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Neo by Jevic, The TKarheek Writer
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It was a dark and stormy night. The lightening flashed, the thunder boomed and the wind swayed the tree limbs; pinecones were flying everywhere. Collier watched the light show outside his window with deep concern etched on his face. Neo was out there in this storm. Collier clenched his eyes shut to keep the tears at just a leak, instead of a torrent. Neo was out there, struggling to survive the shit his family had given him, and then this storm was the icing on the cake. Collier could not help but worry about his … his … Collier turned several words over in his mind before finally coming to a decision that would define the rest of his aristocratic gay life … partner, lover, boyfriend, special friend, companion, friend with benefits, an aggressive bottom boy toy, a blond haired, blue eyed angel … … his, yes, his boyfriend. Neo was all the above and more. Now, his boyfriend was out there trying to survive in this horrific storm.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Collier Beckett was the man at Roxbury Academy, his elite private school. He was the quarterback of the football team, and he was captain of the lacrosse team. He had it all. He was tall, over six feet, slender, but agile and what some of his peers called, with envy, looks that ran along the gamut of magazine model pretty … soft blond hair, piercing blue eyes, long and thick eye lashes, pouty full red lips, six pack abs, manicured fingernails, perfectly waxed eyebrows, a strong jaw line and an ample appendage between his aristocratic legs. He was the center of attention for anybody that was, and everybody else, that wanted to be. He was smart too. Valedictorian? Maybe, but definitely in the top five scholastically. Collier was, simply put, the walking talking definition of sex on legs.

Collier's family came from old money, and lots of it. His pedigree listed some of Harvard's most prestigious alumni and a long line of law firm partners who had reputation and power. Collier was on his way to following in his father's footsteps in the family law firm. He drove, not a fancy sports car, but a more conservative, Land Rover, of course, given to him by his father on his sixteenth birthday. The hundred thousand dollar vehicle had been a minor part of the party, as it sat in the custom concrete stamped portico, sporting a huge red bow. The party had been extravagant, of course, with no expense spared, even down to the live string ensemble. His father's friends attended, along with their sons. No daughters attended, as aristocratic traditions held, only first born sons would be allowed to attend.

From the outside, it would appear Collier was living a perfect life. He fed himself with, not a silver spoon, but a diamond encrusted golden spoon he inherited from his grandfather. His clothes were all tailored. His shoes were handmade, and his bedroom came with a butler and a full marble ensuite with heated floor and five head surround shower.

Collier found himself on top of the highest pedestal known to aristocratic man. The one fly in the ointment, the singular obstacle, the only problem was … Collier was gay.

His father, upon hearing the news, had reacted, in Collier's opinion, predictably.

"Fuck whoever you want to. I don't care, but …" his father held up a singular finger. "Do not create any public indiscretion for this family. That I am afraid, would be unforgivable and you would be ostracized from the family and your inheritance … deleted," his father had said with a sneer. "You are required to produce a male heir. This, you know already. This I must insist upon, for the family name is on the line. There must be a male heir to carry on the Beckett name's rich history. There is no option on this. For over ten centuries the Beckett name has thrived, and it will not succumb on my watch. It is a requirement for your inheritance. Failure to complete this task will result in you becoming disinherited, as your mother and I have already discussed. You fail at this simple requirement, and we will produce another heir and you will be unceremoniously dethroned and sent into exile." His father paused in his speech and then continued.

"I can accept that you have feelings for a member of your own sex, however, I can not tolerate you having feelings for someone that is so obviously beneath you," his father hissed. "The fact that you have admitted to having feelings, or what I demise as lust, for our landscaper's son is irreprehensible. I will not stand by and allow you to degrade yourself to act upon pure teenage carnal lust for someone that is obviously a commoner. I will not allow it!"

"Fuck you, you crusty old bastard!" Collier billowed as he rose to his feet. "You have no idea what Neo and I have. We love each other. We love each other and there is nothing that will stand between us! You babble on about tradition, history, and centuries of the family name, but you never take into consideration my feelings. So, fuck you! Neo and I love each other and there is nothing you can say or do to change that!"

The slap across Collier's face was delivered with a swift practiced hand. Collier held his hand to his face, feeling the heat of the slap. He looked up at his father.

"Never speak to me that way again," his father said firmly at a volume that broached no interruption. "You will respect me, as I am your father. I brought you in to this world and I can damn well take you out of it too. Your so called feelings mean nothing to me. There is honor, respect, tradition and this family's values and code. You have been taught this since you could read. Your grandfather would spin in his marble mausoleum if he knew of you to speak and act in this disrespectful way." His father paused for a dramatic moment, and then continued. "I will be taking the liberty to sever our contract with the landscaper."

The slap came unexpectedly, and the father found himself holding his own hot cheek.

"You listen to me motherfucker! I DO NOT CARE!" Collier screamed in his father's face. "Take all the money in the vault and shove it up your ass! Take all that tradition and bullshit and fucking set it on fire! I DO NOT CARE!" Collier paused and sobbed. He looked back up at his father. He saw the shock on his father's face and watched as it morphed into anger. Collier struck out again and slapped his father's face, hard.

"I am an alpha male! You made me this way! You made me into what I am. You made me into the person you see standing right before you this fucking minute! If you want to be mad at someone, you should look in the fucking mirror!" Collier spun on his heels and walked briskly away. The shove from behind was unexpected. He suddenly found himself falling forward and spinning his arms in an attempt to catch himself before doing a faceplant on the marble floor. He landed on his side with a grunt, slid a few feet on the marble floor and skidded to a stop. He rolled over and looked up into his father's enraged face. The strong slap across his face was … expected, but what followed was not.

"Listen little cub, and make no mistake about it … I am the sole alpha male in this family," his father hissed, and brought his face down, clamped his teeth on Collier's throat and bit down, hard. Collier screamed.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Dark clouds were moving in, and the ominous sound of thunder rolled across the distant hills. A storm was brewing and from the look of the almost black clouds approaching, it promised to be a bad one. A large crack of thunder went unnoticed. There was a conversation going on in front of the huge mansion and the owner was not happy. In fact, Winslow Beckett's anger was no less that apocalyptic. In his mind, there was no room for negotiation, and no time for negotiation.

"Get the hell off my property and never come back. Simple." Mr. Beckett looked into Neo's dad's eyes as they stood in the portico beside the landscaper's motorhome.

"I don't understand. What did I do wrong?"

"Look McKenna, our sons are fucking." Eddie McKenna's eyes widened in surprise. "Yes, they are fucking. My son just told me all about it and I want that," he said pointing directly at Neo, who sat in the front seat of the motorhome, "son you have to go the fuck away. I want that fucker as far away from my son as possible. I do not care about anything else, but you have to go away right now, this very minute. Get the fuck off my land!"

Collier's father had been loud, stern, and unapologetic. Neo's father turned his face from his former employer and looked directly at his son. He was seething in anger.

"You just cost me my biggest client you faggot! Get the fuck out!" Neo frowned in confusion. "Out! Get out and hit mother fucking the road. I will not have a fudge-packing son!" His father pulled the door open, grabbed Neo by the arm and viciously pulled him out. Neo hit the ground hard and looked up at his father with terrified eyes. "Go faggot! Git!" Neo scrambled up, turned, and ran as fast as he could down the long driveway. Neo's father turned back to back to see a smiling Mr. Beckett.

"Well done, good sir. You can keep your … biggest client and let's increase that cost by ten, no, make it fifteen percent."

The distant storm made it to the estate and made itself known. The lightening flashed, thunder boomed, and the storm was upon them. The wind picked up, trees swayed and the rain began to fall in torrents.

Neo found himself soaked to the bone and wondering what in the hell had just happened. Why was he suddenly thrown out? What the fuck did he do wrong? Why is the rich man so pissed off? It didn't make any sense at all to Neo. He and Collier were in love. Is it wrong to be in love? Sure, they were both boys, but what difference would that make? Neo had friends at school who were openly gay, and everybody knew his friends were in a relationship. So, what is Collier's father so pissed off about? It just made no sense to Neo.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Collier dabbing a wet washcloth on his neck. The bleeding had finally stopped, but there was an ugly bite mark where his neck met his shoulder. At least his shirt would cover it up. The shower had been necessary after the altercation with his father. At least the water washed all the blood away. Another flash of lightening was almost immediately followed by a crack of thunder. Collier glanced outside at the downpour.

Collier sighed and walked back toward his bathroom, wrapped in only a towel. A tapping sound came from his bedroom window. Collier turned and looked.

"Neo," Collier whispered. "Neo!" he shouted as he ran to the window and opened it quickly. He grabbed his boyfriend and kissed him hard. "Neo, get in here now! You're soaked!"

"Your father was screaming like a mad man about us fucking. Then he fired us. Then my fucking father pulled me out of the motorhome and kicked me to the curb. Told me he didn't have a fudge packing son. He even called me a faggot and told me to leave," Neo explained in a shaky voice. Collier wrapped him in his arms and held him.

"Get out of those wet clothes. I'll grab you a towel," Collier said. Neo nodded and stripped.

"Your father was so mad …" Neo said as Collier handed him a towel.

"I know, Neo," Collier said looking into his boyfriend's eyes as he continued. "My father came and bragged to me that your father threw you out. He told me he hired your dad right back and gave him a raise for getting rid of his fudge packing son."

"That son of a bitch!"

"My father and I had a huge fight, Neo. He hit me and I hit him back." Neo frowned.

"Collier, what happened to your neck?"

"My fucking filthy excuse of a father bit me. Can you believe it? He said he was the alpha male around here, the fucking mangy mutt."

"Bet he has fleas?" Neo said with a smirk. Collier smiled.

"So, your father kicked you out?" Neo nodded. "You have nowhere to go, oh my God?" Neo sadly nodded again. "Well, of course you can stay here."

"What about your dad?"

"You let me worry about that, but to be safe, just stay here in my bedroom for right now. I'm avoiding father too. You remember Charles, my butler, he'll take care of us. He hates my father too. Just give me some time and I'll come up with a plan."

"I have a plan … for right now," Neo smirked as he pulled the towel off Collier's waist. Collier smiled as Neo sank to his knees and buried his face in Collier's crotch.

"Neo," Collier said as he caressed his hands through Neo's blond locks. "You always know what I like." Neo looked up and smiled. He licked Collier's cock from the downward pointing head to the neatly trimmed bush at the base of Collier's cock. The cock responded immediately and began to rise, much to Neo's pleasure. He captured the head between his lips and took the plunge, burying his nose in his boyfriend's pubes.

Collier ran his hands through his boyfriend's hair as Neo bobbed up and down on his ever growing seven inch aristocratic cock. As his cock quickly came to full staff, Collier grabbed Neo's blond hair tightly and held his head still. Collier rocked his hips forward and buried his cock deep in Neo's throat. He pulled back and once again buried his cock deep.

"Fuck!" Collier exclaimed. "Gonna fuck your throat now, baby." He pushed his seven inch cock all the way down Neo's throat. He luxuriated in the feeling on being buried deep in Neo as his throat muscles clinched around his hot cock. "Yeah baby, I'm gonna fuck your hot mouth and fill your tummy with my hot cum." Collier clinched his hands harder on Neo's head and drove his cock in Neo's throat repeatedly. Neo moaned around Collier's cock.

Neo took the hot driving cock in his mouth with gusto. He loved the feeling of that hard cock plunging deep in his throat. His own cock swelled to full hardness as his boyfriend drove deep into his throat, again and again. Collier tensed in his assault and rocketed out volley after volley of hot teen cum down Neo's throat. Neo's untouched cock spewed jets of cum onto the carpet. Neo milked Collier's softening cock for the last drop and sighed as it slipped from his lips.

Neo looked up into Collier's face and smiled as a small drop of cum slipped down his chin.

"Fuck, that was hot," Collier exclaimed.

Neo smiled as he swiped his finger across his chin, and popped it into his mouth, swallowed the last bit of cum.

"Now, let's fuck," Neo said. He turned around to present his ass to Collier. "I want that hot cock in my ass. Give it to me baby." Collier smiled and looked at his boyfriend's perky ass.

"Whoa, baby. I gotta recharge, but it won't be long," Collier said as he sat down on the edge of the bed. Neo stood up and sat down next to his boyfriend. Collier wrapped his arm around Neo as his breathing slowed from panting to normal. Neo reached over and fondled his boyfriend's ball sack. Collier looked at Neo and smiled.

"Sorry, Collier. I'm in full sex mode right now. I know there's a lot to talk about, but I'd really like a lot of grunts and groans and ins and outs and, well, you get the picture." Collier smiled.

"That's cool baby. We've got all night. I'll have Charles bring us some supper in a bit. Then we'll take a nice long hot shower and make love again. When we are truly cummed out, we'll curl up, wrap our arms and legs around each other and get some sleep.

Neo decided he was impatient and crossed his arms and huffed.

"What's wrong baby?" Collier asked. Neo knew he had his boyfriend's attention now. He reached for the bottle of lube on the nightstand. He lay back on the bed and lifted his legs in the air. He pumped a large gob of lube on his finger and shoved that finger up his ass. Collier could only stare, his mouth agape, as another finger filled with a glob of lube disappeared up his boyfriend's hot tight ass. Collier's cock twitched. Neo had two fingers pumping in and out of his ass and then, he slowly added a third. Collier's cock quickly rose to attention as he stood up. Neo looked up at his boyfriend and recognized the lusty look on his face.

"Come on, baby. Slide that big cock up my ass. It's begging for a good fucking. Come on and sink that big pretty cock deep in my hot juicy ass. I wanna feel your balls slap my butt as you pound into me."

"Oh yeah," Collier exclaimed. He stroked his seven inch cock and reached for the lube. He pumped a large glob onto his hand and stroked his cock while watching Neo finger fuck himself. Collier moved and positioned himself between Neo's raised legs. "So, you don't want to wait?" Neo smiled

"I'm fuckin' horny as hell right now and I need your cock pounding, you got that, pounding into my ass. Don't dilly dather. Just stick it in and fuck me like a mad man. Do you need any further instructions?" Collier quickly shook his head no.

Collier looked down and slowly pushed his seven inch cock into the hot velvet tightness of his boyfriend. He went in smoothly until he was fully seated. It was enough to take Neo's breath away. He groaned loudly and reached around behind and clinched his hands on Collier's ass. He looked up at Collier and smiled.

"This is one of those times that does away with the niceties. Just fuck the shit out of me and we'll be good. Questions?" Collier pulled his cock almost all the way out and slammed it back home. "Good, glad we got that cleared up. Now … have at it!" Collier pistoned his cock into his boyfriend's hot ass. Neo groaned as he felt his boyfriend's cock brush over his prostate. "Yeah baby, just like that. Fuck me and make me cum!" Neo's words went straight to Collier's cock as it surged into the velvet hot slick wetness of his boyfriend's ass. Neo wrapped his legs around Collier's back, locking his legs at the ankles and held on as waves of pleasure radiated through his body. The skin on skin slapping sounds filled the room as Collier pounded his cock into Neo's ass. Collier's cock repeatedly brushed over Neo's prostate and sent him into hot realms of pleasure. "Fuck yeah baby! Fuck me good!" Neo panted as the pleasure mounted to a crescendo. Neo didn't even touch himself as hot ribbons of cum erupted from his cock, splashing across his chest, and even hitting his face. Collier rammed his cock deep in Neo's ass and pumped five, six and even seven hot spurts of cum into his boyfriend. The boys gulped in great lungful's of air as they rode out the waves of pleasure. Collier collapsed onto Neo's chest and nuzzled his boyfriend's neck as he caught his breath. His cock was still stone hard. As he caught his breath, Collier made an experimental thrust. Neo's eyes widened.

"Oh yeah, baby. Gimme that hard cock again," Neo panted. Collier pumped his cock back into the cum slick hot channel of Neo's ass with leisurely strokes. He picked up the speed with more steady strokes. His cock slid in and out easily, with Neo's ass full of his own hot cum. He soon found himself slamming his cock into Neo again, his balls smacking Neo's ass cheeks.

"Oh, sweet Jesus, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Make me cum again, Collier!" Neo's ass was on fire as his boyfriend's cock slammed into his prostate over and over. It was too much for Neo as his cock once again fired ropes of cum across his chest. Collier's relentless hammering had done its job. Now, Collier screamed out his boyfriend's name as he pumped in jets of hot cum into the velvet hot wetness of his boyfriend's ass. Collier collapsed onto Neo's chest, completely spent. Neo unwrapped his legs from around Collier's back and they flopped to the bed.

"Dude, that was fucking incredible," Neo panted out. Collier groaned as his cock slipped out of Neo's ass.

"Yeah," Collier agreed. "As soon as we catch our breath, it's time for a nice long hot shower."

"Agreed." Collier slowly pushed himself up to vertical. He reached out his hand and helped Neo to his feet.

"Shower?" Neo asked. Collier nodded and they walked hand in hand to the shower.

It was later that evening when the knock came on the door and Collier's father walked into his son's room. Luck was on Collier's side as Neo was currently in the bathroom.

"I didn't see you at the supper table," his father stated.

"I thought some distance between us was called for, so I had Charles bring me supper."

"I see. I thought it strange to see Charles bringing two plates back to the kitchen," his father said with a raised eyebrow.

"The second plate was from yesterday. I forgot to bring it down."

"Okay, have a good night." Without waiting for an answer, his father left the room and pulled the door firmly shut. Seconds later Neo walked back in the bedroom, completely naked. Collier let out a long breath.

"I heard voices and thought it best to stay out of sight."

"Good thing you did. That was dear old dad," Collier said sarcastically. Neo came over to the bed and sat down.

"My being here is putting you in jeopardy. I've got to figure out a place to stay," Neo said. "And I need to get a job. We can't keep hiding from your father." Collier nodded. He knew this too. "If he catches me here, he'll throw both of us out. That's something I just can't let happen. I'll stay with you tonight, but tomorrow I've got to go," Neo said sadly as a single tear rolled down his cheek. Collier wrapped his arms around him and hugged him tightly.

"Let me think about this. There must be something we can do," Collier said with determination.

"Okay, but early in the morning, I've got to disappear," Neo said with resolve. He would not let anything happen to Collier. Neo had seen, firsthand, the anger of Collier's father. That was something he didn't want to encounter, and it was something he refused to allow to happen to Collier. He loved the rich blond haired, blue eyed boy too much. So, he would leave first thing in the morning. Neo went to sleep that night in Collier's arms. He made up his mind that he would leave before Collier woke up. He just wasn't strong enough to endure a tear filled goodbye.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

At five o'clock in the morning, Neo's phone alarm went off. He shut it off quickly. Looking over he saw Collier still fast asleep. Neo got out of the bed quietly and pulled his clothes on. He walked over to Collier's desk and wrote his boyfriend a quick note.

I have some money, so I'll be okay. Sorry to sneak out, but I just can't take the chance of being found by your father. Last night was wonderful and I can't wait to do it again. Sleeping in your arms is something I would like to do for the rest of my life. I love you, Collier. Neo.

Neo walked over to the bed and smiled longingly as he watched Collier sleeping peacefully. He put the note on the bedspread, then leaned down and kissed Collier's cheek. As quietly as he could, Neo opened the window and crawled out. He closed the window, took a deep sigh, and headed toward the driveway. It would be a long walk into town.

From an upper window of the mansion, a man watched as a youth ran down his driveway at five thirty in the morning. The man sneered because he knew exactly who it was and where he had been, right under his own nose. Something had to be done and be done quickly. Bringing his son back under control would be the best option. The other option involved a new baby that would cry all the time. He sighed … decisions … decisions.

An hour later, Neo was enjoying his breakfast at a Waffle House and thinking about where he could go. He didn't have too many options. The two hundred dollars in his pocket wouldn't last long. He thought about the homeless shelter, but at his age, they would call social services and that would be bad. Neo finished his breakfast and headed out for the city park. He could hang out there for a while.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

"Get the fuck up!" Collier awoke with a start. "Get out of bed, get a shower, get dressed and meet me for breakfast and do it in fifteen minutes." Collier looked up through blurry eyes and saw his father, impeccably dressed, and obviously upset. "Chop, chop! Get your ass in gear! Move it!" His father slammed the door shut. Collier quickly looked left and right and was glad he was the only one in the bed. Then he saw the note. He read it quickly then scrambled out of bed and headed for his ensuite. He plopped his ass down on the toilet and pissed. It was too early to try to aim. As the yellow stream worshiped the porcelain gods, it all came back.

"The fuck," he said out loud in the empty bathroom. His boyfriend is gone, and dear old dad wants a chat. "Fuck!" Collier got up and turned on the five head shower and stepped in. There was no wait for the hot water, as the house had a circulator pump that provided hot water instantly throughout the house. Collier luxuriated as the five shower heads covered his model perfect body.

As demanded by his father, Collier sat down at the dining room table precisely fifteen minutes from his summons. He was dressed in black hand tailored pants that fit him perfectly and a form fitting white button down shirt. He grabbed the linen napkin and draped it elegantly across his right knee, then Collier looked up to his father's face.

"You summoned me," he said with absolutely no emotion. His father sneered.

"Seems I was up for a piss about five thirty this morning," the patriarch said as he aristocratically took another fork full of eggs into his mouth. He chewed silently until his swallowed. "As I was finishing my business, I noticed a dark figure running down the drive and I wondered who it could be." Collier quietly gasped. His father continued. "I expressly instructed that you were not to see that boy again and it seems you have ignored my instructions." Collier gulped. "You have blatantly broken that instruction and I will not tolerate it!" his father said forcefully as he slammed his fist down on the table. The fifteen hundred dollar per plate Royal Crown Regency China rattled, and Collier jumped. "I will not have you seeing that boy ever again. Yesterday, we had a frank discussion about that. You need to find an appropriate young lady to procreate with, of course at the proper age. The family name is at stake, and I will not tolerate your indiscretions. You will comply with your requirements to produce a legitimate, male heir. I don't care if you want to fuck boys, but it will be a boy of an aristocratic station. If I find that commoner on our estate again, I will instruct our security team to have him apprehended and charged with trespassing. Do you understand?" Collier took a deep breath. He knew he was caught red-handed. It was time to either comply or have another fight with his stubborn father.

"I understand father. There will be no further contact with him," he said softly.

"Good. Now we can sweep this indiscretion under the rug and continue as the happy family we are." Collier nodded and took a bite of imported Italian sausage. He secretly seethed. His father could go fuck himself. Neo was his and his father was not going to stand between him and his happiness.

"Yes, father. Family always comes first." The father smiled at his son's compliance. His plan was working perfectly. No screaming babies and a son that would yield to his wishes.

"Thank you, Collier. Thank you for honoring the family name. Our esteemed history will continue, and you are to continue to be the perfect son. Our family's legacy will continue for another generation and for that, I am thankful. But be warned … I do not want to see that street trash boy on our property again. If I do, the consequences for you, will be grave. I don't care where you stick your dick, but it will not be beneath your station in life or under my roof. That landscaper's boy will not be allowed in this house again. Do we understand each other?"

"Yes, father!"

"Are we clear, Collier?"

"Crystal, father." Collier sneered at his father as soon as the old bastard turned his back.

"Beneath my station in life. Fuck you father. Fuck you," Collier thought to himself.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Neo found a bench on the far side of the park situated just under a tree, providing welcome relief from the sun. Summer was here and the month of June had been warm so far. He looked around and saw a deeply wooded area that was worth exploring. Neo walked the dozen or so yards and entered the woods. The ground was covered in thick soft pine needles. Neo walked deeper into the woods and came out in a small clearing. He did a three-sixty, careful to see if he could be seen.

"Perfect," he said to himself. "Now all I need is a tent." Neo knew he couldn't go back to Collier's house. That would jeopardize the love of his life's situation. He would not do that, despite wanting to be in Collier's arms. The now less than two hundred dollars in his pocket, was becoming a constant concern. Proper shelter had to be in the budget. Neo continued to plan as he made his way back out the woods and back to his shady bench.

"Hey kid, wanna party?" Neo looked up and saw a sleek sportscar and a young man probably in his mid-thirty's looking at him.

"Do what?"

"Come on kid. I'll give you fifty for a blow," the man in the sportscar said.

"What the fuck?" Neo thought.

"Whadda, you say?" the man called out. Neo thought about it for about a half second. Fifty bucks to suck some dude's cock, yeah, that'd bolster his funds nicely.

"Sure dude," Neo said as he got up from the bench. He walked over to the passenger door and got in. The guy looked kinda hot. "Yeah, I can do this," he thought to himself. The driver took off as soon as Neo closed the door. The man drove around the corner and parked in a secluded spot.

"You're a cutie," the man said as he reached over and cupped Neo's cock. Neo's eyes budged out. "I'm gonna suck the cum right out of these hot balls," the man said as he fondled Neo's package.

"What the fuck?" Neo thought. "He's gonna suck me?" The man reached over and unbuttoned Neo's shorts and pulled Neo's cock out before Neo had time to think about it. The man leaned over and sucked Neo's cock into his mouth and proceeded to give Neo the blow job of his life. The man hollowed his cheeks and took Neo's cock down to the base. The man bobbed his head up and down quickly and Neo soon found himself about ready to cum.

"I'm gonna … I'm gonna cum," Neo gasped out. The man drove down on his cock and sucked as if his life depended on it. Neo looked over and saw the man furiously jacking his own cock. That was it. Neo came in the man's mouth … six, seven, eight spurts of hot teen cum went down the man's throat. At the same time the man's own cock shot out spurts of cum, landing on his pants. Neo was flabbergasted. The man continued to suckle on Neo's cock, milking out the last of his cum, moaning the whole time. Finally, the man sat back up and grinned.

"That was a really nice load little dude. You shot like a cannon. You're hot. I wanna see you again. I'm here at the park every Tuesday afternoon about this time and I want to see you like clockwork. You are one hot little dude." The man then reached into his wallet and handed Neo a fifty dollar bill. "Thanks dude." The man drove back to the park and let Neo off at the same spot he'd picked him up.

"Fifty bucks in thirty minutes, yeah, that works," Neo thought to himself as he made his way back to the bench and sat down.

"Hey mother fucker, what the fuck do you think you're doing?" a cute teen boy called out. Neo looked up at the irate cute slim blond.


"You took my trick asshole!" the boy exclaimed. Neo looked at the boy as if he'd lost his mind.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Neo blurted out.

"That was my trick mother fucker and you stole him. How do you expect me to live without my regular tricks? You owe me fucker!" the kid shouted. Neo stood up. He was used to bullies giving him a hard time and knew how to fight. This kid didn't have anything he couldn't handle

"I don't know what the fuck you're talking about!" Neo shouted back. The kid came up to Neo and shoved him, hard.

"I don't know who the fuck you think you are, but there are rules and you just broke one!"

"Fuck you! I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about!'

"You just got money from my favorite trick. He's mine. Not yours. He pays me. He sucks my dick, not yours. Every Tuesday afternoon. That fifty lets me continue to live on the fucking streets, you asshole!" Neo suddenly understood why this kid was so pissed off.

"Okay, okay, I got it," Neo said with his hands raised in concession. "I did not know he was your trick. I was just sitting here, minding my own business, and he pulled up, looking to party."

"Who the fuck are you?" the kid asked.

"Who the fuck are you? You come up out of nowhere cussing me out? What the fuck?"

"Do not get up in my shit!"

"Look, I didn't mean to invade your territory. I honest to God just sat down on this bench and the next thing I know, the dude in the sportscar pulls up," Neo explained.

"Okay, asshole. Look, there's plenty of tricks and they all know this is where to find us boys. I work this bench. You don't. Got it," the blond said. "And you still owe me."



"I'm Neo. Who are you?"


"Lookie hear, Aiden, I just got kicked to the curb and all I have are the clothes on my back. So, give me a bit of a fucking break here."

"No, no, no, you lookie here. The fifty bucks was going to allow me to eat. I'm skint right now, so cough it up before I whip your scrawny ass." Neo smiled. He stood up, flexed his muscles and smiled. He did a back flip and landed in fighting stance. He grinned at Aiden.

"Go ahead and try," Neo said, "but I gotta warn you. I'm a black belt and I will have your face on the ground eating grass before you can say blow job." Aiden took a step back and Neo knew he had him. He relaxed from his stance and stood up straight.

"Tell you what, let's step back into the woods here and I'll give you a blow. Then I'll buy you supper." Aiden's frown slowly gave way to a white toothed smile.

"Okay, but let's skip the blow. I need to save that for my tricks." Neo thought for a minute.

"No, I really want to give you a blow. You're cute and judging by the bulge in your shorts, you've got a nice cock." Aiden's smile widened.

"Okay cool. Let's go." Neo turned and headed back into the woods with Aiden following. Less than two minutes later they emerged into Neo's clearing.

"Wow, I've been working the park for months and never knew this was here," Aiden said as he looked around.

"Yeah, I just found this today. I'm thinking about picking up a tent and hanging out here." Aiden nodded his head.

"That'd work. Oh, you should know, there's bathrooms on the other side of the park. There's even a shower."

"Awesome. Thanks for letting me know," Neo said as he rubbed his hand on Aiden's cotton covered cock. "Now, how about a little action?"

"Go ahead. Have at it," Aiden said as he pushed his shorts and boxer briefs down. Neo dropped to his knees just as Aiden's cock popped loose from the briefs and slapped him under his chin. He looked up at Aiden and grinned. Neo pulled the clothing down to Aiden's ankles and wrapped his lips around, what looked to be, a nice seven inch cock. He sucked hard on the head, then Neo then licked down one side of the shaft, took a slather at the balls, then came back up the other side. With Aiden's cock spit slick, Neo took in the head and while working his tongue on the underside, he sank his lips all the way down to Aiden's soft curly blond pubes.

"Yeah, dude. You know what you're doing. Suck me good," Aiden panted. Neo swirled his lips and tongue up and down the cock. He reached behind and grabbed Aiden's ass and pulled him closer to his mouth. Neo sucked at the teen cock at a good pace. He knew he was working this boy toward "cummage" soon. The moans he was hearing was a sure sign, as were the encouraging hands carding through his hair. "Fuck yeah, keep going dude. I'm gonna cum real soon." Neo hollowed his cheeks and continued to slam down on the ridged cock. "Fuck, fuck, I'm gonna cum … fuck, right now." Neo buried his nose in the kid's pubs and worked his tongue on the shaft. With the sound of a grunt from above as his only warning, Aiden's cock flooded Neo's mouth. Six, seven, eight shots. Neo couldn't keep up. He withdrew to the still spurting head, swallowed and bobbed his head up and down on Aiden's cock, riding out the last of his orgasm. Neo wrapped his fingers around the base and milked out the last drops of cum. Aiden's knees were shaking. Neo kept the suction on and slowly let the cock out of his mouth with a 'pop.'

"Nice load dude. That was hot," Neo said as he pushed his own shorts down, grabbed his cock and stroked it furiously. Aiden dropped to his knees and put his lips on Neo's cock head. Seconds later, Neo's cock spurt a hot load of cum into Aiden's mouth.

Five minutes later, the boys were dressed and heading out of the woods, both sporting smiles.

"After that, you should buy me a steak," Aiden smirked.

"How about a burger and fries?"

"No, you did not go there," Aiden said with a raised eyebrow. Neo laughed.

"No, no, no, you are the prime beef I just enjoyed. I don't want to clog my arteries by eating too much red meat."

"Honey, in this business, there's a lot of meat. Some of it's tan, some red, some brown and occasionally, some black, mmmm ... " Aiden smacked his lips. "I like a great big black cock shoved up my lily white ass on occasion. There's nothing better. Nothing. Unless it's shoved down my throat." Aiden laughed.

"You are one crazy horny fucker, you know that?"

"Horny, yes, you got that in one. Crazy, yeah, crazy like a fox," Aiden winked.

"Okay fox, what's for dinner?" Neo asked.

"I know the perfect place," Aiden said. "Home cooking all day long. We're going to Pop's Grill." Neo nodded. He had heard of the place but had never eaten there.

An hour and a half later, the sun was beginning to set as the boys walked out of the restaurant.

"This is where we part company," Aiden stated sadly. "I stay with a gentleman of considerable wealth and age. He cares for me, but the one thing he doesn't give me is money. That I have to earn for myself."

"Back the fuck up a minute," Neo said. He was starting to get pissed off. "He provides a place for you to stay, feeds you, puts clothes on your back?" Aiden sensed the change in Neo, but nodded anyway. "This afternoon, you cussed me out and threatened to beat my ass because I took your fifty for a blow. A fifty you needed to fucking eat! What the fuck asshole?!?"

"Calm down, big boy. Calm down and let me explain," Aiden plead.

"You got sixty seconds to convince me, otherwise or I'm gonna stomp your mother fucking ass."

"It was an act, okay. I'm not the big bad street slut I made myself out to be. Wyatt, that's the guy who gave you a blow, anyway, we met a few months back and it's been good, really for both of us. I get a blow. He gets some young cock. I get some cash. Simple. I don't know what he was doing hitting on you. I can't explain that. Anyway, I really did get kicked out of the house by my parents. They are very conservative Christians who didn't know what to do with a boy who liked cock, so they threw me out like yesterday's trash." Aiden took a deep breath and wiped a stray tear from his right eye. "Anyway, I came here to the park, to this very bench, and Henry shows up, just like that. He talks to me. He calms me down. He invites me to his home, and I accept. We've been together for four, going on five years. Henry's probably eighty by now, but he dotes on me. I know he truly loves me, and I do care a great deal for him. We have sex occasionally. I also cook and clean the house. It's a win-win for both of us. He, well, he looks the other way when I slip out occasionally to enjoy myself and make a little spending money. So, there you have it. That's the truth. And I apologize for the lie. I want to make it up to you." Neo was following the explanation and, so far, so good. He nodded for Aiden to continue.

"I can't bring you to the house. That is a non-negotiable rule for Henry, but, occasionally, he will allow me to use his credit card, within reason, of course. So, tough it out tonight in the park. I'll talk with Henry and let's plan to meet at my bench at noon tomorrow?" Aiden held out his hand for a shake on the deal. Neo wrapped his arms around his new friend and held him tight.

"Listen to me little man," Neo whispered in Aiden's ear. "I accept your explanation of where you are in life, but please … I am in a bad way right now. Please do not fuck with me." Neo pulled back from Aiden and looked him in the eye. "I will be happy to be your sportscar driving Wyatt and suck you anytime, but please, please do not fuck with me," Neo plead as tears rolled down his cheeks. Aiden's heart melted and he pulled Neo back into a huge bear hug.

"I promise. I will be here for you," Aiden said.

"Thank you," Neo sobbed onto his friend's shoulder. Aiden pulled back and smiled into Neo's eyes.

"I'll see you at my, no wait a minute. I'll see you at our bench tomorrow at noon." Aiden leaned forward and gave Neo a scorching hot kiss, plundering his tongue inside Neo's mouth. The kiss ended as quickly as it began. "See you tomorrow," Aiden whispered before disappearing into the night. Neo stood on the sidewalk with his mouth hanging open. He took a deep breath. This day was the most intense day of his entire life.

Neo walked back to the park. The sun had sunk below the horizon and nightfall had set in on the small town. There was no one of the sidewalks as he made his way back, but Neo knew, there were people in this small town who wanted … who secretly desired … just what he had and they were willing to pay for it. Neo was a young, built, hot teen boy with looks that belonged in a magazine and a cock that belonging in gay porn. His lips were full, his blond hair flowed from the top of his head and his ass was nicely rounded. He was sex on a stick, even if he didn't fully understand it.

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