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Jevic nervously paced the floor. Back and forth. Back and forth. Every little bit he would stop and look at me. Then he would be go right back to pacing. After fifteen minutes of continuous pacing, I couldn't take anymore.

"Will you please sit down? You're driving me crazy," I said. He looked at me as if I were the one that was crazy.

"How can you be so calm? Don't you realize what's happening?" he snapped.

"I completely understand ... that there is absolutely nothing I can do. All I can do, and all we can do, is wait. Now, please come sit down baby. You're working yourself all up." He stopped and grinned, albeit halfheartedly, at least it was a grin.

"You're right," he started. "I'm just really worried about dad," he said as he sat next to me on the couch.

"I know you are, but there's nothing we can do. It's OK to be worried, just don't let it consume you." He smiled at me and then, he leaned in and gave me a quick kiss.

"That's why I love you so much. You've always got the right answers."

"I've got the right answers? Forgive me dear, but I'm the Watcher who thought he was a human up until just a couple of days ago. I believe it is you that really has all the answers. You just need to be reminded of that fact every once in a while." This time Jevic smiled broadly. I got to him.

"I love you Cameron. You say all the right things." I snuggled up close to him and reached down, rubbing my hand over his crotch.

"I've been known to do the right things too," I snickered.

"Oooh yes, you certainly have."

"Perhaps my baby needs to be reminded of his lover's sexual talents?" I said as seductively as I could. Jevic smiled and looked me in the eyes.

"Perhaps MY baby should experience some of HIS lover's sexual talents?" He had me! Damn he was sexy when he talked like that. Without warning, a strange voice suddenly screamed in my head.

"CAMERON! How did you know?" I immediately tensed up and Jevic looked at me strangely.

"What's wrong?"

"Somebody called out my name?"

"Was it dad?" he asked excitedly.

"No. I'm not sure, but I think it was ... Brandon." Jevic's eyes got wide.

"Brandon? He can't communicate telepathically." I held up my hand to let him know I was hearing more.

"Oh God, I'm in love with the boy my father shot. And his lov-lover was killed ... by my father. I don't want to see my mom and I never want to see my dad. How am I going to face my friends at school? How am I going to live with myself? Maybe, maybe it would just better if I didn't have to ..."

"OH SHIT!" I screamed jumping up from the couch. "He's gonna ... he's gonna do something stupid!"

"What!?! What?" asked Jevic. I looked at my lover intently.

"He's gonna kill himself. I have to go to him. It isn't right. I know he's the one that beat me and almost killed me, but it isn't right. I can't abandon him. He needs me Jevic. Can you understand that?" He looked at me and started to say something, but then he stopped and looked away. Finally he sighed and turned back to look at me again.

"Cameron, I always said you had a good heart and here you go proving me right again." I started to smile. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll help you mind travel to Brandon if that's what you want." I hugged him quickly and kissed him on the cheek.

"It won't take long. I just need to talk with him, that's all. Before, before it's too late. We've got to hurry!"

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Commander Kibbeth stood before his officers. Paulik was restrained and held by two security men in the back corner of the room. The commander stood with an unusually confident stance. He looked at each officer intently and then began his speech.

"This is truly a historic day in Talon history. Today we reclaim what is rightfully ours. We shed our outcast status and once again take control of The Watchers. Time is of the essence. The humans are plundering the earth. We must make haste in our efforts to eradicate them." He was briefly interrupted by applause, and then he continued. "Our mission is complex and timing is everything. Once I have taken Paulik's place, I will lower their defenses. They will discover it quickly. You must be ready to strike. And when you do, strike with no mercy. We fight today for our children and for our children's children. We fight today for a world of our own. A world where we can live in peace. A world we can call our home." Another thunderous round of applause echoed through the Talon flagship. Paulik held his head low. Kibbeth walked over to him and spoke quietly.

"What I do today, I do for my people. You would do the same for yours." Paulik looked up into his twin brother's eyes.

"What you do today is misguided." Kibbeth turned and walked toward the door, leaving Paulik calling after him. "And at what cost? Hundreds of Watcher lives, hundreds of Talon lives, and billions of human lives?" Kibbeth disappeared down the corridor.

The commander entered the Portal Transport Room of his ship. Officers snapped to attention. He walked to the center of the room. Turning quickly to the control officer, he nodded and asked.


"Yes sir. I have the Portal set. Their central computer will recognize your signature as that of your brother's and will allow the Portal beam to pass through the defense grid. As you have ordered, a duplicate holographic signature will be sent simultaneously. I have set your destination to Section E, Level 4 near the auxiliary engineering control center."

"Perfect," said Kibbeth.

"Sir, I'm sending you to a area that should be deserted. We can't scan the area first. Our scan would be detected. You are aware that you could appear in the middle of a bulkhead or in the middle of a person for that matter. And that if that does happen, it will mean instant death."

"I understand completely and I trust your experience to place me safely within the complex," Kibbeth said and then he turned to Garen.

"I will try to keep the defense grid down as long as possible, after that you are on your own. Garen, you are my most trusted officer and a true and loyal friend. You will take charge in my stead."

"I am honored sir. You know that I will fight to the death," said Garen.

"I know dear friend. The task before us is almost impossible, but we have surprise on our side. We will persevere."

"You will be remembered as our greatest leader." Kibbeth smiled and hugged his best friend. Then he moved to the center of the Portal Transport.

"OK, here we go," said the control officer.

"If I am misdirected and killed, be sure to kill him," Kibbeth said grimly to Garen as he pointed to the Portal Transport Officer. The officer's eyes got real big. Then he quickly entered the commands into the console and Kibbeth immediately disappeared.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Brandon slowly stood up and walked back to the water's edge. The ripples had calmed and once again he looked down at his reflection. A single tear slowly rolled down his swollen cheek. The pain from his father's beating had subsided, but the years of memories bubbled back with reckless abandon. The memories of his father's yelling echoed through his mind as the tear fell in slow motion toward the surface of the water. Memories still flooded his mind as the tear hit the surface.

Jevic and I appeared about twenty feet behind Brandon. I quickly spoke to him telepathically.

"Brandon." He jerked quickly and looked left and right. Then he turned around and saw us. He was so surprised that he lost his footing and started to fall backward ... into the water. With lightning speed, Jevic disappeared and then reappeared right in front of Brandon. He quickly reached out and grabbed Brandon's arm.

"Careful," said Jevic calmly. "You just about fell in." Jevic helped him back from the edge. Brandon's eyes were wide and his expression had changed from surprise to shock.

"W-what? H-how? Y-you were ..." Brandon stammered.

"Brandon," I said softly. "Why don't we go for a little walk? Jevic has some things to do and I think it would be good if we had a little time alone." I slowly put my arm around his shoulders and eased him away from the water and toward a bench not far away. I looked over at Jevic and nodded. He nodded back and disappeared.

Brandon and I walked over to the bench and no sooner than we sat down, the questions started.

"Cameron, what's going on with you? I mean I've seen some strange things, like just now with, ah, your, ah..."

"My boyfriend. His name is Jevic and I love him very much." Brandon blushed and looked down for a moment and then the inquisition continued.

"He caught me and, ah, you talked to me in my head ... and you at the hospital. It was like you were, reading my mind. And the day after I whipped ...ah, I mean, uh, well, you know. You didn't have a scratch. What's going on Cameron?" He needed an explanation and I wasn't really sure that the truth was the answer he needed.

"I don't know what you mean. When I saw you at the hospital, I knew that you had been beaten up and from the way you were acting, I figured it was your dad. The rest I just guessed. As for the day after you beat me up, you didn't see all the bruises on my chest and back. I really didn't get hit in the face that much. And as for what just happened, Jevic's on the track team at his school. He's a sprinter. He's really fast. I don't know what you're trying to read into all this, but I assure you it's nothing." I hoped that he would forget about the telepathy. He frowned for quite a while, and then started talking about his family.

The next few hours I spent listening to stories about his father, about his mother, about his church and mostly about him. As the time slowly crept by, I could see a change overcoming him. The more he talked, the better he seemed to feel. I think that he just needed someone to talk to. The things that he told me had been locked deep within him for literally years and now they were rushing out. All of the emotion, all of the fear, all of the dreams, all of the desires, everything that makes up the real Brandon was for the very first time ... free.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Joel paced back and forth in the command center. He was a nervous wreck. He was constantly looking at the signature monitor hoping to pick up some sign of Paulik ... or worse, Kibbeth. He had known Kibbeth a long time ago. It had been many years ago when Paulik, Kibbeth and himself were just youngsters. In fact, they had at one time all been friends. Paulik and Kibbeth were so identical, that virtually no one could tell them apart. Joel knew the difference. He could tell by personality alone, but not even Joel could tell the difference if they were standing side by side. They pulled all the standard twin tricks, fooling their teachers and their friends, but it was Kibbeth that always seemed a little more mischievous. Kibbeth had no problem rebelling against authority, while Paulik always reveled in it. Paulik was a natural leader and Kibbeth was a natural rebel. Thinking back on those times, Joel was surprised that he didn't see Kibbeth's rebellion against the Watchers coming. But at that time, they were the best of friends. Joel could never image one of his best friends turning into the enemy. But times change and opinions change. And eventually, once close friends drifted apart to opposite ends of the spectrum. It's strange how friends do that. You have a friend in high school that you share every intimate secret with and a mere two years later, you never talk. Go figure.

"Did you run the scan?" Joel asked impatiently.

"Yes sir, I just completed it. It showed nothing out of the ordinary ... again," said the scan operator, frustration filling his voice.

"Well, scan again!"

"Sir, no disrespect, but I've scanned a dozen times in the last hour sir." Joel looked at the operator seething.

"I don't care if you've scanned a million times in the last five minutes, scan again!" The operator quickly nodded and returned to his screen. Joel knew that the scan was tedious work, but he also knew that it was their best line of defense. All Kibbeth needed to do was slip in quietly and within a matter of moments could reek havoc. He looked around the command center. He saw confused faces. Some not really paying attention to what they were doing. It wasn't common knowledge that Paulik had a twin brother, much less that his twin brother was the leader of the Talons. In some circles, that could raise a few eyebrows. Paulik wasn't particularly secretive about it, and would gladly admit to it if questioned directly, but it wasn't something he went around broadcasting to everyone. But he trusted Joel with everything.

Joel took all of this into consideration and then called for everyone's attention. He looked around at the faces of his men. He knew them well and knew that they respected him and Paulik, and would follow every command without hesitation. But he felt that an explanation was necessary to keep everyone on their toes.

"I want you all to understand what's going on. You know that Paulik has been kidnapped and is being held by the Talons. What you don't know is that the leader of the Talons is a man named Kibbeth. He is Paulik's identical twin brother." There were several gasps scattered throughout the room, but Joel continued. "Being his identical twin brother means that his signature and Paulik's signature are very similar. It also means that retinal scans and other physical traits used for access to sensitive areas and even our own defense control system can be used by Kibbeth. We must be very diligent in our efforts to detect him. That's why I want an almost constant signature scan. That's why I want each and every one of you to be very alert. The probability of a Talon attack is high, perhaps even imminent. We are all that stand between our people and the Talons. We must be 'at the ready' constantly." Joel looked around the room again. "Do you understand the importance of your jobs?"

"Yes sir," came a unified response.

"Good, let's get back to work." Each man returned to his duty, this time with renewed diligence. Joel hated having to tell them, but it was the only way that they would ever understand the gravity of their current situation. Paulik would certainly understand and not feel like his trust had been broken. Joel wanted to be completely prepared, so he turned to a nearby man.

"Sergeant, double the security personnel in all Secure Areas. And lets have all security personnel in Reactive Armor. Those suits are great protection from small arms fire. And be sure everyone is issued a Quantum Pulse Rifle, but lets do this quietly. No need to cause alarm." The Sergeant nodded and turned to take care of getting his men into position.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Seasons come and seasons go and you are truly blessed to be able to experience each one. For each season has its distinct positives and negatives. Eventually, the seasonal change becomes the norm and you begin to expect and even look forward to it. For me, the change from boyhood to manhood started in turmoil. Up until a few weeks ago, I was just a normal kid. I had normal concerns, and normal problems. Well, I did have to deal with the fact that I'm gay. Accepting that took countless long nights of crying myself to sleep. My self-esteem took a nosedive and my emotions were riding the wildest roller coaster ever designed. On top of all that, my hormones were running rampant. On the up side, I had managed to keep a clear complexion while most of my friends were losing the battle. I might be cute and all that on the outside, but inside, I was waging a world war. A war that encompassed my entire existence ... everything that I thought to be me, was changing. I desperately tried to cling to the past ... the norm, but fate was not going to let me off the hook that easy.

Some people believe in predestination ... that your life is already planned out for you. I was raised in the Presbyterian Church and taught to believe exactly that. Well, I tell you one thing. Whoever was in charge of planning out my life should be promptly taken out back and shot ... repeatedly. I wouldn't wish this life of mine on anyone, not even my worst enemies.

Being the only known gay kid at any high school immediately puts an enormous amount of weight on your shoulders. There's so many other things to be worried about and yet, you have to deal with the ridicule, the nasty comments, the solitude ... God the solitude ... and then, just when you think you can't take anymore, someone decides to get physical. Oh I wanted to get physical with a lot of hunks at my school, but not with fists. Now, on top of all the mental anguish I had to deal with, I had to suffer through physical abuse as well. What did little ol' me do to deserve this? I certainly didn't ask for it. I mean, I didn't choose to be gay. I can't help the way I feel. I fought the feelings, but they always came back. Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Choose somebody else, but not me! Finally, I had reached my wit's end.

Then along comes my knight in shining armor. He's just a kid like me, but he's from outer space. And then he has the nerve to tell me that I'm from outer space too. Hey, I got news for you kid. I already feel like I'm from outer space. Outer space? What kind of crap is that? I mean, really! Outer space? That's for sci-fi stories and late night television. It certainly isn't real. It just can't be, can it?

Accepting that it was, in fact, all true was probably the largest leap of faith I have ever made. It's not every day that you admit you're a homosexual, and it's certainly not every day that you admit you're an alien from another planet. Jeez! Give me a break here! Talk about your double jeopardy!

But through it all, the one thing, or rather the one person who makes all this believable, who makes all this acceptable to my 'human' ways of being taught, who makes all those nasty comments and getting beat up worth it, is also the one person who has taught me that there really is such a thing called love. I thought that love would be something that I would always just hear about and never experience. It was a foreign concept. But now, here I am, for the first time in my life, head over heels in love ... and it feels great!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

I left Brandon sitting on the park bench. He was slowly accepting that all the things within him were not evil, as his father had told him. The realization that he could live his life without fear of physical abuse, that he could now really be the real Brandon, made such a positive effect on him that he actually smiled. I felt good. I was happy for him and I was happy for me. Happy for me because I didn't abandon him. It would have been easy to do, but my heart told me what I needed to do. And now that I had, I was filled with joy ... for both of us.

We hugged there in the middle of the park as the shadows grew long. Brandon's newfound joy showed on his face.

"I'll see you at school Cameron?"

"Ah, yeah, sure ... at school." What else was I supposed to say? Brandon turned and headed home. I wanted to do the same, but I knew that Jevic would be worrying about his father and needed my support. God knows he has supported me so much. I almost called out to him, but decided that I would try to mind travel myself. I'd already done it once, and that's before I even knew I had powers. Now it should be relatively easy. If you call mentally transporting yourself thousands of miles in mere seconds ... easy.

I took a deep breath and started to concentrate. The birds and the wind in the trees slowly drifted away only to be replaced by a deafening silence. I felt the darkness start to slowly surround me and I concentrated harder. Then I felt it! The weightless feeling came back. I concentrated on Jevic even harder and suddenly I was in our suite. I looked around, but didn't see him. I knew that I had concentrated on him and that I should have appeared near him, but I didn't see him. Then I heard sounds coming from the bedroom. It was Jevic and ... huh? A voice I knew but couldn't quite put my finger on. Quiet as a mouse, I slipped over to the bedroom door and looked in.

The sight was surreal. And it hit me like a sledgehammer. There on the bed was Jevic. His back was to the door, so he didn't see me. Jevic was holding someone's legs up on his shoulders while he fucked them like there was no tomorrow.

"W-WHAT THE HELL?" I screamed. Jevic jumped up and turned toward me, his cock standing at full attention. And there, lying on the bed ... was Pelma.

"Pelma!" yelled a surprised Jevic. "W-what? Cameron. I didn't ... Pelma ... " he stammered. "Cameron, please you've got to understand."

"Don't," I said in my most hateful voice. "Don't even start. I'm outta here so, so you can keep fucking your ... "

"Ex-boyfriend," said Pelma calmly.

"No Pelma, that's where you're wrong," I said. "I'm the ex-boyfriend." I immediately turned back toward the living room. My heart was pounding. My fists were clenched and I was grinding my teeth together. I have literally never been so mad! I had to get out of there, now!

"Cameron wait, please," begged Jevic and he came after me. I took a deep breath and concentrated on the bench back at the park. In mere seconds, I was there ... far away from the boy I love with all my heart. Away from the boy who I thought loved me with all his heart. DAMNIT! I spend all these years tormented and alone. Then I find true love, give him my heart, hell, my entire being, everything that is me ... and this is what I get? I trusted him and he broke that trust and, in the process, broke my heart. Hot tears boiled up in my eyes. I sat down on the bench that Brandon and I had just shared, and sobbed uncontrollably in the twilight. Alone again with nothing but the crickets and the birds ... and the sounds of my sobbing to keep me company.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

"Sir, I think we have a problem," one of the officers said to Joel. "I'm showing not one, but two signatures that match Paulik." Joel peered intently at the screen.

"Oh shit, sound the alarm! Get security to Section E, Level 4 and to Section B, Level 7. Do it now man, do it now!" He looked directly at another officer. "You keep your eyes on that defense grid. Don't take your eyes off that screen. The minute anything, and I mean anything happens, you hit that reset button and call me. Got it?" The officer nodded and turned toward his screen. Then Joel directed his attention to the signature monitor. "Where is he?"

"I show him in Section E, Level 4 moving toward Section D and I show the other one stationary in Section B." Joel quickly glanced up at another officer.

"Direct more men toward Section D, Level 4. That's where the engineering auxiliary back up systems are. He could access the defense grid from there. Tell them to hurry!" He quickly looked back at the signature monitor. "Oh no."

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Deep down in the complex a nervous Kibbeth made his way toward the back up systems. Most of the people he met in the corridor nodded, assuming that he was Paulik. Good. So far, so good. Turning the last corner, he slowly approached the solitary guard at the entrance. Now the real test. Kibbeth reached under his robe and put his hand on his weapon as he approached. The guard looked at him and smiled. Kibbeth stopped at the entrance and the guard opened the door for him and followed in after him.

"Can you tell me what's going on Paulik? We're a high alert and nobody seems to know why," the guard asked.

"Joel seems to think the Talons might attack," Kibbeth said quietly, easing his pistol from his belt, but being careful to keep it hidden under his robe.

"Those Talons are a bunch of idiots. They can't beat us. I don't know what ..." The guard was cut off in mid sentence. Kibbeth slowly holstered his weapon and looked down at the few remaining charred ashes that were once the guard.

"Don't ever call me an idiot," Kibbeth said tersely. The he immediately set about disarming the defense grid. He knew he had to hurry. Moving quickly, he entered the commands into the console. Then he was prompted for a retinal scan to authorize his request. Kibbeth peered into the scanner. The screen immediately flashed 'authorization approved.' He glanced over at the defense grid control panel. It showed the grid as off line. Then he quickly entered the override sequence disabling bridge control of the grid. He moved over to the entrance, drew his weapon and destroyed the door control. Now all he could do is wait and hope that Garen and his men were moving in quickly.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

"The grid's down!" yelled an officer.

"Hit the reset NOW!" screamed Joel.

"I already did, but nothing's happening." Joel ran over the console and hit the reset button himself. Nothing. Again. Nothing. He slammed his fist down on the button. The monitor flashed and then went dead. Joel ran over to his command console. He rerouted defense control to that console. The system was still showing disabled. Joel entered the override command. The screen flashed 'Invalid Request.' He entered his special top-level security code, and then looked into the retinal scanner. The defense control module suddenly popped up on the screen. Joel once again entered the reset code. Seconds later, the defense grid was back on line. The whole sequence of events only took about three minutes, but Joel knew that it might as well of been three hours. The Talons were probably docking right now. He entered more codes and the complex went into emergency shut down. Alarms rang out. All passageways between sections were closed. Security forces raced for their assigned positions. Public areas were evacuated and people were directed to their quarters. Doors were locked. It was pure chaos.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The tears had stopped, but the hurt had only just begun. I just can't believe that Jevic would do this to me. I just can't. He loves me. I love him. And now this? I just don't understand. What am I going to do? Where am I going to go? The sun was already gone and the early evening air was rapidly cooling off. Clouds were building and it smelled like rain. I started walking toward my house. My parents haven't seen me in, what, how long has it been? Two weeks? A month? It seems like a lifetime. Everything that was me, my entire history, my whole life up to the night of the beating seems like ancient history. My new life has totally consumed me to the point that I had just about forgotten my 'human' life. With the pain in my heart so consuming, memories of other pains worked their way into my mind. All the teasing. Having to eat lunch by myself everyday. No friends. No one to talk to. My life was miserable then and now its miserable again.

Walking down the sidewalk toward home, I started think about the things that I love so much about Jevic ... his smile, his laugh, his beautiful eyes. Then came the vision of him fucking Pelma. Aargh! I guess it's fitting that the rain started. Six blocks to go and I'll be soaked in about two. I picked up the pace and was soon running at top speed. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed. I made giant splashes with every stride. Finally, I made it to my block.

I stood on the sidewalk and looked at my house. It had suddenly hit me that I really didn't have a very good explanation for where I have been. The simplest solution is to avoid my parents. My bedroom window is pretty easy to get to, so after a quick climb, I crawled in and closed the window behind me. I started for the bathroom to get a towel, but noticed that someone was sleeping in my bed. Very carefully, I walked over to see who it was. There was just enough light to make out some facial features, but I couldn't quite see who it was. A sudden flash of lightning timed itself perfectly. It was me! I stumbled back and knocked into the dresser. Then 'me' sat up in the bed, turned on the bedside light and looked over at me.

"Hi." It was my voice, but it was coming from ... him.

"W-what ..." I finally started to ask, but he interrupted

"Oh I'm sorry. I guess they didn't tell you that they put a clone in your place so no one would miss you. I guess I gave you quite a surprise." He quickly got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. I usually slept naked and I see that he had the same habit. He really was me, right down to, well, everything. He came back out with a towel and started to dry me off. I couldn't move and I couldn't take my eyes off him. He spoke quietly and started to explain. "Paulik sent me here just after you first arrived. While you were in medical stasis, all of your features, even your memories, were scanned and stored. When it came time to create me, it was simple. We've got to get these wet clothes off of you." He helped me pull my shirt over my head. Then he knelt down and helped with my shoes. Before I even knew what was happening, he was pulling my pants down, underwear and all. I quickly covered myself with my hands. He just looked up and smiled. "I think I know what you've got Cameron. I am exactly like you in every way, except you are you and I'm just a sophisticated robot. I'm not a living being Cameron. I was just put here so you ..."

"Wouldn't be missed, yeah, I understand that. It's just, well, a little strange. I've talked to myself before, but never face to face."

"Perfectly understandable," he said as he continued drying my body. Strange does no justice to the feeling I was having as my clone was on his knees in front of me drying between my legs. And just to add to the total experience, I got hard. He just looked up and smiled. "I see you turn yourself on." Oh how I blushed. He just kept drying and I just kept throbbing. When he finished, he stood up and draped the towel over a chair. He was hard too! He just smiled and took me by the hand. Leading me over to the bed, I couldn't help but think what a cute butt he, I mean, I had. This is way to confusing. My clone sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled me close. He looked up into my eyes as I stood in front of him. "Cameron, I know everything you know. Your thoughts are my thoughts. Your feelings are my feelings. And your desires ... are my desires." He leaned forward and took me into his mouth. Oh my God! I got weak in the knees as I looked down at myself slurping away on my cock. It was really my clone, but this was incredible. His hands caressed my butt and he pulled me closer, taking more into his hot throat, until he buried his nose in my pubic hair. His tongue swirled around my shaft as he slowly came back up only to dive back down again. My fingers, with a mind of their own, were running through his hair, my hair. The sensations were strange and familiar at the same time. My fingers moved to the back of his head and started pulling him forward. Then my hips started to thrust forward and I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm building in my balls. I could feel the groan, working its way through my throat until it finally escaped my lips. The sound seemed to drive him on and 'me' sucked on me like a madman. He must have sensed that it was time, because he roughly grabbed my butt and pulled hard, forcing my cock as deep into his throat as it would go. The waves of orgasm sent spurt after hot spurt of my cum down his throat. He never flinched, never backed off, never gagged ... he just held me completely in his hot mouth until my orgasm subsided. I felt dizzy and exhausted. His hands immediately went to my sides and kept me from falling over. He slowly stood and embraced me tightly. Every so gently, my clone turned me around and eased me into my bed. I rolled over on my side and he slid in beside me, his chest to my back. I felt his arm encircle me and hold me tight. I felt warm and secure. Thoughts of Jevic invaded my mind and as the tears fell softly, I slipped into a deep sleep.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

"Pelma! How could you do this to me? How could you?" screamed Jevic

"I was only having a little fun," he said coyly.

"Get out! Get out NOW!" Jevic was furious.

"But you used to like it when I changed into different people when we had sex. You sure weren't complaining when I looked like Corey Haim," said Pelma as he finished putting his clothes on.

"This is different. I love Cameron. He loves me. And now, I feel like I've lost that love ... and it's YOUR FAULT! Now get out!" Pelma hung his head and put on his best poor little puppy dog expression. "Out! Now!" yelled Jevic as he zipped up his pants.

"OK, OK! I'm sorry already. I'm leaving."

Suddenly the alarm sounded. Jevic turned and quickly ran to the living room to check the monitor. Pelma followed.

"Oh shit! It's a full scale alert. The Talons must be attacking," stammered Jevic. Then he turned to Pelma. "You go straight home. Don't stop anywhere. Just go straight home. OK?" Pelma nodded and left. Jevic paced the floor quickly and thought. His mind worked in overtime and suddenly his pacing stopped. A decision had been made. He ran out the door on his way to the command center to find Joel.

Jevic heard loud voices at the end of the corridor and then the sound of multiple weapons fire. He slowed down and carefully looked around the corner. There must have been a half dozen Talon men. They were all dressed for battle. Then his eye caught something in the corner. It was a person. It was Pelma. They had killed Pelma. Jevic stifled a gasp and backed away from the corner. His anger grew quickly. Concentrating, he pressed the anger deep within himself and then using his own unique powers, he became invisible. He quickly moved around the corner, undetected. Jevic surveyed the situation. The squad of Talon soldiers totaled a half dozen. Quiet as a church mouse, he moved behind the nearest soldier. Carefully reaching around, Jevic grabbed the soldier's rifle, swung it down quickly and pointed it. Before the surprised soldier could react, Jevic squeezed off a couple of rounds. The Quantum Pulses rocketed out and killed two soldiers instantly. With his hands firmly on the rifle, Jevic jerked it away from the soldier, and then rammed the butt of the rifle into the soldier's head. He went down with a hard thud. The remaining three Talon soldiers fired in Jevic's direction, but he easily dodged their fire. He quickly squeezed off another round, killing another soldier. Then he dropped the rifle and walked up to the nearest soldier. Jevic could see the fear in his eyes as they quickly scaned the corridor. Glancing down, Jevic saw Pelma's now lifeless body crumpled on the floor. With renewed anger, he looked back up at the soldier. Reaching out with his invisible hands, he grabbed the soldier's head and gave it a quick twist. The sickening snap that followed told Jevic the soldier was dead. As the body fell to the ground, the other two soldiers started firing indiscriminately in Jevic's direction. He ran in the opposite direction as quietly as possible. Once safely around the corner, he relaxed his powers and reappeared. Being invisible always took a lot of energy. Now it was time to get away. Jevic started down the corridor away from the soldiers' fire. He rounded the next corner and ran slap into a dozen Talon men. One of them called out for them not to shoot, but to capture. Two men quickly grabbed Jevic and held him still. The Talon leader walked up to him and glared.

"We have the father. Now we have the son. Take him back to the ship," ordered Garen.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

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