Neo by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer    Neo
by Jevic
The Tarheel Writer
Chapter Nine
"Roxbury Academy"

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Neo by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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"I think it's time you and I and Henry had a face to face," Aiden said as they sat on the couch in the apartment. "Six million dollars should not be sitting in a checking account. It should be in some kind of investment account being looked after by somebody who knows what they're doing."

"I know, Aiden," Neo said softly.

"Why are you such a sourpuss this morning?" Neo sighed and snuggled back into Aiden's arms hoping the subject would change. He sighed again. "Neo?"

"Fine," Neo huffed. "I'm not exactly thrilled at the thought of meeting Henry and I'm sure he's not too keen on meeting me either, so there."

"Neo, remember he agreed to share with you." Neo shot up from the couch seething. He whipped around and pointed his finger right between Aiden's eyes.

"I'm supposed to be grateful to him for agreeing to share you with me? The fuck, Aiden! I didn't agree to share you with him! I've got no say so in this, this, whatever the fuck you wanna call it. Either way or neither way, I don't get to have what I want and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it and it's not fair and I don't fucking care whose feelings get hurt because all I know is that mine are getting hurt. No, they're not getting hurt. They're getting trampled on … by a huge herd of elephants … ah … elephants with rabies! And now you want me to sit down and have tea and cookies with the man who … fuck!" Neo spun around, ran out the door and slammed it shut behind him. A moment later, Aiden heard tires screeching in the parking lot. A knock on the door stirred Aiden.

"Hey Aiden," Adam said as he walked in. "Neo sure was in a hurry. You guys run out of Swiss Navy lube or something?" When Aiden didn't smile at the joke, Adam knew something serious was going on. "Okay, spill Aiden. Lover's spat? Disagreement on who's gonna top? What's going on?"

"It's hardly your business …"

"Have you forgotten who the fuck you're talking to?" Aiden looked up into the very pissed off face of Neo and his best friend. Aiden dropped his shoulders and his head and let out a sob. Adam immediately wrapped him in a hug.

"Aiden, what's happened? Tell me and let me fix it," Adam said softly while his ran a hand through Aiden's soft blond locks.

"I suggested to Neo that we meet with Henry …"

"You did what?" Adam exclaimed. Aiden paused and looked at Adam.

"What? Did I do something wrong?" Adam shook his head in disbelief.

"You can't do that Aiden. They can never meet, well, maybe way down the road, but definitely not now. You're the luckiest fucker in the world and you don't even realize it."

"What are you talking about?"

"Look, Aiden. You have two wonderful people that love you. Yes, they are as different as spring and fall, but they both love you. Your first love has agreed to let you spend time with your new love. Right?" Aiden nodded, still puzzled as to what he had done. "Okay, think about this from a different perspective. Let's say you fall in love with someone. I'm talking about head over heels in love. This guy is everything you've ever wanted in a person. He's beautiful, thoughtful, sexy as hell and he's everything to you. Then he tells you he's in love with someone else, but that's okay, someone else is willing to share." It hit Aiden in the forehead like a runaway locomotive.

"Fuck!" Aiden exclaimed.

"No, it's more like 'I've fucked up' instead."

"Fuck! Okay, I've fucked up!"

"That's it. You finally got it. Now, what are you going to do about it?" Adam said with a smile. "You gonna go get him chocolates and flowers? You gonna cook him his favorite meal? You gonna give him a blow job? What are you going to do, Aiden?"

"I've no idea and I've no idea where he might be," Aiden said with a sob.

"I think I know exactly where he is," Adam said with a smirk. Aiden whipped his head around. "He's at you guy's bench at the park. That's always been his 'go to' spot." Aiden jumped up and hugged Adam.

"Thanks!" Aiden flew out the door leaving it wide open.

"I don't know what it is about those two with leaving the door open and putting on sex shows for anyone passing by," Adam said to himself. He chuckled and closed the door. Then he started cleaning up the breakfast dishes. He decided he was gonna hang around and maybe get in on a little make up sex.

Aiden skidded to a stop several yards away. Neo was on their bench, head in his hands and obviously crying.

"I fucking caused this," Aiden said to himself. "And I'm gonna fix it." He gathered all his courage, walked up to the bench, and sat down next to Neo. He clasped his hands together between his knees and lowered his head. Neo ignored him and sat quietly. He was furious, hurt and without question, deeply and madly in love with the son of a bitch sitting next to him.

"Neo, I'm sorry. I am so truly sorry. I don't know what I was thinking. I never considered how this … this arrangement affected you." Neo turned and looked at him through reddened eyes. A single tear ran down Aiden's face before he continued. "I was selfish, Neo. I only thought about how it affected me. I never considered anybody else, you and, yes, Henry too. I only thought of me and what I wanted. For that, I am truly sorry." Aiden hung his head and took a deep breath before making his final plea. "Do you think you can find a way in your heart to ever forgive me?" Aiden plead with a sob. Neo looked at the boy he had fallen in love with. Aiden was, after all, his world. With fresh tears in his eyes, Neo tentatively reached out and patted Aiden's shoulder. With that simple gesture, the dam broke on Aiden's tears and they streamed down his face.

"We will fix this, Aiden," Neo said quietly. He wrapped his arms around Aiden and held him until the tears ran out.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Adam smiled when his friends came in the door, arm in arm and smiling at each other. They finally noticed him and grinned. Then they looked around and noticed the entire apartment had been straightened up and cleaned. The bed was even made.

"Wow! Thank you so much. You certainly didn't have to do all this, but thank you," Neo gushed.

"What are friends for? I'm happy you guys are smiling again."

"Adam, I really want to thank you. You made me see the light," Aiden said sincerely. Adam wagged his eyebrows.

"Ya know, a blow job certainly isn't out of the question. I mean if you want to thank me properly and all." Aiden smiled.

"I think that can be arranged," Aiden said and nodded to Neo. "Have at it." Neo smiled. Aiden knew he loved to suck cock almost more than anything. Neo slipped over to Adam, who was sitting comfortably on the couch. He sank down to his knees and rubbed at the lump in Adam's shorts.

"I could thank you, as you said, properly, if these shorts were to somehow disappear," Neo purred. Adam immediately pushed his shorts down to his ankles. Neo pulled his sandals off along with his clothes and tossed them to the side. Adam's six inch cock was semi hard and growing. Neo lathered it with his tongue, getting it good and wet. Finally, Neo sucked the spit slick cock into his mouth. He sucked it in until he felt it enter his throat. Neo kept going until his nose was buried in soft pubic hair.

Adam watched Aiden strip naked as he ran his hand through Neo's soft blond hair. Aiden came over and locked luscious red lips with Adam.

"Thank you," Aiden whispered to Adam. Aiden stood and straddled over Neo and put his hard cock in Adam's face. Adam looked up, smiled at Aiden then licked Aiden's cock head. He wrapped his lips around the head and started bobbing up and down.

Neo hollowed his cheeks and took Adam's hard cock to the root. He played with Adam's balls and massaged his taint. Neo put two fingers in his mouth and got them slick with spit. He plunged his mouth back down on Adam's cock as he rubbed his spit slick fingers on Adam's hole. He slowly slipped one finger in all the way and hooked it, rubbing it across Adam's prostate. That got a good moan from Adam. Aiden felt the reverberations all through his cock and balls.

Neo slipped a second finger in as he bobbed his head up and down on Adam's hot cock. Precum splashed across his tongue as he picked up speed. He knew Adam's cock so well, that he knew when it was going to spit cum. Neo hollowed his cheeks and buried his nose in pubes. Adam's cock pulsed as hot cum blasted down Neo's throat. Neo loved the feeling so much. He grabbed his own cock and gave it a couple of tugs. His cock spit out hot ribbons of cum, splattering all over the front of the couch.

Aiden's cock quickly filled Adam's mouth, who swallowed it down greedily. Adam let the still hard cock out of his lips with a quiet 'pop.'

"That was quite tasty," Adam said, smacking his lips. Aiden chuckled as he moved to let Neo up. Neo rose up on his knees and put his hands on Adams thighs. He leaned forward and locked lips with Adam. Aiden's cum and Adam's cum mixing in their mouths to become a rather intoxicating sexual cocktail.

"Damn right it was tasty," Neo said mimicking Adam by smacking his lips. The boys dressed and gathered on the deck for drinks and snacks.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Neo and Aiden waited patiently in the reception area. The financial planner came highly recommended by Henry, who was very impressed at the wealth the boys had amassed when Aiden told him about the modeling contracts.

"Mr. McKenna. Mr. Carter. Mr. Long is ready to see you now." Neo snickered at the planner's name. Aiden grinned. They walked into Robert Long's office, bank statements in hand.

"Gentlemen, welcome," Robert said as he stood and reached out to shake both of their hands. "I was intrigued when Henry called. Please sit and make yourselves comfortable."

"Thank you for seeing us so soon, Mr. Long," Aiden said.

"Please call me Bob."

"Okay, uh, Bob. I'm Aiden and this is Neo."

"Very pleased to meet you both."

"We brought our bank statements," Aiden said as he pushed them across the desk. Bob glanced at the first statement and his mouth fell open. He quickly looked at the second statement. Bob sat back in his chair, totally caught unawares. The balances were astounding.

"If you don't mind me asking, but how," he gestured to the statements, "did you acquire such wealth at such a young age? Inheritance?"

"We're both fashion models and just signed some lucrative contracts," Aiden explained.

"Well, that explains that. First, I need to ask what immediate financial needs you have?"

"We're plan to go to Roxbury Academy," Neo said. Bob arched his eyebrow. And excellent choice in his book.

"We'll need to pay tuition, buy books, and we'll be staying on campus, so whatever they charge for that," explained Aiden. "Oh, and I need to buy a car."

"Aiden, I have a brand new car. Why do you need one? You can ride with me anywhere." Aiden turned his head and just looked at Neo waiting for the light bulb to pop on. It only took seconds as the silent 'o' appeared on Neo's lips.

"Right then, school and a new car. What about rent, utilities, insurance for the cars, health insurance, clothes, annual physical, food …" The boys were stunned. "I think you get the idea."

Bob helped them make up a budget that covered any and every expense. By the end of the meeting, they both felt a whole lot better.

"Okay, I'll need your signatures on a few forms authorizing me to have access to your funds. I'll also be getting you both credit cards. They will have a hundred thousand dollar limit. I do not want your debit cards or your check books to leave the house. And go buy a safe, a really good one and lock everything of value in it. If your faces are going to be all over the place, you're going to get recognized. Be sure to have a security system installed quickly. Put me on the call list too. Now, any other questions?" The boys walked out of Bob's office and headed for Neo's car.

"Let's go car shopping, Neo."

"Do you know what kind of car you want? Or maybe you want a truck?"

"I don't know, Neo, but I want to go back and see Ryan, the salesman at Toyota. I really liked him."

"You mean you think he's cute and you want to fuck him," Neo laughed.

"Neo! I'm not that bad," Aiden laughed too. "But you know, now that you mention it, he really does have a cute butt. Neo zoomed down the highway and couldn't resist screeching his tires pulling into the dealership. Ryan looked up and frowned. As he made his way out to greet them, he couldn't think of a thing that could be wrong.

"Hi Neo. Hi Aiden," he called out as he greeted them at the front door.

"Hi Ryan," Neo said smiling.

"Is everything okay with the car, Neo?" Ryan asked nervously.

"It's awesome, Ryan. We were both really happy with the whole experience when I bought my car, so we're here to buy a new car for Aiden."

"Wonderful," gushed Ryan.

"Hey Ryan, what's that yellow car in the showroom?" Ryan turned and looked. Aiden had spotted one of the more expensive models. Then he remembered the cash deal he made with Leo and smiled, but just to be safe, he would warn the really cute teen about the price.

"That's the brand new 2023 GR Supra. I will warn you though, the base car starts around forty thousand."

"Ryan, my man. Do you get commission?" Ryan nodded. Aiden put his arm around Ryan's shoulder and said in a soft voice, "I want the biggest baddest most expensive model of that car you have," Aiden said with a smile. Neo rolled his eyes. Ryan lit up like a county fair search light.

An hour later, Ryan handed the keys to Aiden, who was now the proud owner of a bright yellow 2023 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Premium model, completely loaded of course. Aiden had fallen in love with the leather seats.

Toyota Supra

Both boys squealed tires leaving the dealership and headed for Roxbury Academy.

Another hour later, both Neo and Aiden were enrolled for their senior high school year at the most prestigious college prep school in the nation.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Collier had been giving a lot of thought to his experience with Grayson. The kid had dominated him like no one else had. The big dicked kid just knew what he wanted and took it. Collier's way of thinking took a change. He had always been the perfect power top, after all, he was the starting quarterback of the football team. He was the leader. Everyone looked up to him. All the gay boys wanted him to fuck them.

He did a quick mental check of the boys he'd had sex with, starting with Neo. Yes, he bottomed for Neo, ah, once. He ran the other name's through his mind and came up with … nothing. He had always been the top. He was always in charge … until now. Collier thought back through the entire time with Grayson. He had ordered Collier to do things, not asked, but ordered. Collier's cock twitched at the memory.

Yes, Grayson took charge and that turned Collier on, but it was that huge eight inch cock … shoved down his throat and shoved all the way in his butt … that really turned him on.

"Maybe … maybe I'm a bottom," he thought to himself. "I really liked getting fucked. I even came, twice, without touching myself." Collier's cock plumped up a bit and he felt it ooze some precum into his boxer briefs. The door to his dorm room opened and Benji walked in dragging a huge suitcase.

"Collier, thank God. Can you give me a hand? There's another bag in the hall." Collier moved quickly and retrieved the other suitcase. He brought it over to Benji's bed.

"Here you go."

"Thanks Collier," Benji smiled and gave Collier a hug. "We've gotta have reunion sex but let me unpack all this shit first."

"You just got here, sit down and relax a minute. You can unpack that shit anytime."

"I am tied. Fuck, I've had to drag those bags into the airport and then back out when I got here," Benji said as he plopped down on the bed. Collier's mind was racing. His hands were literally trembling with excitement. All he could think about was Benji's eight inch cock. He had to have it. He wanted it. He needed it.

"Let me help you relax, Benji. You'd like a nice hot blow job, wouldn't you?" Benji frowned. He always blew Collier and he really didn't feel like doing that night now.

"I've got to catch my breath before I blow you Collier. Give me a break."

"No, I'll suck you, Benji. I'd really like that," Collier said with pleading eyes.

"But I always suck you, Collier."

"I really want to suck your big dick, Benji. I really do."

"Well," Benji shoved his shorts to his ankles, "have at then." Collier was on that cock in a flash, shoving the whole thing down his throat. It was completely soft but was showing signs of life. Collier reached up and shoved Benji's balls into his mouth as well and played with them with his tongue.

"God, Collier. You've got my whole junk in your mouth," Benji said surprised. Collier bounced his head against Benji's body, trying to get more into his mouth. "Collier, what the fuck?" Benji pushed Collier off his cock. "What's up with you?"

"I just really want to suck your big cock. I want it down my throat and then I want it in my ass. I need it in my ass. I need you to fuck your hot load of cum up my ass and then I want you to do it again. Please, Benji," Collier begged.

"What the fuck happened while I was gone?"

"I met Grayson." Benji's eyes bugged out.

"You mean eight inch dominating Grayson?" Collier nodded and Benji blurted out a laugh. "He fucking turned you into a bottom," Benji said matter of factly.

"Yes, I need a big cock in my butt and you have the biggest cock of anyone I know, well, except for Grayson."

"I can't believe it. The quarterback of the football team wants my nelly ass to fuck him in the butt?"

"Well, not your ass, but your big fucking fat juicy cock. Now can we get on with it?"

"Sure, suck it and get it hard fucker." Collier went back down and swallowed Benji's growing eight inch cock. Collier felt it growing in his mouth. It grew and grew, making its way down Collier's throat. When it finally reached full hardness, Collier actually cried with happiness, tears rolling down his face as he bobbed his head on Benji's cock. "Damn, Collier. Grayson is an aggressive, verbal abusive top. Is that what you want?" Collier responded by bobbing his head more aggressively on Benji's throbbing eight inch hard on. "Okay, if that's what you want." Benji stood up. Collier kept the big cock in his mouth. "Gonna fuck your throat mother fucker. Gonna fuck it hard." Benji grabbed Collier's head and slammed his cock down his throat. Collier mentally sighed in happiness. Benji throat fucked Collier, occasionally giving him time to breathe, but aggressively fucked Collier's hot mouth until he was ready to cum.

"Get ready cocksucker. I'm gonna give you a hot load of my cum. That's what you want, isn't it bitch? Gonna fill your tummy with a hot load of Benji cum. And I'm gonna do it right now!" Benji tightened his hands on Collier's head and slammed his huge cock down Collier's throat, pumping seven or eight hot spurts of cum straight down Collier's throat. Collier came … without touching himself. Benji looked down as he felt something hot splashing his ankle. He grinned as he watched Collier's cock shoot hot blasts of cum on his leg. Benji pulled his now semi hard cock from Collier's mouth, but Collier hollowed his cheeks and sucked out the last of Benji's huge load. The cock slipped out of Collier's lips with a 'pop.'

"Fuck me, please," Collier begged.

"Collier, fucking slow down. Let me catch my breath and wipe your fucking cum off my legs," Benji panted. Collier stood up and went to his bed. He grabbed a hand towel and a bottle of Swiss Navy lube. He quickly came back to Benji and wiped his cum from Benji's leg. He turned around, so Benji could see his ass. He pumped some lube on his fingers and shoved two fingers up his ass. Benji was gobsmacked as he watched Collier finger fuck himself.

Collier pumped more lube on his fingers and then shoved three fingers into his butt. Benji was shocked by Collier's behavior. Grayson must have unlocked something inside Collier with his big old dick, but Benji didn't care about that right now. His cock was back to full hard and pulsing in anticipation. He didn't get to top very much, due to his size, but he was not going to pass up on this opportunity. Benji slid down to the floor on his knees. It was obvious Collier wanted it and wanted it bad. He knee walked between Collier's legs, lined up his eight inches of hard cock and pushed. Collier actually backed up, fucking himself on Benji's cock. When he was fully seated, Benji took a moment to enjoy the hot velvet smooth clenching surrounding his cock.

"Relax your ass and get ready." He felt Collier's ass pulse around his cock as it gripped and released. When that finally slowed down, Benji knew Collier's ass was ready. He pulled back about halfway and eased back in. Collier groaned. Benji started by grinding his eight inches of hard cock in and out of Collier's ass.

"Fuck yeah, baby. I'm fucking your hot ass and it feels really good," Benji said. He pulled slowly back then slammed his cock deep. Collier groaned again. Benji smiled and grabbed Collier's hips. He slammed his cock home again and started to hammer fuck Collier.

"Fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock! Don't stop! Fucking give me that big cock!" Collier screamed as he pushed his ass back on each of Benji's strokes. Benji smiled. Collier had truly become a great big bottom. He grinned at the thoughts of the coming school year and fucking Collier day after fucking day. This was going to be the best year of his life. Benji looked down and watching his great big cock slid in and out of his beautiful roommate's ass. The sight alone made his cock surge.

"I'm gonna pump a huge load of cum in your ass, just to lube it up for another ass pounding," Benji said while hammering his huge cock into Collier's willing ass.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Collier chanted in time with Benji's strokes. It was like music to Benji's ears. He slammed home and pumped a hot load of cum in Collier's ass, eight, nine, even ten spurts of Benji's cum filled Collier's ass. Collier felt to giant cock pulsing and he clamped his ass muscles down and came again, flooding the dorm room floor. Benji was gasping for breath. His cock was stilled buried deep in Collier's ass. Benji was enjoying the feeling of the hot velvet smoothness that held on to his cock. Suddenly, he felt Collier push back, then pull forward.


"I want more of that big fat cock in my ass," Collier gushed.

"Jesus, Collier. You are out of control," Benji said as he slammed his cock back into Collier's cum slick ass.

"Fuck yes!" Collier screamed.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

"Perfect, guys," Fernando called out. "Just move a little to the left and give me that look again." Neo and Aiden shifted and looked each other in the eye. They were wearing the second set of underwear of the shoot. The designer underwear from Chip's company were so skimpy, they could almost be called pornographic, but Fernando kept shooting.

"If you rub you cock against me one more time, I'm gonna get hard," Neo whispered to Aiden. The look he got from Aiden was pure lust. Click, click, click, click.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard when we get home," Aiden whispered back. Click, click, click, click.

"Okay boys, take a break," Fernando called out. "Come over here a minute." The boys walked over toward Fernando, putting on their robes in the process. "You two are doing great today. I'm getting some really great shots, but …" Fernando's cheeks pinked a bit, "I think you two need to spend some time in the dressing room and cool off or go ahead and take care of the sexual tension. We're approaching porn with some of these pictures," Fernando finally smirked. Neo flushed red. Aiden smiled.

"Come on Neo, let's go." The boys retired to the dressing room. As soon as the door was closed, Aiden whirled around and locked his lips with Neo and rubbed his semi hard cock up against Neo's hard cock.

"Aiden, I'm gonna cum if you keep that up," Neo whispered.

"That's the point, Neo. We need to go back out there with soft cocks. The best way to do that is to get off." Aiden said as he sank to his knees, pulled down the skimpy designer underwear and sucked in Neo's hard cock. He bobbed his head hard for less than a minute and Neo's cock fired hot spits of teen cum in Aiden's mouth. He swallowed the cum in gulps and squeezed the last out with his hand. Aiden stood up, kissed Neo, then pushed Neo down to his knees.

"I'm a hair trigger, so I'll cum really fast," Aiden said breathlessly. Neo sucked his cock into his mouth, swirled his tongue around the head, hollowed his cheeks and swallowed the whole thing. Aiden grabbed Neo's head and held him still as his cock pumped out a hot load of cum. Neo felt the cock pulsing in his throat. Aiden's cock pulsed its last pulse and he pulled it out of Neo's mouth. Neo smacked his lips.

"Come on, let's get cleaned up and get back out there," Aiden said. He grabbed a washcloth, got it wet in hot water in the sink and handed it to Neo. He grabbed another washcloth, wet it, and washed his cock and balls.

Neo pulled the skimpy underwear back up and arranged everything.

"How do I look, Aiden?" Neo asked. Aiden turned and looked as he was arranging his own cock and balls.

"Not so much like a porno star anymore. Come on, let's get back on set." They hurried back out to Fernando.

"Okay boys, here we go. Aiden, please stand by the surfboard. Neo, I want you on one knee right beside him and both of you look at me." Click, click, click. "Okay, now look at each other." Click, click, click, click. "Okay, wardrobe change please." Kevin came out on set carrying their robes, which he handed over. With their backs to everyone except Kevin, they both shimmied out of the underwear and pulled on the new pair. Kevin arranged their equipment and stood up.

"Perfect. Give me your robes and continue to look good enough to eat," Kevin said with a smile.

"Just did that, Kevin," Aiden said with a smirk. Kevin's face took on the silent 'oh' expression and quickly excused himself.

"Neo, I need you to sit on the beach chair. Aiden stand next to him and put your hand on his shoulder. Yeah, like that. Eyes on me please. Perfect." Click, click, click. "Now look at each other please." Neo looked up with adoring eyes and Aiden gave him a small loving smile. Click, click, click, click, click. "Wonderful," Fernando gushed. "Just wonderful. Now over to the green screen. I need to get some close ups." The boys walked over in front of the green painted wall and waited.

Fernando came in and took close up pictures of the underwear individually.

"Okay, now, Aiden stand behind Neo and just to his side so I can see the underwear. Put your arm around Neo. Yes, just like that. Hold still." Click, click, click, click. "Okay, that's a wrap. I've got everything that was on the shot list. Let's go take a look." Fernando downloaded the images to his computer and then pulled up the first shot on the seventy inch screen. He clicked through until just before the last wardrobe change. Neo blushed as they looked at the bulging crotches on the screen.

"Can I get a copy of that one, Fernando?" Aiden asked with a smirk.

"Sure, email okay?"

"Perfect, thank you."

"There's a couple more I think you will enjoy. I'll add them too."

"Thanks, Fernando. We're going to go change." The boys headed for the dressing room to get dressed. Both boys kept the last change underwear on as they pulled on their shorts, tennis shoes and shirts. Kevin knocked softy on the door. Neo opened it and Kevin handed over a bag.

"That's the underwear from today's shoot for you. Ah, you might want to launder the last pair. They're a bit, ah, damp," Kevin said blushing.

"Thanks, Kevin. As always, we really do appreciate everything you do for us," Neo said.

"You are so welcome. See you next time." Kevin closed the door.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Neo and Aiden made their way down the hall looking for their dorm room. Finally, they found room B205, directly across from B203. The unmistakable sounds of skin on skin slapping were coming from the room. Aiden put the key in their lock and turned it.

"Fuck me harder!" came the obviously male scream from B203.

Aiden started into their dorm room, but Neo stopped at the door. There was something familiar about that voice.

"Come on fucker! Pound my ass with that big cock!" It hit Neo like a ton of bricks. He crossed the hall and opened the door. The sight before him shocked him and he drew a deep breath. Aiden looked over his shoulders. Collier was on all fours getting doggy fucked and four other boys were in line for their turn.

"Isn't that Collier?" Aiden whispered. Neo could only look on in shock.

"Fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock! Don't stop! Fucking give me that big cock!" Collier screamed. The skin on skin slaps echoed around the dorm room.

"I'm gonna pump a huge load of cum in your ass, just to lube it up for the next guy!" Neo gasped as he watched the kid pull a monster cock out of Collier's ass only to slam it back in hard. The kid did that several times then slammed it deep and groaned as he obviously flooded Collier's ass. Collier raised his head with a look of pure bliss and came, flooding the dorm room floor. The kid pulled out quickly and another big dicked kid lined up and slammed home. Collier groaned.

"Let's get in line," Aiden whispered.

"Fuck," Neo thought. "It can't be! Collier! Getting fucked? Collier bottomed for me once. In all the time we dated, he bottomed fucking once. He must have fucked me a hundred times, but only let me top once and that wasn't really topping. He fucking rode my cock." But, right there before his eyes, his former boyfriend was not just getting fucked, he was getting gang fucked.

"Neo, let's get in line." Neo turned to Aiden.


"Let's get in line and fuck him. You told me he never let you do him, well, now's your chance." Neo thought about it as he watched Collier obviously enjoy being hammered in the ass. The second kid buried deep and groaned as he came.

"Next," he said as he pulled out. Another kid moved in and quickly slammed his cock in and hammer fucked away.

"Okay," Neo said with a smirk. They walked in the room and closed the door behind them. They quietly undressed with their eyes locked on the show on the floor. Neo glanced at the remaining kid, who was slowly pumping on his huge cock as he watched.

"Come on," Aiden said as he walked over to stand behind the last boy in line. Neo followed then openly gasped. Aiden turned to Neo. "What's wrong?" Neo pointed to the bottle of Swiss Navy lube on the bed.

"He's using my favorite lube, even after all this time," Neo whispered.

"Fuck yeah! Here comes another load of cum!" the current kid was holding Collier by the hips and was long dicking Collier. The kid's dick was pretty long as he pulled almost all the way out and slammed it back in. He slammed it home and groaned loudly, spilling his load of cum into Collier's ass. He pulled out and walked around to Collier's head and dropped to his knees. "Suck it clean!" Collier didn't hesitate for a second and deepthroated the still hard cock. The kid grabbed Collier's head and fucked him in the face as the last kid in line slammed his cock into Collier's ass.

As Neo watched, he couldn't help getting hard. He glanced at Aiden, who had pumped a couple of gobs of lube in his hand and was slowly pumping on his hard seven inches as he watched.

"Neo," Aiden whispered. Neo turned from the hot three way and looked at his boyfriend. "Let's double fuck him." Neo's eyes widened and he slowly started to smile.

The kid fucking Collier's mouth groaned. He pushed Collier's head down hard on his cock and pumped a hot load of cum down Collier's throat. The kid doing the ass fucking groaned and came. He moved out of the way. Collier had yet to notice Neo or Aiden. He just kept his ass in the air and his head down. Aiden stretched out on the bed.

"Get up here and ride it," Aiden said in a voice that sounded to Neo like an order. He watched as Collier got up from the floor. He faced away from Aiden as he placed his legs on either side. Aiden was holding his cock straight up and Collier sank down on it balls deep. Aiden looked over at Neo and nodded his head with a smile. Collier had started to bounce on Aiden's ample cock. His head was thrown back in pure sexual pleasure.

Neo eased on the bed between Aiden's legs. He watched Collier's big cock flop back and forth with each bounce on his boyfriend's cock. Neo took a deep breath, then moved quickly as he held Collier down. Neo lined up and slid his cock all the way into Collier's cum slicked ass. Collier didn't even look up. He just held his head back and groaned. Neo grabbed Collier by the hips. It felt fantastic to feel Aiden's cock next to his as he started to fuck, grinding his cock in and out. Aiden started moving as well. They were in perfect synch as one cock went in, the other came out. They scissor fucked Collier. Neo put his lubed fingers around Collier's cock and started pumping slowly. His other hand played with the balls. Neo switched up the pace. Aiden matched him stroke for stroke as now both cocks hammered home at the same time.

Neo held on to Collier by the cock and fucked his former boyfriend hard. He pumped on Collier's cock faster and circled his fingers around Collier's balls and squeezed tight, pulling them down. Collier chose that moment to raise his head and look Neo in the eye. Neo smirked as Collier's eyes widened in recognition. Neo and Aiden slammed their cocks deep into Collier's ass and held still. Collier came. Long ribbons of cum flew in the air hitting himself in the face and hair. Neo felt Aiden's cock pulsing hot cum in Collier's ass.

At the last moment, Neo made a decision. He pulled out, stood up and moved forward. He looked Collier in the eyes as he pumped his cock. Hot globs of cum shot out of Neo's cock and covered Collier's face. He reached out and grabbed Collier by the hair. He put his still spurting cock into Collier's mouth and pulled his head down on his cock. Neo grabbed Collier's head with both hands and face fucked him hard. He could feel the bed moving and knew Aiden had started fucking again. Neo took his thumbs and wiped the cum off Collier's eyes. Collier blinked and looked up at Neo and locked eyes. Neo slammed his cock back down Collier's throat. Collier groaned and Neo felt hot globs of cum hit his back. Collier had cum again. Neo fucked Collier's face hard and finally held his head still. His cock pulsed its second hot load straight into Collier's throat. He heard Aiden groan from below, contributing his load of cum to the six that were already sloshing around in there.

Neo eased his cock out of Collier's throat, but Collier sucked on it hard. He raised his eyebrows, pleading Neo. Collier moved his legs, allowing Aiden to move off the bed. Collier lowered his back toward the bed pulling Neo along with his hard sucking mouth. Neo moved with him until his knees settled on the bed on either side of Collier's head. Neo leaned forward to all fours and started fucking Collier in the face again. Collier raised his hands and grabbed Neo's ass, pulling him down harder into his mouth. Aiden watched and his spent cock gave a twitch. He got up on the bed and straddled Collier. Aiden leaned forward and licked Neo's ass. Neo groaned as he felt Aiden start to tongue fuck him. Collier's mouth was clamped down on his cock. Aiden grabbed the Swiss Navy lube and pumped a couple of globs onto his fingers and eased them into Neo's bouncing ass. With his other hand, he pulled Neo up against his chest. Neo grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under Collier's head. Aiden eased his now hard cock into Neo's ass and held it deeply inside. Aiden felt two hands on his ass pushing him forward. He grinned. Collier had turned into a real cum slut.

"Neo, I'm going to stay still. You can fuck his face and ride my cock at the same time," Aiden whispered in Neo's ear. Neo moved forward forcing his cock into Collier's mouth. He felt Aiden's cock come out of his ass about halfway. Neo pulled his cock slowly out of Collier's mouth as he felt Aiden's cock slide back in his ass. Neo groaned and picked up speed. Aiden wrapped his arms around Neo and played with his nipples while licking his tongue on Neo's neck. Neo groaned again.

Aiden was enjoying Neo's ass sliding back and forth on his cock, but it was time for him to do some fucking. He pushed Neo down on all fours, causing Neo's cock to bury itself in Collier's throat. Aiden grabbed Neo's hips and shoved in deep. He set a good pace and was soon slapping skin. He had been so absorbed in what they were doing on the bed, it surprised him when he looked up the see five teens watching the action and pumping on their cocks. He smiled. They smiled.

Aiden was ready to cum. He fucked Neo hard and with one final slam home, he pumped his hot cum into Neo's butt. He pulled Neo back to his chest as Neo groaned. His cock spat out big hot globs of cum in Collier's throat. Cum hit Aiden's back as Collier came yet again. Aiden leaned further back and pulled Neo with him. Neo pulled his spent cock from Collier's mouth and spread his knees a bit to give Collier some room. When he looked up, the five boys in the gangbang were gathered around the bed. One took Neo's cock into his mouth. Another sucked up Aiden's cock while a third sucked Collier's cock. The other two got up on the head of the bed and pumped their cum all over Collier's face. They moved and two more dropped cocks from their mouths and took their place. They both pumped their cocks hard and pointed them at Collier's face. They virtually came at the same time, raining cum down on Collier's happy face. Only one boy remained and he was sucking happily on Collier's semi hard cock. Neo eased himself up and off the bed. Aiden got off and stood up as well. They watched the boy with the eight in cock lift Collier's legs and put them on his shoulders. He grabbed Collier's thighs and slid his monster cock in Collier's cum soaked ass until he was balls deep. The boy leaned forward and piston fucked Collier.

"Yes, yes, yes," Collier chanted as his ass was rammed by the big eight in cock over and over. His head was thrown back on the pillow, cum dripping off his face.

"Collier is totally different from when we were dating," thought Neo as he watched Collier's face. "He is totally into getting fucked. I can't believe he just took seven fucking cocks and even took a double. Fuck, he's turned into a big old cum slut."

"Time to leave, love," Aiden whispered, rousing Neo from his thoughts. The other boys had already left. Neo turned, smiled and nodded. They went to the bathroom and wiped all the cum off. They went back in the dorm room to get their clothes. The skin to skin slapping was going at a furious pace as Neo and Aiden slipped out the door.

"That was fun," Neo said. "I love you Aiden."

"I love you too." They walked into their own dorm room and closed the door. Neo set about putting everything away. Aiden helped as best as he could, but Neo was the neat freak. In no time everything was put away, study desks organized and bed made. Neo opted to only make one since they were sleeping together. The dorm bed was much smaller than what they were used to, but it would work quite nicely. Aiden came up behind Neo, wrapped his arms around him and kissed his neck.

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