Taz & Kodak - Part 1 - War & Peace by Rick Beck    Taz & Kodak
Part One - War and Peace
by Rick Beck

  For David

Taz & Kodak - Part 1 - War & Peace by Rick Beck

  Vietnam War
  Rated 13+

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  Thank you Tracy for loving words and encouraging me to write them.

  In memory of Sean Flynn, photojournalist, missing in the Vietnam War

  Help save lost and lonely kids
  Give your time, give a buck,
  Save a life like Robby's
  For Robby Kirkland, dead of hate and intolerance, forever 14

Chapter One
"What War Is"

Chapter Two
"Settling in with 1st Squad"

Chapter Three
"The Picture"

Chapter Four
"The Art of War"

Chapter Five
"Short Impact"

Chapter Six
"Leaving Home"

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight
"The Ambush"

Chapter Nine
"The Wait"

Chapter Ten
"Bring Them Back"

Chapter Eleven
"New Duty"

Chapter Twelve
"Dinner in General"

Chapter Thirteen
"The Bond"

Chapter Fourteen
"Homeward Bound"

Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Seventeen
"Around America"

Chapter Eighteen
"Doing DC"

Chapter Nineteen
"The Reception"

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