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by Rick Beck
For David
Edited by Jerry W
For Billie Kidd. I was a jerk. You were beautiful.
For Virginia. Thanks for opening this door.

  Young Adult
  Gender Discrepancy   Dysphoria

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     George Hitchcock is on his way to becoming a full-time reporter. It doesn't matter where. He took the journalism classes necessary. He took more English literature classes than are required. His creative writing teachers tell him he's a gifted writer, certain to get published.

Hitch by Rick Beck

     Having the tools is one thing, but does he have a nose for news? That is something that can't be taught. You either had an instinct for what was news, or you didn't. Writing the news was the easy part. Captivating your audience with well written prose was essential, once the story turned into big news.
     George is determined to become a reporter. With more than one recommendation, and with letters of introduction, the talented student has been hired as a stringer at the City News.
     While he develops his sources in places where the news starts its journey to become a story, George drinks with the local cops. He doesn't mind buying his buddies drinks, and they don't mind talking about the cases that are keeping them up night.
     It's an arrangement journalism teachers recommend. if you intend to get your hands on the best stories, before the competition gets to them, you need reliable sources to get you pointed in the right direction, and that's when the writing classes pay off.
     George knows he has a nose for news. He is sure he's on the way to the full-time reporters job. Once he gets noticed. He'll be on his way, as long as he isn't noticed too closely.
     George Hitchcock, Hitch to other reporters and his friends, is not what he appears to be. That's a story he won't be telling to City News readers.

Chapter One
"You're Up"

Chapter Two
"The Meeting"

Chapter Three
"Power Steering"

Chapter Four
"Open the Door"

Chapter Five
"Home Sweet ..."

Chapter Six
"Follow Your Nose"

Chapter Seven
"Where's Jon?"

Chapter Eight
"Man Mountain"

Chapter Nine
"Out of Detroit"

Chapter Ten
"Eyes and Ears"

Chapter Eleven
"Cat's Out of the Bag"

Chapter Twelve
"Cause and Effect"

Chapter Thirteen
"Uncles to Aunts"

"Wrapping Things Up"

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