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"The Kiss"

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The Magic Behind the Magic by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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Harry was shaking with rage as he spun to face the white haired Slytherin. His wand was gripped tightly in his right hand. It sliced threw the air with an evil hiss as he brought it to just inches from Malfoy's nose.

"Don't you ever, EVER talk about my parents again!" The famous Malfoy smirk did nothing but enrage the young Gryffindor. The wand suddenly streaked to Harry's side. Malfoy's eyebrow rose in question. Without warning, Harry leaned toward his sworn enemy and firmly planted a kiss right on Malfoy's lips.

"CUT!" yelled the director. "Real cute, Daniel, but I don't think that's what JK wrote in her book and looking over the script, I can't find it in here either." Daniel and Tom were rolling on the floor in laughter, along with the rest of the crew. "That's it! Lunch everybody!" called out the director as he threw the script into the air in mock disgust.

"Sorry, Chris," said Daniel, still chuckling. "I just couldn't help myself. Tom's soooo cute!" That brought on another round of laughs.

The crew trooped out to lunch leaving Daniel and Tom still gigging on the set. Finally both boys turned serious.

"You took a mighty big chance," said Tom. Daniel grinned.

"I just couldn't help myself. You really are just too cute." Tom blushed as Daniel softly kissed him again.

"We have to be careful," Tom said as their lips parted.

"But I don't want to be careful. I want to be myself and that means expressing the way I feel about you whenever and wherever I want to."

"Fine, but let's do it a bit more discretely." Daniel rolled his eyes as he pulled out his wand.

"OK. Where do you want to go for lunch?" he asked Tom, who frowned for a moment. His eyebrows rose when the idea struck.

"Diagon Alley?" Daniel smirked.

"You really have been on the set too long." He grabbed Tom's hand, muttered a few words and flicked his wand. The two boys disappeared from the set and appeared a split second later in a narrow alley deep in the heart of downtown London. They both pulled their robes up around them to stave off the bitterly cold winter wind. Old crates lay crumpled against the cold, moist walls. Scraps of paper, dirt and trash covered the old cobblestones and occasionally were whisked into the ice-cold breeze. They made their way quietly down the darkened alley to where it curved to the left. Even though it was high noon, the alley was shrouded in darkness from the surrounding buildings.

They stopped in front of a drab olive green door. The small brass Lion's head was tarnished, its years of age and use hiding what was once a proud knocker. Tom tapped it with his wand three times. The door creaked open. Cheery voices came from within along with warmth and the smell of good food.

"After you, babe," said Tom. Daniel gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and walked inside.

"Well, if it isn't the boy who lived and the boy who shouldn't have," a large gruff man said jokingly as he held up his tankard, toasting the two new patrons of the establishment.

"Shut up, ya ol fool!" a woman called out from behind the counter. The room was dimly lit, but oozed with warmth and friendliness. Tom and Daniel made their way over to the bar smiling and nodding at different people.

"Hi ya, Agnes," smiled Tom as his sat down on a stool. Daniel took the adjacent stool and smiled as well.

"Yeah, it's been a while. How have you been?" asked Daniel.

"Fine as frog hair split down the middle," she said with a toothy grin. "What can I get you gents? I've got homemade soup today, guaranteed to warm you up through and through."

"Perfect," declared Tom.

"Me too," chimed in Daniel. Agnes beamed and turned quickly to the kitchen, but only to reappear as soon as she had left but returning with two bowls of steaming hot soup. She put them down in front of the boys, then put her hands on her wide hips.

"Tom, Daniel. You boys behavin'?"

"Oh, yes ma'am," said Daniel, blushing. She immediately raised an eyebrow.

"What have I told you? You two are walking a fine line. We don't need another Salem Witch Hunt!" Tom gulped as the images from his history class played back in his mind. Daniel's face when pale.

"We're being careful, Agnes. I swear it," said Daniel.
The pleasantly round women with the slightly unkempt hair relaxed her frown and wiped her hands on her apron.

"I know, but it doesn't mean an old woman can't worry about her two favorite lads, now does it?"

"You don't have to worry about me," said Tom. Then he nodded in Daniel's direction. "Now this one's another story." The punch to Tom's arm was expected, as was the laughter that followed.

"Excuse me," interrupted a rather decrepit old man. "How's the filming going? Making us look good are you?"

"Of course we are ," Tom said smiling at the man.

"Reginald," Agnes said in a firm voice.

"Uh oh, I know that voice. I'll leave you lads to your lunch." He turned to leave, but paused. "The soup is quite good today," making his comment to the boys, but looking at Agnus. She positively glowed then hurried about taking care of other customers.

Tom and Daniel turned back to their soup and ate quietly. The occasional touch of an elbow or a knee didn't go without a returned smile. It was obvious to anyone watching that they were quite smitten.

A loud disturbance at the far end of the room grabbed everyone's attention. A bright flash of light sent most of the patrons scattering for the floor. Daniel stood quickly, placing himself in front of Tom, and drew his wand. Eyes like an eagle scanned the far end of the room. Reflexes like a cat stood at the ready. The tension was palpable. Daniel's movement was swift and precise.

"Rigescere!" Daniel called out as he flicked his wand toward the corner of the room. The resulting crash of a body slamming into the floor was greeted with sighs of relief.

"Thank you, Daniel," gushed Agnes as she hurried to the far corner. Daniel stowed his wand and turned to Tom.

"Are you OK?"

"I'm fine. Show off." Daniel blinked in shock at the unexpected comment. "You didn't need to jump up to protect me. I'm perfectly capable of the freeze spell."

"I know you are, but it's my natural instinct to protect you. Gimme a break," Daniel said hotly as he sat back down. He stared into his almost empty bowl of soup. The smooth hand on his cheek turned his face to see a smiling Tom.

"You're so sweet when you're like this," Tom said softly. The boys leaned closer to each other. Their lips were mere inches apart when they were interrupted by someone clearing their throat. Both turned at the same time to look the constable in the face.

"Someone's been casting spells," the officer said with an upturned eyebrow. Tom stood up and placed himself in front of Daniel.

"Yeah, someone has. And if someone else had been diligent enough to keep crazy people separated from their wands, he wouldn't have had to." The constable's expression turned into a frown. Just as he was about to fire a retort, Daniel stepped in front of Tom.

"I'm sure Tom was certainly referring to administrative folks and not hard working men like you." The constable's expression softened.

"I'll take care of the mess. You two just keep your noses clean." The constable turned toward the other side of the room.

"Come on, let's go. It's almost time to be back," said Daniel.

"That's the second time today you've one-upped me, boy wonder." Daniel tossed some coins on the counter then turned to Tom.

"Can I make it up to you tonight?"


"Excellent. Then why don't you take us back?"

"Gladly," said Tom as he drew his wand.

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