Billie Joe's Journal Book 2 The Return Home by Rick Beck    The Return Home
Book Two of Three of Billie Joe's Journal
by Rick Beck
Edited by Gardner Rust
For David

  Mild Sexual Situations
  Rated Teen 13+

Billie Joe's Journal Book 2 - The Return Home by Rick Beck

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    Yes, Billie Joe has come home. Getting off the street turns out to be easier than getting the street off of him. He has to learn to live with rules and schedules again, but that's the least of his troubles.
    Billie Joe's enemies find out he's being tested for AIDS. The word is out.
    The people Billie Joe has avoided, because they'd been found out, turn out to be his only friends. Billie Joe went in search of what it means to be gay. When he returns home he finds out what it's like to be labeled gay at school.
    He also learns that there is strength standing together against the hatred.

Chapter One
"The Return Home"

Chapter Two
"School Days"

Chapter Three
"Simon Betts"

Chapter Four
"Being Educated - Better Late Than Never"

Chapter Five
"Insanity vs. Madness"

Billie Joe's Journal Book 2 - The Return Home by Rick Beck

Chapter Six
"The Gauntlet"

Chapter Seven
"The Impromptu Speech"

Chapter Eight
"Inherit the Wind"

Chapter Nine
"Everyone knows Billie Joe"

Chapter Ten
"Holiday Phone Calls"

Chapter Eleven
"Being Informed & Not"

Chapter Twelve
"Past Lives"

Chapter Thirteen
"Following Old Footsteps"

Chapter Fourteen
"4th Of July"

Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Sixteen
"The Wait"

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