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by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
Chapter Two
"The Campout"

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Craig by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
Teen Drama
Explicit Sex/Rated 18+

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Craig's mind was moving so fast he couldn't concentrate. The thoughts came rapid fire. Normally he could deal with the snippets of thoughts, but he was also being bombarded with months, perhaps even years of pent up emotion. Their release was intense. To finally have his best friend in his arms was incredible. The only thing about the fact that Danny's tongue was shoved half way down his throat was that Craig couldn't get his own tongue down Danny's throat. They played dueling tongues for what seemed forever. The kiss was so intense Craig almost, almost forgot about the two cotton clad throbbing pieces of boy flesh that were rubbing against each other. While still locked in the kiss, Craig reached down and rubbed his hand over Danny's cock. He was rewarded with a groan that came from way down deep inside his best friend. Danny rubbed a little harder, then slipped his hand under the elastic and wrapped his hands around six inches of hot flesh. Using his other hand, he pulled Danny's underwear back down and started to pump furiously. As their lips finally parted, Danny groaned in pleasure as his cock exploded sending jet after hot jet of cum spraying out all over his chest. Craig kissed him lightly on the lips, then moved down and tentatively lapped at the splat of cum just above Danny's nipple. As his taste buds sampled the nectar, the feeling he had earlier returned. Freely giving in to that feeling, Craig's tongue followed the trail of cum down Danny's chest, lapping it up as he went. When his mission was complete, he stretched out on his back completely satisfied.

Danny, however, spotted Craig's pre-cum soaked briefs and gazed longingly at the shape hidden there. It pulsed with each beat of Craig's heart. Danny got up on his knees and carefully pulled Craig's underwear down. Craig's cock slapped against his stomach with a resounding smack. As the underwear landed on the floor, Danny wrapped his fingers around Craig's beautiful cock. It was about the same size as his own, but a little thicker. He watched his own hand slowly stroke up and down. Looking back at Craig, Danny smiled. He pushed his tongue deep into Craig's mouth as his strokes increased. The moans coming from Craig suddenly turned into a quiet whimper. He pushed his hips up and the thick cock unleashed it's first rope of cum, which landed on Danny's cheek. It was followed by four more equally as strong spurts before the orgasm ended. Their lips parted and Danny didn't hesitate to turn his tongue to Craig's cum splattered chest. Craig's breathing slowly returned to normal as Danny finished and returned for another kiss. Just before their lips met, Craig stopped Danny with his hand. He turned Danny's head to the side, reached out with his tongue and lapped up the spot of cum on Danny's cheek. Then the cum soaked tongues of the best friends probed each other's mouths. Not a word was spoken when the boys finally drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

Craig awoke with a start. He rolled over and looked up. Danny was sitting on the end of the bed watching cartoons and smoking a joint.

"What time is it?" he asked.

"It's just about eight. You better hurry and get dressed. Michael will be here any minute to take us to the lake," urged Danny. Craig suddenly remember the plans. They were going camping on an island at the lake. Danny's parents owned a boat they kept tied up at a marina. "You want a gun?" Danny asked as he put the joint between his lips backward. Craig leaned up, their faces no more than an inch apart. Danny blew gently, sending out a stream of smoke. Craig inhaled deeply. He slowly let it out and looked at Danny.

"Everything cool this morning?" Craig asked timidly. Danny smiled, leaned over and gently squeezed Craig's cock that was prominently outlined in the sheet.

"I see you still have a hard on this morning," Danny commented. "Come on. Get dressed. We've got a big day in front of us, and an even bigger night," he said with a wink.

Michael soon arrived and the three boys headed for the lake. Michael's van was customized and had a bed in the back. Craig sat on the bed and winked at Danny. Danny smiled back and took a hit from the joint Michael had lit. The stereo was turned up so loud that Craig couldn't hear what they were talking about, so he started to think about last night.

He remembered how wonderful it had been with Danny. Strangely enough, he couldn't help but want more ... more of the closeness. As he watched Danny laugh, he longed just to hug his friend. Craig had hugged girls, but this was different. For the first time, he felt strongly attracted to Danny, not just physically, but emotionally as well.

After Michael dropped the boys at the marina, it didn't take long for Danny to get the boat uncovered and started. They loaded the camping gear, food and drinks aboard and spent the rest of the day riding, drinking, smoking and skiing. (Hey, it was 1975, OK?) Craig caught himself starring at Danny's well formed body. His eyes caressed the thick chest as it tapered off to a slim waist and well rounded butt. He looked at Danny's face. The long, thick brown hair surrounded Danny's big, brown eyes and boyish face. The eyelashes were long and thick and Danny's lips looked very, well, kissable. His eyes traveled down to Danny's legs. They were deeply tanned and covered with softy wired hairs. Craig looked at the bulge in the tight cut off jeans. He could easily make out every detail of Danny's boyhood.

Danny pulled the boat into a protected cove on the side of the island they planned to camp on that night. I was well away from the main channel. Not only was it protected from winds, but from prying eyes as well. The anchor was thrown out and beers were popped. The boys sat back on the seats and watched the setting sun. It had been hot all day, but now that the sun was sinking below the horizon, the temperature actually became comfortable. Craig glanced at Danny's crotch. The bulge he constantly glanced at seemed to be getting bigger. Or was it just Craig's imagination? Throughout the whole day, they never talked about what happened the night before. Nevertheless, things were working out perfectly for Craig. He was already horny. In fact, he had been horny all day. Looking at Danny's body and remembering what had happened was just about more than he could take. Finally, Craig had to know.

"Danny," Craig started. He paused to take a big gulp of beer. "I have to admit that I really did enjoy last night very much. In fact, I'd like to do it again tonight." Craig anxiously awaited Danny's answer. It could have been a one time thing. Chalk it up to beer and pot. Craig looked at Danny intently, waiting for the answer. A smile slowly crept across Danny's face. He guzzled the rest of his beer and turned to Craig.

"Well, Craig. I was hoping you would say something like that. I was thinking about saying something myself, but I didn't want to feel like I was forcing you to do something you didn't want to do."

"Fuck!" Craig exclaimed. "That's exactly why I didn't say anything. I thought the only reason we did what we did was because we were stoned out of our gourds."

"Well I'm glad we got that taken care of. Do you mind if I ask you a question?" said Danny as he offered Craig another beer.

"Shoot," Craig said as he popped the top of his new beer. Danny sat back in the seat and popped his own.

"Have you ever, ah, done anything like that before?"

"First for me, but definitely not the last," Craig said chuckling. "'Bout you?" Danny looked down at the deck of the boat and shuffled his feet a bit.

"You're my best bud, Craig. I have to be honest with you. I want you to know everything," Danny said quietly. Craig sat up and paid attention. What was coming, he had no idea.

"It's cool, Danny. You're my best friend too and best friends stand by each other no matter what," Craig said, offering comfort and encouragement for Danny to continue.

"About six months ago I went over to Michael's house to buy some pot. His father was gone and we got real stoned." Danny sighed deeply. "To make a long story short, we ended up in his bedroom. We've only been together a couple of times since, Craig, but we've been doing something I think you'll like." Craig couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"I thought I was the heavy in all this, not you!" Danny laughed.

"Hey, ya learn something every day."

"You can say that again. So, ah, what exactly have you and Michael been doing?" Craig asked as his finished his beer. Danny opened a fresh beer and handed it to Craig.

"The first time we were in his bedroom, he sucked my dick til I got off in his mouth." Craig's eyes bugged out.

"No shit? You came in his mouth." Danny nodded and took a sip off his fresh beer.

"Yep, and he swallowed it all, every last drop."

"I've seen girls sucking dicks in fuck movies, but I-I've never done anything like that." Danny smiled broadly.

"The next time I got together with him, I sucked his dick and, ah, he came in my mouth and I swallowed his load."

"Wow! I'm hard as a rock just listing to your story."

"Why don't you just lay back on the deck here and I'll show you how good it feels."

"What do you mean?" asked a confused Craig.

"Come on, Craig. Just take your shorts off, lay down on this towel and I'll suck your dick," directed Danny. Craig timidly started lowering his cut offs as Danny spread out the towel. It was one thing to be naked in bed in the middle of the night with barely any light, but quite another to be stripping naked outside. Even though the sun was already gone, there was plenty of light left to see.

"Come on, Craig. Hurry up." Danny moved over next to Craig, dropped to his knees and pulled Craig's cut offs down. Craig stepped out of them. His cock bobbed in the breeze. He watched as Danny's hands moved slowly up the outside of his legs.

"There's one thing I've learned. I'm gonna love this just as much as you are," Danny whispered. He leaned forward and wrapped his lips around the head of Craig's dick. Holding the head firmly in his mouth, he pulled the straining hard on down til he could look up into Craig's eyes. All the while, his tongue was slathering Craig's sensitive head and teasing at the piss slit. Danny rocked his head from side to side bringing enormous pleasure to his best friend. Craig let out the breath he was unconsciously holding and moaned out loud.

"Fuck! That feels good," he exclaimed. Danny released Craig's boyhood from his lips with a resounding "pop."

Danny stood up slowly, tracing his tongue along Craig's stomach and then up to his left nipple, which sent a shiver of delight through Craig. Danny stood completely up and looked Craig in the eyes.

"We really should stretch out. Somebody might see us," Danny said, but didn't give Craig time to answer as he covered his lips with his own in a deep, lust filled kiss. Craig wrapped his arms around Danny and held him tight, but their kiss was cut short by the sound of a boat motor. They both quickly looked around and realized there was a boat was headed in their direction.

"Quick, hit the deck," said Danny. Both boys were on hands and knees in mere seconds. They peered over the rail and watched as a bass boat came around the corner. Whoever was driving had the boat wide open. The boat didn't even slow down as it zoomed past and disappeared in the ever darkening twilight.

"Man, he was getting' it on," exclaimed Craig. Danny looked at his friend and smiled.

"And now it's our turn to get it on. Stretch out on the towel." Craig eased down until he was on his back, but he propped himself up on his elbows to watch. Danny stood up quickly and shucked his cut offs. His solid six inches slapped against his stomach. He knelt down between Craig's legs, his hands on either thigh. He watched Craig's hard cock bob up and down with each heartbeat. A silvery stand of precum stretched from the pulsating head to Craig's stomach. Danny stretched out and laid down between Craig's legs.

Craig watched intently as Danny moved forward. He could feel his best friend's hot breath. The rocking from the wake of the passing boat was completely forgotten as Danny's tongue washed over Craig's tender, hairless sack. He moaned with appreciation. The gentle crashing of the waves on the shore of the island provided all the music the boys needed. Danny's hot tongue roamed all over Craig's balls. He gentled sucked one into his mouth and tongued it adoringly. Then the other got attention. Danny only touched Craig with his tongue. The best friends looked each other in the eye. Both had expressions of pure lust.

Danny's tongue traveled slowly up the shaft. He moved slowly and chewed on the tightly stretched skin with his lips. The further he moved up the more loudly Craig moaned. When Danny wrapped his lips around the head, Craig openly gasped. He looked down and watched as inch after inch of his boyhood slowly disappeared into Danny's mouth. Craig felt Danny's tongue making swipe after erotic swipe around the shaft as it continued to disappear down his best friend's throat. When Danny's nose was finally buried deep in Craig's pubic hair, he held still and made swallowing movements with his throat muscles. The moan of pleasure would have made him smile if his mouth wasn't so full of cock. Danny slowly withdrew until just the head was in his mouth. He washed his tongue over it fervently and then plunged down on the shaft again, taking the whole thing in one quick motion. Craig involuntarily started pushing his hips upward to force more of his cock into Danny's throat. Danny swallowed the hot cock repeatedly, wrapping his lips around it tightly. Craig's thrusts became more urgent and Danny took the opportunity to slip his hands under Craig's butt after a particularly hard push. He grabbed two hand fulls of soft ass flesh and pulled Craig deeper into his mouth. He tightened his seal around the heaving shaft as it was plunged time and again into his hot throat. Craig ran his hands through Danny's long soft brown hair. The feelings coming from his boyhood were indescribable. He had never before had such a wonderful feeling, an ever increasing feeling, rapidly making its way toward an orgasm Craig would never forget.

Danny's kneaded the soft flesh of Craig's butt with his fingers and urged Craig to literally fuck his face. He felt Craig's hands running through his hair. To have his best friend deep in his mouth gave Danny a deep sense of satisfaction. Being able to give Craig this much pleasure was indeed an equally rewarding pleasure for Danny.

The sudden feeling of Craig's hands grabbing his hair tightly was the sign Danny was looking for. He mentally prepared himself and physically relaxed his throat. Grabbing Craig's butt, he pulled his friend to his face and buried his nose in pubic hair. Then he repeated the action rapidly with the lips in a very tight seal.

"Gonna cum. Gonna ... gonna ... cum ... right now! Oh fuck!" The sound that followed his announcement was unintelligible. The accompanying fat blast of cum jetted straight down Danny's throat. The six inch throbbing shaft catapulted four quick streams of hot boy cum deep into his throat as Danny slowly pulled back so he could taste the very essence of his best friend. The last shot washed across Danny's tongue. His taste buds savored the salty gooey offering. Craig fell back against the towel and let out a huge breath of air. His body shook a couple times from the incredible release. Danny held Craig's cock in his mouth, not daring to move. He desperately wanted the sensation to continue, but knew Craig would be sensitive. Every so slowly, he pulled back, milking the last drops as he went.

Craig's face was completely flushed. He was drunk with lust. He watched Danny's cock come into view as his best friend sat up. It was oozing copious amount of precum.

"Switch," said Craig breathlessly. Danny moved quickly and soon found Craig kneeled between his legs.

"Suck it, Craig. Please," Danny whispered. Craig moved his hands onto Danny's quivering thighs. He looked down longingly at the cock he almost literally worshiped. It was a sight to behold. Craig's own cock was still hard as a rock, never wavering, even after just cumming.

Craig leaned down and licked at Danny's balls, but Danny was way beyond that. He reached down and grabbed his dick. He gently slapped Craig's face with it hoping that Craig would understand. The nonverbal communication between the two best friends was impeccable. Craig's tongue slowly traveled up Danny's shaft. The boys' eyes were locked together. Reaching the summit, Craig licked across the head, swiping up a generous ooze of precum. The taste drove him on as he plunged down. The hard shaft of boyhood slid across his tongue and headed for the back of his throat.

"Oh my God! Yes! Go for it, Craig. Suck it all down, baby." Danny's words offered encouragement where none was needed. Danny was begging and Craig knew it. He pushed further down and felt Danny's cock head touch the back of his throat. The first instinct was to gag, but the feeling passed quickly. After only a moment's hesitation, Craig continued his downward journey until his nostrils were tickled with Danny's soft pubic hair. He felt his own cock pulse and the droplet of precum slid down his shaft. For the first time in his life, Craig was experiencing what he had only dreamt of. He had the object of many a night of jackoff sessions ... his number one fantasy ... his object of immense desire ... his best friend ... deep in his throat.

"Yeah, Craig. Feels soooo good. I'm so close. It's not gonna take long. Suck me good, Craig. Make me cum, baby. Make me cum." Danny's words drove the eroticism of the moment to new heights. Craig tightened his lips and pulled back only to drive himself back down. Withdrawing to the swollen head and plunging back down brought new sensations to Craig and he wanted more. He couldn't get enough. Thoughts of anything else but the wonderful feeling of having Danny's cock deep in his throat were cast aside. The moans from Danny suddenly turned into high pitched yelps. The moment had arrived. Craig felt hands on the back on his head pushing him down, and down he went. He was met with the upward thrust of Danny's hips as the swollen boyhood erupted with a volley of hot spurts. Craig swallowed greedily, savoring the taste briefly before washing it down his throat. It was too much for Craig's supercharged libido to handle. His own cock unleashed its load as Danny continued to send ropes of cum down his throat.

Craig gently let Danny's cock slip from his lips. He looked up at his friend and smiled a goofy smile. A rivulet of cum trickled down his chin. Danny opened his arms, beckoning Craig to join him. The boys wrapped themselves together and held each other tightly as they tried to catch their breaths.

Craig pulled the anchor up and Danny drove the boat over to the shore of the island. They tied the boat up and grabbed their camping gear. Still naked, they headed for the center of the island in the dwindling light. After setting up camp and building a fire, they relaxed. Danny laid back on his sleeping bag sipping a beer with one hand and casually playing with himself with the other. Danny watched as Craig played with the fire, trying to get it to blaze up. He watched Craig's dick dangle freely between muscular legs. As Craig bent over to pick up another log, Danny gazed longingly at the hairless asshole. His cock was starting to grow, to swell into hardness. With the fire finally blazing, Craig turned toward Danny. For the first time, he noticed Danny had a huge hard on. Danny spread his legs, giving Craig a complete view of his cock, balls and asshole.

"You're one horny fucker, you know that?" said a grinning Craig.

"You complaining?"

"Of course not." Craig quickly dropped to his knees between Danny's legs and engulfed the hard on completely. Danny moaned loudly. Craig made a couple of quick bobs on Danny's cock and then sat back grinning.

"Please don't stop," begged Danny.

"We're just getting started," said Craig as he stood up. "Come on, let's go swimming," Craig said as he offered his hand. Danny just shook his head and grabbed the offered hand. The boys made their way down the trail to where the boat was tied up. The moon provided the only light as the boys plunged in the water.

"God, this feels great," exclaimed Craig. "The feeling of the water around my dick is giving me a hard on." Danny moved over closer to his friend. Taking a deep breath, he disappeared under the dark water. The next thing Craig felt was Danny's warm mouth on his cock. "Oh God," he exclaimed to himself. Danny quickly returned to the surface. As he did, Craig disappeared beneath the surface. Groping in the darkness, he finally found Danny's stiff dick. Craig grabbed Danny by the ass, opened his mouth and pulled himself down on Danny's throbbing hard on. He took the cock deep into his throat twice before having to come up for air.

"Come on, let's get back to the fire and get warmed up," suggested Danny. Craig quickly agreed and they got out of the water. Walking slowly back up the trail to the campsite with two hard ons swaying in the night, they decided to smoke a joint, drink a couple of beers, fix supper and then have wild sex.

Danny got out the grill and carefully placed it over the fire while Craig dried himself off. After drying off himself, Danny took out two potatoes, wrapped them in tin foil and dropped them into the coals. Then he took the steaks out of the cooler and set them aside. Two ears of corn came out next. They were slathered in butter, covered with tin foil and also set aside. Craig joined him at the cooler and grabbed both of them a cold beer.

"I'm starving," exclaimed Craig as he stood and looked over the feast preparations. Danny, who was still on his knees putting pepper on the streaks looked to his right. All he saw was Craig's soft cock and low hanging balls.

"Hummm. I'm hungry too." He leaned over and sucked Craig's soft cock into his mouth and washed his tongue over the head. Then he leaned back with a smug look on his face. "Damned if that don't taste better than steak!" Craig laughed out loud. Then he bent down on his knees next to Danny. He looked his best friend in the eyes and spoke softly, but very seriously.

"This is the best day of my life. I will never, ever forget it as long as I live. I love you, Danny. You're, you're the best friend I could ever hope for." A single tear ran down his cheek and Danny was quick to catch it with his finger.

"Craig, I'm so glad we found each other. Life has been a bitch, but you make it all worth living for." The boys embraced in a warm, loving hug. There was no lust in the hug, only pure love.

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