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    Let me introduce myself: My name's Dean Lidster, I'm 14 years old and I live on the outskirts of the city of Derby in the UK.

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    That picture of me ... it was taken the summer just after I'd had the worst hair-cut of my life. It really doesn't suit me having it short at the front and a ponytail at the back... I was in a ditch at the time on one of those idiotic Round Square projects, hence the greenery.
    My hobbies include most sports (especially the 'extreme' ones such as parachuting, snow-boarding, skateboarding, mountain-biking, hangliding, rock climbing, roller-blading, potholing and parascending -- my parents drew the line at base jumping, though), Football (soccer to those from the other side of the pond), Land Rovers and computers. As you can see I'm just your average 14-year-old nutter.
    My musical tastes are 'varied' to say the least - I especially like the Prodigy, Hanson (of course!), Mike Oldfield, and even a limited amount of classical stuff (mainly Holst - his planets suite has some really moving parts in it). I also play* the bass guitar and the drums if I'm forced to. (* Please note you could quite easily replace the word play with make a noise with, or, more likely, annoy people with.)
    I attend a co-ed boarding school on the Derbyshire / Staffordshire border. There are about 200 pupils ranging from 10 - 18 in about a 4:3 boy:girl ratio - yeah, hormones there are raging, but they all seem to be raging for the opposite sex which is annoying as hell. Ho hum... The good part is, however, it's a very "outward bound" school - outdoor education is a timetabled "lesson" for forms one to three (10 - 14 y/o) and plenty of trips such as walks, potholing, orienteering, abseiling, gorge-scrambling and climbing are regularly put on for our mutual enntertainment for anyone who wants to go. The school also has a full working farm which is completely run by the pupils, mostly those taking a GCSE or 'A' level in Agriculture and / or Biology. Personally, I think it stinks and stay as far away from there as possible...
    As for my sexuality - well, as far as I'm concerned I'm gay, AND I'M NOW OUT AND PROUD!! If anyone who knows me personally's reading this - IT'S TRUE!! As good a way to come out as any, I suppose
    I'm 5'7" tall (just measured myself again...) and weigh about 8 stone. I have shoulder length brown hair that simply refuses to stay anywhere I want it and hazel-coloured eyes. I suppose you could say I'm fairly well built - typical soccer player's body - and am permanantly horny. Then again, do you know anyone my age who isn't gagging for it?
    No. Thought not...
    Anyway, here's that FAQ thingy I promised. The majority of these (so far) have come from four "rounds" of e-mail sessions between me and Greg (you know who you are!). By publishing these, hope you'll get a slightly better idea of who I am...

What is your favourite colour?
    Ermmm, most shades of blue

What is your favourite food?
    Serious or or silly? Serious: A decent spaghetti bolognaise. Silly: Green wine gums!

What is your favourite drink?
    Tie between Sprite and Mountain Dew

Who are your favourite actors/actresses?
    Hmmm... Eddie Furlong (of course!!) , Segourney Weaver (mainly because she was so good in the Alien films), Bruce Willis and Adam Rickett (Nicky Platt from Coronation Street)

It's your last day on earth. What do you do and why?
    Go and kiss the cute kid that's just moved in "next door" (i.e. less than a mile away). He's my age, sandy blonde shoulder length hair and really dazzling blue eyes... * sigh * (I wrote this before I really got to know Lee!!)

You just won the lottery. What do you do with the money?
    Ermmm - tough one, this... I suppose after buying myself a Kilostream line to the internet (one of my must-haves). I'd like to try to do something to encourage "kids like me" to express themselves a bit more: Provide a shoulder to cry on for those that want it, and activities and meetings around the country. Idealistic I know, but I can't honestly think of anything I'd rather spend my money on! I'm fairly easy to please...

What do you do when you have time to yourself?
    At school, I generally hang around with my mates, play a bit of Badminton, kick a football around or write. At home, I tend to prat around with my computer, go blading (usually for hours on end - quite good thinking time!), read, listen to music, and write.

Name one (or several) famous people you have a crush on.
    Eddie Furlong (the way he looked in T2, anyway), Adam Rickett, and, of course, ANY HANSON!! (Tay in particular...)

Boxers or Briefs? What colour?
    Boxers - almost every colour and pattern under the sun!

Is your bellybutton an innie or an outie? :)

Are you left or right handed?
    Right handed for most tasks except for, well, if you've read my stories you'll know what and why....

If you could travel anywhere in the world,where would you go and why?
    It'd have to be New Zealand. My cousin's been over there recently and from what he's said and the pictures I've seen, it sounds as if the lifestyle'd suit me down to the ground!!

If you could have any superpower,what would it be and what would you do with it?
    Now this is a toughie - I think it'd have to be being able to fly. I've only ever flown a few times (usually in a glider or microlite) and love the sense of freedom and perspective you get. Some people feel close to nature when they go walking - I feel it whenever I'm in the air...

What has been your most embarrassing moment so far in your life?
    Ermmm - probably during a school play last term when I was back stage on a small gantry stage left. I grabbed onto what I thought was a pole for support - It was actually a rope and I swung onto the stage Tarzan-like and broadsided the lead actor, much to the amusement of the 500-strong audience!

What shade is your skin?
    Fairly pale at the moment - I tend to get a real good tan during the summer but it fades as quick as hell (within a couple of weeks) so in the winter I always look a bit pastey!

Do you have any birthmarks/tattoos/scars/etc.? If so,where?
    I've got a pair of almost exactly parallel lines about an inch and a half long and about a quarter of an inch apart at a forty-five degree angle on the back of my left shoulderblade.

Where on your body do / would you like to be kissed?
    Apart from the obvious?! Ermmm, strangely enough, my fingers! I've heard of toe-fettishes, but my fingers feal real good to me! (although I've never sucked my thumb...)

What is your favourite part of your body?
    Probably my legs. It's the only part of me that I feel I've done a fairly good job with! Being a soccer player helps no end...

What are your turn-ons?
    The thought of sex in / through / with boxers and / or briefs!

Let's say I'm Taylor Hanson or someone you have a crush on and your taking me out on a date. Where would we go and what would we do?
    I'm not ultra-experienced in the dating game, but it'd have to be something really romantic - like a couple of rounds of paintball, good junk-food meal (McDonalds or such) followed by a movie then a "quiet" evening...

What do you watch on TV?
    I'm one of these semi brain-dead people who'll watch TV for the sake of it, but DayTime TV is a no-no... Fave programmes are probably "The X-Files", "Third Rock from the Sun", anything MTV, "The Simpsons" and Cartoon Network's "Cow and Chicken".

What music do you listen to?
    Hanson, Mike Oldfield, Holst, Dire Straits, Prodigy, Holst, Adiemus, Crowded House, Luc Besson, and a touch of The Shadows. (Did I mention Hanson?!)

What are some of your favourite movies?
    The "Back to the Future" trilogy, Terminator, Liar Liar (in fact anything Jim Carrey) and anything else along that genre...

What do you look like?
    Tall, dark and hansome . Ermm - "long hair and tatty clothes" is the way my mum puts it, and I think she's got it exactly right!

What are your turn-offs?
    Shit, moderately long greasy hair (long greasy hair is understandable, short greasy hair is undetectable...) Enno, _Really_ fat blokes (see Enno), the idea of animals as sexual partners (see Enno), and anything vaguely Enno-like!

What is your favourite part of other guys bodies?
    Has to be everything below the waist. Legs, arses, and to a certain extent, feet.

If you could have three wishes,what would you wish for and why?
    1 - To meet Tay Hanson and tell him how I fealt, regardless of his reaction. I just want him to know, and I'll love him forever...
    2 - That I could be with Lee (my boyfriend as of a couple of days ago) all the time
    3 - That people would be a little more open-minded about "our sort"...

What do you wear to bed?
    Boxers and a T-shirt

What has been the best thing that's happened in your life so far?
    Coming out. Definitely. The shere weight of deception was screwing me in the head badly - I couldn't talk to people easily and my (usually fairly good) grades were sliding to the wrong side of crap... I needed to do something, and that was the blanket solution to the majority of my problems in the long run...

If you could change anything about your life so far, what would it be?
    Ermm - now that I gave myself the kick up the arse to come out, I wish I'd done it sooner. Not, like, years ago - perhaps 9 - 12 months - it would've made life a lot easier...

Name someone,famous or not, dead or alive that you admire? Not have a crush on, admire...
    Ermm, Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits (how the hell can you play the guitar like that??)

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