Outside the Foul Lines Book 5 A Minor Success by Rick Beck    A Minor Success
Book 5 of Outside the Foul Lines
by Rick Beck
For David

Young Adult
Sexual Situations

Outside the Foul Lines Book Five A Minor Success by Rick Beck

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      John Dooley graduates college and settles into a temporary job as supervisor for Bartlett Roofing. Mr. Bartlett has given him a pay boost, fitting of a college graduate, a company car, but life hasn't changed for John, since he began working for Mr. Bartlett, during his summers.
      Mostly John finds himself on rooftops assisting a crew when he isn't the crew, making certain the job comes in on time. Following Andy's career by subscribing to the Lincoln newspaper, his lover has a banner season hitting more homers than any other Lincoln player, assuring his place in the lineup as cleanup hitter.
      Their phone calls eating up much of John's pay as they desperately seek to keep love alive, means the nest egg John wants to build is limited. A trip to Lincoln, talked about several times a week, is impossible with the summer being the time the roofing business booms, and they are left to love from afar.
      After Lincoln finishes second in their league, Andy comes for a short visit before heading south to play winter ball. He's settled into his roll as slugger with a not quite major league batting average.
      John is left to his roofing, while lamenting his unanswered applications for work he is qualified to do. Nothing seems to run smoothly after John's baseball career ends. Baseball was in his blood and he has had little success in getting it out.

Chapter One
"Roof Dreams"

Chapter Two
"Louisville's Head Coach"

Chapter Three
"Andy Calling, Remember Me"

Chapter Four
"Lane Change"

Chapter Five
"Pinch Hit, Do"

Outside the Foul Lines Book Five A Minor Success by Rick Beck

Chapter Six
"Passing Lane"

Chapter Seven
"Dance With Me Andy"

Chapter Eight
"Breaking In"

Chapter Nine
"Do You Want To Dance"

Chapter Ten
"Andy Time"

Chapter Eleven
"Davenport Blues"

Chapter Twelve
"Long Distance"

Chapter Thirteen
"Playing the Game"

Chapter Fourteen
"Ins & Outs"

Chapter Fifteen
"Home Sweet Home"

Chapter Sixteen
"Living the Love"

Chapter Seventeen
"Child Harold"

Chapter Eighteen
"First Thanksgiving"

Chapter Nineteen
"Christmas Exaltation"

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