It Must Have Been the Moonlight by Chris James    It Must Have Been the Moonlight

by Chris James
A complete story with 3 Chapters (24,282 words)
Originally presented on Nifty on 6 September 2008
Chris James' first post on the Nifty Archive

  Sexual Situations
  Rated Mature 18+

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    Life on the road was hard work. Long hours, the bad food and all those idiots in tiny little cars weaving in and out like I was just another obstacle on the race course. But driving still held my interest ... probably because of the fringe benefits.
    The boy I picked up at the rest stop in Kansas last week came to mind. "Goin to visit my Granny," he'd said. Yeah, and I was born yesterday. Sixteen year old boys did not hitch rides with truckers to see granny, they take the bus. He was a runaway ... or a throwaway. It didn't matter; he was warm and snuggly for the night ... and damn good sex.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

It Must Have Been the Moonlight by Chris James

Chapter Three

The Epilogue

Chris James
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"It Must Have Been the Moonlight" Copyright © 6 September 2008 Chris James. All rights reserved.
    This work may not be duplicated in any form (physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise) without the author's written permission. All applicable copyright laws apply. All individuals depicted are fictional with any resemblance to real persons being purely coincidental.

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