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by Jevic
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Chapter Seven

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Neo by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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The day following the photo shoot found Neo and Aiden back at the park, just walking and enjoying the summer weather. They walked down the narrow path in the woods and came out into Neo's former secluded home of tall pines and soft pine needles.

"We had sex here for the first time," Neo said as he turned to Aiden and gazed into his eyes. "I love you Aiden. I love you very much," Neo declared before leaning in a capturing Aiden's lips in a sweet kiss.

"Wanna go sit on the bench and turn a trick or two just for fun?" Neo said with a wink.

"At one time, I would have beat you out there, but now, Neo, we have something that could be really, really good."

"During the last few months, you would have found me at that bench all day, every day. My next meal depended on turning the next trick and then the next and the next." Neo paused and thought a moment. "You know, I kinda miss some of the guys. Most were really sweet. They treated me with kindness and generosity and all they wanted was something they couldn't get at home. I know my twinkie days are coming to an end, but I hope our modeling days are just about to skyrocket."

"Along with our bank accounts," Aiden added. Neo smiled. For old time's sake, they did walk out and sit on the bench for a few minutes. They walked back toward home and stopped at the McDonalds where Neo ate just about every day.

"Hey Neo, hey Aiden," Logan greeted them from behind the counter as they walked in.

"Hey Logan," they called out at the same time, then giggled having done so.

"You two having the usual today?" Neo nodded at the same time as Aiden. They looked at each other and laughed again.

"God damn faggots," was murmured behind them. Aiden turned around and looked the man in the face. He puckered up and kissed at the man.

"God damn straight people," Aiden hissed. Neo whirled around, flipped over in midair and landed in a karate fighting stance. The ugly man in line left McDonalds, waddling as fast as he could. Neo relaxed and turned to Logan.

"Sorry about that Logan. We apologize for losing you a customer," Neo said. Logan grinned.

"That fat bastard has been giving me grief for weeks, always mumbling under his breath about faggots this and faggots that. I laugh every time he comes in. He always orders a Big Mac." Logan paused enjoying the anticipation. He looked left and right to make sure no one was watching. "My last name is McCormack," Logan said grabbing his crotch. "The fucker ain't getting' this big mac," Logan said. Neo howled with laughter.

"You are too funny, Logan," Aiden said. "I think we'll both, Neo and I, well, we'll have the Big Mac and super-size that will ya?" It was Logan's turn to laugh out loud and turn beet red at the same time.

"You two are a scream. Let me get that entered and we have a total of fourteen fifty-six." Logan looked up to two faces so sexually hot they could cook the burgers. Logan gulped.

"What time does you shift end, Logan," Aiden inquired with a purr in his voice. Logan gulped again. He'd been watching for a long time. First it was Neo coming in a couple times a day, sometimes looking rough and other times, well groomed. Logan pegged him for a street kid. Then Aiden started showing up occasionally. Logan couldn't quite figure out what was going on between the two. From outward appearances, they were at least very good friends, probably with benefits. Logan surreptitiously watched them every time they came in. He knew they were gay, and he knew he was gay. He just wanted to figure out how to convince those two hot boys to have sex with him. But who would want to have sex with an order taker at McDonalds?

"Earth to Logan, what time do you get off work?" Aiden asked.

"Three, I … I get off, ooh, uh, I'm off work at three," Logan stammered.

"Cool, gimme a piece of paper please," Aided asked.

"Are you doing what I think you're doing?" asked Neo. Aiden nodded. Neo nodded back with a smile.

"Here ya go and your order is about ready. I'll bring it to your table in just a minute." The boys got their drinks and settled into the table that should have their names, well at least Neo's name, bronzed into a plaque and mounted on the tabletop. Logan showed up seconds later.

"Here's you order, and I hope you enjoy," Logan said with a smile. Aiden handed him the piece of paper.

"There's an address written down on that. You come there after you get off work, okay?" Aiden asked. Logan, once again, visible gulped. He glanced down at the paper. A sheen of sweat broke out on his forehead.


"Logan, just chill dude. Come on over and hang out with us. We don't bite," Aiden said. Neo looked at the cute McDonalds employee and smirked.

"Unless you like that kind of stuff." Logan squeaked and headed back behind the counter.

"Shame on you, Leo."

"Sorry, I was just having a little fun," Neo pouted.

"Neo, that was not very nice," Aiden admonished. "Not very kind at all. I expect better than that of you, Neo." Neo hung his head, knowing he was wrong.

"I'm sorry Aiden, but I fully intend to make it up to him when he shows up at the apartment," Neo said with a wink.

"I should hope so, now eat your lunch."

At three fifteen, the doorbell rang. Neo looked up at Aiden and smiled. He went to the door and opened it up. There stood a very nervous Logan.

"Come in, come in," Neo said. Logan stepped cautiously into the apartment. Neo closed the door, turned, and gave Logan a big hug. "I'm sorry for making you nervous at lunch. There's nothing to be nervous about here. I fully intend to make it up to you," Neo said as he reached down and cupped Logan's crotch. Logan gulped.

"I've never, uh, I've never done anything like this before."

"Calm down, Logan. Aiden and I just want to show you our appreciation for taking such good care of us for the last few months." Logan smiled a tentative smile.

"Okay." Neo took Logan's hand and led him into the apartment where Aiden was waiting on the couch.

"Logan, welcome to our home. Please have a seat. Do you want anything to drink?"

"No thank you," Logan said softly.

"Tell you what, I'm going to step out for a bit and Neo here has some apologizing to do." Aiden winked at Neo and left the apartment. Once Aiden left, Neo turned to Logan.

"You're gay, right?" Logan nodded. "Have you ever done anything with someone?"

"Only once. A friend and I sucked each other's dicks one time, but that's it."

"Thank you for telling me. Logan, I'm going to thank you properly for all the freebies you gave me when I was struggling to survive. You made life tolerable." Neo reached over and gave a squeeze to Logan's crotch. Logan squeaked. "It's fine. Nothing to worry about. I can feel that you have a hard on and if you will let me, I'll be happy to give you a blow job." Logan sank back into the couch. Neo moved to his knees in front of Logan and took hold of Logan's belt. "Is this, okay?" Neo asked. Logan nodded. Neo made quick work of loosening Logan's pants and pulling them down releasing Logan's hard cock. It was a nice seven inch teen cock and Neo's mouth watered. Neo pulled the pants and underwear down to Logan's ankles. He looked Logan in the face and winked.

"You are gonna really enjoy this," Neo said before he knelt down and took Logan's cock all the way down and buried his nose in Logan's pubes. Seconds later, Logan cried out.

"Oh God!" Then he exploded in Neo's mouth with at least ten spurts of pent up teen cum. Neo swallowed greedily as he bobbed on Logan's cock. Finally, the spurts let up and Logan sagged back on the couch. Neo decided then and there that Logan deserved the full treatment. He hollowed his cheeks and pulled Logan's semi hard cock deep into his mouth. Logan sucked in a lung full of air as Neo sucked his cock down to the root. Logan's cock sprang back up to full hardness. Logan groaned as his cock was surrounded by hot sucking wetness. Never in his young life had he felt such absolute pleasure coursing through his body. When Neo shoved a wet finger into his ass, Logan just about came off the couch. The intense feelings were too much, and his cock pumped another ten hot jets of teen cum into Neo's greedy mouth.

"I want you to fuck me, please. I've jacked off to that thought, must be a million times. Every time I jack off, I almost always end up with a finger in my butt." Logan pled. Neo grinned.

"Let's try to get rid of your hair trigger first, hum," Neo said before sucking Logan's cock back into his throat. Logan came again with almost no effort on Neo's part. On one hand, Neo was thoroughly enjoying Logan's cum, especially since he didn't have to work hard to swallow the creamy hot loads of teen boy cum. On the other hand, Neo didn't want to get his cock into Logan's ass just to have Logan shoot and that would be that. Neo would be left painfully hard with nowhere to go, so he sucked Logan's cock down his throat for the fourth time. Neo buried his nose in Logan's pubes and swallowed, this throat massaging Logan's ample cock. He came back up moving his head slowly from side to side while his tongue danced over Logan's shaft. When Neo got to the sensitive head, he hollowed his cheeks and sucked hard while he ran his tongue over the piss slit. Logan groaned, his cock pulsed, but no cum.

"Perfect," Neo said to himself. He pulled Logan to the edge of the couch and pushed his legs in the air. Neo looked at Logan's cheerio and smiled.

"Logan, I'm gonna eat your ass hole, then I'm gonna fuck you hard," Neo said with a wink.

"Oh God, oh fuck, oh Neo," Logan panted.

Neo leaned in and took a swipe with his tongue right over Logan's hole. Neo heard a gasp and smiled. He put his mouth right on Logan's hole and drove his tongue right in.

"Oh my God," Logan gasped. Neo worked his tongue on Logan's cheerio, loosening it and getting it wet with spit. Neo sucked in his middle finger and coated it with spit. Then he turned and massaged Logan's hole with it just before easing it in about halfway.

"Yes," Logan groaned. Neo licked Logan's hole and his finger started to plunge in and out. He reached for his favorite bottle of Swiss Navy lube and pumped two generous globs onto his finger. Neo first coated Logan's hole with lube, then added a second finger and plunged them in. Logan was babbling nonsense, obviously riding a wave of ecstasy. Neo added a third finger.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Neo plunged his three fingers into Logan's butt, twisting and turning them and making sure to tease Logan's prostate while stretching him out.

"Okay, he's ready," Neo thought. He eased his fingers out and rubbed Logan's hole. He reached over and pumped two more generous globs onto his hand. He slathered his cock with lube and brought it up to Logan's hole. He looked his favorite McDonald's employee in the eyes.

"Ready?" Logan smiled.

"You are the one I always dreamed would be my first, Neo. Please bury your cock in my ass and send me into pure bliss." Neo shoved the head in before Logan had time to think about it. Neo looked down and saw Logan's cock spurt out precum. Neo took a deep breath and slowly pushed his cock into the tightest ass he had ever fucked. Logan's velvet smooth hot slick ass seemed to swallow Neo's cock. It clamped down and eased up over and over, milking Neo's cum. Neo bottomed out, completely buried balls deep in Logan's ass. The clamping eased as Logan got used to being filled. He looked down at Logan. His head was thrown back. His mouth was wide open, and a look of pure joy was on his face. It was moments like this that one tends to remember. Neo remembered the first time Aiden sank his big cock into his own ass and the way he felt then. Neo smiled and felt special that Logan had chosen him for this significant milestone in his life. Neo pulled his cock completely out. He locked eyes with Logan as he slowly drove it back in until his balls were resting on Logan's ass. Neo gave a small smile, which Logan returned.

"God, your dick feels so good," Logan said. "Kiss me please." Neo leaned forward and locked lips with Logan. As they made out, Neo started pumping his cock in and out of Logan's hot tight ass. Neo slowly built up speed. By the time the kiss ended, that wonderful sound of skin slapping against skin was filling the apartment. Neo reached under Logan's legs and grabbed his hips, pulling Logan against his driving cock. Neo looked down at Logan's super hard cock. There was a ton of precum all over Logan's stomach. A trail led from the head to the hair in Logan's happy trail.

Neo slowed his strokes and changed to a slow grind, pulling almost all the way out before slowly pushing all the way back in and grinding himself into Logan's ass, driving his cock as deep as it would go. The slow grind was almost Neo's favorite as it took both partners all the way up to the edge and just held them there without letting them go over. Neo's cock kept sliding almost all the way out and grinding back deeply. Neo leaned forward and kissed Logan's throat. Then he moved down and captured a nipple and sucked hard while teasing it with his tongue. Logan was in heaven.

"Neo," Logan panted. "Neo, make me cum, please make me cum," Logan begged. Neo smiled and picked up his pace from the delicious grinding. He grabbed Logan by the hips and pulled all the way out. He paused for half a second and locked eyes with Logan, who gave him a small nod. Neo didn't even need to guide his cock. It already knew where to go. Neo slammed his cock all the way in and started to hammer Logan's ass. Neo wouldn't last long like this. He knew Logan was right on the edge too. Neo switched again and started long dicking Logan's hot butt, pulling almost all the way out and slamming back in hard. Logan's whole body shook with every downward stroke. Neo saw a sheen of sweat break out on Logan's forehead as he battered Logan's hole with relentless pounding stokes from his throbbing cock. At last, he finally slammed his cock into Logan's ass and came. His cock pulsed deep in the no longer virgin ass. It pumped and pumped hot loads of cum. Logan could feel that cock pumping cum into his ass and that set him off.

"Fuck yes!" Logan screamed as his stone hard cock unleashed eight, nine, ten hot ribbons of cum that flew through the air and landed wetly on Logan's face, hair, and chest. Neo pulled his cock back and slammed home again.

"Fuck yes!" Logan screamed again. Neo pulled back and slammed home yet again. "Fuck, keep going!" Neo pulled back and started hammering Logan's ass again. The slap, slap, slap sound filling the apartment. "Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Logan screamed. Neo slammed his cock over and over into the slick velvet heat of Logan's cum filled ass.

Aiden had been watching discretely as things had heated up. His cock was leaking precum as he watched Neo fuck the McDonald's boy. It was a hot sight to watch. Finally, Aiden was so turned on he had to join in. Neo looked up to see Aiden standing on the other side of the couch, naked and pumping on his hard cock. Neo smiled.

Aiden came around and stepped one leg over Logan. He scooted up on the couch on his knees and shoved his cock into Logan's mouth. Logan moaned and came. Aiden felt hot splats of cum hit his back. Aiden came in Logan's mouth. Logan swallowed up the hot load and swirled his lips around Aiden's cock head, coaxing out the last drops with his tongue.

Neo slammed his cock deep into Logan's ass and pumped another hot load. He pulled back halfway and slammed in again.

"Fuck yes," Neo muttered to himself. He looked at Aiden's back and all the cum that was slowly dripped down. He leaned forward and started licking up Logan's cum while still buried balls deep in Logan's ass. When he finished and leaned back up, Aiden shimmied back off the couch and stood up beside Neo. Logan's face was pure bliss. Neo turned his head to the side and sucked in Aiden's semi hard cock, milking one last drop of cum from the head. Neo pulled his cock back then slowly ground it back in. Logan groaned. Neo smiled and slammed his cock into Logan three quick times.

"Fuck," Logan panted.

"You got another round in you?" Neo asked. Logan smiled a crooked smile and nodded. Neo pulled his hard cock back and started his favorite slow grind. Aiden stepped one foot over Logan and shoved his cock into Neo's mouth. Now, Neo was in heaven. His was working his cock in and out of a hot cum filled ass and he had his favorite cock down his throat. Neo felt his cum leaking out of Logan's ass and dripped down his balls. How hot is that? Aiden put his hands behind Neo's head. Neo looked up into Aiden's eyes as Aiden slid his hot cock all the way down Neo's throat and held it there. Neo kept his eyes on Aiden and winked. He felt Aiden's cock twitch in his throat.

Neo picked up his strokes and started fucking Logan at a good pace, fast enough to bring back his favorite sounds of slap, slap, slap. Aiden started fucking his cock down Neo's throat, both keeping their eyes locked as Aiden tried to match Neo's strokes.

"Fuck yes, give me that cock. Fuck my hot hole. Yes, yes, fill my ass with cum," Logan was delirious as he drown in an ocean of erotic pleasure. Neo picked up the pace again and started hammering his cock. Aiden smiled into Neo's eyes as he tightened his fingers in Neo's hair and slammed his cock into Neo's hot throat.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," Logan said. Aiden buried his cock in Neo's throat and came. Neo's cock spat out streams of cum as it hammered Logan's ass. Aiden pulled his still pulsing cock back and it splashed a nice spurt of hot cum on Neo's tongue before Aiden pushed it back down Neo's throat. Neo buried his cock in Logan's ass, the last of its shots of cum blasting deep inside Logan.

Aiden and Neo had locked eyes through the entire time. Aiden winked and Neo retuned the wink. Aiden pulled his cock out of Neo's mouth and leaned down for a hot passionate kiss. He ended the kiss and stepped back. Neo looked at the huge load of cum on Logan's chest and smiled. He leaned down and captured Logan's mouth in a searing hot kiss, tongues swirling around each other. Neo pumped his cock in Logan's ass. Logan groaned into the kiss. Neo slowly pulled his cock out until only the head was still inside. He ended the kiss and looked Logan in the eyes as he slowly pushed his cock all the way back balls deep in Logan's butt. Logan lifted his head for another kiss that Neo met. They kissed slowly and played with their tongues. Neo kept slowly grinding his cock into Logan's ass.

Neo pulled back from the kiss and slowly eased his cock from Logan's battered butt hole.

"That is, without a doubt, the hottest time I have ever had in my life," exclaimed Logan. "God, my cock is still hard." That comment got Neo's attention. He looked down and sure enough, Logan was hard as a rock. Neo smiled, leaned over, and sucked the hard cock into his mouth. Having just had his throat battered by Aiden's cock, he was more than ready to take on Logan's. Neo long sucked Logan's hard cock fast. He withdrew to the head, hollowed his cheeks, and plunged down burying his nose in pubic hair and repeated the process as fast as he could.

"Fuck yes!" Logan screamed. Aiden had sat down in the chair and watched, lazily stroking his hardening cock. Neo quickly bobbed his head; his left hand massaging Logan's balls and his right hand had three fingers deep in Logan's ass. Aiden stroked his now hard cock with a firm hand. He reached over and pumped a dollop of lube in his hand and returned to stroking his hard cock, watching Neo give a furiously hot blow job.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum! Right fucking … now!" Neo buried his nose in pubic hair as Logan's cock started shooting hot blasts of cum down his throat. Aiden stood up and leaned over. He pointed his cock at Logan and pumped it hard and sprayed his load of cum all over Logan's face. Neo's cock came by itself as he felt the hard cock pumping hot cum into his throat. Neo withdrew halfway then plunged back down. He eased his fingers out of Logan's ass and wrapped them around his own cock and stroked the last of the cum out. Neo slowly pulled off Logan's cock inch by inch, milking every last drop of cum from the sensitive head. Finally, he let it go with a 'pop.'

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

The doorbell rang the next morning as Aiden and Neo were finishing their breakfast. Neo looked up at Aiden. Aiden got up and opened the door. Madison was standing there with a huge grin on her face.

"You boys are golden!" she exclaimed.

"Come in, come in," Aiden said stepping back from the door to make room. Madison came in and went straight to the table with Aiden on her heels. Neo stood up.

"What's golden?" Neo asked.

"You two. You're both golden! In one day, one day mind you, I have a contract for each of you and one for you both," Madison grinned. Neo glanced at Aiden with wide eyes.

"Okay, okay. Slow down. What does this mean exactly?" Aiden asked.

"To be blunt, you boys are going to have a little north of thirty thousand dollars in your pocket … each." Neo just about fainted. Aiden threw his arms around Madison and hugged her tight.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," Aiden said as tears of joy rolled down his cheeks.

"That's just for starters. I'm headed to the office this morning to make more calls. Oh, before I forget, we'll shoot all three contracts day after tomorrow with Fernando. That's this Thursday. I would like you boys to wear the same clothes you had on for your shoot. The client's representatives will be there. They want to meet you. This will be an initial shoot, so it won't be very extensive. They've decided to test you in specific markets to gauge reaction. All three of these contracts will be like that. Billboards, some print, and some websites are where they'll test."

"Wow," Neo finally said. He gave Madison a hug too. "Thank you so much."

"You boys are very welcome. And, well, I'll be honest, this will bring the agency, and me, a whole lot of money too," she said with a smile. The boys grinned back.

"Cool, so we all make money," Neo said.

"Yes, we all do. I've got to go to the office and make us all some more money. See you golden boys later," Madison said as she went out the door with a smile.

"We're fucking rich!" Neo squealed at the top of his lungs as he ran and jumped into Aiden's arms, hugging him tightly.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Neo and Aiden got out of the Uber car and headed into the offices of Smith, Smith and West for their photo shoot. Both boys were excited and relaxed at the same time. They knew how the shoot would go with Fernando. The only thing they were worried about was meeting the clients. Both of them knew they needed to make not just a good, but a great impression. Aiden opened the door for Neo and they walked in wearing the exact same clothes they walked out in just two days ago. No one was there and no one was at the reception desk.

"Well, let's just head back to the studio," Neo suggested. Aiden nodded in agreement and they set off. Aiden pushed the door open, and the boys walked in.

"Neo! Aiden! Over here," called out Adam. The boys smiled at their friend and walked over.

"Hi guys," Madison said.

"Hi Mrs. West. Hi Adam," Neo said as he bumped fists with Adam. Aiden nodded to them both with a grin.

"Our first client is your contract, Neo. Shelley Wright is the ad rep that will be sitting in on the shoot. Her company already sent some clothes for you, so please head over to make up and then Kevin in wardrobe."

"Okay, see you guys later," Neo said as he walked off.

"Aiden, your shoot will immediately follow Neo's. Your contract is for a new video game and they want shots of you playing it. This will be a television commercial, so we'll be shooting video. There is no dialogue, so you don't have any lines to remember. What you're wearing will be just fine, but I do need you in the makeup chair for a bit. You can go ahead now so you can watch Neo's shoot."

"Thank you, I'll head over there now," Aiden said politely and made his way over to make up where he found Neo already in a chair being fussed over.

"They're going to shoot a video of me for a television commercial. Can you believe that?" Neo's eyes bugged out.

"Really?" Aiden nodded. "That's awesome and I'm jealous." Aiden laughed and another girl started fussing over his face.

They finished up on Neo first, so he went ahead to wardrobe.

"Hi Kevin," Neo said shyly. "Long time no see and before I forget, thanks for the clothes."

"You are very welcome. They're a dime a dozen around here. Come on, let's see what the client has in store for you," Kevin said gesturing toward a table. Neo followed over. "Oh my, this is really nice. Feel the fabric Neo. He reached out and ran his hand over the shirt and looked up with a grin. "Let's see here," Kevin read the attached note. "Now I see why these are so nice. Your contract is with FarFetch and honey, their tee shirts are over a hundred bucks. Very high end designer for teen boys, ha, just like you. So, strip down and let's get you into some high dollar clothes." Neo started undressing while Kevin went through the clothing provided by the client.

"Oops, I missed one." Neo looked up from the chair holding the pants he had just removed. Kevin pulled a pair of boxer briefs from the bag. "Apparently, they want you to wear these, so be prepared to pull up a shirt leave a pants button undone. Here, change into these. I'll turn my back."

"You don't have to do that, hand them over," Neo said with a smirk as he dropped his own boxer briefs to the floor. Kevin sucked in a breath at the naked site before him. He quickly slapped a hand over his eyes and reached out with his other hand holding the designer briefs. Neo chuckled to himself as he stepped into the boxer briefs. He pulled them up, arranged himself and turned to Kevin.

"You can look now. I'm dressed." Kevin split his fingers and cautiously peeked. He sucked in another breath and moved his hand from his eyes to cover his heart.

"Honey, you are sex on a stick. You're gonna have the client eating right out of your hand. Now, let me check the list. Okay, pull these pants on and it says here they want you barefoot. Okay, whatever. Now put this shirt on and don't fuc - ah, I mean don't mess up your hair."

"You sure do talk at lot, Kevin," Neo smirked and decided to have a little harmless fun. "If I were to shove my cock in your mouth, would you still try to talk?" Neo said with a giant grin. Kevin took the joke as just what it was, so he decided to play along.

"No honey, I'd be too busy wrapping my tongue around the head of your cock and sliding down on it until my nose would be in your sparse pubes." Neo took a step back and dropped his mouth open. "Two can play this game Neo," Kevin said with a wink.

"And here I was just about to take you up on the offer," Neo said with a wink.

"Silly boy. Let's get over to the set and meet the client." Neo followed Kevin toward the set. He'd enjoyed joking around with Kevin, who had probably just turned thirty, but now it was down to the moment he would meet the people who would be paying him tens of thousands of dollars. He gulped as he walked on the set. He saw Madison and smiled. She gestured him toward her.

"Neo, at last, I'd like to introduce Shelley Wright." The lady was wrapped up in what appeared to be a very serious conversation on her phone, but upon hearing her name she turned and looked directly at Neo.

"I'm going to have to call you back," she paused listening. "I don't fucking care you asshole. You're fired. I just met your replacement and he's fucking fabulous, so fuck off." She hit the end call button. Her expression of fury instantly changed to friendly grandmother in a split second. "And you must be Neo?" Neo nodded. "I am so happy to meet you. Madison's pictures were wonderful and we decided to move quickly on this. I hope you don't mind?"

"Not at all Ms. Long. I'm just happy we were able to fit you into our busy schedule. Seems I'm in high demand lately." Shelly looked at Madison.

"I don't want his face just anywhere, Madison. Let's see how this shoot goes and we might be talking exclusive." Madison smiled.

"Fernando, we're all ready over here. Whenever you want to start will be fine," Madison called out. She glanced at Neo and mouthed "well done."

"I'm ready, come on over Neo. Good to see you again," Fernando said offering a fist. Neo bumped him and smiled.

"Good to see you too. What are we going to do today?"

"I've got a shot list from the client so; we'll start at the top and work our way through." Fernando turned to Kevin. "We've got three outfits for this shoot. You ready?"

"As always," Kevin smiled holding up hangers of clothes in both hands.

"Perfect, ok Neo, let's get you over by the couch."

Neo's shoot was quite involved with three wardrobe changes and countless poses, but it was over in just less than an hour. Fernando loaded the shots onto his computer and pulled them up on the seventy inch monitor. Madison, Neo, Aiden, Adam, and the client gathered around to see. Shelley Wright openly gasped at the first shot.

"I need a chair," she called out even as she moved to sit. Kevin swiftly put a chair under her butt before she sprawled herself on the concrete floor. "Good Lord," she whispered. After the tenth picture, she turned to Madison. "I want exclusive rights to that boy and I'll pay whatever it takes."

"Shelley, we can discuss that when we sign a long term contract, but I will let you know I have a contract for him for another shoot this afternoon with," she turned and looked at Aiden. "With Aiden here." Shelley turned and looked at Aiden and about fell out of her seat.

"Fuck! What do you have out back Madison, a stable? Where in the hell do you find these fucking gorgeous boys?"

"They just moved in next door to me to be bluntly honest," Madison said with a smirk.

"Look, you know me and my company. We like a brand and we stick with it. I'll tell you what, I'm prepared to offer a million for rights on this boy. I'll even go three years and nobody does that. We're talking a three million deal here, Madison." Adam's mother kept her cool even though her heart was hammering in her chest. You could have heard a pin drop in the studio. Everyone held their breath.

"Begging your pardon," Neo said. Every eye in the room turned to him. "I really like your brand of clothes Ms. Wright. I really do. But I also like Gucci, Dolce, Abercrombie, and Hollister just to name a few. I certainly wouldn't want my face associated but with just one designer. FarFetch is kinda new on the scene and I like new, and I think an exclusive with you is workable, but …" Everyone held their breath. "I would like to think I could pair my face with, say, a watch or a video game or even Disney. I could even be wearing FarFetch clothes while lending my face to their products. As long as I am not promoting any other clothing designer than FarFetch, I want to be free to work with companies that produce products that complement the fashion world. Is that too much to ask?" Shelley Wright had worked with a lot of prima donnas in her life, but the speech she just heard was spot on perfect and she was impressed. She stood up and held out her hand. Neo reached his out and they shook. She looked him in the eye.

"You just earned yourself over a million bucks young man. Don't fuck it up," she said with a grin. Neo reached out and hugged the foul-mouthed woman with deep pockets.

"Thank you, and I won't fuck it up," he whispered in her ear. Everyone in the studio applauded. As soon as Shelley Wright left, Madison wrapped her arms around Neo.

"That was simply awesome. Where did that come from?" she asked.

"I don't know. Just made sense to me," he said shyly.

"Well, it was perfect," Madison gushed. Aiden slapped him on the back and Adam just stood there with a shit eating grin.

"Mom, I want a cut of this, after all, I found him," he said smiling at his mom.

"Young man, your allowance just tripled," she said beaming at her son.

"Let's not get too carried away," Neo said. "Aiden has his shoot next and then there's the shoot with both of us." Aiden put his arm around Neo and hugged him tightly. Kevin smiled at them both and clapped his hands together.

"Aiden, let's get to wardrobe and get you dressed." He looked at his watch. "Oh my, we only have twenty minutes. Let's go!" Aiden smiled at Neo and took off after Kevin. Adam came up to Neo and wrapped him in a warm hug.

"I told you my mom would fix you up and look what just happened. You got over a million coming your way and I'm jealous, but when I start seeing your face all over the place, I'll know that I've had hot sex with that face," Adam said with a great big smile. Neo glanced around, and seeing that no one was looking, he reached out and cupped Adam's cock with his hand.

"You are one hot boy that I am so happy to call my friend," Neo said looking Adam in the eye. "Since I met you, we've had some really hot sex and now I've banked a ton of cash. Whatever you need, and I mean whatever," Neo said wagging his eyebrows, "you just say the word and it's yours." Adam hugged Neo tightly and smiled. Adam knew that Neo was a needle in the proverbial haystack and he was happy to be his friend.

Aiden's shoot went much like Neo's with the client asking for an exclusive. Madison, taking a page from Neo's speech, assured her client that they would talk about the details. The client signed a pre-contract agreement of exclusivity for a million dollars.

The final shoot of the day arrived and both Neo and Aiden were pumped with excitement. The client was an underwear manufacturer and both boys were excited and a bit nervous. Kevin was beyond thrilled as he looked through the client's provided attire.

"Okay boys, here you are," Kevin said as he handed over two pairs of bikini briefs.

"Oh shit," Aiden said. "Are you sure?" he plead with Kevin.

"Sorry, babe," but that's what the client sent. Just pull them on and I'll get you boys a robe.," Kevin whisked away.

"Come on, let's change," Neo said as he started to shuck off his clothes. Aiden sighed and stripped as well. When he picked up the tiny piece of cloth, he just shook his head. Aiden slipped one foot in, then the other and pulled the briefs up. They were small, but thankfully, they were stretchy. He looked up and saw Neo standing there with his hands on his hips and smile on his face. Kevin showed up at that moment and stopped short, eyes bugged out and bouncing from one cloth clad cock to the other.

"This is the part of my job that I love." Kevin walked over to Neo and dropped to his knees. "Pardon me, but you can't go on set like that." Kevin pulled a small piece of cloth from his pocket. "I'm gonna get up close and personal for a moment. I just need to rearrange your, ah, assets." Neo nodded. Kevin pulled the briefs down a bit and rearranged Neo's cock and balls. He discretely added the small cloth over the head of Neo's cock. Then he carefully put the briefs back up. Kevin sat back and admired his handiwork.

"Your cock head was showing too prominently. The piece of cloth hides it," Kevin explained. "Okay, Aiden, you're next." Aiden walked over an presented himself to Kevin. Once again, Kevin reached in and rearranged Aiden's cock and balls. Then he placed another small piece of cloth on Aiden's big cock and tucked everything into its proper place.

"Perfect, now no erections boys," he said with a smirk. Kevin stood up and handed each boy a robe to wear to the set, complete with two pairs of bedroom slippers. The trio headed over to the set and took a seat in director's chairs.

The client, a Mister Boggs, came on to the set. Madison greeted him and introduced him to the boys. Neo gulped and Aiden turned beet red. Mister Boggs was Neo's trick Chip. The same Chip they'd done the sex show with.

"Mister Boggs, this is Neo and Aiden," she beamed. Mister Boggs looked at the two boys and smiled a giant smile. They stood up to greet him. Chip hugged both boys quickly, not giving anything away.

"Well, let's see how you boys look in my underwear," Chip said, but quickly corrected himself. "I mean Saxx underwear." The boys pulled off their robes, folded them across their chairs and turned around to face Chip. Madison blushed but didn't take her eyes away from the site before her. Chip grinned and walked around the boys admiring the fit and admiring what he knew was under the Saxx briefs.

"Well, it seems you've found some very hot looking models for my company," he said as he secretly winked at them both. Neo just about shit in his pants. Aiden's eyes were still bugged out.

"Thank you, Mister Boggs. We think they are perfect for your Saxx designer line too."

"I couldn't agree more."

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