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The Magic Behind the Magic by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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I found this wonderful little website that translates English into Latin. So each spell and curse is actually Latin. Listed below are the ones used so far in the story. You'll find the description of what the spell does and then the actual Latin translation. Why Latin? The language is what some call a "dead" language because no one speaks it anymore. But it was around for a very long time. And since I took a class or two in it, I thought I'd use it. So get out your wand and swish and flick. But remember that just saying the words and waving your wand isn't enough. You've got to know what you want to happen, desire it deep in your heart and see it in your mind's eye.

Rigescere - immobilizes the person you cast the spell on.
Literal translation = stiff

Verba communico - induces a conversation with the person's name spoken after the spell.
Literal translation = to tell, to communicate

Cingo cingere cinxi cinctum - produces a protective barrier around the speaker
Literal translation = to surround the body for protection

Itioare - followed by where you want to go and your are transported to that location.
Literal translation = to go

Adflictatio - spoken to inflict intense pain on the person you curse.
Literal translation = pain, torture

Deduco veneficium - this spell determines who last used magic in a room
Literal translation = from the past, magic

Avada Kedevra - the killing curse and one of the few real curses used in the HP movies
Sounds an awful lot like abra cadabra! LOL! Actually, it is an Aramaic phrase that means "I will destroy as I speak."

Remember, this story is fiction and so are the spells and curses. I wouldn't want to be accused of practicing dark magic! LOL!

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