as hot liquids streamed down Logan's face and into his hair, eventually dropping to the floor with a loud plop.

Suddenly, the huge cock pushed as far down his throat as it would go and it stayed there. Decker was beginning to panic. He couldn't move his head. His arms were tied behind his back. He started to see stars when the cock disappeared from his mouth. Decker took two deep breaths before the cock went back down his throat and the fucking continued.

Hands continued to hold his head and the big cock drove hard, in and out of this throat, gagging him to the point of throwing up again, but the assault didn't stop. He heard laughter as his throat was fucked at a merciless pace. He threw up again, liquids passing around the cock as it continued its assault. The Russian withdrew completely only to roughly ram his cock back down Logan's throat. Russ did it again and again. Logan gulped in air between assaults. Another quick breath, then instead of Russ's cock going back down his throat, he felt a stinging blow to his right cheek, throwing his head to the side. It was followed by another stinging slap from the left. And immediately another slap from the right. His head was grabbed again and then the cock was there slamming down his throat. He threw up again, hot liquids again drooled down his face as he fought for breath. The cock was relentless, slamming down his throat and slamming his head against the mattress. He gagged and threw up again, feeling the hot liquid roll down to his hair yet again. The cock disappeared again and while gasping for breath the slaps came back. Hard from the right, left, right and finally left. His head was grabbed again and the cock drilled into his throat with renewed energy. Finally, the cock drove in hard and pinned his head to the bed. There was no chance of breathing. Then the cock pulsed and hot cum went straight down his throat. Russ pulled his cock out for the camera to see a quick jet of cum, then he slammed it back in all the way. It pulsed again and again, buried deep in Decker's throat. That's when the boy felt cum splash on his chest. At first it confused him, but then he realized that he had cum. The stars came to his vision and his world dissolved into black as throw up and cum oozed from his mouth.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Logan's world came back from the blackness slowly. The first thing he heard was traffic.

"What?" he thought. More cars passed as he slowly opened his eyes. It was dark and Logan realized he was cold. He slowly sat up and looked around. He was back in the park where he ... what did he do ... "oh, fuck!" he muttered out loud. He looked down at himself and realized he was covered in vomit. He struggled to raise himself up to his knees. "Fuck!" he screamed. Then he grabbed his sore throat in reaction to the pain. Logan stood up on shaky legs and stumbled a few steps before taking a deep breath and finally standing up straight.

The memories of the night he had came back in flashes. "How could I have been so fucking stupid," he said to himself. "Decker, because it rhymes with pecker. Stupid," he thought. Logan suddenly remembered he had already paid for one more night at the motel and it was just a half mile away. He started walking that way and found himself weaving. "Apparently, I'm still stoned on whatever the hell they gave me," he muttered. He shivered and shoved his hands into his pockets. His right hand encountered something that felt different. He pulled an envelope out of his pocket. He stopped under a streetlight and ripped it open.

"Oh fuck," he swore as he counted out eight one hundred dollar bills. Plus, there was a note.

Thanks for taking our offer. We now have an awesome video of you that's gonna make us thousands and thousands of dollars when we put it on our website. If you ever want to do it again, just call the number below.

Logan took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"I did have a blindfold on the whole time, didn't I?" he thought to himself. "I don't fucking remember. I took the pills when they picked me up. They put a blindfold on me so I wouldn't know where I was being taken. We got there and they helped me inside and ... oh shit ... they took the blindfold off." Logan's heart was pounding. "But they had to have put it back on before ... before Russ from Russia and his huge fucking cock fucked me in the mouth." The time between arriving and when that cock ... well, fuck, that time was fuzzy. I was probably fried. Well, fuck it." He headed off for the motel and arrived a short time later. He walked up to the desk.

"I guess I lost my key. Can I have another, please, Haley?" Haley, the desk clerk looked up. Her eyes widened in complete shock.

"What happened to you, honey? Are you alright?" she asked

"Really bad night. I just want to shower and go to bed. What time is it anyway?"

"It's four o'clock in the morning and," she paused and looked at the computer screen. "What did you say your name was?"

"Witherspoon, Logan Witherspoon."

"Oh, here you are, hon. You gotta check out at eleven young man," she said softly. "I could extend you to twelve. Is that enough time for you to get some sleep?" Haley asked kindly. Logan smiled and fished his cash out. He handed her a hundred dollar bill.

"How long will that get me?" he asked with a grin.

"I so do not want to know what you had to do to get that, but honey, you just got yourself two more nights, so you is good to go," she said with a smile.

"Thank you, can I get another key please?" She fiddled with the computer and a couple of beeps later, handed Logan his key.

"You're still in two oh six and the key is good til Monday morning," she said as she handed Logan the key card.

"Thank you so much, Haley," he said softly and took the key. He headed for the stairs and up to his room.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Alex had been engaging in one of his favorite pastimes, surfing the internet for porn. While bouncing from site to site, he stumbled on a face fuck site. He clicked a few icons and was shocked at what he saw. Young men getting fucked in the face by giant cocks. The fucking didn't stop and the guy getting fucked would eventually throw up. Alex's cock twitched. He clicked on another video and there on the screen, was Logan.

"What the fuck?" Alex stammered as he watched is "ex" best friend get fucked in the face. "Yeah, ex-best friend because you slammed the door in his face," he thought to himself. "I know that was wrong. I might like to get my dick sucked, but I'm not gay," he thought to himself. He actually physically rolled his own eyes. "Who's kiddin' who, right?"

Alex watched as Logan was interviewed on camera before the action. They called him Decker and he said he worked at McDonalds, but he knew it was Logan. He could tell he was high on something, but not enough for anybody who didn't know him, but Alex had seen Logan after a few beers. It looked like Logan has has more than a few beers. They explained what was going to happen and asked Logan if he was cool with that and Logan had nodded. Alex watched as a really fit man walked up to the bed. He was wearing a mask, but what caught Alex's attention was the huge cock on the man. Then the man, they called him Russ, arranged Logan on the bed with his head hanging over the side. Russ even tied his hands behind his back. Then Russ had simply shoved his big fat cock down Logan's throat and as Alex watched, Logan gagged and spit up. The hung fucker didn't even slow down. He just kept fucking Logan's face.

Alex was glued to the screen until the very end where the guy came in Logan's mouth. He watched as Russ pulled his cock out briefly to show he was cumming, then he slid it back down Logan's throat all the way. Alex couldn't believe it when Logan's cock, which had been hard the whole time, erupted in at least a half dozen ribbons of cum that landed wetly on Logan's chest. The video ended with a close up of Russ's big cock, covered in spit and cum, slowly come out of Logan's mouth. He tapped the head on Logan's lips and the video ended. Alex was both shocked and, at the same time, so hard his cock was leaking in his boxer briefs. He clicked on the screen and watched the video again, until he came, without even touching himself. Alex looked down to see cum seeping through his boxer briefs.

"I am one sick fucker," he softly said out loud. "Jesus! Logan! What the fucking fuck? What are you doing? Dude, that was hot as fuck. I mean, my god, that turned me on!" Alex shoved his boxer briefs down and looked at his still hard cock. After gathering up his cum in his hand, he slathered his cock with it and started pumping away as he watched the video again.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Logan's money supply was slowly starting to accumulate and for some odd reason, he found himself in high demand at the park. He was turning four to five tricks a day. His customers always wanted to fuck him in the face. His dick was starting to get lonely, but the money coming in was fabulous. Life was looking up. The clerk at the motel even gave him extra soap and shampoo, plus some of the good towels.

"What's going on?" he thought to himself. "Why am I so popular?" Logan scratched at his head as he strolled over to the special part of the park. He just sat down on his favorite bench when a car stopped at the curb and the window went down. It was a new customer.

"Hey kid, how much?" The young man asked. Logan stood and walked over to the car. He leaned down to take a good look at this guy. Handsome, jet black hair on the longish side, nice blue eyes, and he guessed him to be mid to late twenties.

"Depends," Logan started. "You're pretty young. You a cop?" The man shook his head. "Gotta say it out loud."

"Jeez dude, no I'm not a cop, police officer or anybody in law enforcement. I'm just horned up and wanna fuck your cute face."

"Okay, what's with the face fucking. You got a prob with my ass?" The man actually laughed and shook his head.

"No dude. I'm sure your ass is just fine, but I saw you on the Internet getting face fucked and it was hot as hell. I'll pay you a hundred if you let me do that." Logan stumbled back from the car, shocked that he had been recognized and this guy had come specifically for him.

"I'm famous," he thought to himself. "But I'm famous for choking on a big dick." Logan shook his head and looked back at the man in the car.

"Okay, but make it a hundred and fifty," Logan smirked.

"That's cool dude. You are Decker, the same Decker from the Internet, right?" Logan nodded. "I'd tell you my name but you won't be doing a lot of talking." Logan went around to the passenger door, opened it and got in. The man handed Logan a fifty dollar bill. "You'll get the other hundred after my cum goes down your throat." Logan nodded.

"There's a motel a half mile that a way," Logan pointed. The man grinned and put his car in gear.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

An hour later and a hundred and fifty dollars richer, Logan was once again back on his favorite park bench slurping on a milkshake. The cool drink soothed his battered throat. The man with the jet black hair had been fairly well hung, but nowhere near the size of Russ. Logan got up and threw his finished shake in a nearby trash bin when suddenly a hand clapped down on his shoulder.

"Logan, Logan, can we talk?" Logan turned and looked his former best friend Alex in the face.

"What?" a shocked Logan said. Then his face turned into a scowl. "Ya know what, fuck you, Alex! Fuck you!" Logan spat. "When I needed you the most, I mean when I, when I really needed my best friend more than anything else in the whole wide world, when I ... " Tears ran down Logan's face and he continued in a sobbing voice, " ... you slammed your fucking door in my face." Logan turned away and furiously wiped his face.

"Logan, please, I was scared and I panicked. You know how my parents are. I'm so sorry ..." Logan whirled around and they were face to face.

"As I said," Logan said in a dangerously low voice, "fuck you," Logan growled out before forcefully pushing Alex back with both of his hands. "You have no idea what I've had to do ... just to survive ..." he shoved Alex again ... "to eat and to actually sleep with a fuckin' roof over my head without having to worry about being arrested or worse, raped!" Logan said with tears streaming down his face as he pushed Alex back again. "Yes, that's happened. I've been raped ... twice! My own parents threw me out of my house and out of their lives just because that bitch, my fuckin' mother, saw me with your fuckin' dick in my mouth! And what did you do? You fuckin' ran as fast as you could and ... and ... left me to deal with it. That day, that moment ... it was almost ... almost ... the lowest point in my life." Logan paused and looked at Alex with tear filled eyes. "The lowest point in my life was when my very best friend slammed his door in my face. To me, that was it. Everything was over. Done." Logan wiped his eyes and continued. "I stumbled down the road to the bridge." Logan looked up into Alex's green eyes. "I actually considered jumping off that bridge and be done with this shitty life of mine."

"Logan, please ... please ... can I say something? Please," Alex begged.

"No, you've haven't earned the right ..." Logan snarled as he pushed Alex back again.

"I've got three hundred bucks, here, take it. Let me help, please," Alex begged. Logan looked at the money in Alex's hand and smirked.

"I guess you'll be wanting something in return. A blow job? A fuck? Or are you like everybody else out here and wanna fuck my face?" Logan slowly shook his head and turned away. Alex grabbed his shoulder and spun Logan around and put his nose inches from Logan's. He grabbed Logan's hand and pushed the cash into it, closing his other hand around their joined hands.

"You take this money, 'cause that's all I have on me. I'll come back with more. I can't give you a place to stay. It would be impossible, my parents, ya know, are just like yours, but I have enough cash saved up to get us a place."

"Us?" Logan questioned. "Us?" he said as he pushed Alex back again. "There is no 'us'" Alex shoved Logan back.

"Shut the fuck up and listen to me!" Alex screamed as he grabbed Logan by the shoulders. The sudden outburst caught Logan off guard, and he paused to look at Alex. "Logan, I feel like I failed at my one mission from God," Alex said with a sob. "I shut my door in your face," he continued with a tear strained voice. "That one moment is the absolutely lowest point in my life as well. What should have been two soulmates joining together to rise above all the shit ... turned to .. well, it turned to shit." The boys, with hands joined, looked each other in the eye. "I love you Logan," Alex said softly.

"Hey, kid! Wanna party?" a guy in a red sports car called out.

"Not tonight!" Logan called in response without even looking. Tires squealed as Logan leaned forward and kissed Alex.

The End

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The Logan I mentioned at the beginning of this story, the one I gave the link to, showed back up at my house the other day. He had read the story. He was grinning when I opened the door.

"That was the hottest story I have ever read," he gushed. "I think I jacked off three times reading it." My eyebrows hit my hairline. He just grinned. "I don't know what has come over me, but I'm just horny all the time now," he said with a wink. Did I mention that this kid is gorgeous? He reached out and cupped my junk and squeezed gently. "I sure would like to spend some quality time with the person who wrote that story," he said as he leaned his teenage face toward me and proceeded to give me a scorching hot kiss. So, I will leave you readers here, while I go entertain my young guest.

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*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

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