Explore by Rick Beck   
by Rick Beck

High School
Sexual Situations

   A complete story in one chapter originally posted on Nifty 6 August 1998 (1,310 words)

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Explore by Rick Beck

When Gene accepted an invitation to a special camp in the Great Smokey Mountains, he knew there was much to be learned, and he loved to practice his survival skills. He enjoyed fishing and hiking, and being outdoors. He was surprised when he arrived and was directed to the last tent in a row of tents that were quite well kept. The nice thing was that the tents were up on wooden platforms, separating men from insects for the most part. His was near some large trees that shaded it from the hot afternoon sun. He didn't mind roughing it, but this was good too.

Explore by Rick Beck

Seeing the other backpack on the second bunk, he knew he wasn't the first person directed to this particular tent. Gene flipped up the back tent flaps to let the cool air filter in as the heat of the day made it feel hot. He noticed his tent sat up above the others in the line, and it looked down on a row of tents on a level below. He opened the front flaps just enough for air to circulate. He got into his shorts and tennis shoes so he'd be more comfortable during the afternoon get acquainted session where he'd been told he would meet other Explorers from around the world.

Gene was surprised when he met guys from Germany, France, Sweden and Spain. They had lunch together, trading stories of their previous camping adventures. It occurred to Gene that this was the first time he wasn't camping with guys he'd known all his life. It was the first time he'd learn from guys that were from places he'd only imagined. These were all strangers, and the camp was new to him. It was the first time since he joined boy scouts years before that he wasn't with the same group. Most in his troop had moved on when they graduated high school and the few that stayed with scouting were off at college in some other part of the country for the summer.

When he finished lunch and started walking near the lake, he noticed quite a few guys swimming and diving. He thought it would be the perfect activity for this time of day, and he returned to his tent to change into his swimming suit. He was surprised when he found Jorge sitting on the other bunk in the tent.

"I'm Gene and I was just going down for a swim. Want to come along?" he asked.

"My name is Jorge. Sure, a good swim would be nice" the other boy said as he pulled his speedos from a pocket in his backpack. "Just the thing to cool off."

By the time Gene had fished his swimming shorts out of his backpack, Jorge was naked. His penis was a fair size and was dark in color with skin covering the head of it. Gene had always been uncomfortable when he was around naked guys. He liked to dress quickly so there was no time to think about looking around.

Jorge stood two feet away and seemed in no hurry to put on the red speedos. Gene finally found the trunks he was searching for and put his pack back at the foot of his bed. Jorge turned around to shake out the skimpy suit as he looked toward the lower row of tents. Gene noticed how solid Jorge looked from behind as he quickly dropped his underwear and pulled on his surfer shorts.

"We can see in all the tents down there. We have a great vantage point here," Jorge said, still holding the speedos in his hand.

"Yeah, I noticed that. You almost ready?" Gene asked.

Jorge turned around and pulled on his cock before pulling on his suit. He then spent a minute dipping his hand in the front of the swimwear to adjusting his penis in the little bit of material. He looked at it once and moved it around and then seemed satified it was in the proper position.

It made Gene nervous, seeing him move his cock in his trunks. He didn't touch himself except to pee, and then only to take his penis out and to place it back where it belonged, most of the time. He noticed Jorge let his run off to the left. It was hard to miss inside the tight nylon suit that hugged him like fine gloves.

They walked down the hill and crossed the lawn to the lake. For the first few minutes they swam before Jorge went to the high dive and proceeded to do one dive after another. He did flips and turns and seemed quite adroit. Gene couldn't help but notice how well built his tent mate was. He must have been close to six foot, and his body was long and lean. Gene was five ten and had a soccer player's body, mainly because he'd played soccer for six years. He admired the longer thinner muscles and the way Jorge made them work on the high dive. He sat on the platform facing the diving boards and watched as Jorge pulled off one great dive after another. He knew how to dive, but Gene didn't like someone making him look bad, and he'd look bad diving with Jorge.

When Jorge quit, Gene swam a few laps going from one end of the lake to the other and back twice. He loved to swim and he enjoyed the cool water in the afternoon heat. He felt quite tired by the time he pulled himself up out of the lake. He thought most of the guys were swimming, making the water seemed crowded. He walked back up the hill toward the tent to rest before dinner.

When Gene pulled back the flap of the tent, he was surprised to see Jorge lying on his bunk. It was his tent too, but that's not what surprised Gene most. Jorge was once again naked. His suit hung from the center pole, and his body rested on the bare sheet with the wool blanket folded all the way down under his big feet.

"Just thought I'd rest up before dinner," Jorge said.

"Me too," Gene said, pulling off his suit and quickly pulling on his white briefs as he kept his back to Jorge.

"You always do that?" Gene asked, without looking at him.

"Do what?" Jorge said.

"Lie around naked like that."

"It feels good having the air on my skin," Jorge said.

"I'm not used to guys going naked. We don't do that where I'm from."

"If it bothers you I shall dress. I always sleep in the nude. It's far more refreshing than being all bound up in those," Jorge said, flipping the leg band on Gene's underwear, causing him to jump.

"No. I'm just not used to guys being naked around me. Most guys I know don't do that."

"You should try it. It's refreshing. Your skin needs to breath."

"I guess. I always wear my undershorts."

"None of my friends do that," Jorge said.

"You dive really good, Jorge. You must practice a lot."

"I was diving champion in my town. I want to go to the Olympics if I can afford to take the time away from school to get ready."

"The Olympics. Wow! You have to be good to do that," Gene said, feeling impressed. His high school had won the county championship in soccer his senior year, but that's as far as it went.

Gene thought about his soccer team as he drifted off to sleep. He woke up with Jorge getting something out of his pack. He was still naked, and he didn't notice Gene watching him. Gene thought about how he stood so tall up on the diving board and how his body would twist and turn before entering the water with hardly a ripple.

Jorge's hair was brown and his eyes were green. His shoulders seemed real broad but his well shaped chest cut down to a tiny waist. Jorge bent over to take a hanger and a shirt from his pack. He stood up, placing the shirt on the hanger, and hanging it from the top of the tent. With his back turned Gene could get an up close look at his ass. It was smooth and curved like one of the statues Gene had seen. Jorge's back looked strong and narrowed down to that tight round ass Gene found facinating. There were some dark hairs on the lower part of Jorge's legs, but not a lot. Gene had thick powerful legs from the running he did in soccer, but Jorge's legs were long and the muscles seemed thin. His thighs weren't nearly as large as Gene's, but they were well shaped.

As Jorge turned around, Gene came face to face with the penis with the skin covering the head. He remembered Victor from the soccer team was the only one that had skin that covered the tip of his penis. Gene rarely showered with anyone around, so he'd only seen Victor's penis a few times, and then only for a few seconds.

"Something wrong with it," Jorge said, placing both of his hands in his pubic hair pressing them flat while looking down at his own cock.

"Oh, What?" Gene said, feeling guilty that he was staring at another guy's private parts.

"My dick is funny looking to you?" Jorge said with no humor in his voice.

"No. I mean I've never seen one like that," Gene said, trying to defend the fact he had been staring at it.

"Like what. What do you mean?"

"The skin over it like that. We all have just the head on ours," Gene stammered.

"You Yanks cut off half yours before you know how long it is going to be. I've never seen one without the skin."

"No one I know has skin. Except Victor. What's it like?" Gene said, without thinking about what he was saying.

"You want to know how it works?"

"Yeah, something like that."

"You just pull the skin back and there's the head. See," Jorge said, flipping the skin up and letting it cover the head again.

"Why leave the skin on it? I mean what's the purpose?"

"I should ask you. What's the purpose?"

"Why cut it off. You come with the skin. Let me see yours," Jorge said.


"Let me see it. I've never seen one up close like yours."

"I don't know if I should," Gene said, thinking about all his years of modesty.

"They cut off too much. Is it so small I can't see it," Jorge said, with a question in his voice.

"It's plenty big enough. It's just I don't show it to other guys."

"What do you do with it then?" Jorge asked.

"Nothing. Pee. Some times other stuff," Gene said, feeling like he had to explain and yet feeling embarrassed about explaining.

"I was beginning to think you Americans didn't know what they were for."

"We know plenty," Gene said, not being able to think of anything else to say.

"Good. Let me see it. Let's see what they do to you guys. Take off your shorts. Why do you hide it? I'm proud of mine. Pretty big, huh?" he said, holding his cock up from his balls.

Rather than risk further questioning, Gene pulled his briefs down to his knees as Jorge leaned over to look at him. Gene looked down at his penis. It had stirred just enough so that it wasn't completely soft. It rested against the dark hairs that formed his full bush, and the head rested over against his thigh. Jorge examined it with his eyes.

"Can I touch it," he said, looking at it like it was a foreign object, "You know. See it better? The way they cut them?"

"Sure," Gene said, not wanting to be inhospitable.

Jorge held it up in his fingers, getting closer to examine the head. He turned it to examine the underside.

"Yours is thicker then mine. The head doesn't look that much different. It's just that I have skin. Go ahead and pull the skin back on mine. You'll see the heads look the same," Jorge said.

"I've never touched another guy's--" Gene said.

"Go ahead. It won't bite. I'm touching yours," Jorge said.

Gene's hand moved up off the bed toward where Jorge's penis hung out of a much smaller bush than his own. Jorge's hairs were more blond and his balls hung down low filling just the bottom of his sac. Gene's balls filled his sac hugging up close to his penis. When his fingers touched the skin of Jorge's cock, Gene couldn't believe how soft the skin felt. He skinned it back so he could complete the inspection. His thumb and forefinger moved around the head. He was surpried by the silken feel of the skin.

Gene was first fascinated by the feel and then by the long veins that ran prominently down both sides. He pulled the skin back and forth letting the head appear and reappear several times.

"Cool," Gene said as he saw how it worked. Only then did he notice how solid it was starting to feel. He felt dizzy and hot but he didn't let go. The feel was too stimulating. He squeezed the more solid cock and noticed the head starting to poke out past the skin. It was then, he noticed Jorge's fingers moving on his own cock. They slid up around the head and then down toward his balls.

"Yours gets really thick," Jorge said, admiring Gene's erection.

"Yours is long and soft," Gene said.

"Not for long. If you keep that up it will be hard as yours. Harder, maybe," Jorge said, squeezing and rubbing Gene's erection using both hands.

"I'm really sorry. I never had anyone touch me before," Gene said, thinking Jorge might believe him to be strange.

"You're kidding me, right?" Jorge said.

"No," Gene said, feeling the hardening penis in his fingers as he watched it growing out of the skin.

"Move over and let me sit down," Jorge said, scooting his back up against Gene's thighs.

Jorge held Gene's penis straight up and started to jerk him off. Gene watched the hand working on him. He found it hard to breath and there was more heat rising out of his loins than he'd ever managed to generate on his own.

"Get going, dude," Jorge said. "You want a handjob, you got to give one."

Gene immediately started to jerk Jorge off. He could hardly breath as he felt his cumming building up to a release. He watched Jorge's fingeres work up and down on him. He closed his eyes trying to keep control, but he was sure he would lose it in only a second or two.

"I think you better stop," Gene said.


"I think I'm going to shoot off. I really feel close."

"Don't you want to?" Jorge said.

"Yeah, but I'll make an awful mess," Gene said gasping as he talked.

"I know what to do about it. Just remember when you're done I get my turn," Jorge said. "Once you shoot your load you've got to let me shoot one."

"Sure," Gene agreed, closing his eyes again and feeling Jorge's hand tightening as it moved faster up and down his shaft. He couldn't believe how good it felt having someone do it for him.

Gene was panting and his hips were now helping Jorge. It only took a few more seconds before Gene could feel the hot liquid squirting up onto his chest as he gasped and his heart pounded furiously. He moaned and thrust his hips up off the bed forcing his penis up through Jorge's hand as he felt himself draining dry. Gene had never felt anything like it, and he felt faint as Jorge eased up the massaging and just held the cock in his hand.

Just as Gene started to breath easier, he felt Jorge lie down on the bed with him. As Jorge rolled his body on top of Gene's, Gene opened his eyes to see Jorge's face over his. At first he was scared and didn't know what was happening.

"What are you doing?" Gene asked.

"It's my turn. Don't want that load to go to waste," he said, as he slid his penis up over Gene's stomach.

Jorge held himself up on his arms while watching his cock as he rubbed it across the liquids Gene left. It lubricated the way for Jorge's cock. Gene watched it sliding back and forth on his stomach before Jorge slid it up to the center of Gene's chest, stopping only a couple of inches from Gene's chin. The cock seemed to get longer and harder the more it slid around on Gene's deposit.

Just as Gene got used to the idea of him being there, Jorge lowered his weight onto Gene and started humping him in faster and faster thrusts. Gene watched that round ass lifting and falling as the boy's cock slid across his stomach. He listened as the grunts and groans came from his new friend. Jorge was reaching the point of no return, and Gene had never heard what it sounded like coming from someone else. He found it exciting to know Jorge was reacting to him. Gene placed his arms around Jorge's body, reassuring him his activities were being well received. Then, the grunts and groans got even louder as Jorge lifted up to watch the deposit of thick cum pulsing out of his cock slit and onto Gene's stomach. Just as the last squirt shot across Gene's skin, Jorge dropped back down on top of him.

Everything became still and Gene listened to Jorge panting in his ear as their hot sweaty bodies pressed together. Jorge's cheek rubbed slowly against Gene's. His lips were touching Gene's skin lightly as he blew hot air on his neck.

Gene had recovered most of his senses by the time Jorge collapsed on top of him. At first he thought of rolling out from under him, but the longer their bodies stayed together, the more Gene liked the feel of him. Gene's hands felt the skin on Jorge's back and then he slid them down to the curve just above his tight butt. Gene felt further until he reached the crack, and then he slid his hands down on both of the cheeks. His fingers met in the middle to feel the different textures and contours of Jorge's body. He felt down into the crack with both hands.

"I don't know you that well yet," Jorge said, still on top of him.

"What do you mean?" Gene said.

"You know. Where you have your hands," Jorge said. "We both need a shower anyway. Give me a minute to catch my breath and I'll get up off of you."

"I'm okay," Gene said, wondering how he could feel so good about being so close to another boy.

Explore by Rick Beck

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