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Chapter Fifteen

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Ocean by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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"Do you remember when we were teenagers?" Ian asked.

"Seems like yesterday. I can't believe we turn thirty this year."

"Yeah, seems old, but we still have smokin' hot sex," Ian said with a smirk.

"Tell me something I don't know. I've got your cum leaking out of my ass right now. I'll be right back," Ocean said with a grin as he headed for the bathroom. Moments later he came back and crawled into bed.

"Feel better?"

"At least your cum won't be soaking the sheets." They both laughed, then kissed. "I still can't believe you built this house."

"You designed and built the house," Ian corrected.

"Okay, I built the house, but you paid for it. When I was eighteen, if someone told me I'd be where I am today, you could have knocked me over with a feather. I know we designed this house but look at the view. Not many people get to wake up and go to sleep with a view of mountain tops that go on and on, even into the next state."

"It is beautiful," Ian said. "But the house I designed with you in mind is quite nice too."

"Oh, I love it at the beach. We have a spectacular view of the beach and the ocean and of course the beautiful sunsets."

"I have watched and watched for the green flash and haven't seen it yet," Ian said. 'You're the oceanographer, is the green flash truth or myth?"

"It's truth, but it is rare. Some people call it Neptune's Wink. It happens when just the last little sliver of sun is left, just at the very top, and only for a second or two, the top of the sun appears green."

Ocean and Ian had changed their school choice to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, where Ocean got his degree in oceanography. Ian followed in his father's footsteps and got a degree in structural engineering. Both of their careers had taken off. Ocean even did a two week stint on board Bob Ballard's ship the E/V Nautilus. Bob Ballard was the person who found the Titanic. It was an awesome experience for Ocean. He spent two weeks with a legend.

Ian's father's reputation preceded him and Ian found clients knocking down his door. He hired a staff of ten engineers. He remembered his father's reluctance to hire help and preferred to do most of the work himself. That resulted in dad being away a lot of the time Ian was growing up. Ian made the decision to hire enough staff so he could pick and choose which projects he wanted to be personally involved with.

Between the two of them and a lot of help from Dennis's financial planner, they collectively had over ten million in the bank and both houses were paid for, bringing their net worth closer to fourteen million. They lived a comfortable life between work, the mountain house and the beach house. Ian had insisted they both have matching Range Rover SVs.

Ocean stayed in touch with his neighbor Max. They talked at least weekly and Max kept Ocean up to date with their friends. Max was the glue that held all the friends together. He stayed in touch with everybody from his high school years.

Max and Finn got married after graduating college. They were frequent visitors at Ian and Ocean's houses. Both had great jobs and lived in Charleston where they bought a huge old Victorian house and completely renovated it. The five thousand square foot house had six ensuite bedrooms and a powder room on all three floors. The kitchen was a chef's wet dream. With Finn's new found love of the culinary arts, they had gone all out on the kitchen with a professional griddle, double convection ovens, a grill and even a salamander for finish melting. The twin Sub Zero refrigerator and freezer cost over twenty thousand, but in Finn's mind, it was worth every penny. They even had a generator installed that ran on natural gas. Despite hurricanes and nor'easters, they would always have power.

Ocean and Ian visited regularly and enjoyed Finn's love of the culinary arts with his specialty in seafood. Living in Charleston allowed Finn to buy fresh seafood, often right off the boat. Plus, Charleston had its own southern charm complete with Spanish moss hanging from the trees.

After five years in the porn business, Cory and Luke retired. Cory's huge cock was the stuff of legend and what Luke did with that cock was many a porn lover's dream. They'd managed to avoid a lot of the pitfalls of the business. They stayed away from drugs and the party scene. They had streaked from newbies to stars in high demand almost overnight. They negotiated their contract with Helix Studios, thanks to some help from Tom Tomlinson, Ian's lawyer. The very lucrative contract gave Helix Studios exclusive rights to the two hottest porn stars in the business. Cory and Luke remained boyfriends and were very careful with their money. When they retired after five years, they collectively had a couple million in the bank. Tom Tomlinson had written in the contract a percentage of each sale to go to the boys. The residuals promised a nice income for years to come. They had come to love the west coast and bought a house in Malibu.

Luke stayed in touch with Max throughout his porn career. Max shared many behind the scenes stories with Finn, Ocean and Ian.

Tanner became a psychiatrist and had a very nice practice. He lectured regularly and was in high demand. He mainly spoke to high school students about bullying. He shared his story with students and told them about the severe consequences bullying another person could have. Of course, he spoke of his own experience. His lectures left many students in tears.

Noah and Tanner remained boyfriends despite their rocky start as bully and bullied. Tanner was devoted to Noah and spoiled him regularly. Noah loved the attention. Noah's job as general manager for an eight hundred room resort kept him busy with over a hundred employees but be loved his job. They enjoyed a quiet life in Charlotte, North Carolina. They had gone in together and bought a condominium. It was huge with over twenty-five hundred square feet and two levels. It was on the twenty-seventh floor of a building that had a fitness center and indoor pool as well as a roof top infinity pool over looking the Charlotte skyline. There was even a high end grocery store on the ground floor.

Tanner stayed in touch with Max. It was Max who showed Tanner all about boy on boy sex and Tanner's feelings for Max would forever be warm and affectionate. Max kept them up with the lives of their other friends.

"We should have a reunion with our friends from high school," Ian suggested.

"I think that's an awesome idea."

"I want to invite everybody from the orgy. Max and Finn, Tanner and Noah, Davin and Cody and of course, Luke and Cory."

"I'm good with that. I have only one question. Where? Mountains or beach?" Ocean asked.

"Depends on when we have it. The mountains are perfect for fall and winter. The beach is better for spring and summer. Both houses have five bedrooms, so we can fit everybody at either house."

"I'll call Max," Ocean said. "He's in touch with all the guys. He could simply put out some feelers for dates and we'll go from there."

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Several months later, in mid-May, Ian and Ocean were waiting anxiously at their beach house in Duck, North Carolina. The temperature was perfect for the weekend and the pristine beaches were not crowded. Since there are no public beach access points in Duck, the beach had very few visitors and mainly residents.

Max and Finn came a day early to help with the preparations. Fresh linen was put on each bed. Fresh towels with into each bathroom. They planned which bedrooms would be assigned with each of their friends in mind. A trip to the grocery store and the liquor store was finished and finally, on the day of arrival, everything was ready. Ian glanced out at the gentle breakers washing up on the white sand when there was a knock on the door.

Ian opened the door and squealed with excitement as he hugged Tanner and then Noah. Ocean gave them both a hug too.

"Come in, come in. My God, it is so good to see you two," Ian said. Max and Finn are already here. Just set your bags down over there. We'll get everybody settled in a bit. Come on, follow me. We're gathering in the den."

Max stood up as Noah walked in followed by Tanner. Max smiled as soon as he saw Tanner and he quickly made his way over to him. Tanner threw his arms around Max and hugged him tight.

"That's my man you've got your quarterback arms wrapped around," Noah said sniggering. "I love you too, Max. I know you and Tanner are special to each other. Go ahead and spend some time together. I'm gonna catch up with Ocean, Ian and mister swishy hair." Tanner grabbed Max by the hand and pulled him into another room. He leaned in close and looked into Max's eyes.

"Is this, okay?" Max grinned and nodded. Tanner locked lips with Max and they enjoyed a long, sensuous kiss.

"I've missed you," Tanner said breathlessly.

"You'll always be special to me, Tanner." Tanner kissed Max again and reached down between Max's legs and gave that eight inch quarterback cock a squeeze.

"God, I want you so bad."

"I've been dreaming about this for months," Max said. Tanner dropped to his knees as Max undid his shorts and let them drop to the floor. Tanner wrapped his lips around the head of Max's hard cock, teased the slit, then buried his nose in Max's pubes, swallowing the familiar cock down his throat. Tanner bobbed his head up and down on Max while he quickly undid his own pants. Tanner pushed his pants down to his knees, letting his own hard cock pop out. Max grabbed the back of Tanner's head and started fucking him in the mouth.

"Fuck, that feels so good," Max whispered. Tanner reached behind Max and grabbed his ass with both hands pulling Max deeper into his throat. Max fucked Tanner's throat a few seconds then came out long enough for Tanner to get a breath, then slammed his cock back into Tanner's throat, fucking him hard. Max was overcome with affection and lust for his old friend. He was so taken up in the moment that he felt his balls churning.

"I'm gonna cum, Tanner. Get a good breath." Tanner took two deep breaths through his nose and plunged back down on Max's cock. Max throat fucked Tanner, then held still as his cock pumped hot cum down Tanner's throat. Max pulled out a bit and blasted a couple of shots on Tanner's tongue, then slowly plunged back in all the way. As Tanner's nose was buried in pubes, he came. His cock exploded sending hot ribbons of cum all over Max's shorts. Tanner savored the taste of Max's cum as he slowly bobbed his head and twisted his tongue. Tanner, bit by bit, pulled off and released the cock head with a soft 'pop.' He looked up at Max and smiled. Then he looked down at Max's shorts.

"Oops, I hope you have another pair of shorts. These are kinda ruined," Tanner said with a grin. Max laughed and hauled Tanner to his feet.

"Tanner, do me a favor and never change. Please continue to be the fun, free spirited, cute as hell boy that I have missed so very much," Max said as he wrapped his arms around Tanner.

"You guys finished with your reunion sex?" Noah asked as he walked around the corner. Max blushed while standing there with his cum soaked shorts around his ankles.

"Yep, we're all done," Tanner said. "And thank you for letting me do that." Noah laughed and hugged both Tanner and Max.

"Max, I think you need to change your shorts unless you want Tanner's cum all over your junk," Noah said looking at Max's shorts. Max smiled and pulled them up. "You're the man. And, you taught Tanner everything he knows about sex and I thank you for that."

"Tanner was abused by his father. That, in and of itself, is enough to cause anybody to freaking go crazy, but Tanner, despite his not knowing any better, turned around and embraced how two boys have proper sex. He is truly an amazing boy, well, man now. Noah, you are one lucky man to have him in your life."

"Sometimes I think back to that time in the shower and I feel like such a shit."

"But we didn't know what Tanner was going through," Max said.

"I know, but still, I felt guilty. Tanner and I have talked about it and we've been able to put that time in our lives behind us. Our relationship started when Tanner was in a different place. Since he moved out of that, he has grown into a totally different person that I love with all my heart. That time in the shower … we were cruel. All of us dropped down to the level Tanner was at. Thank God, you stepped in and brought Tanner out of the hell he was living in."

"I am right here," Tanner said.

"I know you are," Noah said as he kissed Tanner on the cheek. "We all went through pure hell and look at us now. You're working your dream job helping people cope with life and you get to tell high school kids about bullying. I, on the other hand, get to deal with complete idiots every day."

"You're the general manager of an eight hundred room resort. If they're idiots, why do you keep hiring them?"

"Because they give me great head," Noah said laughing.

"I know, I know. They drain you dry and you come home and fuck me through the mattress because you've already cum two or three times."

"Perks of the job, but you get to cum twice while I'm just getting warmed up."

"We need to join everybody else in the den. All this talk about sex is getting my motor running and I just came. So, let's join the others." The three young men walked back into the den.

"Hey guys, Davin just called. He and Cody will be here in about an hour. I also heard from Luke. He and Cody will be here about the same time. So, who wants a Captain Morgan and Coke?" Ian asked. All hands shot into the air and Ian got up to mix drinks.

"We've planned to have a casual meal here tonight and go out for local seafood tomorrow night. There's five bedrooms in the house. You guys are on the second floor, bedroom to the right. You can go ahead and put your things there whenever you want to." Tanner and Noah jumped up and headed to get their bags. Finn looked at Max with a grin.

"You've had sex with Tanner?"

"He gave me a blow," Max said blushing.

"Do you have it out of your system or do you need to fuck him?"

"It would be my dream come true to spit roast him with you."

"You want to fuck him while he sucks me, right?" Max grinned and nodded. "I knew this day was coming, so fine, but, we've got to change places too. You know what, why don't we just have a reunion orgy, just like we had way back when."

"Orgy? Did I hear orgy?" Ian said as he served the drinks. Max thought about it for two seconds.

"Yeah, why not?" Max said with a grin. "This will be the first time we've all been together since that night at the campsite."

"Oh my God!" Ian exclaimed. "Ocean! Did that order of Swiss Navy come in from Amazon?"

"What?" Ocean asked, confused, as he walked back into the room.

"Did the lube come in?"

"Yeah. It came yesterday."

"Yes!" Ian squealed excitedly.

"What the fuck, Ian?" Ocean asked.

"We're gonna have an orgy, just like we did, uh … twelve years ago!" Ocean looked at Ian. Then he looked at Max and Finn. Finn swished his hair and smiled. "Where are Tanner and Noah?"

"Went to their bedroom to put their bags up. They'll be right back," Max said.

"We already assigned bedrooms, so that's not an issue," Max nodded.

"Tanner and Noah should be right back. Finn and I have are already settled in our room, nice view by the way and that leaves two bedrooms for Luke and Cory and for Davin and Cody. First floor left and second floor left,"

"Okay, we're all set," Noah said as they walked back into the den.

"What do you guys think about having a reunion orgy, just like we did back in high school?"

"Do you really have to ask?" Tanner said with a smirk.

"We're in? You guys got lube? I only have enough for us," Noah said as they both sat down on the couch.

"Just got four big bottles in yesterday, so we're all set," Ian said and turned to Ocean. "Everything good with you?"

"We are grown adults, not some out of control horny teenagers drunk and high on sex weed," Ocean said.

"Ah, Ocean, if you'll take a minute and look, we all have a Captain Morgan rum and Coke in our hands and I have a Ziplock bag with a dozen sex weed joints I just got from dad last week," Ian explained as nods were seen from everybody in the room.

"Fuck it, I'm in, but," Ocean held up a finger. "No pressure on Davin and Cody or Luke and Cory. When they get here, Ian, you can explain to them this idea. Anybody says no, then that's that. Remember, Davin wasn't all the excited about it and Luke and Cory have been fucking for the camera for five years. They might not be as excited as you guys."

"Yes dear," Ian said. Ocean rolled his eyes. Their secret code words of 'yes dear' translated to 'fuck you.'

"Like I said, Ian. You present the idea. If they're game, cool. If they're offended by the idea and leave, that's on you guys."

"Who could resist my deliciously hot, tight ass?" Finn said swishing his hair.

"And my big eight inch quarterback cock?" Max said.

"And I can suck a bowling ball through a fifty foot garden hose," Tanner said.

"And I can cum five times a night, still to this day, by the way," Ian said.

"Plus, when Davin had my cock in his ass, he was beggin' for more and his boyfriend, Cody, he's a little lynx. That boy's middle name is horny."

It was at that moment that the doorbell rang. Ocean looked at Ian and Ian looked at Ocean.

"You get it," they both said at the same time. Before either of them moved, Max jumped up and headed for the door while Ian and Ocean grinned at each other.

"Anybody home?" Luke called out as Max came around the corner. "Max!" Luke called out. The two old friends embraced.

"Max, how are you?" Cory asked. Max released Luke and grabbed Cory in a tight hug.

"How are my two favorite porn stars?"

"We're a bit out of sorts," Cory started. Max frowned. "Got a phone call on the drive from the airport. Aaron, a friend of ours, got killed in a car wreck yesterday."

"Oh, no. I'm so sorry," Max said hugging both Luke and Cory.

"He was working for Helix when we started. You probably know him better as Kyle Ross. We finally got to do some work with him and he was incredible. Sexy as hell."

"Do you need to change your plans?" Max asked concerned.

"No, we've come all the way across the country for this weekend. Nothing will happen before we get back. It was just a shock and I think this weekend will the perfect way to smooth that over and get on with life."

"If you're sure?"

"Absolutely," Luke said. "Please don't share that with the guys. We don't want to put a dark cloud on the weekend."

"My lips are sealed," Max said.

"Until my cock slips into your mouth," Luke said with a grin.

"Did we tell you? We just bought a house in Malibu," Cody asked. Max shook his head, "You guys have to come out and visit. I want some more of your delicious quarterback cock." Max's eyes got big.

"It's cool. When you have sex for a living, actually having sex off camera is fun," Cory said. "No interruptions from stupid directors."

"Just drop your bags here. There's five bedrooms and two of them are left. You guys are on the second floor to the left. You can take your bags up anytime. Come on, everybody is here except Davin and Cody and they should be here any minute." Max dragged the latest guests into the den.

"Oh my God, Luke and Cory!" Ian said jumping up and wrapping them both in a hug. Ocean, Noah, Tanner and Finn all jumped up and gave them hugs too. They all found seats and Ian handed them both a Captain Morgan rum and Coke.

"This house is fabulous," Luke said "And the view is to die for. I understand you built it Ocean?"

"Yeah, all the bedrooms face the beach and have their own private deck. The infinity pool is downstairs and that's probably where we should take in sunset. There's an adjacent ten by ten hot tub too," Ocean preened then pulled back. "Sorry, not meaning to brag, but I understand we've all done nicely."

"Remember that campout when we were in high school?" Max asked. Both Cory and Luke nodded with twin grins. "We're thinking about having a reunion orgy. What do you guys think?"

"We're in," Cory said with no hesitation. "We actually talked about that on the drive down from the airport."

"We're all in, too," Ian said while nodding his thanks to Max for opening the discussion. "I have supper ready for tonight and we were thinking about eating out tomorrow night, but with three culinary experts here, that plan might change. We're all probably a bit ragged out from traveling to get here, so let's plan this massive, squirming mixture of cock, mouth and ass for tomorrow night." Everybody nodded in agreement.

"I need a refill. Can I get anybody a re-up?" Finn asked as he stood up and swished his hair.

"Yeah, I'd like to re-up my cock in your tight butt," Cory said with a smirk.

"I've seen that cock in action mister, in scene after scene after scene. I think you might be worn out and can't get it up," Finn said grinning. Cory flopped his cock out for everybody to see. It was semi-hard as he smacked its eight inches on his palm.

"Oh, it's like fine wine. It's only gotten better with age."

"Trust me, Finn. It works just fine," Luke said. "He pumped his cum so far up my ass last night it's probably still leaking out. Speaking of which, where is the bathroom?" Ian showed Luke the restroom.

"So you guys like the west coast?" Finn asked.

"Yeah, we got used to LA and the whole west coast during the five years we worked for Helix, but we both fell in love with Malibu," Cody explained. "Our house is on Zuma beach. Very popular with surfers due to the nice wave action. And the surfers, oh my God. The scenery is delicious not to mention the lifeguards they hire. I thought what I did on camera was obscene. You should lay some eyes on those perfectly tanned hunks." The doorbell rang out and Ian jumped up to answer it. He pulled the door open and there was his longtime friend Davin and his boyfriend Cody.

"Davin!" Ian screeched as he launched himself into Davin's arms. Cody stood and grinned as the best friends hugged.

"It is so good to see you, Ian," Davin said as he released the hug. Ian smiled at Davin, then turned to Cody.

"Hey you cute hunk-a-licious. How are you?" Ian said as he wrapped his arms around Cody.

"I'm great, Ian. I'm so glad we're finally here."

"Just drop your bags here and come on into the den, everybody else is here, but first I've got to ask you two something," Ian said, blushing.

"You're planning to have an orgy?" Davin asked with a smile. Ian nodded. "I kinda thought that might happen. What's it been, twelve years ago since this group has been together?" Ian nodded again, anxiously awaiting Davin's answer. Davin seemed to think about it for a minute.

"We're in," Cody said.

"I was going to tell him," Davin pouted.

"He was drowning in anticipation. I couldn't stand it anymore, you brute," Cody said smacking Davin on the shoulder with a grin. Ian beamed.

"Come on, let's go see everybody." Ian turned and led them into the den. "They're in for the orgy," he announced to cheers. The young men, all just about to turn thirty trooped down the stairs to the infinity pool for sunset.

Infinity Pool

"Clothing optional," Ian announced as he shucked his shorts and jumped in. When he came to the surface, he looked at his friends. "It's heated to ninety degrees. Jump the fuck in." Nine boys stripped and with cocks flopping, jumped in the pool. The view of the sunset from the infinity pool was breathtaking as they enjoyed the warm water. Of course, there was a grope of cock here and there. The air was filled with sexual anticipation of the night to follow. Many of them had literally not seen the others since that night at the campsite when they became one large organism, sliding and thrusting, giving and receiving and exploring each other in an experience none of them had ever experienced before or since. The mere thought of what they all mutually agreed upon for the following night energized the air around them.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Finn, Davin and Ian were gathered in the kitchen going over the menu and checking the available ingredients for the Friday night feast.

"We've all the ingredients for a low county boil," Finn suggested.

"Too messy, but a good idea. What about shrimp scampi served over angel hair pasta with home made Alfredo sauce with chopped broccoli?" Ian suggested.

"Salad on the side with garlic bread?" Davin said nodding.

"I can take care of the Alfredo sauce," Finn said swishing his hair.

"When did you become so interested in culinary arts?" Davin asked.

"Since I moved to Charleston. The variety of available fresh seafood is exceptional. I often buy it right off the boat," Finn said with a grin.

"Kudos to you, Chef Finn. Remind me before this weekend is over, where you live. I'd love to come down and experience some of your cooking," Davin said smiling.

"Of course, Max and I would love to have you and Cody anytime. We remodeled an old Victorian and, not to be bragging too much, but it turned out fabulous. I can't wait for you to see my kitchen. It's a chef's wet dream."

"He should be bragging," Ian said. "Their house is stunning." Davin looked over the skinny young man with the swishy hair and his respect level jumped up several levels. Davin, the exacting chef, would make his final judgment by tasting the Alfredo sauce. Simple enough sauce, but very easy to screw up and required constant attention.

Half an hour later, ten young men gathered around the food ladened table. Several bottles of a nice Chardonnay had been chilling on ice. Ian made the rounds and filled wine glasses. He put one full bottle at each end of the table. They sat down and Finn served up each plate. Davin had been so impressed with the Alfredo sauce, he insisted that Finn serve. As each plate was being dished up, Davin decided that credit needed to be given.

"Finn was executive chef tonight. Ian and I just followed along as he orchestrated this phenomenal meal." Finn beamed and swished his hair. Everyone enjoyed a large dish of angel hair pasta, served at a perfect al dente. The pasta was mixed in Alfredo sauce and chopped broccoli, filled with delicious shrimp fresh from the dock. There was a spring salad on the side with fresh ingredients from the garden, sliced almonds, feta cheese, quartered cherry tomatoes and hint of Vidalia onion with a lovely raspberry vinaigrette. Plus, there were fresh baked, scratch made garlic bread sticks. Ian poured everyone another glass of wine. The candle lights on the table set the mood and everyone dug in.

Davin glanced at Finn. Ian glanced at Davin. Finn beamed at the sound from the table. Silence. They all grinned at each other with matching smiles. There was silence at the table as everyone enjoyed their culinary efforts. That silence was golden to the three chefs. Silence meant everyone was enjoying their meal so much, they didn't take time to talk, until the questions started.

"What is kicking this Alfredo sauce? It's freaking perfect? And I've eaten at some fancy LA restaurants and I've never had anything this good," Cory said, taking another bite.

"A little of this and a little of that," Finn said. "Mainly, some red pepper flakes, a lot of fresh chopped garlic and I added some pepper jack cheese with the Parmesan, but the real kicker, I added some wasabi paste to give it that little kick."

"You rock, dude. It's absolutely delicious," Luke said,

"That's my chef, rocking the house," Max said beaming at Finn.

"Someone told me you two got married?" Noah asked.

"Yeah, we decided to make it official, so we got married on June third. Our eighth anniversary is next month," Max said as he reached over and squeezed Finn's hand.

"We didn't get an invite!" Luke said.

"Sorry guys. We decided to do it on Monday and we got married on Wednesday. It was a very small, mostly family event," Max explained.

"Well, I know I'm damn proud of both of you," Luke said as he looked at Cory and winked.

"What? You want to get married too?" Cody asked with a grin.

"To the person who wakes up, scratches his ass, farts, then pisses like a fuckin racehorse and doesn't' bother to flush?" Luke countered. Cory blushed. "And did I mention your breath?"

"If you don't like the smell of your cock on my breath first thing in the morning, perhaps I'll stop sucking on it," Cory countered back. Everybody else in the room broke out laughing. The laughter died down somewhat until Cory tried to put in the last jab.

"And I'm only saving water by not flushing because you come running in crossing your legs and hopping up and down holding on to your cock and begging for the toilet," Cory smirked.

"Perhaps it not just piss that wants out," Luke smirked back. "There's usually two loads of your cum beggin' for some air first thing, so if you don't want to see me hopping, then start popping your cock out when you cum." The whole room erupted in uncontrollable laughter. Cory stood up and the laughter slowly came back under control. He knelt at Luke's feet and looked up. Ian sucked in a breath, knowing what was about to happen.

"Luke, you are the love of my life. You and me are two halves that make up a whole. Those two halves join seamlessly and effortlessly and it's been that way since I met you almost fifteen years ago. We've been through it all, to hell and back and we're still here, you and I." Cory paused and took Luke's hand softly into his own. "I think what we have should be nurtured, revered, cherished and also, honored. That being said, Luke, would you do me the honor of being my husband?" Everyone held their breath as Luke tapped his finger on his lower lip.

"Of course," Luke whispered as tears of joy ran down his face. Everyone cheered. Ian's face was streaming with tears as he turned to Ocean with his puppy dog eyes on full power.

"Let's not take anything from Cody and Luke's moment, but yes, I'll marry you," Ocean said softly. Ian threw his arms around Ocean and cried more tears of joy.

Davin came from the kitchen carrying a large tray with bottles of champagne and flutes. Ian rushed over and gave him a hand.

"Hope you don't mind, but I saw this champagne in the refrigerator and thought this is the perfect moment to enjoy some," Davin said.

"I totally agree," Ian said as he popped a cork and started filling champagne flutes with the bubbly liquid. Between the two best friends, they served champagne to everyone.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Max woke up the next morning to the sounds of the surf, a gentle breeze fluttering the sheer drapes and Finn giving him a blow job. He glanced to his left and saw a glass of orange juice on a small tray along with a Danish. Max crossed his arms behind his head and spread his legs some more, giving Finn plenty of room to work his magic. He could wake up like this for the rest of his life. The sounds of the surf and Finn's slurping sounds put Max in a very happy place.

In the bedroom just above, Cory woke up. The sound of the surf was different from what he was used to in Malibu. The smell in the air was even different. The warm mouth working on his cock, now, that was familiar. Cory glanced down and ran his fingers through Luke's soft dark hair. He was the man Cory had asked to marry him. The thought of it brought a smile to his lips. He spread his legs and little wider and Luke settled in on his elbows with his hands gripping Cody's ass cheeks while bobbing his head up and down on Cory's eight inch cock. Luke knew how this would end, so he'd already put a towel down to catch his cum. He'd already ruined Max's shorts. He didn't want to have to change the sheets too. It was the perfect start to Luke's day, sucking on his most favorite cock in the world.

In the bedroom just below, things were heating up quickly. Finn was bobbing his head up and down, with every third bob a deep throat. Max's breathing started to speed up. Finn switched to deepthroating every bob, head to pubes. Finn felt Max's cock swell and get harder. Finn was ready and he bobbed even faster. He knew Max's body probably better than Max and buried his nose in pubes just as Max came, shooting hot wads of cum down Finn's throat. Finn felt his husband's cock pulse in his throat. He backed off and let cum wash across his tongue. Finn swallowed the last of Max's cum and released the cock head with a quiet 'pop.' Max rolled Finn over and went down on Finn's cock. In less than fifteen seconds, Finn came down Max's throat with a whimper.

In the bedroom above, Luke was giving a porn star blow job to Cory. He'd sucked that massive cock on camera many times, but he still couldn't get enough of Cory's cock. He'd been sucking on Cory since they were freshmen in high school. Luke hollowed his cheeks and sucked on Cory hard, knowing that would bring Cory off quickly. The moans and panting breaths told Luke to get ready. Seconds later, Cory's hot cock sprayed hot cum down Luke's throat. As he felt that lovely hot cock pulse in his throat, Luke flooded the towel he was laying on with his own hot load of cum. Luke laid his head on Cory's thigh and continued to suck on the big cock in his mouth. He pulled his hands out and lovingly rubbed Cory's legs and tummy. Even as Cory's cock softened, Luke continued to suck on it and playing with it with his tongue. He coaxed the last drop of cum from Cory and finally let the cock fall from his mouth where it dropped down on Cory's big balls.

In the bedroom across from Cory and Luke, Tanner woke up to a hot tongue on his butt hole. He grinned and moaned, letting Noah know he was awake. Noah redoubled his efforts with his tongue, stabbing it in as deep as he could into Tanner's hot hole. He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of Swiss Navy lube. He pumped some onto his finger and pushed it into Tanner's hole. He did it again and knew Tanner was ready. Tanner rolled over onto his back and raised his legs as he watched Noah slick up his cock. Noah lined up and pushed the head into Tanner's slick hot hole. Tanner nodded and Noah slowly sank all the way in.

Down in the kitchen, Davin and Cody were preparing a delicious breakfast. Sausage patties were simmering in the frying pan while Cody sliced tomatoes and Davin prepared the hash browns. Breakfast for ten young men would require quite a feast. Coffee was brewing and orange juice was being poured and eggs were about ready to be scrambled.

Back upstairs, Noah was now fucking Tanner slowly, enjoying the feeling of Tanner's tight hole gripping on his hard cock. He sped up and knew he wouldn't last long. Tanner was stroking his own cock and moaning with each thrust. Noah sped up and his hot cock hammered into Tanner's hole. Noah felt the cum gathering in his balls. He was close. Noah looked down at Tanner's handsome face and counted himself lucky to have him in his life. Noah pulled his cock out and sprayed Tanner's chest with hot ribbons of cum, then slammed his cock back into Tanner's hole just as Tanner came.

In the master bedroom, Ian was plowing his cock into Ocean's hole. They'd reached skin slapping skin speed and Ian knew he wouldn't last long. He reached down and stroked Ocean's cock. Ocean reached up and tweaked Ian's nipples. Ian pounded his cock into Ocean and stroked Ocean's cock up and down faster and faster. Ian felt the cum rising in his balls and knew he would cum soon. He stroked Ocean's cock and played with his balls while banging his cock into Ocean's hole. Seconds later, Ocean came, sending cum flying through the air and landing wetly on his chest. Ian pulled his cock out , gave it a pump and sent more hot blasts on cum raining down on Ocean's chest.

"Breakfast in ten minutes!" Davin yelled up the stairs. Four showers were turned on at the same time. Cum was washed down the drain and hair was shampooed in record time. Eight young men, who now had ravenous post sex appetites came running down the steps. As they entered the kitchen, they watched as Cody sucked the last bit of cum from Davin's cock. Davin looked up.

"While you fuckers were having sex all morning long, we've been down here preparing breakfast. Cody was hungry and couldn't wait so I gave him a protein shake." The young men busted out laughing. Ian and Finn moved quickly to help finish up breakfast.

The young men ate breakfast and headed out to the beach for day of sun and fun. They laid in the sun, splashed in the waves and even body surfed. By lunch time, they were ready for a break from the sun, salt and sand and made their way back to the house. The outdoor shower got a work out. Then they jumped in the pool to lounge around.

"Are you guys ready for tonight?" Ian asked. There were nods and yesses from them all. "Okay, Davin and Finn, let's get together after lunch and figure out the menu for tonight. Right now, let's grill some dogs and chow down. Ocean, start up the grill please." It was hot dogs with all the fixings with chips and baked beans for lunch.

"There's tons to do here. We can check out the shops on the boardwalk or we could go parasailing," Ian suggested while they ate.

"Oooh, parasailing!" Noah said. "I've always wanted to do that!" Ian looked around the group and got nods.

"Okay, parasailing it is. They're ten minutes from here. If you've never been, you're gonna have a blast."

Ten young men drove up to Duck Parasail and the owner saw money. He also saw two of Duck's newest residents and backed his greed down a notch. Ian negotiated and soon they all boarded the boat and headed out. Two by two, they were lifted into the Carolina blue sky and enjoyed the fantastic views from five hundred feet in the air. It was exhilarating.

"I'm stoked! What's next?" Davin asked as they walked back to the twin Range Rovers.

"Wanna go horseback riding on the beach?" Ocean asked. "Or would you like to go on a submarine ride and see the ocean floor?" Silence greeted Ocean's offer. They looked at each other, trying to make a decision. "We could always do both but remember what we have in store for tonight." They decided on the submarine ride and Ocean called one of his oceanographer friends. Half an hour later, they were seated in the submarine. Portholes lined each row of seats and the submarine slipped silently under the waves. They peered out the large portholes at the sandy bottom and watched starfish make their way along. Flounder flapped their wings digging down into the sand to camouflage themselves from the approaching submarine. The young men were amazed at all the different brightly colored fish swimming around a coral reef. The ride ended entirely too soon and they rode back to Ian and Ocean's house talking excitedly about what they had seen.

The night of the reunion orgy was upon them. Each young man's shorts showed their excitement as their cocks tented the fabric. This would be a night to remember for the rest of their lives.

The resident chefs prepared a light dinner. Ten young men retired to their rooms to prepare for a night of wild sex with no holes barred.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

At eight-thirty, they gathered at the infinity pool to watch the sunset. Each young man had a Captain Morgan and Coke in his hand.

"Guys, I have some thoughts about tonight," Ocean said as he fingered a sex weed joint. Everyone turned to look at Ocean. "Don't get me wrong, I want us all to have sex together, but … "

"But what, Ocean?" asked Ian.

"I want us to have sex together in the same room, but I want us to have sex with our own partner." He was met with silence. "Look, we're not in high school anymore. Each of us is in a loving, committed relationship and we are living the lives that we only dreamed about. Cody, you and Luke have your dream house in Malibu. You're retired, for fuck's sake, at the age of thirty and living the life. And you're going to get married. Congratulations! Tanner, you have your dream job helping people cope with life and you're helping kids understand how bad bullying is. And Noah, you're the general manager of a huge resort with hundreds of employees and from the sound of it, you love your job. And Davin, my oldest and dearest friend, you have a job I never knew you excelled in. You get to work from home and still you're head of IT for Blue Connect, one of the largest internet service providers in the country. How you got from cooking to that, I'll never know. And, the crowning achievement is your relationship with Cody. How he puts up with you, I'll never know. Cody, you're the regional vice-president for Truist Bank. Never knew you liked to crunch numbers. I thought you like to crunch dick, but I know you're happy. And Max, with your love of football, you have your dream job coaching high school football. You were just bragging the other day that your team won the state championship. And swishy hair Finn loves to cook. His catering business employs twenty people and he is the go to caterer in Charleston and that is saying something. You two married right out of college and I could not be happier for you. And, thanks to Davin, I have Ian in my life. And speaking of marriage, I have agreed to marry Ian. So my whole point in all of this, that each and every one of us is happy, successful and deeply committed to our partner. Yes, we could have an orgy, but I think we all would be a lot happier making love with the person we hold most dear in our life and do that together as a group." Ocean was met with silence. He glanced around and saw nods of agreement all around. When he looked at Ian, there were tears streaming down Ian's face. "What's the matter, Ian?" Ian smiled.

"I have never been so proud of you, Ocean. I love you with all my heart."

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Promises of an annual reunion were made with the next reunion at Max and Finn's home in Charleston. Finn was already planning the menu. As Ocean and Ian said goodbye to their friends, they stood arm in arm waving as the last car pulled out.

"Ocean Nolan, I love you."

"I love you too Ian Knight."

*** The End ***

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