Brain Bombs - Poetry by Rick Beck   
"Brain Bombs"
Poetry by Rick Beck

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Brain Bombs - Poetry by Rick Beck

When do the children stop dying
From this invisible army of mean
When do the mothers stop crying
On this emerald Island of green

Training genrations to fight and die
Little children they blow to pieces
Catholics and Protestants know why
They kill brothers, sisters, and nieces

Where is this god they call love
His followers are so filled with hate
What could he be thinking of,
"Aren't his mad bombers great"

Little towns with the little people
What is it they have done
Big fancy church grand high stepples
No peace is allowed to come

What is it death gives these men
What power is it they receive
From turning a town of friends
Into another town that grieves

My mind is yet a wash in blood
The bodies torn in twisted heap
What is left of their god's love
What truth is it they keep

Inhumnity by any other name
Is still the power and control
These hateful men gone insane
Wanting everyone else to know

A small childs coffin closed
Too gruesome for eyes to see
What did this young child know
How could these bombers be

What's the purpose of their hate
What is it they hope to gain
When little children suffer such fate
When we are controlled by the insane

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