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by Jevic
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Chapter Ten

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Neo by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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It was their first weekend home and Neo sat on the couch at his apartment on Friday afternoon feeling lonely. Aiden was with Henry for the next two nights. Neo glanced at the clock. Six fifteen. He grabbed his keys and headed out the door.

Forty-five minutes later, his belly was full after some good home cooking at Pop's Grill. Neo started his car and decided to check out the park. He pulled around back and slowed. A car was stopped in front of his bench and a long haired blond kid was leaned on the driver's door talking with the driver. After just a moment, the kid walked around and climbed in the passenger door and the car made a swift exit. Neo eased his car up to the same spot, parked and got out.

Neo stretched in the waning light of sunset. He smiled and started toward his secret spot in the woods. He followed the narrow winding path and soon came out in his clearing.

"Hey, who are you?" the boy sitting in the middle of the small clearing asked, standing up in the process. Neo smiled.

"Hi, I'm Neo. What's your name?" Neo said, trying to be very friendly. The boy in front of him was nicely dressed and exceptionally cute with loose curly black hair and bright green eyes.

"I'm Joshua. How'd you find my spot?" he asked warily.

"Relax Joshua. This actually used to be my spot. I lived here most of the summer. Are you staying here?" Joshua visibly relaxed.

"No, just use it for a hiding spot." Neo nodded.

"So, Joshua, are you turning tricks? Dangerous business you know," Neo asked.

"That's a personal question I'd rather not answer," Joshua said quietly, looking at the ground.

"I got kicked out of my home with only the shirt on my back. I had nothing. Nowhere to go and nowhere to stay. I ended up staying right here and turning tricks at the bench out there just to get money so I could eat. I ran into a friend that helped me get a tent. There's a bathroom on the other side of the park that has a shower, by the way. That's how I stayed clean. The trick money kept me fed," Neo said. Joshua intently took in every word.

"Graham's my friend. He's the blond you saw. We're in this together. My dad left, so it's just me and my mom. She's on disability and can't work. The check she gets each month isn't enough, so here I am, making money so we can keep the rent paid, the lights on and food on the table. Sometimes Graham and I two-time to make some extra. Graham's in the same boat as me, but his mom drinks when she's not working." Joshua's story broke Neo's heart. He walked up to the boy and gave him a hug.

"Let's sit down and just chit chat. That cool with you?" Joshua sat back down and Neo sat next to him in the soft pine needles of the clearing. They talked small talk, school, favorites and more. They both perked up their ears as they heard footsteps coming their way.

"That must be Graham," Joshua said. Neo and Joshua stood up just as Graham came into the clearing. He saw Neo and immediately stopped. "It's cool man. He's turned tricks too." Graham relaxed and gave Joshua a hug. Neo watched as the cute skinny long haired blond gave his friend a hug. Graham turned to Neo and offered a fist. Neo bumped him back.

"Did really good this time, Joshua. Made a hundred. He blew me and I blew him. Easy money," Graham said with a smile.

"Awesome, Graham. All we need now is two more fifties and we can call it a day." Graham turned his blue eyes toward Neo.

"So, you've turned tricks before?" Graham asked Neo, who nodded.

"Yeah, spent most of the summer right here working that bench out there," Neo said with a sigh.

"Cool. Any secrets in how to make more money?" Graham asked.

"Regulars. You need regulars you can count on to be there once or twice a week. Look, there's a fine line you have to walk. Sure, be sexy and appealing, but make your trick feel special. Give him a compliment. Kiss him on the cheek. Ask to see him again. Tell him you had a great time. And be sure to thank him," Neo said as he thought back over the summer.

"Good advice. Thanks," Graham said.

"Oh, and then there's cleanliness. Make sure you don't stink. Keep your cock, balls, and ass clean. If you get fucked and want to keep working. You head to the shower on the other side of the park and clean yourself. You need to have a towel, soap, and shampoo in your bag. And a toothbrush and toothpaste. Don't forget a hairbrush. Basically, between tricks, clean yourself so you are fresh for the next trick you turn, because the next one could be one to offer you a thousand bucks. I wouldn't even think about giving you even fifty if someone else's cum was dripping out of your ass. You get my point?"

"Whoa, yes. Point made and point remembered. Thanks," Graham said. Joshua nodded.

"How long you boys been doing this?" Graham looked at Joshua, who shrugged.

"About three weeks," Joshua said. "We're actually boyfriends and, well, you know my story. Graham and I were out for a walk and ended up sitting on the bench out there. Guy comes up in a sports car and asks which one of us wants to make fifty bucks. I looked at Graham. He looked back at me and finally he nodded. I got up. Twenty minutes later and fifty bucks richer, we decided to work the bench and see what kind of cash we could make to help things out at home."

"And it's actually kind of fun," Graham said. "I mean, you know, Joshua and I had a pretty good sex life before all this started. We got together at least two or three times a week. It was good. But when we stumbled on this …" Graham paused, turned to look at Joshua and winked. Joshua blushed. "… things changed. We have sex probably every day or at least every other day. We've learned what turns each other on, what each other like to do, basically everything. And we've used that. We've done a few doubles with tricks. If it's just a blow, we get fifty each, plus another fifty for having both of us at the same time. If it's a suck and fuck, we get five hundred and usually get a tip on top of that. So, it's been cool. Not any big problems. Most of the tricks are really nice."

"I miss some of my regulars. They were really nice to me. They gave me presents. They took me out to eat. It was nice, but at the end of the day … I knew I was just a street kid, a hustler … a, a whore. Remember that, but at the same time, remember to respect yourself. You can say no. You don't have to do every trick that comes by," Neo said.

"Thanks for all the advice, Neo," Joshua said softly.

"Hey, sorry. Didn't mean to rain on the parade. I had some really hot times. Me and a buddy actually did a live sex show in front of thirty guys."

"No, you did not," Graham said with is mouth open in disbelief.

"Yep, sure did. Ran into this trick who offered us a thousand each to fuck in front of his buddies. So, we did and it was hot. I got really turned on and we put on a great show."

"That's awesome," Joshua said with a big smile.

"I had a lot of hot sex right back here too." The two boys smiled. "Tell you what, I'll give you five hundred dollars … each … for a suck and fuck," Neo said with a smirk. He pulled his wallet out, took out ten hundred dollar bills, showing them to the boys. Joshua's eyes got big, then his face broke into a smile as he pushed his shorts down and kicked them off. He turned around and bent over, pulling his cheeks apart.

"This hole work for you?" Joshua said with a smile. Neo dropped his pants and waved his hard cock.

"This cock work for you?" Joshua turned back around and dropped to his knees. He took hold of Neo's cock, swirled his lips around the head and started bobbing his head. Graham dropped his pants and wagged a great big cock at Neo.

"This cock work for you?" Graham said with a smirk. "It's a full seven on the hard."

"That'll work. Joshua, let me get on my knees." The boy backed off as Neo dropped down in the soft pine needles. "Now get back on my cock Joshua. Graham, bring that bad boy over here." Joshua went back down on Neo's cock. Graham swaggered over and straddled Joshua, putting his cock in Neo's face. Neo reached out and cupped the balls. He looked up, locked his eyes with Graham's blue eyes and deepthroated his semi hard cock.

"Whoa, dude. I see you have sucked a cock or two. Go ahead. Let's see what you can do," Graham said with a wink. Neo kept his eyes on Graham, holllowed his cheeks and bobbed his head a few times. Graham's cock was almost full hard when Neo took it into his throat and buried his nose in soft blond pubes. Neo reached out and grabbed Graham's hands and pulled them to the back of his head. Graham got the picture quickly. He grabbed two handfuls of hair and started fucking Neo's mouth.

Joshua looked up and saw his friend's cock buried in Neo's mouth. He couldn't believe what he saw. He dropped Neo's cock out of his mouth and scooted around to watch. He moved to just inches away from Neo's face, eyes intent on Neo's mouth and throat. Graham was plowing his big cock in and out, throat fucking Neo. Joshua could see Graham's cock as it bulged out the skin on Neo's throat with each thrust.

"Shit, I'm gonna cum," Graham panted as he held Neo's head still and rammed his cock in as far as it would go. Neo felt the hard seven incher pulse in his throat. Graham eased up on Neo's head. Neo pulled back to the head and dove back down. He did that several times, then teased Graham's piss slit and finally released the teen's cock with a 'pop.'

"How do you do that?" Joshua asked standing up.

"Just like this," Neo said as he swallowed Joshua's steel hard cock completely. Joshua's six inch pole made it down Neo's throat a little way. Not as far as Graham's, but Graham's cock was almost the same as Aiden's and Neo really loved feeling it in his throat.

"Ugg. Fuck!" was all the warning Neo got as Joshua's cock started spitting cum. The boy must have been worked up. Neo had to swallow three times to get it all down. Neo stood up. His own cock was hard and leaking copious amounts of precum.

"Okay, one of you on this side and one on the other." Graham dropped to his knees on Neo's left side and Joshua took the right. "Perfect, now put your mouths on the side of my cock." Neo chuckled when Joshua lapped the precum up first. With a boy on either side, Neo started thrusting his cock over their lips. "Use your tongues too." Neo immediately felt the change. He grabbed both boys by the back of the head and fucked across their lips.

"Hell yes, I'm gonna shoot," Neo puffed as his cock spit out hot ribbons of cum flying through the air. Both boys watched the spurts rocket from Neo's cock. He stopped thrusting and while his cock's spurts slowed, Joshua sucked it in his mouth and pushed his mouth all the way down. He choked as the cock spat out two more globs of cum. Joshua came back up but plunged back down. He choked again but kept Neo's cock buried in his throat. Neo pumped his cock so Joshua could experience the feeling. He pumped it several more times. Joshua choked and came off Neo's cock. He had tears in his eyes, but a big smile on his face.

"You're still hard," Joshua said in disbelief. He quickly turned to his bag and grabbed some lube. He put some on his fingers and shoved them up his butt. He put some more on his hand and turned to Neo. Joshua slicked up Neo's cock, spun around and dropped on all fours. Neo dropped to his knees. Joshua backed up until he felt Neo's cock on his hole. He eased back some more until the head popped in his ass.

"Oh yeah, that feels good," Joshua said. "Graham, bring me your cock. I want a spit roast." Joshua backed up some more and took about half of Neo inside. Graham dropped to his knees and put his semi hard cock in Joshua's face. It got sucked right in. Neo grabbed Joshua by the hips and slowly pushed his cock in to the balls. Joshua groaned as his ass spasmed, trying to get used to the cock residing there. Neo grinned as he felt the spasms. They slowly went away and Neo started a slow grind on the ass of the curly black haired boy. This was Neo's favorite fuck, a good slow long dick grind. Joshua choked on Graham's big dick but kept bobbing his head and kept trying to deepthroat it.

"Joshua really gets in to getting fucked. He'll be backing up on it soon," Graham said as he held his cock still for Joshua. He wanted to fuck his mouth, but knew he wasn't ready for that.

True to Graham's words, Joshua started pushing his ass back, demanding more cock. Neo held still for a minute while Joshua fucked himself on Neo's hard cock. Two quick bounces and then a wiggle was Joshua's pace and that was fine with Neo as he held still and let him enjoy himself.

Joshua choked again, but Neo watched as the boy's head kept bobbing on Graham's big cock. He looked down and watched Joshua's cute butt bounce and wiggle on his cock. If the boy kept this up, Neo would be cumming soon. Neo grabbed Joshua's hips and took control, fucking the boy at a good pace. He heard Joshua groan which in turn made Graham groan as his cock was surrounded by the quadrophonic vibrations made by Joshua's moan. Neo smiled as he picked up the pace even more. Neo's hidden pine needle covered secret spot in the woods heard skin slap skin again. Neo wondered at the stories this place could tell. Joshua groaned again. Neo watched him try to deepthroat seven inches of hard cock.

"Yeah, that's it. That's it! You got my whole cock in your mouth Joshua. Fuck yes," Graham panted. Neo slowed to a grind and leaned over Joshua until his head was right beside Joshua's. Neo looked up at Graham and opened his mouth. Graham pulled his cock from Joshua's mouth and shoved it down Neo's throat, then pulled it out and shoved it down Joshua's throat. The curly dark haired boy took it like a champ with no choking. Graham continued to go back and forth with his cock.

"When you're ready to blow, be sure to give it to Joshua. Push all the way into his throat and pump him a hot load," Neo said. Graham nodded and continued swopping. Neo continued to grind his cock in Joshua's butt.

"Okay, I'm getting close," Graham said. Neo leaned back up and started to hammer his cock in Joshua's tight ass. "Oh yeah, here it comes." Graham shoved his cock all the way into Joshua's mouth and down into his throat. Joshua felt the cock pulse in his throat. He pushed his face hard against Graham's pubes, pushing the cock deeper. Neo slowed as he reached the end. He shoved his cock in hard and let loose. Hot cum splashed the walls of Joshua's ass. Joshua's clamped down on Neo's still spurting cock. It clamped down repeatedly as Joshua's cock fired cum onto the soft pine needles. Joshua slowly let the cock out of his mouth while Neo continued to slowly fuck the cum out of his cock and into his butt. Joshua pushed back hard, burying Neo's cock in his ass. He leaned up so his back was against Neo's chest. Neo wrapped his arms around him as Joshua started rocking his ass, slowly fucking himself on Neo's still hard cock.

"I did it, Neo. I took Graham's cock down to his balls." He looked up at Graham. "I fucking buried my nose in your pubes and took your hot load of cum," Graham grinned.

"You are the best Joshua!" Graham said grinning. He locked lips with Joshua for a scorching hot kiss.

"Neo, I even felt it when Graham came. His cock pulsed in my throat. It was awesome," Joshua gushed as he continued to rock back on Neo's cock. "God, your cock feels so good, do you mind if I keep it in my ass for a bit longer?"

"Not at all, your ass feels great." Neo felt his load of cum start to leak out. "Yeah Joshua, that's hot. I can feel my cum leaking out of your ass and dripping down on my balls. Fuck, yes. Back up on that cock." Joshua fell forward on his hands and started bouncing his ass back on Neo's cock. "You up for a second round buddy?" Neo's answer was Joshua speeding up, slamming his ass back on Neo's hot cock and wiggling his butt as he fucked himself on Neo's cock.

Graham had been watching the scene in front of him start to get hotter. He was still semi hard. He saw Neo look over at him. He caught the nod, grinned, and stood up. He straddled over Joshua and shoved his cock down Neo's throat. Neo found himself in a unique position. He didn't have to move. He had a cock going down his throat and an ass fucking itself on his cock. They were almost in synch. Graham's hands were tight around Neo's head. Graham changed things up. He buried his cock and held it. He moved Neo's head back off about halfway, then pulled Neo's head back down on his cock. Graham stood still and gripped Neo's head with his hands. He rocked Neo's head back and forth on his hard cock. Joshua was still slamming his ass back on Neo's cock.

"Get ready. Gonna cum real soon," Graham said as he pulled Neo's head all the way down on his cock. Joshua heard and really started pushing his ass back to the point he was making Neo's favorite sound of skin slapping against skin. Graham's hands were firmly bobbing Neo's head and thrusting his cock at the same time. He groaned loudly and buried his cock as deep as it would go. Neo felt the pulses in his throat. He grabbed Joshua's hips and slammed his cock deep and came. His cock pumped out a hot load of cum. Joshua pulled his ass off and spun around. He opened his mouth and went all the way down to the pubes. He got the last pulse of Neo's cock. He pumped his hand on his cock a few strokes and blasted out his second load of teen boy cum all over the soft pine needles. Graham released his hands and slowly pulled his cock out of Neo's throat. He'd kept it buried there for almost a minute. Neo gulped in air, then slammed the big cock back into his throat. Graham roughly grabbed his hair and pulled him down on his cock as far as it would go. Joshua meanwhile bobbed his head on Neo's cock and decided to try to deepthroat that hard cock again. He took a deep breath through his nose, then buried that nose hard into Neo's pubes. That's when he felt it pulse and pulse and pulse. Neo fired his load deep into Joshua's throat. He was so turned on with Graham's cock, he couldn't help it. Graham released his head. Neo slowly withdrew, milking that wonderful cock as he went, finally releasing the head with his trademark 'pop.' He chuckled when Joshua made a 'pop' releasing Neo's cock.

"Fuck, that was hot boys," Neo said as he gulped in lungful's of air. Joshua sat back on his haunches and grinned. Graham stepped to the side and sat down.

"I haven't cum that much in a long time," Graham said. "What was that, like three times in a row? Unfucking believable."

Neo reached out and grabbed his wallet from his shorts. He counted out five hundreds and handed them to Joshua with a smile. Then he turned to Graham and gave him the remaining five bills.

"Thanks guys. That was some of hottest sex I had in a while and that's saying something. Graham, your cock down my throat made me cum twice in a row. Joshua, you got it at both ends, one in the butt and one down the throat. You're one hot little shit."

"Neo, you really don't …" Joshua started, but Neo held up his hand.

"You know what," Neo started. He reached back into his wallet and pulled out another wad of cash. He counted out another ten hundred dollar bills. He handed five more to each boy. "I have been in your shoes and this is something I want to do. I hope that gets you both caught up and you don't have to work so hard. I'm in school about an hour and a half from here during the week, but I'm home every weekend. I promise to come by and check on you guys, okay?" Joshua and Graham put their arms around Neo and hugged him tight. Both boys had tears in their eyes.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Neo slowed his car and pulled into the KOA Campground. He drove around slowly until he saw what he was looking for. He stopped in front of his father's motorhome and shut down his engine. His hands gripped the wheel so hard that his knuckles turned white in pure fury at his father. Neo got out of his car and slammed the door shut. His anger coursed through his young body. He marched up to the motorhome and pounded his fist on the door.

"What the fuck?" his father exclaimed as he pulled the door open. "Oh, it's you faggot."

"Shut the fuck up, asshole!" Neo screamed. His father was taken aback by his son's anger, but he soon recovered as he stepped down out of the motorhome.

"There's nothing for you here, so hit the fuckin' road!" his father yelled. All the blow jobs and all the fucking he was forced to do to survive, reared its ugly head. Neo clenched his fist and hit his father square in the nose as hard as he could. Blood sprayed from his father's face.

"You made me beg for food! You kicked your own flesh and blood to the street! I'm sure mom is spinning in her grave with pride at the way you treated me!" Neo was screaming so loud that spittle from his mouth sprayed his father's face. "I hate you mother fucker!" Neo said as slammed his fist into his father's face again. "You see that!" Neo pointed to his new car. "That's fucking mine!" His father looked and his eyes bugged out. "It's paid for … in cash. I've got millions in the bank! Because I made it happen, all by myself. So, daddy, take your landscaping business and your precious motorhome and shove them straight up your ass!" Neo struck out again, hitting his father in the face for the third time. "I don't need you anymore asshole. You were never there for me to begin with since mom died. So, fuck you! Fuck you!" Neo spun around and ran to his car. He fired it up and did three donuts in front of his father's bleeding face. He stopped and rolled down the window. "Just so you know, I never, ever, ever want to see your sorry face again. I hope you die and rot in mother fucking hell!" Neo slammed on the gas, burning rubber, and zoomed out of the KOA Campground. He glanced down at the speedometer. It read a hundred and ten miles an hour. He lifted off the gas and slowed quickly.

"That mother fucking son of a bitch!" he screamed and pounded his fists on the steering wheel as blue lights came on behind him. "Fuck!" he screamed. He quickly pulled over to the shoulder of the road and stopped. The police car pulled up behind him.

"Fuck!" Neo screamed and pounded the steering wheel again. The officer walked up and tapped on the window. Neo rolled it down. When he looked up, he recognized the face of one of his tricks.

"Oh," the officer said. "It's you, Neo." He smiled at the officer.

"Yeah, it's me. Sorry about the speeding. I just left my father's motorhome back at the KOA. I was thanking him for kicking me to the street."

"Neo, it's cool. Calm down. You've got yourself all worked up."

"I know, I know. I just want to go home and go to sleep."

"Okay, no problem. Where have you been? You haven't been at the park." Neo groaned to himself.

"I found a job and have been working a lot. I really haven't needed to be at the park very much."

"That's good for you, Neo. I'm happy for you. Of course, not too happy for me, but ya know what, I can only wish happiness for you. You got me through a tough spot with my wife and I thank you for that. You are one hot little dude." Neo smiled and nodded his head. "Drive straight home and follow the speed limit, okay"

"I will. I promise."

"Okay, Neo. You take care of your cute self," the officer said with a wink as he turned back toward his patrol car.

"Thank you, sweet Jesus," Neo said to himself as he started his car and moved back on the two lane road leading back to town. "At least this was one time being recognized by a trick away from the park had paid off," Neo smiled at the thought.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Saturday morning dawned early and Neo found himself face down on the couch. He pushed himself up and looked down. He'd slept in his clothes. Neo groaned, pushed himself to his feet and headed for the shower. Yesterday had been fun to begin with and had ended badly. He smiled to himself remembering the blood dripping down his daddy's face. He looked at his aching bloodied knuckles and groaned. With that confrontation off his chest, Neo felt like a new man. The weight that hung around his neck was finally gone. He stripped out of his clothes and stepped into the shower. The hot water pounded the hurt, disappointment and anger from his soul and washed it down the drain. He sighed and leaned his head into the spray, washing everything away.

"Good morning," was called out from outside the shower. "You sure look hot and slippery. Mind if I join you?" Adam stated instead of asked as he stepped into the spray.

"Sure, step on in. It's not like I wanted to enjoy a shower by myself."

"Neo, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were in a mood," Adam said as he turned and opened the shower door. Neo caught him by the arm and pulled him back in the shower.

"Sorry Adam. I had a rough night. I got in a fight with dear old dad and got pulled over by the cops," Neo briefly explained.

"Say no more," Adam said as he wrapped Neo in reassuring hug. "I'm here for you buddy. Anything you need." Neo broke out in a sob as he hugged his friend. They stood there for a full five minutes under the hot spray of the shower head. Neo's sobs finally let up and he pulled back.

"Thank you," Neo said with a lopsided grin.

"What you need is to relieve some stress. I'll be happy to help," Adam said as he reached out and cupped Neo's junk. Neo smiled.

"What I really need is a friend right now," Neo said softly. Adam hugged him.

"You have a friend in me," Adam said. "I think that's the title of an old song." Adam hummed a tune and sang softly.

"You've got a friend in me, you've got a friend in me. When the road looks rough ahead and you're miles and miles from your warm nice bed. You just remember what your old pal said. Boy, you've got a friend in me, yeah, you've got a friend in me."

Adam pumped body wash on his hand and slowly started to rub Neo's back, getting him clean. He pumped some more body wash and slowly broke up the hug and ran his hand over Neo's chest. Adam thoroughly cleaned Neo's entire body. He ignored Neo's erection. He ignored the moan when Adam cleaned Neo's hole. He gently pushed Neo back under the water, wetting his hair. He pulled him back out and gently washed Neo's hair with shampoo. Adam eased Neo back under the spray and helped to rinse out his hair. Adam gently turned Neo around until he was fully rinsed. Adam turned the water off and reached just outside for a fluffy towel.

Adam gave Neo a gentle smile. He put the towel over Neo's head and dried his hair. Then he gently dried Neo's entire body. Adam quickly dried himself. He reached for a terry cloth robe and helped Neo into it. He put one as well. Adam escorted Neo to the couch. Then he quickly grabbed the hairbrush from beside the sink, stood behind the couch and started to brush Neo's hair.

"Why are you doing all this, Adam?" Neo asked softly. Adam leaned over and kissed Neo's cheek.

"Because my friend needed a friend," he whispered in Neo's ear. "Go out on the deck, stretch out and take a nap." Neo smiled a weak smile.

"You're too good to me. Thank you." Neo walked out to the deck and stretched out. Adam straightened up the bathroom. When he was finished, he set out to make lunch.

An hour later, Neo was stretched out on the couch on the deck, just waking up from a nice nap when Adam came walking out with a tray of food. He sat down next to Neo, then handed him a plate.

"Roast beef with spicy mustard, your favorite Ruffles chips and a Mountain Dew, unless you want my Sprite," Adam said as he took his own plate.

"This is perfect. Thank you so much. I'm going to have to ride your cock for a week to thank you for making this a special day," Neo said just before taking a huge bite from the sandwich. The boys finished their lunch and sat back basking in the fall sunshine.

"I've got an idea," Adam said.

"I'm afraid to ask, but it probably has to do with sex." Adam smiled from ear to ear.

"That's what I'm talking about. You're a person who understands me." Neo grinned. "By the way, Jake is free tonight," Adam said with a wink.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Collier sat at his desk trying to concentrate on homework. It was Saturday, but he was in no mood to be out. His problem was the gangbang he had the other night. It wasn't the gangbang itself; it was seeing Neo. Collier just couldn't seem to remember if he was actually there or if he was so high on sex that he just dreamed it. After all, he and Neo had enjoyed a lot of hot sex together. But that didn't fit in the puzzle either. Neo liked to bottom, didn't he? He never fucked Collier, but was that a choice? Collier liked to top back then. Finally, Collier justified it to being a dream because what in the world would Neo be doing at Roxbury Academy? Yes, it had been a dream, a damn hot dream.

Benji walked in the door. Collier looked up to see his roommate's bright smile. Then Collier sucked in a breath at seeing Grayson walk in with a matching smile.

"Hi Collier," Benji said. "Grayson and I are bored and decided we needed a hot ass to fuck. You busy?" Collier's eyes bugged out, his mouth watered, his cock twitched and his ass drew up tight. Grayson had closed the door behind him. He gave Collier a sneer as he dropped his pants to the floor.

"Of course, he's not busy. Get over here boy and suck my cock," Grayson ordered. Collier scrambled out of his chair and was on his knees in front of Grayson in less than five seconds. Benji chuckled. Collier gave the monster cock a tongue bath that included Grayson's balls. Collier took the soft cock into his mouth all the way. Then he reached up and slipped one ball into his mouth and then the other.

"This cocksucker gets better and better," Grayson winked at Benji. Collier worked his lips and tongue on the hardening cock. Grayson grabbed the back of his head and pushed him down on the cock hard. The eight inch cock came to life and hardened quickly, snaking its way down Collier's throat as it grew. Collier could do nothing as Grayson had his head firmly in his hands. Collier's eyes watered and his face turned red. Finally, Grayson let up on his head. Collier tried to move the cock out of his mouth, but the shaft had swelled so much that the heavy balls wouldn't come out. He opened his mouth as wide as he could, but they refused to come out. Collier started to panic.

"Hand me some lube, will ya?" Grayson asked Benji, who handed a bottle over. Grayson pumped some straight into Collier's mouth. That did the trick. The balls slipped out and Collier came off the cock coughing and gasping for air. "That'll teach you put my whole mess in your mouth, you dumbass," Grayson smirked. Collier stood up and smacked his face, hard.

"What the fuck asshole? You trying to kill me?" Collier screamed at Grayson, who smacked Collier right back.

"I'm not the dumbass that put it in your mouth cocksucker!" Grayson smacked Collier's face again, pushed him back down to his knees and shoved his cock all the way in. He grabbed the back of Collier's head and held him down on his cock. "Smack my face again and Benji and I will double fuck your ass! Come to think of it, maybe we just will double fuck you anyway." Grayson laughed and let Collier off his hard eight inch cock. Collier gasped for air, salvia dripping out of his open mouth. "Get your fucking clothes off cocksucker," Grayson ordered. Collier scrambled up and stripped quickly.

"Jesus, Grayson is fucking is scary," thought Benji. "What the fuck have I got myself into? This guy doesn't give a shit about Collier."

Collier ripped his shirt off and stood naked looking at Benji with eyes that could kill. Benji shrugged his shoulders and mouthed 'sorry' to him. Collier sighed.

"Okay, dick boy, what do you want?" Collier said to Grayson, who sneered back at him.

"Strip Benji. I wanna see your big cock down shithead's throat." Benji quickly stripped. "Okay, cocksucker, get over there and suck Benji's cock." Collier walked over to his roommate, dropped to his knees and looked up expectantly.

"Wait a minute," Grayson barked. He grabbed something from his pants and came over to Collier. He shoved a bottle under Collier's nose. "Inhale fucker." Collier inhaled. "Poppers will send you into the world of 'fuck me' real quick. Collier's head started buzzing.

Benji stepped up and put his cock in Collier's face. Collier bathed his roommate's cock with his tongue, then took the spit slick cock into his mouth. Grayson walked over behind Collier and pushed his head down on Benji's cock.

"Suck it down your throat asshole," Grayson ordered. Collier's buzzing head complied and swallowed Benji's cock down his throat with ease. He buried his nose in Benji's pubes. He swallowed, massaging Benji's hard cock with his throat muscles. "That's a good boy," Grayson said as he let go of Collier's head. Collier came back off until just the head was in his mouth. He swirled his tongue and plunged back down. The poppers making it suddenly very easy. Collier bobbed his head, deepthroating Benji on every plunge.

"Fuck yes," Collier thought to himself. Now that fucking Grayson wasn't involved, he could enjoy sucking what had become his favorite cock. Collier bobbed his head repeadedly, sucking Benji's big cock into his throat with each plunge.

"Get down on your knees, Benji. I'm gonna fuck his ass," Grayson ordered. Benji eased down to his knees. Collier moved along with him, still deepthroating his roommate's cock, until his was on all fours. "That's good," Grayson growled. Collier felt a lubed finger slide into his ass and fuck him a few strokes. It was pulled out and replaced with two lubed fingers for a couple of strokes, then three fingers roughly shoved up his butt. Collier groaned around the cock in his mouth. Benji ran his hands through Collier's soft hair as he watched Grayson prepare Collier's ass.

"At least the asshole has the decency to prepare him," Benji thought. Grayson held the bottle under Collier's nose again. He didn't have to be told this time as he inhaled deeply.

Grayson lined up his lubed cock and shoved it in halfway. He enjoyed Collier's ass clamping down on his cock.

"Fuck yeah, slut boy. Get your ass ready. I'm gonna give you a good fucking," Grayson said as he slid the rest of the way in. Collier groaned in his popper induced haze of sexual hunger. Grayson grabbed Collier by the hips. "Here we go slut. And don't even pretend you don't like it. You fucking love a big cock up your ass. I'm gonna fuck you so hard my cum will shoot out your nose." Grayson pulled back halfway and slammed his cock in, his hands gripping Collier's hips hard enough to bruise. He started fucking Collier's ass at a pace fast enough for the skin to skin slapping sound to fill the dorm room. Collier moaned again and bobbed his head faster, still deepthroating Benji's cock on each plunge.

"You're a good cum slut and I'm gonna make your prostate sing like a church choir," Grayson sneered as he started hammering his steel hard eight inch cock into Collier's hot slick ass. Collier moaned again and mouthed Benji's cock. He was where he wanted to be, finally. Grayson slapped his left ass cheek, hard. Then he slapped the right one hard, both slaps leaving handprints on Collier's ass.

"Keep your ass tight mother fucker!" Grayson ordered, hammering relentlessly into Collier's butt. Benji watched as Grayson's cock pistoned in and out of his roommate's ass. Despite Grayson's shitty attitude, it was hot to watch, plus the boy was cute.

"Okay, fucker. I'm gonna fill your ass with Grayson cum. Then your roommate's gonna hammer your ass. Fuck yes," Grayson groaned as he slammed in deep and came. Collier felt the cock pulse deep in his ass. He deepthroated Benji's huge cock and held it deep in his throat. The pulsing in his throat was unexpected as Benji came with no warning, but Collier had come to love that feeling. Collier came. His cock flooded the dorm room floor. Grayson pulled his cock out and grinned as he watched his cum leak out of Collier's ass. He looked up at Benji.

"Switch." Benji pulled his cock out of Collier's throat and switched places with Grayson. He too watched as Grayson's cum dripped out of Collier's ass. It was a hot sight. Grayson held the bottle to Collier's nose again.

"Inhale it deep. Yeah, now lick my cock clean, shithead. Get your ass juice off my cock," Grayson ordered as he shoved his cock into Collier's face. Collier lapped it up with his hot slick tongue.

"What are you waiting for? Fuck his ass, Benji. Just slam it all the way in. It's good and slick with my cum." Benji scooted up, lined up and eased it all the way in. Collier groaned as he continued to give Grayson's big cock a tongue bath. "Don't forget the balls asshole." Collier sucked them both in his mouth and ran his tongue all over them. "That's it, now get up here and suck the last of my cum load out." Collier dropped the balls and moved to the head, hollowed his cheeks and deepthroated Grayson's cock.

"Good cocksucker, now suck it and make me hard. I wanna fuck you again." Collier bobbed his head

Benji skipped the preliminaries, grabbed Collier's bruised hips, and pounded his big cock in Collier's ass over and over. It was slick and wet so Benji held nothing back and long dicked Collier's ass. He pulled almost all the way out, then driving it all the way back in. He kept it up, then switched to hard slam fucking, pulling halfway out and plunging back in. Cum was boiling in Benji's balls, ready to erupt. He watched as his roommate's head bobbed up and down. Benji drove his cock home and came with a big groan.

"Fuck yeah. Fill his ass with hot Benji cum." Collier felt the cock pulsing in his battered butt. He groaned around Grayson's cock. Grayson smiled as he watched his fellow eight inch buddy ride out his cum.

"Switch." Benji started to get up. "No, stay there." Grayson shoved the bottle under Collier's nose again. "Now, cocksucker, flip around and give me your ass." Collier let Grayson's cock slip from his lips and turned around until Benji's cock came into view. He took the head in, sucked hard and was rewarded with a small glob of cum. As Collier started giving Benji's cock a tongue bath, Grayson's cock, without notice, slammed all the way into his ass so hard that it pushed Collier's face into Benji's crotch.

"Fuck that feels good," Grayson said just before slapping Collier's right ass cheek hard enough to sting. He followed it two more vicious slaps.

Collier saw red. He twisted around, pulling Grayson's cock out of his ass and landing on his back. Collier pulled his legs back and kicked Grayson square in the chest. Sending him sliding on his back on the floor. Collier jumped up and sat on Grayson's chest and hit him square in the nose with his fist.

"You god damn son of a bitch!" Collier screamed and hit Grayson again and again. Collier suddenly stood up, turned around a grabbed Grayson's clothes. He pulled the dorm door open and threw the clothes out in the hall.

"Get the fuck out!" Collier screamed. "Out! Out! Get your God damn ass out right fucking now!" Grayson cowered on the floor. Collier kicked him. "I'm gonna rain my fists down on your face if you don't fucking get the fuck out!" Grayson scrambled to his feet wiping blood off his nose. He didn't even see the round house punch coming as it knocked him sideways and back down to the hard floor. Benji grabbed Collier from behind, trying to restrain him, but was thrown back. Collier looked at him with murder in his eyes.

"You're next, roomie. This whole fucked up thing is your mother fucking fault!" Collier glared. He turned back to Grayson who was slowly getting back to his feet. "I never, ever want to see your fucking sorry ass again. If I do, I will beat you to a pulp. Get the fuck out!" Grayson scrambled out the door bleeding … and naked. Collier slammed the door behind him. He slowly turned to look at Benji, his face full of fury.

"I better not ever, ever see that scumbag in this room again. What the fuck were you thinking Benji?" Benji gulped.

"I … I know how much you like my cock all of a sudden and … and you told me you had been with Grayson before … so … so I thought you might like two eight inch cocks at the same time."

"Benji," Collier started as he walked over to stand in front of his roommate. "I would absolutely love to have two eight inch cocks to play with. I can't explain it, but I guess I'm suddenly a big old bottom. I love to suck dick and I love dick in my butt, the bigger the better. Now, I will admit, I enjoy a little bit of being ordered to do things. I do not enjoy being humiliated! I do not enjoy being hurt, especially by an eight inch cock slamming unannounced into my ass. That fucker didn't give a shit about me! I was just another throat and a piece of ass to him." A tear rolled down Collier's face. He pointed his finger at Benji. "You fucked up bringing him here. So, let me make this crystal clear. Do not ever bring anybody to this room with the expectations of them having sex with me … without checking with me first!" Benji nodded his head.

"I'm so sorry, Collier. I really am. I've never seen Gray …" The sharp look from Collier cut him off.

"Do not ever say his name again."

"Agreed. I've never had an experience like we just had. I told myself that he was taking things too far."

"Then why didn't you say something?!?!" Collier screamed.

"To be honest, I was scared. Didn't you hear him ordering me around too? He's a big boy Collier."

"In case you missed it," Collier started. He flexed his biceps and then flexed his abs. "I'm a big boy too. That fucker slapped my ass so hard it felt like I'd been shot!" Collier took a deep breath. "How do you know him?"

"Only by reputation."

"I got the impression that he has a regular and maybe, just maybe I screwed around with his, regular."

"What makes you think that?" Benji asked as he held out a robe for Collier. He slipped his own robe on and sat down on his bed. Collier sat down beside him.

"Call it a gut instinct, I guess. I need to make of list of all the dudes I've had sex with since the beginning of summer term." Collier started counting with his fingers and when he ran out, he sighed. "Fuck, I've been a slut."

Benji and Collier compared notes and came up with a list. Leo, Nate, Noah, Carter, Jason, Nick, Andy, Will, Eddie, Zeke, Greg, Chris, William and Grayson. Collier had sex with fourteen boys since the beginning of summer term. At the realization, he looked sheepishly at Benji.

"I've never looked at it on paper, Jesus, I'm bad as a common street whore. I just don't take money. Fuck, I should charge for this pedigree ass!" Benji laughed.

"We should write up my list. It would be very similar. So, mister gut instinct, who do you think would put up with prick face?" They looked each other in the eye.

"Noah," they both said at the same time.

"What's his room number?" Collier asked. Benji pulled out his phone. "Hurry, that bastard might be hurting him right now!'

"Got it! A301, just downstairs. Wait! Collier, put some clothes on!"

"Oh, yeah, but hurry, okay?" Benji nodded. They scrambled into clothes and headed downstairs to room A301. They skidded to a stop at the door and listened. A blood curdling scream came through the door. Benji tried the doorknob, but it was locked.

"I brought my key," Collier said as he leaned back and slammed his shoe against the door. The wooden frame didn't stand a chance and splintered allowing the door to swing open. Collier saw red and ran into the room tackling Grayson to the floor. Benji ran over to a bloodied Noah.

"Collier!" Benji screamed. "Don't kill him! I'm dialing 911 right now!" Despite his plea, Benji heard the smack of a fist, several times followed by a groan of pain. He smirked to himself. That son of a bitch was gonna be prime beef in prison with a long line of hung black men just waiting for their chance at Grayson's ass.

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