Ocean by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer    Ocean
by Jevic
The Tarheel Writer
Chapter Six
"Luke's Fantasy"

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Ocean by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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Ian woke up the next morning to hot sucking wetness around his cock. Through blurry eyes, he looked and saw Finn sucking on his cock. Finn deepthroated Ian's cock over and over until Ian blasted a hot load of cum down Finn's throat. Finn sucked Ian's cock hard, getting every last drop of cum before finally releasing Ian's cock with a 'pop.'

"That's the way to wake up. Thanks, Finn." Finn leaned over Ian and gave him a hot kiss, sharing Ian's cum in the process. As the kiss ended, Ian looked over at Ocean. He was sound asleep with his head on Max's lap with Max's cock resting on his neck. Ian grinned as he stood up.

"Okay boys and girls, it's time to fix breakfast." Ian stirred the fire and got it going again. Finn moved over to Ocean and started licking his dick. Ian got the Coleman stove out and set it up. Reaching into the cooler, Ian pulled out a pack of bacon. He grabbed a large frying pan and put it on the stove. Ian added the bacon. A moment later, the smell of frying bacon brought the other boys back into the world of consciousness.

Ocean woke to hot sucking wetness surrounding his cock. He looked down and saw Finn's head bobbing up and down on his cock. Ocean stretched and leaned his head to the right. He was greeted by Max's semi hard cock. Ocean slurped it in his mouth and swallowed it down. Less than a minute later, Max groaned as he flooded Ocean's mouth with a morning load of hot cum. Ocean came too, giving Finn a mouthful of hot cum. Finn leaned back on his knees and pumped hard on his cock. Just before he came, Max's hot mouth swallowed him down. Finn's cock shot off like a rocket, jetting ten hot spurts of teen boy cum into Max's mouth. Max greedily swallowed it up.

"Okay boys. Breakfast time," Ian said as his three naked teenage friends grinned. Ian passed plates of bacon, scrambled eggs, sliced tomato and a piece of bread. "Bon appetite," Ian said in his best Julia Child impression. They all laughed and dug into their breakfast.

"I've come to the conclusion that I like camping," Ian said as he swished his hair and chomped on a piece of bacon. "Like I said, I'm a city boy. My idea of camping is sleeping on the lounger on our second floor deck."

"Welcome to the great outdoors, Finn," Ocean said with a smile. "Don't mean to pry, but what's up with your hair?" Finn frowned and swished his hair.

"What do you mean?" Finn said suddenly worried.

"Dude, you're like always swishing it out of your eyes," Ocean said as he took a bite of eggs.

"Well, like you said, it gets in my eyes, so I shake my head to get it out of the way so I can see."

"Why don't you just get it cut?"

"My hair?" Finn shrieked. "No, no! No way in hell am I cutting my hair. Nobody is cutting my hair. I love my hair, thank you very much."

"Dude, you've got like something right, ah, you've got cum in your hair!" Max said with a laugh. Finn shrieked again and ran for the lake, jumping in. He came up furiously running his fingers through his hair.

"Shampoo! I need my shampoo! Dear God, please somebody give me shampoo!" Ian was laughing so hard, he barely made it to the shoreline as he tossed Finn a bottle of shampoo.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." The boys watched Finn shampoo his hair.

"You know, that actually looks like a good idea," Ocean said. "Despite our midnight swim, I'm feeling a bit crusty." He got up and grabbed a bar of soap from his backpack and came back to the sleeping bag. He looked questioningly at Max and Ian. Together, they all ran for the water and jumped in. Finn squealed as he was splashed three times in the face. Ocean handed the bar of soap to Finn with a grin.

"Oh, thank God! Hygiene is most important," Finn said as he scrubbed his body. The soap and shampoo we passed from boy to boy until they were all squeaky clean. They trooped back to shore together. Ocean handed out towels and they dried off.

"So, what do campers do while camping?" Finn asked as he ran his brush through his hair. They were all gathered on the sleeping bag relaxing.

"Last time Ocean and I were here, we watched two guys from school fuck in the back seat of their car," Ian said with a smirk.

"No shit? Who was it?" Finn asked excitedly.

"Luke and Cory," Ocean said.

"Shit, shit, shit. Really?" Ocean nodded. "I always thought Cory was gay. He's way too cute to be straight with his gorgeous blond hair," Finn said as he swished his drying hair.

"Finn, I've got to ask," Ocean started. "I thought you were straight. Of course, I thought Max was straight too." Finn took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"I was straight, as far as I knew. I liked for Tanner to suck my cock and he did it, a lot. Finally, we fucked. Tanner wanted me to take charge and just ram it in. He's the only person I've ever fucked. I've never been with a girl, only him and only twice. He liked it rough." Finn paused a moment and took another deep breath.

"I thought fucking was like the way Tanner liked to be fucked. Both times I fucked him, he told me that he liked it when I took charge. He almost begged me to force myself on him. He never told he anything different, so I figured that was the way gay boys liked to fuck, but I was oh so wrong," Finn said and he looked at Max. "Max taught me how to have proper gay sex. And he taught me well," Finn said as he grinned at Max.

"I fucked up. When I tried to fuck Max, I did what I did with Tanner. I hurt Max and just about got my ass beat. That night, I learned to how to make love. Max taught me by making love to me. He was gentle and most importantly, he was patient. He taught me to appreciate the boy on the bottom. He taught me to respect the bottom and to make sure my bottom's pleasure came first. He taught me that fucking, or making love, was not all about me. It was about my partner and making sure that he was enjoying what we were doing. I count my blessings every day that Max made me realize what a top was supposed to do."

"Wow!" Ocean exclaimed. "Max, I have new found respect for you." Max smiled.

"Thank you, and thanks to you and Ian for bringing over the sex joint. That eased the tension. Finn and I didn't fuck that night, we made love and it was wonderful. He will always be special to me." Max wrapped his arms around Finn and gave him a warm hug.

"You were my first Max, and I will always treasure the memory of that night," Finn reached over and kissed Max.

"Wait a minute," Ian said. "Tanner?" Finn looked at Ian with a questioning look on his face. "Tanner as in captain of the swim team Tanner?" Finn's eyes bugged out, but he nodded yes.

"Wait another minute!" Ocean said. "I thought you told me the guy sucking your dick went to another school" Finn sighed and swished his hair.

"I did that to protect Tanner. It's not my job to out him and I did that out of my self-sense of respect. I'm sorry for lying about that."

"That's cool, Finn. I can respect what you did," Ocean said.

"I met Tanner last Saturday at the pool," Ian said. "He's a red headed looker and speaking of looking, he was checking me out big time."

"That'd be Tanner. He's such a slut. I don't know if you describe a gay guy as or 'slut' or not, but he told me that he'd sucked half the swim team. That qualifies as slut in my book," Finn said.

"How come I didn't get a blow?" Ocean asked.

"He looked at you as the competition. He knew you were gay and assumed you were on the prowl, so to speak, so he snarked up every cock that would let him suck it. I know he sucked me off at least a half dozen times and every single time, he was aggressive. No warm up at the plate. He went for the home run in a hurry. Like Max told me, it's fun to get to the end of a journey, but you've got to enjoy the trip too. Tanner was all about getting to the end as quickly as possible. Same way the two times we fucked. I'd barely got my dick in his butt and he's screaming for me to fuck the shit out of him. I've never done anything like that before. I was a virgin. So I fucked the shit out of him. I think he came before I even had a chance to get warmed up."

"I'll be damned," Ocean said. "So, half of my teammates have been blown by Tanner?"

"Got it in one."

"Shit!" Ocean exclaimed.

"What's the problem, Ocean?" Ian asked quietly. "Did you want to be the one sucking the team?" Ocean turned sharply to Ian.

"Hell no!" Ocean said firmly. "I'm just, no pun intended, blown away by how many of my straight teammates were willing to get a blow from a dude. That kinda makes me feel good. I'm glad that I am on a team of open-minded people. I think it's great!"

"If we keep talking about blow jobs, somebody's gonna have to give me one. I'm chubbing up over here," Max said with a grin as he shook his eight inch cock.

"Let's go to the top," Ian suggested. "Like we did last time, Ocean."

"Great idea. Let's put some shorts and shoes on. We'll pack a lunch and I'll take you guys up to the top of the mountain. There're great views from there. You'll love it." The boys quickly dressed. Ian made sandwiches and packed them in a cooler along with some drinks. They piled into RR and Ocean drove them up the bouncing road toward the main road. Finn shrieked a few times as RR bounced particularly hard on the way up. Max just grinned.

Finn was an enigma. He would tell anyone who asked, that he was straight. He would tell everybody that he loved girls and pussy and big boobs, but he acted so stereotypically gay. His only gay experiences had been getting blow jobs and fucking Tanner. He'd never sucked a dick or even thought about someone fucking his butt. Well, that changed, first when he bottomed for Max and then with Ian. Finn had been questioning his own sexuality ever since Max made love to him. He could close his eyes at any given time of day and remember Max's big cock in his hole, fucking the cum right out of his cock. Finn still thought about pussy and boobs and those thoughts would make him hard, but he had yet to experience sex with a girl. Maybe once he did, he would stick with girls. Or maybe he would enjoy girls and boys. Finn did know one thing. He was infatuated with Ian. He couldn't explain why, but Ian intrigued him. Maybe it was Ian's piercing green eyes or, most definitely it was Ian's lovely cock. It was perfect in Finn's mind. It was almost exactly like his own. Sucking on Ian was like sucking his own cock. Just the thought made him hard.

When they came out on the main road, Ocean turned right and headed toward the visitor parking lot by the sandy beach.

"That's our turn, Ocean," Ian pointed out as they zoomed by the road to the top of the mountain.

"I know, I just wanted to check the parking lot. You never know who's going to be there," Ocean said with a wink. "Might even run into Luke and Cory." Ian grinned. A minute later, they rounded a curve in the road and came into the visitor parking area. Sure enough, there was only one car in parking lot.

"That car looks familiar, Ocean," Ian said. Finn leaned up and looked out the windshield.

"That's Cory's car, I think," Finn said. "I don't know him that well, but he's in a few of my classes. We're more acquaintances than friends." Ocean eased RR up beside the car and parked. Everybody got out and walked over to the car. Sure enough, there was their school parking sticker on the windshield. Max looked in the back seat, but no one was there.

"Let's check the beach," Ian suggested. Ocean nodded. Max and Finn followed as they walked down the narrow path with Ian in the lead. In less than a minute, Ian stopped suddenly. Everybody gathered around Ian, straining to see why he'd stopped. In the middle of the sandy beach, completely naked, Luke was on all fours and Cory was fucking him.

"Oh my God," Finn whispered.

"That's hot," Max said. "They're out here in a wide open public area fucking like bunnies without a care in the world."

"What do you think we should do?" Ocean asked.

"Leave them be," Ian said. "Let's go back to the parking lot and keep a lookout for them. It's about lunch time anyway. We'll just tailgate." There were nods all around. They returned to RR. Ocean turned it around to where the rear faced the trail. Ian got out and opened the rear hatch and flipped things until the bench seat appeared.

"That's so cool," Finn said swishing his hair. "Hope you don't mind, but I ran the massage in my seat on the way over." Ian grinned. Ocean passed out sandwiches, chips and sodas. As they were happily munching on their lunch, Max looked up and watched Luke and Cory come walking up the path holding hands and still naked.

"Hey, look what's coming," he whispered. When the naked boys finally noticed they were not alone, you could see the panic on their faces.

"Hey guys!" Finn called out. He ran over and hugged Luke, then hugged Cory. "We were keeping a watch out for you. Didn't want anybody disturbing what looked like a very hot time with each other."

"Ah, Finn, right?" Cory asked. Finn nodded and swished his hair. "This is embarrassing."

"Nothing to be worried about at all, Cory. Me and the guys over there are all gay. We had great big orgy last night, so don't worry about it." Cory and Luke visibly relaxed. "You've got a nice cock, Cory," Finn said with a grin and a swish of his hair. "How big are you?"

"He's eight on the hard," Luke said, grinning. "I just had it up my ass."

"Max is eight too. I've had it up my ass."

"Shit, that's right. I heard about his speech at lunch," Cory said. They walked over to RR.

"Sup guys?" Ocean said smiling. Everybody fist bumped.

"Sandwich?" Ocean offered.

"If you don't mind, we're gonna go get dressed. This is kinda awkward," Luke said. Ocean pulled his shirt off and dropped his pants. Max, Ian and Finn followed Ocean's lead and in less than thirty seconds, they were all naked. Luke looked at Max's cock.

"Damn, Max. You're hung." Max preened. "Cory, come over here next to Max." Cory walked over and Max put his arm around Cory's shoulders. Ian was standing on Ocean's other side. "Now that's what I call a cock buffet," Luke said with a wink.

"You guys busy this afternoon?" Finn asked.

"I'd like to get busy with all this cock," Luke said. His eyes never left the cocks dangling in front of him. "One of my all time fantasies is to get gang fucked." Finn watched as Max, Ian and Cory's cocks plumped up a bit. Ian looked at Ocean and got a nod. He also got nods from Finn and Max.

"That's a fantasy that just might come true, Luke, but I don't think a public parking area is a very good place for that to happen," Ian said. "Why don't we all pile in RR and go over to our very private campsite?"


"My car. My Range Rover. We call her RR for short." Luke grinned and looked at Cory. Cory nodded his head and smiled at his friend.

Luke was versatile in his sexual preferences, but leaned toward mostly bottom. Luke did like a big dick and Cory was more than happy to give him his eight inch cock. They found each other their freshman year in high school and had been exclusive fuck buddies ever since. It was only friendship and sex they shared in common. Cory liked to mostly fuck and Luke liked to mostly bottom. They switched it up on occasion, but were mostly top and bottom in all things sexual. They found the park a long time ago and it was their 'go it' spot for sex. They'd never fooled around with any body else, even though they talked about it. Cory knew about Luke's secret desire to have the entire football team fuck him. They'd talked about it on quite a few occasions. Luke even went so far as to buy a dildo. Cory would fuck Luke with the dildo and then his cock, simulating multiple people, partically fulfilling his friend's fantasy. Now, to have the real opportunity for Luke to get gangbanged … the mere thought of it turned Cory on and he knew Luke would be thrilled to finally have his most desired fantasy come true.

Everybody began gathering up clothes and putting food away. Everything was loaded in RR and they all piled in, still naked. Ocean started back toward the campsite. When Ocean turned off the main road and started down the forest service road, Cory was intrigued.

"We've been coming to this park since freshman year and I never knew this road, if that's what you want to call it, was ever here."

"I found it back in the spring looking for a spot to fish," Ocean explained as RR bounced down the heavily rutted road. "I did a bit of exploring and found this road. I've camped here a few times through the summer. It's very secluded and a great spot to camp. We like to hang out there naked." Ocean pulled RR up next to the campsite and they all piled out.

"Awesome spot Ocean!" Cory exclaimed as he walked on the soft pine needles and looked around, seeing the tent, the dining fly, the fire pit and the perfect view of the lake.

"Ian, help me with the sleeping bags, please," Ocean said. They both worked together and soon had two sleeping bags spread out side by side on the soft pine needles.

"How about a cocktail boys?" Ian offered.

"Yeah, sounds good to me," Luke said. Ian headed for the cooler and Finn followed to help.

"Let's sit down," Ocean suggested. The boys gathered in a circle on the sleeping bags. "How long are you guys out here for?" Ocean asked Cory and Luke.

"We don't have a schedule. We just come out here to fuck and hang out on the beach. It's been pretty much deserted since school started." Ian and Finn returned and started passing out rum and Cokes.

"So, Max. What made you decide that you liked cock?" Cory asked, genuinely interested. Max grinned and grabbed Ian's cock as he walked by. Ian stopped and grinned.

"This cock right here changed my mind," Max said as he leaned over and sucked Ian's semi hard cock into his mouth. He sucked hard and released it with a 'pop.' "I live next door to Ocean and one night I happened to look across the yard and saw Ocean through his bedroom window having fun with one of his, ah, toys. Long story short, what I saw really turned me on. Then I watched Ian and Ocean fuck. I went over and invited myself to watch them."

"Fuck, I bet that was hot," Luke said sipping his rum and Coke.

"Seeing sex up close and personal is a real turn on. I came all over both of them without touching myself," Max said. Luke groaned at the thought. "Anyway, next time I went over, they both fucked me and I was hooked. I know I got fucked last night at least three times."

"Wow, Max. I would have thought with your, what, eight inches that you would top," Cory asked.

"Oh, I top, but I really like a nice cock up my ass. To have a cock in me makes me feel complete and to have that cock pounding into my prostate, well, there's no other feeling like it in the world. I always cum without even touching myself." All six boys were either hard or almost hard.

"How about some sex weed?" Ocean asked, then hesitated. "I don't want to get you guys fucked up and have to drive home."

"No, no. Let's smoke. We can just sleep in the car if necessary. We've done it before," Cory said.

"Oh, hell to the no," Ian said. "If you're still too fucked up to drive, you can stay right here with us. Ocean, light that up." As the boys smoked the sex weed, Finn's curiosity got the better of him.

"So, Luke, this fantasy of yours …" Luke grinned.

"Can't really explain it. I've downloaded probably a hundred porn videos and I'd say at least three quarters of them are gangbangs. I really like the bukkake videos where everybody cums on the bottom's face at the end." Ocean stubbed the last of the sex weed out and drained his drink. He got up and went into the tent and returned with a big bottle of Swiss Navy lube.

"Boys, who are we to deny Luke's fantasy coming true?" Ocean said. Luke smiled great big. Christmas had come early.

"Get on all fours, Luke," Cory said. Luke moved up to all fours and crawled to the center of the circle. "Bring you ass over baby." Luke backed up toward Cory. Cory put his hands on Luke ass cheeks and pulled them apart. He licked Luke's hole and drove his tongue in. "Yummy, I can still taste my cum. How do you want to do this Luke? It's your fantasy."

"I'd love to see you guys in a line in front of me. First one in line fucks my mouth, then moves to my ass. Next guy in line fucks my mouth, then moves to my ass and so on until the last guy in line fucks me while the first guy is back in my mouth. Don't spend more than about a minute fucking me, then switch. Let's do two rounds, then I'll lay on my back so when you guys are ready to cum, you can shoot on my face and in my mouth. Be sure to shove your cock in my mouth after you cum. That really turns me on." The five guys were stunned at the explicit instructions and were all hard and dripping precum.

"Luke, I just want to make sure that this is what you want to do, right here and right now?" Ian asked.

"I want it so bad, Ian." Luke leaned up on his knees and showed off his rock hard precum dripping cock. "Bring it on."

"Okay, but if at anytime you want us to stop, just say stop and we'll stop. Okay?"

"I won't be saying stop Ian, but thank you for being concerned for me. That was very thoughtful on your part and I appreciate it. Now let's get to the fucking please."

Finn scrambled up and stood up in front of Luke. The other boys stirred and got in line. Luke looked up and saw five cocks all hard and ready to fuck him. Luke groaned and licked his lips. He looked up and Finn and nodded. Finn moved forward and dropped to his knees. Luke sucked it in to the balls and Finn started fucking his mouth.

"This is fucking wild," Ian said to Ocean. Ocean just grinned and nodded.

Finn pulled his cock out and moved to Luke's ass. He grabbed the Swiss Navy lube and pumped some on his middle finger. He pushed his finger slowly into Luke's smooth hole. It went in easily. Finn put another lube loaded finger in Luke's hole, then slicked up his cock. Ocean was already fucking Luke's mouth as Finn eased his cock into Luke's hole, slowly sliding it in to the balls.

"Fuck him, Finn. I just fucked him twice before we met you guys. He should be good and ready," Cory said. Finn smiled, but still remembered his lessons from Max. He pulled out to halfway then ground back in. Finn started with slow thrusts and gradually sped up. Ocean had stood up and Ian was dropped down in front of Luke, so Finn slowed and pulled out. Seconds later Ocean buried his cock and started fucking at a good medium pace. Cory was next in Luke's mouth while Ocean did the fucking. Cory pulled his cock out of Luke's mouth, leaned down and gave Luke a blistering hot kiss. He moved around and took Ocean's place fucking Luke's hot hole. Max was last in line as he slowly slid his cock between Luke's slick lips. He pushed until he hit the back of Luke's mouth, then pushed the rest of his eight inches down into Luke's throat. He looked up at Cory and grinned. Cory was fucking hard and skin was slapping skin. Max moved to take Cory's place as Finn kneeled down and started the circle over. Luke was moaning the whole time. The second circle completed with Max. He pulled his eight inch cock out of Luke's ass and Luke flipped over on his back.

"Fuck, this is hot. Cory, put you cock in my mouth while these guys fuck me. And you boys don't hold back. Give it to me hard and fast!" Luke said as he raised his legs. Finn slipped into place and shoved his cock all the way in and immediately started fucking Luke hard. Skin slapped skin as Finn watched Luke swallow Cory's monster cock. Finn fucked hard for about a minute. Ian was on his knees right beside him, ready to take over. Finn pulled out and Ian drove in hard. Ocean was on his knees beside Ian. He leaned over and kissed Ian hard. Ian pulled out and Ocean hammered in. Max dropped down to his knees next to Ocean. He leaned over and gave Ocean a hot kiss. Ocean pulled out and Max drove his hard eight inch cock into Luke's slippery hole. He grabbed Luke by the thighs and long dicked Luke hard. He switched up and then fucked Luke as hard as he could. When he pulled out, Finn was right there. Another round was made. Cory joined in after Max's huge cock battered Luke's hole.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting close," Cory said as he slammed into Luke. He pulled his cock all the way out and slammed it back in. He repeated that several times and finally fucked Luke really hard. Finn dropped to his knees at Luke's head and came. He let three shots hit Luke's face before shoving his cock in Luke's mouth, finishing with four more shots. Ocean dropped down beside him and pumped his cock, spewing cum on Luke's face, Finn pulled his cock out of Luke's mouth and Ocean shoved his cock in. Ian dropped down next and blasted more cum on Luke's face. Ocean pulled out and Ian shoved in giving Luke another four shots of cum to swallow. Max dropped down just as Ocean pulled his cock out of Luke's mouth. Max shoved his big cock in Luke's mouth and filled it with eight hot shots of quarterback cum. Cory pulled out and moved quickly to Luke's head. Max pulled out until just his head was in Luke's mouth. Cory shoved his head in beside Max's and shot like a cannon. Everybody watched as Luke's cock exploded. Hot ribbons of cum flew through the air. Luke came and came at least a dozen times, if not more.

Ian stepped up on one side and Finn stepped up on the other. They pumped their cocks and sprayed another load of cum on Luke's chest. Cory moved quickly and shoved his big cock back in Luke's hole and fucked him furiously. Over and over his big eight in cock hammered into Luke.

"Cum for me baby. I know your balls are churning with cum. Cum again Luke. Cum for me!" Luke came shooting another forceful dozen hot shots of cum hitting him in the face and hair. Cory pulled out and moved quickly to Luke's cum covered face. He pumped his cock. Luke opened his mouth wide and Cory blasted another hot load of cum straight into Luke's mouth. He shoved his eight inches in balls deep as his cock finished cumming. Luke felt Cory's cock pulse in his throat and came again. It was the hottest experience Luke had ever experienced. His fantasy had been fulfilled.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Just as dawn broke over the lake, Cory woke to hot wetness surrounding his cock. He propped himself up on his elbows, looked down and watched Luke bob up and down on his cock. Even after cumming so much the night before, just the sight of his cock disappearing into Luke's hot mouth had him close to cumming.

"God Luke, I knew you wanted cock, but this is fucking hot. Suck me, baby," Cory whispered. Luke was like a mad man on a mission as he bobbed his head up and down on Cory's huge cock. His left hand massaged Cory's balls while his tongue wrapped around the cock head and teased the slit. Luke popped the cock out of his mouth and dove down on Cory's balls, sucking them both into his mouth. He gave them both a good washing, then ran his hot tongue back up to the head and sucked it in. Luke swallowed it whole, burying his nose in Cory's pubes. He bobbed his head quickly, only coming up a few inches as he fucked his throat with Cory's huge cock.

"Fuck yeah!" Cory called out as he pumped seven or eight spurts of cum into Luke's hot mouth. Luke sucked hard and drained every last drop of cum from Cory's cock.

"Thanks for last night," Luke whispered and he leaned up and kissed Cory. "You do realize our friendship has changed in the last few months, right?" Cory smiled and nodded. "I can't help myself, Cory, but I'm falling in love with you."

"I know you are Luke and just so you know, I love you too." The boys wrapped their arms around each other and gently fell back to sleep. They woke up later in the morning to the smell of bacon frying.

All six boys helped pack up the campsite, after a wonderful breakfast served up by Ian. Luke and Cory had to get back, so Ocean drove RR back to the parking area. They all exchanged numbers and hugged goodbye. Luke gave Max a scorching hot kiss and told him to take care of that big cock. Cory and Luke climbed in Cory's car and left.

The boys piled back in RR and headed for the mountain top. RR performed perfectly going up the steep hills. Ocean shifted RR into park at the end of the road. The boys piled out. Ian grabbed the cooler and they made their way to the top of the mountain.

"Here ya go dudes. Enjoy the view," Ocean said as they reached the top.

"Whoa!" Finn exclaimed swishing his hair.

"Whoa is right!" said Max. "Is that our town over there?"

"Yep," Ocean said. "This view is worth all the huffing and puffing to get here."

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

The first Swim Meet for Ian's team was today and the butterflies in his stomach refused to let up. Ocean tried his best to calm Ian down, but it was no use. They pulled up to pool building in Ocean's Jeep and got out.

"Please, Ian. Just relax. Today is just like any other day. You'll be swimming against other swimmers just like we do in practice every day."

"Yeah, but I don't know the people I'll be swimming against." Ocean wrapped an arm around Ian's nervous shoulders.

"It will be fine. Win or lose, just try to have a good time, okay?

"Okay, Ocean." They walked in to the pool building and headed for the locker room. Once inside and seeing his fellow swim team members, Ian relaxed a bit, until he saw Tanner. Ian stopped mid stride and looked as Tanner ran his hands over Kobe's shoulders. Then Tanner's hands passed over Kobe's ass. Ian just about saw red. The coach blew his whistle and gathered his boys around.

"Relax boys. This is our first meet and I know you're all a bit nervous. Use that to push yourselves this afternoon. This team we're up against holds nothing over you. We are the best team and we will out swim them today. Good luck!" The swim team members made their way out to the pool deck and waited to be called to the starting blocks. Ian continued to watch Tanner. The more he watched, the more he got pissed off. The red headed fucker had his hands rubbing over half the team. He rubbed arms, stomachs, asses and he even saw him grope one boy's cock. Ian saw red just as his name was called to the blocks.

Ian mounted the block and waited for the starter's pistol. As soon as it rang out, Ian launched himself into the water and swam, still seeing red. By the time he finished, he looked back and saw that he had finished at least a half a length before anyone else. Ocean reached down and pulled Ian from the water and wrapped him in a hug.

"First place, Ian. First place by a long shot!" Ian smiled as he watched his competitors finish. He'd done it. He'd actually won in a team sport. The crowd screamed in applause. Ian smiled and waved at the crowd. At the same time, he secretly seethed in anger. Ian walked quickly toward Tanner. Ocean held his breath. Ian stepped in front of Tanner and put a finger on Tanner's chest.

"You're a fag. I know that. I'm a fag too. But …" Ian stabbed his finger in Tanner's chest. "Do not strut around here and rub all over practically every team member out here. It's fucking embarrassing!" Tanner stopped short and looked at Ian. "I fucking know all about your slutty moves. You've sucked off half the team! I do not care that you are gay. I am too. But do you have to be so blatant about it! You look like a fucking lost puppy starved for affection. If you're that hard up for it, let's head to the locker room and I'll fuck you so hard my cum will shoot out your fucking nose." Tanner backed up with eyes wide. "You're a fucking slut!" Ian continued. "I personally don't care, but you are giving the rest of us a bad name. So keep your fucking hands to yourself!" Tanner looked at Ian and saw the fury in Ian's eyes. Tanner nodded. "Good!"

Ian walked back over to Ocean, his anger fading as he walked. He finally looked up into Ocean's questioning eyes.

"That fucker is rubbing up on just about the whole fucking team. I even saw him grab one boy's cock. I understand it's okay to be gay, but that sonofabitch is blatantly strutting around here practically begging for cock. It's embarrassing to me and it should be embarrassing to the whole fucking team. Plus the fact that he didn't even take the time to teach Finn how to fuck. I think that pisses me off more than anything else," Ian fumed. Ocean put his arm over Ian's shoulder and hugged him.

"Calm down, Ian. If Tanner keeps it up, he'll eventually get his ass beat by somebody."

"That somebody is gonna be me. I told that fucker if he kept it up, I'd fuck him so hard my cum will shoot out of his nose." Ocean burst out laughing. He got some strange looks from teammates, but still continued to chuckle.

"I love you, Ian. Never forget that." Ian finally smiled.

"So I made first place. Is that it?"

"No, you're signed up for freestyle and breaststroke. Freestyle just ended so I expect your name will be called any time now." Ian nodded and watched the score change with each heat. Their team was neck and neck with the visiting team. Ian heard his name called and headed over to the blocks. He glanced over at Tanner and bared his teeth. Tanner shrunk back.

Ian mounted the starting block and waited for the starting pistol. As it rang out, Ian launched himself toward the water. He came up a few seconds later and swam as fast as he could. He reached the end of his lane and stopped, but suddenly realized the race was down and back. He flipped around, took a deep breath and dropped underwater. He kicked hard off the wall and swam as hard as he could, finally overtaking everyone and slapped the wall first. Ocean was there and pulled him out of the water.

"Fuck Ian, that was awesome! Another first place! That puts us ahead," Ocean said as he gave Ian a hug. The home crowd went wild, clapping and whistling in approval. Ian waved to the crowd and headed over to the deck shower to wash off the chlorine.

"Ian," coach said approaching him as he toweled off. "I need you in the final relay. Kobe had to back out. You'll take the last lap in freestyle. It's about to start. You up for that?" Ian grinned.

"Sure coach." Ian wondered back to Ocean.

"Coach wants me in the final relay, swimming freestyle," Ian said. "Kobe backed out. The same Kobe that Tanner was feeling up earlier." Ocean chose to ignore the Kobe comment.

"That's the final heat of the meet and the final lap of the meet," Ocean said with a bit of worry in his voice. "Plus, the third lap of the heat is swam by Tanner." Ian saw red.

"If that fucker screws up, I'm gonna pound him to a pulp." Ocean gulped and nodded.

The final relay was called and Ian headed to the blocks. The relay consisted of one lap of butterfly, followed by a lap of breaststroke, then a lap of backstroke followed by freestyle. Ian lined up at the block. Tanner was just ahead in line. Ian tapped him on the shoulder.

"Don't fuck this up," Ian said through grinding teeth. Tanner gulped and nodded.

The starter's pistol rang out and the first down and back lap started. Ian's team staying even with the competition but didn't gain any ground. The second lap started and the team pulled ahead by a full two seconds. Tanner launched into the water as Ian mounted the block. He watched as the team's lead shrank to nothing, then fell behind. Tanner was the last swimmer to slap the concrete. Ian saw red as he launched himself into the water. He swam like a man on a mission. The score was tied and the relay would decide which team would win the meet. It was all down to Ian. When he finally slapped the concrete the home crowd roared. Ian had won the relay. Ocean was there to pull him out of the pool and wrap him in a hug. Other team members hugged him too. The coach stood off to the side grinning. Tanner quickly made his way to the locker room. He dressed and left as quickly as possible.

"Ian!" the coach called out. "I'm damn proud of you, son. That was some awesome swimming!"

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

"Ian, we need to have a talk," Ocean said as they cuddled in bed after a hot round of sex. Ian was immediately on edge.

"What do we need to talk about, Ocean? Have I done something to upset you?"

"No, no, nothing like that. I've just noticed that you seem to, ah, how do it put this? You seem to be, ah, seem to be seeing red quite a bit and I was wondering if you were alright." Ian sat up, quickly on the defensive.

"What do you mean?" Ian asked with an edge to his voice.

"Okay, let's see. You beat up three guys in the bathroom on the first day of school. You batted your way into a viral tweet smashing that car up. You all but threatened to beat Tanner up. You even saw red at me when I threw you in the water. I'm worried because you tend to have a violent reaction when things piss you off." Ian jumped out of the bed. He was raging mad.

"I do not overreact," Ian hissed.

"You're doing it right now. You're so pissed off you want to hurt me," Ocean said calmly. Ian's face was red. He was breathing fast and he was clinched his fists. "Look at yourself. You're a fucking tiger ready to pounce." Ian stood up to his full height and puffed his chest out.

"I am in perfect control of myself, Ocean Nolan. How dare you accuse me of being out of control!" Ocean calmly reached out and grabbed the handheld mirror from under the bed. He'd put it there earlier. He handed it to Ian.

"Look at yourself." Ian snatched the mirror from Ocean's hands and looked at it. Ocean calmly watched as the anger flowed out of Ian.

"I'm so sorry, Ocean," Ian said as he collapsed on the bed.

"You need help, Ian. Those fuckers you stayed with and the death of your parents have fucked you up. I want you to agree to talk with a professional. Mom and dad will arrange it. It is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about or worried about. You just need some help getting past all the anger you have locked up inside you. I thought it was hysterical at the time, but when I go back at look at our viral video, I get scared. You were totally out of control.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

A DSS representative showed up at the door Monday morning as Ocean and Ian were preparing for school.

"I'm Mrs. Dawkins from DSS and I am here to check on Ian," she said sweetly.

"Can I see some ID please?" Richard asked. She showed her credentials. "Ian is about five minutes from heading out to school. Perhaps another time would be more appropriate?"

"I think not. I would like to see him now." Richard relented against his better judgement. He escorted her to the kitchen. As she walked into the kitchen, Ian looked up and saw red.

"YOU!" Ian screamed jumping up from the table, knocking his chair over in the process.

"Hello, Ian," the lady said with a sickeningly sweet voice.

"You bitch! I told you about that fucking family! I told you! And you did NOTHING!" Ian screamed. "NOTHING! I was raped and you did NOTHING! I was beaten and you did NOTHING! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" Ian screamed with tears running down his face. Ocean grabbed him and hugged him tight.

"You need to leave," Dennis said firmly.

"I hardly think you're in a position ..."

"Get the FUCK OUT!" Dennis screamed at the lady. "GET THE FUCK OUT NOW!" Dennis screamed as he grabbed the lady by the arm and dragged her to the door. He pulled it open and threw her out.

Dennis came back to the kitchen seething in fury. He looked at Ocean, who had his arms wrapped around Ian and his anger abated.

"Ian, are you alright?" Dennis asked.

"No, dad. He's not alright. He needs to see someone. He needs to see someone that can help him deal with all the anger he has inside. Dad, please. Ian needs professional help. This isn't his first outburst. Hell, look at the viral video." Dennis was stunned with Ocean's observations. How could he have missed that?

"Okay, okay. You're right. I'll make some calls, but the first call is to Tom Tomlinson about that witch that just showed up at our door."

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