Silent Fields by Rick Beck   
Silent Fields
by Rick Beck
For David

Companion to "The Farm Hand"

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     In the novel, "The Farm Hand," Robert's desire to leave the family farm falls prey to hard times. After his father is crippled in a farm accident, Robert, the eldest son, is expected to run the farm.
     With a cast of unlikely characters, the harvest succeeds and the farm is safe from the bankers for another year.      Once he's in charge, leaving is no longer an option, but Robert can see a good life with his lover Sven as farmers.
     In the novella, Silent Fields, the difficulty communicating between fathers and sons is never more apparent. It certainly isn't anything new.
     And so Robert and Robert Jr. embark on a journey of understanding, after taking a twenty-five year time out. It could be the last thing Robert ever does.
     Being reunited with his long ago lost love, Sven, is the farthest thing from Robert's mind, but when all their cards are on the table, anything can happen, including things we'd ordinarily consider impossible, but this father and son have come a long way.
     Taking that last step creates magic.

Silent Fields by Rick Beck

Chapter One
"Is Home Still Home?"

Chapter Two
"Being Home"

Chapter Three

Chapter Four
"Arc of History"

Chapter Five
"Robert & Sven"

Chapter Six
"Iowa Days"

Chapter Seven

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