Sea of Tranquility by Rick Beck   
Sea of Tranquility
by Rick Beck

For David
Edited by Jerry W
For Billie Kidd. I was a jerk. You were beautiful.
For Virginia. Thanks for opening this door.

  High School
  Rated Teen 13+

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     Track and field isn't a sport where most people think of competitors bonding. The word competition brings to mind a desire to win. There are a dozen teams, and in excess of five hundred competitors at larger track meets.
     One of the first events that will be run, once the track meet is under way, is the hundred-meter-dash. The race creates its own excitement. When the starter's pistol fires, the race is over, almost before it starts. Everyone stands to see who makes it across the finish line first, after the most thrilling ten seconds in sports.
     Sprinters are a different breed from other competitors. Temperamental, Superstitious, and heaven help you if you dare get into their space, while they are preparing for a race. Once the hundred is run, the winner is jubilant, and everyone else is disappointed.

Sea of Tranquility by Rick Beck

     In Sea of Tranquility, two sprinters develop a friendship away from the track, under quite unusual circumstances.
     After the fastest sprinter in the city, stops appearing at track meets. Levi Cordoba benefits, because of Moony's absence. He now wins the hundred, after becoming accustomed to finishing second to the faster Moony. It has not left Levi feeling good about winning.
     Unable to get answers about the boy's disappearance from Moony's teammates, Levi decides to investigate on his own. What he finds out is disturbing. He isn't sure what to do, but he has to do something.

Chapter One
"The City's Speedsters"

Chapter Two
>"Where's Moony?"

Chapter Three
"Every Body Smile"

Chapter Four
"Bus To Southside"

Chapter Five
"Moony's World"

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven
"Supper Time"

Chapter Eight
"Easy Riders"

Chapter Nine
"Vans & Tracks"

The Epilogue

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