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by Jevic

Part Two

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The days that followed saw a lot of change on Kelmar. The Supreme Council appointed a new Chairman. Radlouf's first action was to publicly acknowledge the participation of my friends and me in bringing a new era of peace and understanding. Scott and Brandon were knighted as Official Liaisons between Humans and Kelmarians. Even though they couldn't officially acknowledge the existence of Kelmar or the Watchers to the human race, they both were filled with pride. They even went so far as to publicly declare their love for each other. It was Brandon's last step in completely freeing himself from his father. Paulik and Joel arranged a commitment ceremony for them, which we all attended.

Scott and Brandon went back to their "human" lives on Earth, but not before being "brought up to date." Their clones recorded everything that happened since they stood in for the boys. A quick medical procedure implanted those memories into Scott and Brandon's minds. They fell back right into place without missing a beat. Their love continues to grow even today.

Brandon's father was convicted of murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. Brandon's mother's drinking finally killed her in an auto accident. Brandon applied for emancipation and it was awarded. Scott's parents threw him out of the house when they found out he was gay. They wanted nothing to do with him. Scott also became emancipated. In a weird twist, Brandon found several shoeboxes under his father's bed. They were stuffed with hundred dollar bills. Brandon had no idea where the money came from, but there was enough there to provide him and Scott with a comfortable way of life for many years to come.

The Council declared their unwavering trust and commitment to the Watchers and officially declared Paulik as not only the Watcher Council Liaison, but the Supreme Council Liaison for the Watchers as well. Joel was advanced in rank from Commander to Commander-in-Chief. Instead of just being in charge of security of the Watcher complex, he was now in charge of all military operations on Earth. Their love for each other has been an inspiration.

Shane was appointed as Commander of Flight Operations. Although he was destined to take over his father's position as head of damage control, Shane's ability to take control in difficult situations and his ability to fly with unparalleled ability led to his appointment. I understand there has been a significant increase in crop circle activity. Malik moved to Earth with Shane.

Commander Beck was appointed the new head of the Kelmarian Military. Aaron was appointed to the Supreme Council to take Bahar's seat. It is truly ironic that Bahar's nemesis would take her place to represent everything she hated.

Aaron has become quite the statesman. His ideas for revised policies and legislation has elevated him to a position of immense respect. He recently married Ginny and they're now expecting their first born. In fact, the doctors have told them to expect twin boys. The happy parents to be have already decided on names for their sons ... Devin and Cody. Aaron and Ginny are enjoying their new home overlooking Lake Azure.

Jevic and I now live with my folks. It's interesting to explain how that happened, but let's just say Paulik did a lot of talking with my parents that day. He explained all about the adoption and what we all had been through. I'll have to give it to my parents. When Paulik was through with his explanation, including explaining the love shared between Jevic and me, they welcomed my life long companion into our family without hesitation. Paulik also arranged for dad to be hired by a new Internet Consulting Company that came to town. He got a very healthy raise and a handsome bonus. Mom retired from her sewing and is taking classes at the local college. She wants to be a doctor.

Jevic and I spend a lot of time walking in the forest near our home. As we stroll down the narrow forest path, the pine needles crunching softly beneath our feet, we are treated to the wonders of Mother Nature. My tingling even allows me to be at peace with the animals in the forest. We routinely take apples to the deer and some nuts for the squirrels.

The love Jevic and I share is just unbelievable. We cuddle up at the end of the day and I just get lost in those beautiful green eyes. I am treated to all the wonderful things two people in love can share ... physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Although we are young and our relationship is still in its "discovery" stage, we revel in the little things that make our love special ... the gentle squeeze of my hand as we're walking in the forest, the smell of his hair as we snuggle up for the night ... and the gentle kisses we share in the early morning light.

Jevic and I hang out at school with Scott and Brandon and we still visit the Watcher complex from time to time. And every once in a while, we all get together ... Scott and Brandon, Shane and Malik, and Jevic and me ... and hang out at the Shack. Life is good ... and it just keeps getting better.

Finally, somewhere on Kelmar one person still has hate growing in his heart. Kibbeth had fathered a son no one knew about ... but that's another story.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

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