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    Chris James was my friend. He passed away 20 April 2019 and is so very missed. There are many authors I correspond with, but Chris was special. We had many things in common, location, a love for sailing, adventure, young boys and more. Rest easy my friend. Your legacy is alive and well here at The Tarheel Writer.

Short Stories
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Anthology - 1985
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"A Captain's Dream"
  Complete in one chapter
  5,915 words
A Captain's Dream
    Chris James wrote this story with the Tarheel Writer in mind because he knows I like to sail. He didn't ask me to post it, but after reading it, I just had to ask for permission.
    Captain Black has a midnight visitor to his Captain's Quarters, who slipped in and then out, under cover of darkness. Such action was worthy of hanging in Her Majesty's Royal Navy. There were more then a dozen ship's boys that catered to the sailor's needs. He was sure some of them had engaged in sexual escapades with the crew, it was often a source of tension aboard ship. But which of them would have the courage to approach his captain…and how did they know he would accept?
Chris James
Thanks, Chris. What a wonderful read!

"A Lucky Bend in the Road"
  Complete in one chapter
  2,265 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 18 August 2009
A Lucky Bend in the Road by Chris James
    Funny little idea, quick little story. If you don't have four wheel drive this might happen to you, bet you don't complain.
Chris James

"Aliens at the Door"
  Complete in one chapter
  3,509 words
Aliens at the Door by Chris James
    Alien artifacts, Tyler had no doubts by now, but it had taken him a while to come around to that conclusion. He had met Jerry at the Comic-Con convention three years ago and they had hit it off. Both of them were alien junkies which brought them together, and they were both gay which kept them together.
Chris James

"The Art of Understanding"
  Complete in one chapter
  3,787 words
The Art of Understanding by Chris James
    The general rabble of teenagers who hung around at the pizza parlor and the convenience store up at the corner of our little neighborhood was a sad commentary about our future. Their dress, their activities, and the lackluster mindset worried me…were they all on drugs?
Chris James

"Bear Island"
  Complete in one chapter
  16,103 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 15 Sep 2009
Bear Island by Chris James
    It's been a while since I wrote a sweet little love story between two boys. Summer camp memories led me to write this one. Despite the best efforts of the adults who ran my camp, the boys always managed to find time to serve their own desires. I wonder if it's still the same, I bet it is. Come with me to Camp Woodland, let's find out.
Chris James

"The Boy in the Lobby"
  Complete in one chapter
  2,387 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 9 Sep 2008
The Boy in the Lobby by Chris James
    Dear Reader: Too young? Sorry, please go away ... I cannot encourage you to read any further. Adult fantasy material ahead, be warned ... it might be stimulating. This is fiction because my name was changed to protect my innocence. That is today, as a boy I had no such protection.
Chris James

"Catching the Perfect Wave"
  Complete in one chapter
  7,011 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 11 Aug 2009
Catching the Perfect Wave by Chris James
    A trip to the beach can be a hot and exhausting venture on an ordinary day. Here in Florida the best time to go is early, that's when the surfers are out. Pretty much the same in California, the groms come out in swarms there. Surfing is an all ages sport, 6 to 60, they hit the waves whenever they can. I love watching the beauty, the sport and especially the boys. Here's a short surfer yarn, hope you enjoy.
Chris James

"Charlie's Halloween Adventure"
  Complete in one chapter
  6,472 words
Charlie's Halloween Adventure by Chris James
    Charlie's black cat, Betsy, would be the perfect Halloween companion for a witch, but Charlie's mom says boys do not dress up as witches. We'll see about that, Charlie thought to himself.
Chris James

"The Entrepreneur"
  Complete in one chapter
  9,867 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 2 Jul 2009
The Entrepreneur
    This isn't one of those stories where the kid's parents die in a car crash or the guy was left billions in his uncle's will. The characters in this story are just normal people with the ambition to serve themselves by participating in the American capitalistic system of small business.
    Life often brings us the unexpected, that happens in fiction, otherwise don't hold your breath waiting for something like this to happen to you. A quiet compassionate man, an outstanding boy, you know my MO by now, so enjoy.
    Excerpt - I had to give Matt a short course on the ins and outs of male sex ... oops, maybe that's not a good way to express it.
Chris James

"Exciting Things"
  Complete in 7 parts
  8,189 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 28 Jul 2009
Exciting Things by Chris James
    Just a bunch of short stuff, things that might have become a short story but didn't. This is fiction, not the personal experience of the author, just the demented musings of his creepy little mind. There is sex between a man and underage teens, drug use and compromising situations, but that's what you're here for ... right?
    I normally write about love, these are stories about a man's lust. I don't recommend living a life like this. There is physical gratification, but nothing emotional between the characters, what a shame.
Chris James

"Fringe Benefits"
  Complete in one chapter
  3,317 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 24 Aug 2009
Fringe Benefits by Chris James
    There are a million different kinds of jobs out there, I've had a few different ones, but nothing like this. I know we've all seen the television shows about private detectives, but none of them ever inspired me to write a story ... until one night.
Chris James

"Goofy and the Babe"
  Complete in one chapter
  9,321 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 24 Aug 2009
Goofy and the Babe by Chris James
    In so many stories the adult who finds a young companion is either rich, or filthy rich. It was always from winning the lottery, inheriting from the parents who died in a plane crash or inventing the greatest piece of software on the planet ... yeah, sure. I understand this is fiction, but the best fiction is based upon the truth.
    This little story is filled with fiction and the things money can do, and yet my main character is dismally poor. But if I was in his shoes I would consider myself the richest man alive.
Chris James

"Humor Me"
  Complete in one chapter
  5,926 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 6 Aug 2009
Humor Me by Chris James
    I wanted to tell a story that was ninty-nine percent flashback, filled with sexual escapades and all kinds of kinky twists, here it is. If you're upset by reading about teenage boys having sex then this is not for you, leave now, make room for readers who can enjoy a quick hot story.
Chris James

"Mason's Gamble"
  Complete in one chapter
  3,888 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 14 Jul 2009
Mason's Gamble by Chris James
     I never spent a minute of my teenage years working in a fast food restaurant, but many of my friends did, and in some crazy way this story is a tribute to them. I keep running across these stories from the past, penned when I was barely older than my characters.
Chris James

"The Other Side"
  Complete in one chapter
  5,849 words
The Other Side by Chris James
    Mason was twelve years old when he discovered the house and its curious occupants quite by accident. But his life had been moving in strange directions the past few months so he shouldn't have been surprised. He'd never thought about taking the left fork on that pathway through the woods, and then one day he did.
Chris James

"Scared Silly"
  Complete in one chapter
  7,394 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 8 Jul 2009
Scared Silly by Chris James
    Teaching is a noble profession, and yet for a gay man it's often fraught with difficulty and temptation. It's interesting to note that in most of the teacher/student sex cases brought forth in the media that the activity is heterosexual. Doesn't mean there aren't any gay relationships, it just seems more obscure.
Chris James

"That Blond Obsession"
  Complete in one chapter
  4,606 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 21 Sep 2009
That Blond Obsession by Chris James
    Teaching is a noble profession, and yet for a gay man it's often fraught with difficulty and temptation. It's interesting to note that in most of the teacher/student sex cases brought forth in the media that the activity is heterosexual. Doesn't mean there aren't any gay relationships, it just seems more obscure.
Chris James

"The View from My House"
  Complete in one chapter
  3,195 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 29 Jan 2009
The View from My House by Chris James
    I hope the reader is as engaged with life in the American Southland as I am, for here we go again. I'm what they call a "transplanted Yankee" here abouts, not always a generous description. The life here is slower than with our northern cousins, but life has a quality not to be missed. The trials of youth here are no different than anywhere else, they just might be a little harder.
Chris James

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Anthology - 1985 Early Teenage Ramblings
    A collection of short stories written when Chris was a teenager. These stories were first posted on the Nifty Archive. These works present a more raw side of Chris. They are, shall we say, very sexually descriptive, but they make for great reading. Afterall, they were written, as Chris says, shortly after they invented the typewriter. LOL. Enjoy!

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Short Stories
Novels and Novellas
Series Stories

Book 1 - "Kiss the Bear"
  Complete in one chapter
  2,563 words
  Originally present on Nifty on 30 Oct 2008
Kiss the Bear by Chris James
    A bit of fun for the readers. Think back to your high school days and have a laugh with me. The moral of the story: never volunteer unless you have a creative imagination.
Chris James

Book 2 - "The Trees Have Eyes"
  Complete with 2 chapters
  8,676 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 6 Oct 2008
The Trees Have Eyes by Chris James
    So you live in a quiet neighborhood or do you know better? Do any of us really know who is watching us in the dark?
Chris James

Book 3 - "California Boys"
  Complete in one chapter
  8,233 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 7 Nov 2008
California Boys by Chris James
    The only fiction in this story are the names I gave the characters, all else is true. These were the 1960's. I penned this story after returning from the West coast, life in high school was never the same after that.
Chris James

Book 4 - "The Misfit"
  Complete in one chapter
  14,015 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 24 Oct 2008
The Misfit by Chris James
    One of the earliest stories I ever wrote about boys in love. The characters are timeless, the product of my youthful imagination, but I wasn't even old enough to vote.
Chris James

Book 5 - "Strictly Business"
  Complete in one chapter
  14,402 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 9 Nov 2008
Strickly Business by Chris James
    The story contains a moderate amount of light drug use by the characters. A sign of the times and nothing more, these activities are not advocated by the author. If this offends you then turn away now, you're going to miss one hot little story. But this is fiction, just pretend kids don't smoke pot behind our backs. And then e-mail me, I have some swamp land in Florida I want to sell you, you can pretend there isn't any water on your new land either. Joking aside, this is a story of two boys who think they have the answer to one thing and discover it is something else all together.
Chris James

Book 6 - "Anytime, Anywhere"
  Complete in one chapter
  11,781 words
  Originally presented on Nifty on 21 Jul 2009
Anytime, Anywhere by Chris James
    A trilogy of short fictional stories written when I was a teenager--shortly after the typewriter was invented. That was back in the day when chance encounters served my imagination, at least in the first two stories. The third story speaks to my teenage feelings about finding something lasting, and someone to love. For even at that young age I wanted romance ... and a whole lot more.
Chris James

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

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Anthology - 1985
Short Stories
Novels and Novellas

Four Part Series
Stage, TV, Film & a Movie

"Exit Stage Left"
A complete story with 18 chapters (127,648 words)
First in a Series - Stage

Exit Stage Left by Chris James
    I don't know how many of you have sat through a high school play, but it can be exhausting to watch. I just try to remind myself that these are beginners, and the first steps are sometimes the hardest. In truth no matter who produces a show, either amateur or professional, there are always the same elements to consider.
    This is a story about boys and girls in a performing arts high school. These schools are designed to meet the needs of their students, academically and practically. Theatre, music and film are such competitive artistic fields. It takes a special person to pursue a career in any of the arts.
    My characters are always special to me and those in this story are no different. I will give you my two leading characters and a large supporting cast. But it will also give you a unique glimpse behind the scenes in the chaotic, and often invisible, world of technical theatre students.
    As always I must tell you my characters are fictional and only represent the lives of people as I see it. But the thoughts and ideas, the long hours of work, and toil these students endure is very real, I was one of them in a past life.
    The title of the story will be explained in the later chapters, so pay attention. This is a very real look backstage in theatre because many of the incidents I relate did happen. You get the pleasure of discovering them. No actors died in the writing of this story, but there were some close calls.
Chris James, 2010


Adam Conquers Earth
A complete story with 18 chapters (137,368 words)
Second in a Series - Television
Adam Conquers Earth by Chris James
    ACE is the story of two very different boys at work in the entertainment industry. The people they meet and the relationships they form are all important to their fictional lives. Many of the events they encounter are a matter of good fortune or fierce determination. The life of an actor is not always smooth sailing, and nowhere is that more apparent then in Hollywood.
Chris James, 2010


Exit Hollywood
A complete story with 18 chapters (150,572 words)
Exit Hollywood by Chris James
Third in a Series - Film
This story continues the lives and careers of the characters from Exit Stage Left. It might benefit the reader to absorb that storyline first, but it isn't necessary. So come with me behind the studio gates with some of the finest fictional actors that Hollywood would love to have. Just remember, if it isn't real it must be Hollywood.
Chris James, 2010


"Indigo and the Cowboy"
A complete story with 15 chapters and an Epilogue (78,900 words)
The Film from Exit Hollywood

    Perhaps those of you who have read Exit Hollywood will recognize the name of this story. It was the title of the film in which the character Mark Harrison first made his screen debut. I gave you no details at the time but that seems to have been a strategic move on my part because this story goes far beyond what I originally envisioned.
    A coming of age story set in the past century, I thought to create a tale of life's changes through the eyes of a young city boy. My character thinks by the time he has reached manhood that he has discovered all the challenges life could throw at him, but he is wrong.
There is so much we don't care to learn until it becomes a requirement for survival, and then all it takes is courage and maybe a little help. Sometimes that comes from family and friends, and sometimes it comes from the oddest of acquaintances as it does in this case.
Chris James

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Novels and Novellas
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Anthology - 1985
Short Stories
Series Stories

"A Short History of Kings"
A complete story with 9 Chapters and an Epilogue (50,573 words)
A Short History of Kings by Chris James
    My first note would be to tell you that this story is fictional, and for good reason. Time in this story is only relevant to the plot and not to the historical facts…it was just more fun that way. But even accepted written history is muddled over some of the events I use to inspire my characters.
    I did try to paint an accurate picture of the places my characters venture even though I have not seen many of them personally. But that is like describing all McDonald's restaurants after just viewing one. Possible, but not always credible.
    Our knowledge of the past is filled with misconceptions and fantasy, and so I play with that in this story. As I have often noted before, just believe everything I tell you and enjoy the reading.
Chris James

"A Warrior's Promise"
A complete story with 11 Chapters and an Epilogue (72,647 words)
A Warrior's Promise by Chris James
    This is a story about Native Americans, the first people to colonize this continent. The Oneida Indians were originally to be found on land that stretched from the St. Lawrence River down to the modern day Pennsylvania border. Archaeological remains indicate that they have been living in this area for up to 10,000 years.
    In research for this story, begun long before I wrote Nathaniel Smiley in 2009, I came across some pretty visually compelling ideas. "The standing stone was a granite column, about fourteen feet high and six inches square, covered with strange characters, which were the sacred records of the Oneidas ... " (1 July 2022 - Note from Jevic - I have searched for this and have been unable to find an reference to this description)
    I couldn't resist that image, and although this is a story about a uniquely talented Indian boy, this story revolves around just such a stone. The native characters in the story are fictional and do not represent any persons alive or dead. There are some real historical figures included as they impacted the lives of the Oneida people and lend credibility to the story.
    As always, I like to place my characters in a romantic and adventurous setting rather than portray gratuitous sexual scenes. This is a love story with two unequal partners, and yet the reader will discover that not everything you will be led to think is true.
Chris James, 2010

"Angels in the Choir"
A complete story with 16 chapters (98,846 words)
Angels in the Choir by Chris James
    I've never lived in a big city before, how different my life would have been. Could I have survived the experience as a young gay boy ... I don't honestly know, but I think not.
    This is a story about contrasts and character, about love and family, and most of all about the hope I discovered there. Once again I have tried to bring forth the best qualities of gay youth in my characters. The needs they each share, the love they so desire, and the support they need to find.
    All of my characters are fictional, but the streets in this story are very real ... too real. It's a rough town, built of hard stone and even harder people. A tough place to grow up, where even the smallest signs of weakness can destroy a young man's life.
    Even so, precious flowers grow in vacant lots, amidst the weeds and debris of the crumbled buildings in this city. Only through determination could a young boy survive in this climate. His dreams would have to be bigger than the reality of life. And here on the fertile plain of our imagination, he flourishes.
    This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to real people is purely coinsidence. This story will describe the love between two teenage boys. By clicking on the chapter links, you acknowledge that you are aware of the story contents and are of age to read it. Thank you.
Chris James, 2007

"Whistler's Club"
A complete story with 10 chapters with a Prologue and an Epilogue )104,712words)

    This story continues the trilogy that began with Angels in the Choir, written in 2007. There will be a final installment, a third story to complete my thoughts.
    In considering the vehicle with which to carry my characters in this story I chose a classical approach. The writings of Charles Dickens (1812-1870) gave us a glimpse of the class structure in England at the time he began writing. David Copperfield and Oliver Twist are probably his best known works, much of it autobiographical in nature.
    The reader will probably best remember Oliver Twist through the films that were produced in the last century, and although good works they do not present Mr. Dickens' real story, not at all. To get the flavor of his world, his London at that time in history, one must read the book. I found a great similarity between that old London era and the one that existed in Baltimore at the time this was written. People respond to the pressures of life in much the same fashion no matter what the time or place. With no apology to Mr. Dickens, I have kept his work in mind as I wrote my story.
    The Baltimore of the late seventies and early eighties was a place of transformation, not all of it good. For decades the city had flourished and then flopped, leaving many residents wallowing in poverty. But while the elderly might depend upon a government handout, there was nothing for the younger generations, nothing that would be considered legal.
    This story is a glimpse of the lives in only one part of that city. The fictional characters will serve to amuse and then share the ultimate sadness that comes from living a misdirected life. No one could change them, they had it all figured out like most young people.
    I lived there for a time and viewed much of the activity mentioned in these pages, it makes me uniquely qualified to write this story. Someone had to give meaning to these characters, for although fictional, this story represents very real people. They needed a voice and I heard their cries ... or was it whistles?
Chris James, 2010

"Artificial Sky"
A complete story with 6 chapters (37,188 words)
Originally presented on Nifty on 30 Nov 2008

Artificial Sky by Chris James
    This is a story of two boys who meet on a train trip across America in the 1960's. The characters are fictional, but at least one of them was real, I'll let you decide which one. For many of us train travel in those days was more luxurious than a seat on any aircraft, a level of service beyond anything you might find today.
    Today's rush to live leaves out the view and the interpersonal relationships one might find even on a fast moving train. For a boy it seemed like a great adventure, a romantic journey on the rails towards an uncertain future. Come back with me to that time, for the trip is but a moment you may enjoy and then your life goes back to normal, or does it?
Chris James, 2008

"The Boys in Blue and Gray"
A complete story with 12 chapters and an Epilogue (97,448 words)
The Boys in Blue and Gray by Chris James
    Ever since I was a young boy the history of the United States has been a fascination, and no period in the past two hundred and thirty-four years stands out like the American Civil War. I have read all the great books on the subject by the authors of renown…Bruce Catton, Shelby Foote, and legions of others. I highly recommend them for an in-depth look.
    It was a time of great turmoil, no matter which side of the conflict is viewed or favored; it was a moment in time when this nation almost ceased to exist. The youngest soldiers who fought were from the south, some as young as twelve years of age. And so when I read about the battles and saw the early photographic results I found the image of a dead Confederate boy sadly compelling, he was just fourteen.
    This story was gleaned from years of reading and hours of research, beginning with the cadets of the Virginia Military Institute, the youngest fighting unit to ever take the field ... and win.
    Two hundred and fifty-seven cadets, many of them only fifteen years of age. Their place in our history is like no other, and the school still maintains a monument to honor their glory in the Battle of New Market. This is where my story begins.
    The reader is cautioned to understand that this is a fictional story, although I have tried to stick to the facts and timeline of the events portrayed. Most of these characters never existed; they are a product of the writer's imagination. I have included historical figures only to lend credibility to the action; they are accurately quoted whenever possible.
    There is little adult material in this story, and that which is portrayed is common among young teenage boys. But I wanted this to be a grand romantic adventure for the reader, a unique look at what America was like in the not too distant past.
Chris James, 2010

"Brass Balls"
A complete story with 12 chapters (84,679 words)
Brass Balls by Chris James
    How much of a man's life is wasted in search of the perfect mate? No matter how strong or courageous the individual it is often the mere chance offered in a moment of time that allows two people to forge a lifetime together. This is a story about that moment, that chance meeting and the wondrous romance that develops for those willing to risk everything.
    Brass Balls is a story of gay romance, adventure, and the meaning of love. Once again I have set much of this story on the ocean or in places familiar to the readers. The tale is filled with men we should admire and boys we can only envy as they all become heroes in the fictional life I have given these characters.
    Set in southern Florida and across the Gulf of Mexico to the Yucatan Peninsula, the Brass Balls sails through stormy seas and moonlit nights, forging a comradeship and a family. The true life events used in this story are presented to bring realism to the fiction. None of these characters are meant to represent real persons, just the fantasies that endure in the author's mind.
Chris James, 2010

"The Bridge to Anywhere"
A complete story with 9 Chapters and an Epilogue (87,697 words)
Originally presented on Nifty on 15 Nov 2008

The Bridge to Anywhere by Chris James
    Once in a while I find myself creating characters that tug at my heart and bring tears to my eyes. Many of you have read 'Gene' and felt the pain and sorrow of an abusive childhood, even if it was a fictional story. The best means of recovery from a life of sorrow and pain is to grow up and become successful at something grand. This is a story about such a boy and the one man in his life who really cares enough to help him stand tall and proud.
Chris James, 2010

"Dumb Luck"
A complete story with 18 chapters and an Epilogue (112,222 words)
Dumb Luck by Chris James
    I've always wanted to write the great American fantasy story, and here it is, giving the reader a glimpse of my life as only I wish it could have been. Native American culture has so many fascinating aspects, and through copious research I found just what was needed to make this story work.
    Once again this story attempts to bring the reader those positive aspects of gay life, love and family, along with a travelogue of the American scene as it was not too many years ago. And yes, as always in my stories, there is controversy and triumph, but what is life without those elements? So come with CJ and Matt as they discover America and the future that awaits them.
Chris James, 2008

"Falling Down"
A complete story with 11 chapters and an Epilogue (61,921 words)
Falling Down by Chris James
    Bill Metzger stared through the thick glass wall at the boy sitting on a hard plastic chair. The kid looked thoroughly crushed by the experience most normal fifteen year olds would never face. But then how many boys this age had murdered their parents?
Chris James


"Standing Up"
A complete story with 11 chapters and an Epilogue (61,921 words)
Standing Up by Chris James
    What a delight it is for an author to work with a group of characters that have become familiar. This was meant to be a simple sequel to the Falling Down story but it seems to have developed a life of its own as I was writing. There are so many problems in our vast society and this story brings you another of those issues in a complicated plot. Where would life be without complications?
Chris James

"Farnham Beach"
A complete story with 11 chapters and an Epilogue (59,527 words)
Farnham Beach by Chris James
    A childhood visit to the beach should be filled with fond remembrances in later years. For a boy on the verge of manhood it is also a place for change and discovery. For some it is the chance to escape parents and explore the feelings of independence in a familiar environment. But then there are always the new faces from other places that make the difference…like that handsome boy over there.
Chris James

A complete story with 14 Chapters and an Epilogue (52,695 words)
Originally presented on Nifty on 27 September 2008

Gene by Chris James
    Wednesday morning found the boy sitting on the courthouse steps in faded jeans and a button-down shirt that clung tightly to his slender body. His head turned this way and that, looking at the stream of people approaching the steps and forming a line to be admitted through the security checkpoint.
    The boy was looking for someone he had never met before. They had spoken on the phone only once ... some guy named Bradshaw. But this guy had asked him to wait outside the courthouse. His whole situation was pretty fucked up, but this guy had promised to help.
Chris James, 2008

"Granny's Pride and Joy"
A complete story with 15 chapters and an Epilogue (107,834 words)
Originally presented on Nifty on 25 January 2009

Granny's Pride and Joy by Chris James
    The American southland provides all kinds of recreational activities, my favorite being white water rafting. A bruising experience during low water, the New River is one of the most exciting trips I have ever enjoyed in early summer.
    And then there is the quiet water, a place where a man can think and enjoy nature. For if you take a canoe through the wilderness you may experience moments like our ancestors did, both Native and otherwise. And if you are very lucky, a story like this may unfold.
Chris James, 2009

A complete story with 7 chapters (34,455 words)
Groms by Rick Beck
    Grommet, or grom, generally refers to a young surfer under the age of sixteen. The etymology of the word has several variations. First used in the United States during the 1940's and 50's, it is a variant on gremmie or gremlin which described the look of these young boys, and sometimes girls. It also appeared in England and Australia as gremmie.
    This is a fictional story which allows me to place two young local boys in a contest that might in reality be over their heads.
Chris James, 2010

"It Must Have Been the Moonlight"
A complete story with 3 Chapters and an Epilogue (24,282 words)
Originally presented on Nifty on 6 September 2008
Chris James' first post on the Nifty Archive

It Must Have Been the Moonlight by Chris James
    Life on the road was hard work. Long hours, the bad food and all those idiots in tiny little cars weaving in and out like I was just another obstacle on the race course. But driving still held my interest ... probably because of the fringe benefits.
    The boy I picked up at the rest stop in Kansas last week came to mind. "Goin to visit my Granny," he'd said. Yeah, and I was born yesterday. Sixteen year old boys did not hitch rides with truckers to see granny, they take the bus. He was a runaway ... or a throwaway. It didn't matter; he was warm and snuggly for the night ... and damn good sex.
Chris James, 2008

"Justin Time"
A complete story with 10 chapters (34,916 words)
Justin Time by Chris James
    Forgive me, I am about to experiment with those who read this story. I don't feel guilty because I think all authors do this when they attempt something new. This is the first science fiction story I have ever written, but then to me sci-fi is just another form of fantasy.
    I would also be remiss if I did not credit my editor, Wayne Telfer, with many of the ideas incorporated in this story. Wayne is a published science fiction/fantasy author whose input has been invaluable in this instance.
    At first I thought the alien science would be a problem, but I was wrong. No wonder those guys who wrote the Star Trek scripts had so much fun, alien means you can present almost anything as fact. So here we go, have fun and ... Hail Prime!
Chris James

"Marathon Gold"
A complete story with 10 Chapters (70,296 words)
Marathon Gold
    The Florida Keys are a beautiful string of islands curving off the southern tip of the Florida mainland, one of the most beautiful spots in the entire country. I was just a boy of twelve when I first rode down Route 1, the Overseas Highway, to visit my relatives. The year was 1960, a time of change in my life. Soon there would be a change in the lives of all who lived there.
    This is a story of fiction. As much as I would like to lay claim to all these events as a reality of my young life this is not the case. My characters are fictional, except for certain notable and sometimes nasty historical persons. I have attempted to portray the landscape and seascape accurately to the best of my ability, but I am hardly a salt encrusted sailor.
    And finally, this is a story for boys of all ages no matter where you might live. For once upon a time we all had dreams of our own Treasure Island. I hope you enjoy mine.
Chris James, 2010

"My Name is Eli"
A compleye story with 8 chapters and a Prologue (45,590 words)
My Name is Eli by Chris James
    So Eli was of mixed blood, and although his sisters were more like his mother, he mirrored his father's proud native heritage. His friends in Yuma knew of his mixed parentage and many of them were much the same. Being a Begay made it easier to get along with the local natives, many of whom were Apache, with a few Navajo like himself thrown into the mix.
    This is a story of fiction which contains many truths and some outright fabrication. Sometimes our modern world seems in great contrast to the ancient ways of a culture, but when a young native boy has questions about life ... in which direction should he seek answers?
Chris James

"Nathaniel Smiley"
A complete story with 12 chapters and an Epilogue (104,635 words)
Nathaniel Smiley by Chris James
    The research for this story gave me a wealth of information on Native America, some of it conflicting. Where possible I have addressed the disparities, but I cannot guarantee the accuracy of every statement. This is a work of fiction; just believe everything I tell you.
    The use of Cherokee words is meant to give the reader knowledge of their uniqueness, in most cases they are provided in phonetic form. There are only a few thousand remaining who speak that native language in our diverse American population. An attempt has been made to portray the language accurately. No attempt has been made to represent persons who may be alive; the dead will speak for themselves.
    The use of family associations, including tribal and clan relationships, have been altered for the convenience of the story, these are all fictional characters. The one thing not affected in the fictional account of these lives is the author's respect for the Cherokee people.
Chris James, 2009

"No Reason to Kill"
A complete story with 12 chapters (66,242 words)
No Reason to Kill by Chris James
    I would like the readers to be prepared as they delve into this story. It would probably earn an R rating if it was a film. I don't apologize for the violence inherent in my characters since that is a part of the military subculture I have written about. But I hope you will agree with me that some of these characters are endearing while others are just plain bastards. You will decide these things for yourself.
    The story page contains an image of Kintla Lake looking right at the heart of Glacier National Park in Montana. I have never been there but the beauty of that place sits in stark contrast to the events in the story that play out around it.
Chris James

"On the Wire"
A complete story with 9 Chapters and an Epilogue (60,145 words)
Originally presented on Nifty 16 Nov 2008
    Years ago I began writing stories without a lot of sex, if any at all. This story contains little sexual activity but the entire story is about sex. Some of you may shy away from the subject matter but I felt compelled to write about it.
    I am not a great genius on the Internet, to me it's a wonderful tool. This is a story about those who use that tool for bad purposes. No character was terribly hurt in the writing of this story, the hurt is past. Now we will see what the future can bring.
Chris James, 2008

"Seasons for the Boy"
A complete story with 17 chapters and an Epilogue (165,071 words)
Originally presented on Nifty on 13 April 2009

Seasons for the Boy by Chris James
    The beauty of the New England states is exemplified by the tall peaks of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, the centerpiece of that display is Mount Washington, the highest point in the eastern United States. For it is there that the sun first shines on this continent each morning and the snow locks in the majesty of that moment, few humans dare witness that event in the depths of winter.
    Once again I write about small town life in rural America, a place where winter isolates only the people but not their hearts. For even in the depths of a blizzard love may blossom and give hope for life in the spring.
Chris James, 2009

"Singer Without a Song"
A complete story with 16 chapters
Plus a Prologue and an Epilogue

Singer Without a Song
    I was twelve years old before I saw my first television program. Growing up overseas in the nineteen-fifties meant missing out on the conventional upbringing of the average American boy. To entertain myself I read books. Not just some books, but all the books I could get my hands on. Fortunately my international school had a very large library and I tried to consume it. Writing came as a natural byproduct of my voracious appetite for words and I began my first short story when I was in 6th grade.
    It was also a time of self discovery, and my sexuality seemed to sharpen my writing pencil. I wrote about other boys. In the early nineteen-sixties, I began writing stories to entertain my friends. My closest friends have seen the lot and there are hundreds and hundreds by now.
    As I became more involved with my extended family of friends in the gay community, I began to realize we needed a more positive image. The biggest need seemed to be in the relationship our adult community has with gay, lesbian and transgender youth.
Chris James, 2006

"The Street Runner"
A complete short story with 3 chapters (14,695 words)
Originally presented on Nifty on 3 Sept 2009

The Street Runner by Chris James
    A simple story about love and personal triumph, a man ... a boy, and the things they share. There is a little bit of me in this one, thought you might like to know. But we all see those cute boys on skateboards and I just wondered ... that's the wonderful thing about writing fiction, the fantasy can be made real.
Chris James, 2009

"Those Little White Shorts"
A complete story with 3 chapters (14,374 words)
Originally presented on Nifty on 9 Sept 2009

Those Little White Shorts by Chris James
    I know you've seen them, even if the trend these days is the baggy look. I have to admit some boys look simply wonderful in loose fitting clothes, others need something tight to sell the image. A pair of grey or blue gym shorts isn't quite the same thing as a pair of white cotton shorts. Give me something that hugs the hips, accentuates the behind and allows some room to show we're talkin.
    It takes courage to wear tight white shorts and most adolescent males are too shy for the challenge. But there are a few, and sometimes one so special.
Chris James, 2009

"The Trogdon Way"
A complete story with 12 chapters and an Epilogue (86,210 words)
The Trogdon Way by Chris James
    One of the joys of writing fiction is the placement of a story in a contrived setting. I have admired many small back-road towns and villages in my travels, and each of them occupies a small corner of my mind as I write a story.
Chris James

"What a Peach"
A complete story with 8 chapters (49,586 words)
What a Peach
    Over the years I have visited the State of Georgia many times and always found a rich abundance of rural life to inspire my words. The main character in this story was just a strong young man sitting beside the road at a fruit stand. The image he evoked stuck in my head until I began to write this piece. And then I asked myself, are we always what we appear to be?
    This young man was so soft spoken and yet a great feeling of power emanated from him, a level of self assurance that I quickly recognized as befitting a military veteran. The best part of writing is allowing the reader to see the characters in more than one dimension as they grow within the pages of a story.
    This is a tale of two young boys in more trouble than they can imagine and how a chance encounter becomes their salvation. But it is also a story about redemption and the folly of youth, especially the gay kind. There are some mean people out there in the world, but there are also some like Charlie who feel the need to put aside doubt and stand up for the little guy.
    This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to real people is purely coinsidence. This story will describe the love between two teenage boys. By clicking on the chapter links below, you acknowledge that you are aware of the story contents and are of age to read it. Thank you.
Chris James, 2006

"The Woodlake House"
A complete story with 7 chapters (44,069 words)
The Woodlake House by Chris James
    Pat's family had moved into the house two days into the New Year. Most families might consider waiting until spring when it would be easier to unload a moving van full of furniture, but not Pat's father. The move to White Oak had taken months of planning and should have gone off without a hitch, except for the weather. The moving truck was full and the doors had been shut when the snow began to fall.
Chris James

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