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Craig by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
Teen Drama
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The coach's brassy voice echoed across the field as he worked with his JV football squad. The young boys worked hard, even though it was just a light practice. The next day, the boys were playing in Barringer High School's first game of the season. Tension was high among the players. The coach had moved the team into different groups for the light practice. The day before game day, the team practiced without pads and practiced plays. The head coach worked exclusively with his offense while his assistant worked with the defense on the other end of the field.

The grandstand was empty that afternoon with the exception of the cheerleaders, who were watching the team practice while resting from their own. The hot afternoon air hung heavily in the stadium, which had been built in a hollow beside a creek on the lower side of the school property. Sweat soaked jerseys clung to muscular bodies that moved about on the field with rhythmic intensity.

"Let's see some work out there!" yelled the coach, who was pacing back and forth. He hastily lit another cigarette, having just put one out. He took a long, deep draw, filling his lungs and then turned back toward the team. "OK, let's try that outside left sweep," he yelled.

"All right, sweep left on two and then everybody run over to the sidelines and fuck the hell out of Teresa," said Craig, the quarterback. Everybody laughed as they broke from the huddle. Receiving the ball from the center, Craig dropped back and handed the ball to the halfback, who complete the play without a hitch.

"Way ta go, Craig," yelled the coach. "Let's keep it up!" The boys moved back into their huddle. The sweat was flowing freely. Craig wiped his forehead.

"Damn, it's hot," he exclaimed as his wiped his hand on his sweat soaked jersey.

"No shit, let's get this over with," agreed Danny, Craig's best friend and the star halfback of the team. Craig expertly directed the team through their different plays. No breeze stirred as the team worked into the afternoon. The cheerleaders left. Most of the cars in the parking lot left. The assistant coach even let the defensive players take it in. As the sun eased its way toward the low afternoon clouds, the coach finally called the team together.

"OK you guys. Tomorrow night we play the Mavericks. I know I don't have to tell you, but this is a very important game. It's our first home game of the season. We've got to make a good impression and establish ourselves as a winning football team. That will fire up the school which will in turn fire up you which will make us win even more games. Now, we've got a good scouting report on Clinton and we shouldn't have any problems. Craig, I have plenty of confidence in you, but I think it would be a good idea for everybody to be here a little early tomorrow so we can go over our plays one more time. Any questions?" There were none. "OK, hit the showers."

The boys headed up the hill for the locker room. A breeze finally stirred and blew through Craig's long blond hair as he slowly walked up the hill toward the building. The coach came running up behind.

"Hey, Craig. I've got a real heavy date tonight. How 'bout lockin' up for me?"

"Sure thing, coach." The coach threw his keys to Craig and started for his car. "Hey, coach!" yelled Craig. "Get laid!" The coach waved back and then quickly got in his car and left. Craig continued toward the locker room. Taking his jersey off and kicking his cleats under the bench in front of his locker, Craig turned toward the coach's office.

The air was typical of any middle school locker room ... young, virile, male testosterone, sweat, and soap. The humidity gave the room a musky and somehow, erotic smell. Craig sat down in the big chair behind the desk and picked up a play book. He breathed deeply, taking in the scent of the room. He didn't understand why, but the smell always brought a tingling to his senses and a stirring to his loins. His best friend, Danny, walked up to the office door. Craig looked up to see Danny drying his hair.

"Hey, Craig. Wanna get a couple beers?" Danny asked as he covered his head with the towel and rubbed vigorously at his long brown hair. Craig looked at Danny's broad shoulders, his thick, hairless chest with erect nipples and rippling muscles. His eyes moved down the washboard stomach and on to the thickness that dangled between Danny's hairy legs. "Hey, Craig," said Danny again.

"Ah, ah, huh?" stammered Craig, realizing that his friend had asked him a question.

"Do you wanna get a couple beers after while?"

"Sure. I'll meet ya at the corner, say, in a half hour?"

"OK, see ya then," said Danny. Craig watched as his friend turned around and walked back to his locker. He looked at Danny's smooth, round ass and caught a quick glimpse of his balls swinging slightly between the thick, muscular legs. Craig continued to watch as Danny draped his towel over the bench. Bending over to get his clothes, Danny's ass opened up like a flower, giving Craig an eye full of ass hole, balls and cock. Craig's own boyhood twitched and he knew that he would soon have a hard on if he didn't do something about it quick. But Craig couldn't help it. His cock just grew and grew as he watched the other boys walking around the locker room completely naked. Craig's breathing sped up as he looked at each cock as it passed by. Not once did he look at the faces of the young virile bodies, no, he was interested it, no, fascinated by the one physical trait that made a boy a boy. He mentally compared each one and unconsciously stored up vision after vision for late night physical self-satisfaction.

"Damn, I've got one hell of a hard on," Craig thought to himself. "I'm gonna have to wait for everybody to leave before I can even stand up." He pretended to be studying the play book while he watched his team mates finish their showers. The smooth lines of the young bodies enhanced Craig's curiosity, his longing and his desire to touch, feel and explore. He watched as one young boy carefully dried his back. With each back and forth movement of the towel, the youngster's huge cock swayed back and forth. Then the boy took his towel and carefully dried his hairless sack of balls. Finally, the boy took hold of his cock, stretched it out and carefully dried it with the towel. Craig peered over the play book at the young stud. As he watched, the boy gently squeezed his cock. It immediately responded by swelling slightly. But before anyone could see what was going on, the boy quickly pulled on his underwear. Craig's own cock was straining for release as he watched. The boy pulled his jeans up and covered the growing bulge in his underware. Craig glanced around the room. He watched another boy get dressed. Craig's cock was getting quite uncomfortable. He changed positions several times and was finally able to get his swollen boyhood into a position where it wasn't cramped.

Finally, the last member of the team left. Craig quickly got up and checked the locker room to make sure it was deserted. Satisfied that he was alone, Craig quietly locked the door with the coach's keys and turned toward the shower. Shedding his shorts and jock, he stepped into the showers and turned on the water. It felt wonderful as the hot water fell on his face and shoulders. His cock had finally deflated to half hard, but Craig realized it was need of a lot of attention as he began to soap up. He moved over to the far wall and turned off the lights. Now completely surrounded by darkness, he returned to his hot shower. The sky light overhead let the full moon's light through and it cast a strange glow around the room. Craig leaned his head back into the flow of water and ran his fingers through his long hair. The warm water eased the tension in his aching muscles and it brought sensuous feelings to his cock too. Spreading his legs slightly, he ran his fingers through his pubic hair. His cock swelled slightly. His fingers followed the curvature of his body, slowly making their way to the inside of his thighs, softly rubbing his balls as they went. The warm water continued to pound his face and hair. He leaned his head forward and allowed the water to hit his shoulders. Looking down, Craig gazed at his half hard cock. He moved his hands lower and cupped his balls. The shaft swelled slightly at the new touch. The head was big and round and hung down just below where his hands were cupping his balls.

Craig closed his eyes and thought about Danny. He thought about Danny's cock. His friend was beautiful. Danny's light brown hair hung loosely about his shoulders. His boyish face was highlighted by big brown eyes. There wasn't an ounce of fat on his body. His thick chest was perfectly formed and the washboard stomach was a perfect prelude to the beautiful cock that hung between his legs. The shaft was long and thick. The head was big and round. Craig thought about how it hung. Reaching straight down, its head dipped just below the hairless sack of balls. The thick black pubic hair seemed to spread to Danny's muscular legs. A very thin line ran up to his navel.

All the thoughts brought on the expected reaction. Craig's boyhood was rock hard and bouncing slightly with each heart beat. Craig lightly ran his fingers from the blood red cock head down to the base. His cock was a solid seven inches in length. He wondered how Danny's cock would look when it was hard. He wrapped his fingers around his shaft and felt the throbbing thickness. He was proud of his cock. Playing with his balls, he continued to gaze at his boyhood as the warm water fell on his young body. His thoughts returned to Danny's cock. Grabbing his own cock firmly with his hand, he began to pump on his boy meat. Slowly at first and then he pumped faster on his thick meat. The cock head swelled even bigger. Shrouded in the eerie moon light and standing under the warm water, he moaned loudly and leaned back into the warm spray as a thick ribbon of cum jetted across the tiles and landed with a resounding splat. Four more ribbons joined the first before the orgasm subsided. Craig walked over and turned the lights back on. He watched as the last few drops of cum oozed from his cock head. He took a finger and wiped a drop from his cock. Craig put his finger to his lips and tasted. The salty boy juice coated his tongue and Craig instantly knew he wanted more. He moved back to the showers and rinsed off.

Craig locked the door to the building and headed for the corner to meet Danny. The cool evening breeze flowed through his long, damp bond hair as he walked down the sidewalk. Craig was 15 years old, a reasonably intelligent boy and like every other 15 year old, he was preoccupied with sex. Sex of any kind turned him on. Craig liked to watch videos. He'd seen plenty, showing all kinds of sex between men and women. He secretly longed to watch two boys have sex, but he never told anyone about his desires or the fact that he was always turned on by the sight of naked boys in the locker room at school.

Craig walked briskly down the street. The setting sun reflected off the bottom of the clouds making them appear to be on fire. It was a spectacular sight. Craig walked to the closed BP Station, bought a Mountain Dew from the vending machine and walked across the street to the corner.

The corner was a sort of society gathering place. Everybody met there to make plans, exchange and buy drugs, plan parties and generally just to talk. Danny was there smoking a cigarette. A few others were there as well.

"What took ya so long," asked Danny. Craig walked over and sat down on the brick wall beside his best friend.

"Well, you know me, I had to jack off two or three times before headin' out." Danny laughed and reached into his jacket.

"Just two or three?" he said chuckling. "I guess you're ready for a real 'stiff' drink after all that excitement."

"Yeah, what ya got?"

"Hold out that Dew can for a minute," directed Danny. Craig held his can out and Danny smoothly pulled a flask from under his jacket and poured a generous amount into the drink can.

"Well all right," exclaimed Craig. The two boys sat and talked late into the evening. They made arrangements for Craig to spend the night at Danny's house the next night. Around midnight, the boys said their goodbyes and headed home.

The next day was a blur for Craig. Classes zoomed by and before he knew it, he was in the locker room getting dressed for the big game. Everybody was excited and Craig knew that a lot of that responsibility rested on his shoulders. The first half of the game went perfectly with Barringer High School leading by fourteen points at the end of the half. Craig was ecstatic. In the locker room during the half, it was like a party. Coach Robinson was congratulating every player. Just before half time was over, the coach stood in the middle of the room and told the boys how proud he was. Craig sat back and listened as the coach gave his pep talk.

The second half of the game didn't go quite as well as the first. The fourteen point lead dwindled to a tie by the end of the third quarter. From there, things just seemed to go further downhill. Barringer High lost by three points.

The locker room was quite different after the game. The excitement, anticipation and enthusiasm were gone. Depression, anger and humiliation set in.

Craig walked out the door with his best friend. They walked slowly, talking about what went wrong. Ending up at the corner, the boys met one of their friends, Doug. The three boys sat at the corner and talked about the game. There was no one to blame. Virtually every single player had screwed up at one point or another. But everyone needs someone to blame, so Craig took the brunt of it. After all, he was the quarterback. Wanting to put his responsibility on the shelf, Craig's thoughts turned to something else besides football.

"Hey, Doug. Ya gtta any dope?" asked Craig.

"Always. How much ya want?" answered Doug after quickly checking inside his boot.

"I don't know," Craig started. He looked in his wallet and turned to Danny. "How much cash ya got?" Danny checked his wallet.

"Thirty. How 'bout you?"


"You guys just bought yourselves a nice hefty half bag," said Doug as he snatched the cash and handed the bag to Craig.

"Thanks, man. Come on, Danny, let's jet." The boys said goodbye to Doug and headed for Danny's house. As they walked, Danny pulled out a small pipe. Craig handed the bag to his best friend. Danny filled it with pot and handed it back. The lighter came out next. By the time they got to Danny's house, both boys were stoned to the bone. Danny's parents were at a party, so he got a couple beers from the refrigerator and they headed downstairs to Danny's room.

The empty beer cans laid on the floor next to the waterbed. The television provided the only light for the room. Craig was propped up on one elbow, lying on his side facing Danny who was lying on his back with his arms behind his head. It was very late and the television show was very boring. Craig couldn't talk his eyes off the bulge between his friend's legs. Ever since they had stripped down to just underwear, all he could think about was his best friend's cock. His mind wandered back to the day before when Danny stood in front of him drying off. With those thoughts in the back of his mind, Craig got brave. After checking to see if Danny was awake, he slowly moved his hand onto Danny's thigh. The soft breathing continued and Craig inched his hand up his friend's leg, toward the bulge. Craig wanted to touch Danny's cock. He wanted to feel it's hardness. This was a new feeling for Craig. It was a feeling that was becoming a longing ... a lust. Ever since he first started jacking off, he had fantasized about boys. Girls never entered the picture. He knew he was gay, but the word seem foreign. The only thing that was clear in his mind was he desire to touch what was causing the bulge in the white briefs. He moved his fingers lightly over the shape. He could feel the heat it gave off. Danny still appeared to be asleep. Craig got bolder and gently squeezed. Still there was no movement from Danny. Carefully, heart pounding, he slipped his fingers under the elastic and gently wrapped his fingers around the object of his desire. He used his other hand to gently pull the briefs down, completely exposing Danny's half-hard cock. Danny's balls laid still in their cool hairless sack and Craig gently stroked the now swelling cock. Craig's own boyhood has been hard from just looking at Danny's body. Now it was leaking, soaking the inside of his briefs. Now he started to pump on Danny's boyhood.

Suddenly, Danny moved one of his arms from behind his head. Craig quickly let go and turned away. Time itself came to a grinding halt. Craig couldn't even breathe. He wished his heart would beat a little quieter. Suddenly, Craig felt a hand grab his dick. Craig knew immediately that Danny was awake and knew what was going on, but more importantly, didn't object. In fact, Danny was willing to participate. Craig rolled over on his back. Danny was waiting and rolled toward his best friend. Their arms wrapped around each other and their soft youthful lips met for the first time.

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