Endless Black Ribbon by Rick Beck    Endless Black Ribbon
Joe Buck, Trucker Extraordinaire
by Rick Beck

Endless Black Ribbon - A Joe Buck Tale by Rick Beck

Young Adult
Sexual Situations
Rated Adult 18+

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     Joe Buck can tell you how to get from Kankakee to Indio and he doesn't need a map. He can tell you where you'll find the best food and the cheapest fuel without thinking twice.
     Joe doesn't have a lot of creature comforts but he'd trade comfort for a good lumper. A good lumper handles the freight, cleans the truck, and has it ready to roll when it's time. For a cross country trucker, that's as good as gold.
     The best lumper is an indispensable friend on the long haul. Troy is about to become Joe Buck's best lumper.
     A standard truck, eighteen wheeler, in the U.S.A. is sixty feet long and has a load limit of 80,000 pounds in most states, and would be called a lorry in Britain.

Part One

Part Two
"Bonnie the Ex"

Part Three
"Bunkin' with Joe"

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