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by Jevic
The Tarheel Writer
Chapter Eight
"Tanner Gets Lessons"

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Ocean by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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It was the first day of class after Thanksgiving break and the plan was simple. They were going to teach Tanner a lesson. They'd agreed in advance that it would not be violent. There would be no rape. Fists would not be flying. There would only be a lesson that Tanner had coming. All they needed was the bait to draw the predator in. Caden volunteered.

"You don't have to do this," Ocean said firmly. Caden looked up at Ocean, Ian, Finn and Max.

"Yes, I do," Caden said firmly. "If that sonofabitch was doing that to me, how many other boys are out there he's treating the same way?" Max smiled and put his arm around Caden. Finn grinned and swished his hair, seeing a three way with Max and Caden in his future. Afterall, Max taught him how to fuck and Max had taught Caden how to fuck as well. It would be only natural for the teacher to join with his 'students' for a final exam.

"Okay, here's how this goes down," Ocean explained. "Caden, you seduce Tanner." Caden rolled his eyes and grinned.

"That won't be a problem."

"Okay, suggest for him to meet you in the locker room at the pool,' Ocean said. "Anywhere else is out of the question. Don't let him take you anywhere else. It's the pool locker room or nowhere. I'll be there along with Finn, Max and Ian. We're gonna scare the shit out of that sonofabitch. We're gonna let him know that we'll be watching him. One move in the wrong direction and we'll pound the shit out of him. Caden, I am sorry to ask this of you, but let him get to just before the point of fucking you and we'll make our appearance." Caden nodded.

As the bell rang at the end of the last class for the day, Caden made his move. Tanner was at his locker when Caden approached.

"Pool locker room. I need some personal instruction," Caden whispered with a sexy look on his face. Tanner's eyes widened then became hooded with lust. He winked at Caden and headed off down the hall. Caden knew the bait had been taken, now he just needed to get to the pool locker room.

Caden walked in the pool, the chlorine smell filling his nostrils. He quickly made his way to the locker room. Tanner was already there with a predatory look on his face. Tanner grabbed Caden by the arm and pulled him back into the shower area.

"Suck my cock!" Tanner ordered harshly, pushing Caden to his knees. Tanner pulled his shorts down and slapped Caden's face with his cock. "Suck it!" Caden opened his mouth and slurped Tanner's cock in. Tanner grabbed Caden's head and slammed his hard cock down Caden's throat and held it there. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard. You need to be reminded just how much I love you. I'm gonna fuck your sweet ass. You're gonna beg me for more. You've been bad, so you're gonna get it dry and you're gonna get it hard. Now, suck my cock and get me hard!" Tanner pulled his already hard cock out and slammed it back into Caden's throat.

"I've seen enough," Ocean whispered. "We gotta move now."

"Wait, Ocean. Just wait," Max said. "We want to get him and get him good. Caden knew this, so just give him a few more minutes."

"That fucker," Ocean whispered harshly. "I'm gonna fuck him up!"

"Ocean, calm down," Ian said. "Nobody wants that sonofabitch more than me. Give Caden time."

Tanner grabbed Caden's head and fucked him in the mouth mercilessly.

"Fuck yes, bitch," Tanner said as he pulled his cock out. "Strip mother fucker! I want your ass!" Tanner scrambled out of his clothes.

Caden stood up and slowly took his clothes off.

"Hurry the fuck up asshole. I need a hole to fuck and you're handy. Get down on your hands and knees!"

"That's it! Time to move!" Ocean said. Ian, Max, Finn and Ocean ran from their hiding place. Caden had just dropped to all fours. Ian saw red.

"Now I've got you. I'm gonna slam my cock up your ass and you're gonna scream. So, scream mother fucker! It's music to my ears!" Tanner suddenly found himself tackled to the shower floor. He looked up into Ian's furious eyes.

"Not today asshole," Ian said as he punched Tanner in the nose. Blood sprayed everywhere. "You goddammed sonofabitch!" Ian screamed as he punched Tanner again. Ian raised his fist again but was pulled up by Ocean.

"Easy babe," Ocean whispered in Ian's ear. Max, Ocean, Finn and Ian looked as Tanner wiped blood from his nose and face. Caden got to his feet.

"What the fuck?" Tanner screamed as he scrambled to his feet. Max was the next one to lose his cool. He grabbed Tanner by the shoulders.

"You're taking advantage of my friends!" Max pulled Tanner down from the waste and met his face with his knee. Max kicked his knee up hard and sent Tanner sprawling down on his back. More blood spewed from Tanner's broken nose. Ocean hauled Tanner to his feet and held him inches from his face.

"You're done," Ocean said harshly. "You will not touch one more person in this school. If I so much as hear a rumor that you've even looked at someone, I will rip off your dick and shove it down your throat!" Caden gave Tanner a hard look. Finn watched and grinned. As Ocean read Tanner the riot act, Caden moved behind Tanner, his hard cock pointed at Tanner's ass. He chose that moment for the ultimate payback. Caden lined up his cock, reached out and spread Tanner's ass cheeks and slammed his cock into Tanner's dry ass. Tanner screamed. Caden grabbed Tanner's hips and drove his cock further into Tanner's ass.

"Yeah, fucker! Scream for me! It's fucking music to my fucking ears!" Caden screamed as he shoved his cock all the way into Tanner's dry hole. Tanner screamed again. Ocean slapped Tanner's cheek, hard enough to sting.

"No fucking more! Understand?" Ocean screamed. Tanner screamed out in pain as Caden's cock pistoned into his ass. "I said, do you fucking understand?" Ocean screamed at Tanner, spittle spraying Tanner's face. Tanner screamed again. Caden came in Tanner's hole. Finally, Tanner's hole relaxed and quivered as the cum slicked his hole. Caden pulled out and looked at the traces of blood on his dick. He smirked. Ian took over from Ocean and grabbed Tanner by the chin. Tanner's terrified eyes looked at Ian.

"You so much as even think about sex with anyone at this school and we will fuck you up. You will resign from the swim team. You will shrink back into the shadows and become a fucking nobody. You will talk to no one. You will eat lunch by yourself. You will make it your goal for everybody at this school to forget your name! And then, I better hear about you seeking help from a psychiatrist because, you need help." Ian slapped Tanner's face hard. "Do you fucking understand?" Tanner nodded. Ian reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper that he had written on earlier. He held it up in front of Tanner's face. "This is the name and number of a psychologist. Make an appointment." Ian pressed the paper in Tanner's hand and let him go. Tanner slumped to the floor, totally defeated with blood running freely from his nose and cum dripping out his ass. Finn stepped up, unzipped his pants, fished his dick out and pissed on Tanner.

Half an hour later, the boys all gathered at Ocean and Ian's garage apartment laughing their asses off.

"I thought we agreed to no violence," Ocean said as he nodded to Ian.

"I thought we agreed to no rape," Max said as he winked at Caden.

"I don't know about you guys, but I had to piss," Finn said with a grin.

"While the whole thing was funny, it was serious at the same time," Ian said. "We may have won the battle, but the war is far from over." The boys quieted down quickly. "Tanner needs help. Yes, we all hate what he has been doing, but he does need help. He's just a kid like all of us. He's just got some fucking up ways of looking at things. He may well have been abused and doesn't know any better. I gave him the name and number of my psychologist. I'm going to follow up and make sure he goes to see him." Ocean put his arm around Ian.

"And that's why I love you so much, Ian. You see the good, or the potential for good, in everybody." Ian beamed.

"Ian, I've not known you that long, but Ocean is right," Max said. "We don't know Tanner's whole story. He may have been abused in the past, like you say or he may just be a genuine prick, but you are giving him the benefit of the doubt and I admire you for that."

"I can't say for sure, but I think you may be right, Ian," Caden said. "He's let a few comments slip while he was pounding my ass that might just make that true. He's said things like 'I'm giving it to you just like I get it' and that sounds like someone's been abusing Tanner."

"If that's the case, then I feel awful," Finn said. "I just pissed on him."

"Let's not get carried away. He did ask for what we gave him. If he does have someone abusing him, that will come out when he talks with the psychologist," Ian said.

"I … I raped him," Caden sobbed. "Just like he raped me. There was blood on my cock when I pulled out. God, I feel awful." Ocean looked at Ian and exchanged unspoken words.

"Sex weed or mellow weed?" Ocean asked Ian.

"I think mellow is in order. I'll fix the drinks." Ian said as he got up and headed for the kitchen. Ocean headed for the bedside table and pulled out a joint. Five minutes later, every boy had a Captain Morgan rum and Coke in their hands.

"Let's head out to the deck and smoke some mellow weed. I don't smoke inside." Max, Caden, Finn and Ian followed Ocean out on the small deck. Ocean lit the joint and it was passed from boy to boy. When he finally stubbed it out, they headed back inside.

"This is not good, Ocean," Ian said. "That was sex weed!" The boys looked at each other and grinned.

"God, I hope we have enough Swiss Navy lube," Max said with a grin. Finn and Caden fell to their knees. The cock sucking and fucking was about to commence.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Christmas break was just a week away. Ian was exchanging books at his locker just before lunch when he noticed Tanner approaching. Tanner's overall disposition was … humble.

"Ian, can I have a minute, please?" Tanner said softly. Ian looked at Tanner. Then he really looked and took in the almost submissive posture. He'd spoken with his psychologist, but he would not tell Ian anything about his patients. Ian took a breath.

"Tanner," Ian said.

"I want to apologize. I did go to see that psychologist you recommended. He's been a great help and I just wanted to thank you for the, ah, intervention … rough as it was, it needed to happen." Tanner paused and looked at the hall floor a moment, then looked back up at Ian. "My father is in jail. He's been raping me since I was nine." Ian was shocked and he reached out and grabbed Tanner into a hug. "I'm so sorry for everything I did to all those boys, especially Caden," Tanner sobbed.

"Jesus, Tanner. I always thought something was going on, but your own father?" Tanner nodded his head against Ian's shoulder. "It's okay," Ian said as he tightened his hug.

"I'm so sorry," Tanner wept onto Ian's shoulder. "I'm so very, very sorry." Ian looked up and saw Caden coming with a furious look on his face. Ian held his arm out to calm Caden down. Caden came up and stood by Ian with a questioning look on his face.

"Tanner has been raped by his father since he was nine," Ian whispered. Caden immediately wrapped his arms around Tanner and Ian.

"God, Tanner. I'm so sorry," Caden said, tightening his hug. Tanner looked up through tear stained eyes. As he saw Caden, the boy he had mercilessly fucked, and broke down into more tears. Students were starting to gather and gawk at the trio.

"Let's go to lunch," Ian suggested. "Maybe even go to McDonalds and call it a day." Caden grabbed his cell and sent out a group text to Max, Finn and Ocean.

'McDonalds for lunch. Super important. Skip afternoon classes. This is about Tanner.'

"Let's go," Caden said. They swept up Tanner and quickly had him in RR and headed for McDonalds. Ian drove while Caden held Tanner in his arms, desperately trying to console him. Tanner had dissolved into tears. They pulled up at Micky D's and grabbed a table in the back. Max, Finn and Ocean arrived a minute later in Ocean's Jeep. Caden held Tanner in his arms while Ian went to bring the other boys up to date.

"Thanks for coming," Ian said as he hugged Ocean. "Tanner came up to me at my locker. He's been seeing my psychologist. Then he told me his dad has been raping him since he was nine." The three boys gasped with the news. Finn almost got sick to his stomach. "His dad is in jail, thanks to the psychologist. Tanner is inside with Caden and he's really torn up, crying hysterically. So, can we be supportive?"

"Of course," Max said. "Fuck! His dad?" Ian nodded. "Jesus, poor kid." Max, Finn and Ocean followed Ian into the McDonalds and to the back table, where Caden had his arm across Tanner's shoulders, holding him tight. Tanner's head was resting on Caden's shoulder, his eyes were red from tears. Tanner looked up and seeing the four boys approaching the table, he panicked.

"Oh shit," Tanner said, trying to get away. Caden tightened his hold.

"It's cool, Tanner. They're here to help. Calm down. It's okay, buddy," Caden whispered. "Nobody's gonna hurt you. Nobody. We're all here for you, Tanner. We're all here to help in any way we can." Tanner calmed down, but still remembered the last time he was together with all these boys in the pool locker room shower. Ian slid into the seat next to Tanner. Ocean slid in behind him. Max and Finn slid in next to Caden.

"Guys, thank you for coming on such short notice," Caden said. "Tanner has been going through a lot of bad shit in his life for a long time. I've told him that we are going to be here for him and help him in any way we can."

"Tanner, I'm so, so sorry," Finn said, tears streaming down his face as he reached out to take Tanner's hand in his own. "Please forgive me for what I did to you. I feel awful." Tanner continued to sob.

"I'm sorry too," Ocean said. "Sometimes in life we make choices and decisions based solely on what we know and that, was a mistake. None of us had any idea what you were going through at home and I can tell you, if any one of us knew, we would have been there for you. We would have even welcomed you into our homes. We would have pounded the shit out of your dad. We would have done anything to help you, Tanner. Nobody deserves to be treated the way you've been treated. We all want the best for you. We all care about you, Tanner." Tanner sobbed even more.

"Tanner, it's okay," Max said, reaching for Tanner's other hand. "We're all here for you, buddy. Anything you need, and I mean anything, we're here." Tanner looked up into each of the boy's faces. He looked at Max, then turned to Finn and gave him a slight smile. Tanner looked at Ocean and Ian and finally he looked at Caden.

"How can you be so nice to me when I was so mean to you?" Tanner whispered between sobs.

"You are hurting right now," Caden said. "I know what that's like and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy."

"I am your worst enemy, Caden. My God, the things I did to you are unforgivable."

"That's just it, Tanner. They are forgivable. I forgive you for everything you did to me and I hope you can forgive me for what I did to you." Tanner could not believe the outpouring of forgiveness, love and support he was getting from the boys he had been so mean to. He finally took a deep breath.

"Thank you," Tanner said. "Thank you for being here for me. That means the whole world to me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

"Max, I'm feeling a teaching moment coming," Ocean said with a smile. Max grinned.

"Why does all the teaching come to me?"

"Cause you've got the biggest dick, my friend," Finn said. "You taught me well and you taught Caden. Now, you need to teach Tanner and Caden and I would be happy to be your assistants." Caden grinned.

"Tanner, Max taught me how two boys have sex, how two boys make love. Let him teach you and you'll come to understand what wonderful things can happen between two boys. It doesn't have to hurt. It can actually, believe it or not, feel absolutely breathtaking," Caden explained. "What we did was based on what your dad did. Am I right?" Tanner's tears continued to stream down his face as he nodded yes. "That's not sex, Tanner. That's rape." Tanner sobbed even more.

"We need to either order some food or leave. People are starting to stare," Ian said.

"Let's eat!" Finn said. "McFlurries all around and I'm buying." Finn got up and headed for the counter. A few minutes later he returned with Oreo McFlurries for everyone. Max, Ocean, Ian, Caden, Finn and Tanner dove into the sweet ice cream treat.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

It was eight o'clock on a Friday night a week after McDonalds. All six boys were gathered at Ocean and Ian's garage apartment. They'd just smoked what Ian hoped was a mellow joint. A few minutes after smoking it, he realized the joint was sex weed.

"Ocean, that was sex weed!"


"Oops is right. Go get the Swiss Navy lube. We're about to have an orgy."

"Max, you get with Tanner. Finn, you get with Caden. Ocean, you're with me," Ian said as they came back from the porch. "Everybody strip!" Clothes went flying through the air as six horny teenage boys took off their clothes.

Max moved toward Tanner, who was sitting on the end of the couch. Tanner looked up as Max approached.

"Tanner, I would like to show you how two boys make love," Max said gently as he sat down beside Tanner.

"I've never experienced anything like love. It has always been hard and fast sex," Tanner said quietly.

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with hard and fast, but you have to work up to it," Max said as he reached over and stroked on Tanner's cock. "Fucking should be fun and enjoyable for both people. You just have to listen to your partner's body language."

"What do you mean by ..." Tanner moaned as Max leaned over and sucked in Tanner's cock ... that?" Max bobbed his head on Tanner's nice seven inch cock. Tanner put his hands on Max's head, held him firmly and fucked his cock into Max's mouth viscously. Max backed off and came up to look Tanner in the face.

"No! Nothing like that!" Max said firmly to Tanner, noses inches apart. "That was all about Tanner. You didn't even consider me." Tanner blushed and hung his head. "Look, buddy. There is no me or I in this equation. There is only we. I'm going to think about making you feel good. I want you to think about making me feel good. Can you do that? Can you make me feel good. Forget about yourself and think about making me feel good." Tanner nodded and stood up. He straddled Max's legs and lined up Max's cock. "Tanner, no!" Tanner didn't listen and sat down on Max's cock all the way down to the balls with no lube. Max stood up and threw Tanner off. Tanner huddled on the floor in a fetal position, his face filled with fright.

"Don't hit me, please," Tanner whimpered.

"I would never do that, Tanner. Come here." Max reached down and pulled Tanner to his feet and into a hug.

"Jesus, that had to have hurt. Are you okay?" Max said as he eased the hug.

"I'm just fine. I was only doing what you said and making you feel good." Max sighed.

"Okay, tell you what. I want you to lie down on the bed and stay there. I'll take care of everything else. Can you do that? Just lie there and let me take care of you. Okay?" Tanner nodded and lay down on the bed. Max moved slowly and laid down on top of Tanner, lip to lip, chest to chest and cock to cock. Max kissed Tanner slowly, enjoying a hot sensuous lip lock. Max was grinding his cock against Tanners when he heard a moan and realized it was from Tanner. Max moved down and sucked Tanner's left nipple while tweaking the other with his fingers. Max moved his mouth lower until he was lapping his hot slick tongue on Tanner's cock. Max lapped up the precum as he swallowed Tanner's cock to the root. Tanner grabbed Max by the hair and Max came up off his cock.

"Just fucking lie there. Do not do anything. Understand?" Max said firmly. Tanner's eyes got big and he quickly nodded his head. Max decided he needed to move things along, He pushed Tanner's legs in the air and buried his face in Tanner's hole. Max used every trick he knew as his tongue ravished Tanner's smooth hole. If the moans Max was hearing was any indication, he knew he had Tanner right where he wanted him. Max reached for the Swiss Navy lube and pumped some onto his fingers. He carefully pushed a lubed finger into Tanner's hole. It slipped in easily. Max hooked his finger and rubbed Tanner's prostate. He was rewarded with a deep groan. Max added a second finger and slowly finger fucked Tanner's tight hole. A minute later, he added a third finger, continuing to slowly finger fuck Tanner. The moans got louder and Max leaned up. He added more lude to his hand and slicked up his cock. Max stood on his knees between Tanner's raised legs.

"Now, Tanner, I'm going to show you how to properly fuck someone," Max smirked. "Of course, that would be you that I'm going to fuck, so pay attention to what I do. I'll have you squirting cum without touching yourself in no time. But we're going to take our time getting there," Max said as he lined up his eight inch cock and gently pushed the head in. Max grabbed Tanner by the ankles and spread his legs far apart. Tanner moaned, grabbed his cock and started pumping his fist. Max grabbed his hand and stopped him.

"Just lie there and let me take care of you. No jacking off," Max directed. Tanner let go of his hard cock and laid back. The feelings in his ass were incredible. He'd never felt anything like this before. Max slipped his cock deeper into Tanner. Inch by incredibly hot cock inch eased into Tanner's slick clenching hole. Max stopped after every few inches until the clenching eased, then he pushed another inch or two in and waited again. Max finally bottomed out. All eight inches of his steel hard cock were buried in Tanner's velvet smooth tight hole. Tanner was moaning as Max slowly slipped back out to halfway and ground his cock back into Tanner's slick hole.

"That's what I'm talking about," Max said as he ground his cock back into Tanner.

"I really want you to slam my ass. Fuck me! Give me that big cock!" Tanner insisted.

"Nope, not gonna happen. You are going to enjoy this slow fucking and you will thank me when you're shooting cum in the air. Just relax, Tanner. Let go and just enjoy my cock sliding in and out of your hole. You feel so good," Max purred. Max let go of Tanner's legs. "Wrap your legs around me," Max said. Tanner did and locked his legs at the ankle. He reached his arms up and wrapped them around Max's neck. Max reached his arms around Tanner, who looked up at Max.

"I've never fucked this slow. It's always been full speed fucking. This is new to me and I like how it feels." Max grinned and ground his cock into Tanner at a nice sensuous pace. Max locked lips with Tanner, who kissed him back eagerly. They enjoyed the kiss for several moments as Max continued to pull halfway out and grind back all the way back in. Max slowly picked up speed. The kiss got hotter and more desperate. Max broke the kiss and leaned up. He grabbed Tanner by the hips and sped up his thrusts. Soon, the skin slapping skin sound filled the garage apartment. Tanner was a hot molten mass of desire as Max's big eight inch cock pounded into his ass.

"Yes, yes, yes, fuck, me, fuck, fuck ,fuck," Tanner chanted with each thrust. Max changed his position a bit and hammered down. "oh, oh, oh, yes, yes, yes," Tanner said with each glorious thrust. "Oh, god, oh, god!" Tanner screamed as his cock exploded, shooting out hot ribbons on cum on his face and his hair. Max slammed his cock into Tanner's hot slick hole and pumped it full of quarterback cum. Max fell forward and embraced Tanner as his cock finished pumping cum into Tanner's ass.

"Feel good?" Max whispered into Tanner's ear.

"Fuck yes!" Tanner gasped. Max smiled and ground his cock into Tanner, slowly fucking the cum slick hole. Tanner loved this new way to fuck. It was incredible. As the euphoria from his orgasm eased, Tanner realized that Max was still fucking him. "Oh my God. You're not finished, are you?"

"Not by a long shot," Max grinned, grinding his cock into Tanner. "How do you like this way of fucking? Too slow for you?"

"Oh no, it was fucking awesome. I have never fucked like this before and I like it, a lot." Max smiled at Tanner.

"Let's take our time and we'll slowly build ourselves back to another cum," Max whispered into Tanner's ear. Max swiped his hot slick tongue along Tanner's neck then moved back to Tanner's mouth and kissed him. The boys kissed and slowly fucked for another ten minutes. Both enjoying the feelings. Max finally started to speed back up. The kiss broke up and Max leaned back up. He grabbed Tanner's hips and sped up even more until skin was slapping skin. "Oh, oh, yes, oh, fuck," Tanner chanted through thrust by hot thrust. Max was sweating from his efforts and slowed a bit, then switched to long dicking Tanner, pulling almost all the way out, then slamming back home. After a minute of that, Max switched up again. He grabbed his cock and pulled it all the way out, then slammed in all the way back in. Tanner's eyes bugged out. "Oh, oh, fuck, me, fuck, me!" Max slammed back in over and over, then switched up again. Max went back to half out to all the way in and sped up, pistoning his cock deep into Tanner's slick hole.

"Okay, Tanner. I want you to cum for me," Max panted, slamming his cock hard into Tanner three quick times finally burying it deep. Tanner came. Hot white ribbons of cum flew through the air landing wetly on Tanner's face and chest. The cum kept cumming. Max pulled out at the last second and shifted around to point his cock at Tanner's head. Max pumped his cock twice and covered Tanner's face with hot cum. Tanner opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. Max shoved his cock in that hot mouth and filled it with his last two spurts of cum.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Caden and Finn had just finished a hot round of sex and were watching Max and Tanner. Ocean and Ian joined them on the couch. The boys sat there naked and watched as Max's big cock slid in and out of Tanner's ass.

"Fuck that's hot," Finn said. "I want Max to fuck me like that." Caden looked at Finn incredulously. Afterall, they'd just fucked.

"What the fuck?" Caden said angrily. Finn swished his hair and looked at Caden.

"What we just did was awesome. I love the way you fucked me. It was super hot. In fact, just thinking about it is getting me hard again, even after you made me cum twice. Can I suck your dick?" Caden's anger evaporated into a grin. Finn swished his hair, got on his knees and sucked in Caden's semi hard seven inch cock. Ocean, Ian and Caden were watching the really hot show Max and Tanner were putting on. Finn bobbed his head on Caden's cock and glanced over to see Ian slowly stroking his cock. Finn came up off Caden, scooted over and sucked in Ian's hard cock. He bobbed his head for a minute or two, then moved down to Ocean. Finn listened as things were getting really heated up over on the bed, so he increased his speed and deepthroated Ocean over and over. He pulled up and moved to Ian and gave Ian's cock the same treatment. Caden was next. As Finn deepthroated Caden, he heard Tanner cum. Finn buried his nose in Caden's pubes and felt the cock pulse in his throat. Finn sucked the last of the cum from Caden's cock and turned to Ian and Ocean. Ian stood up and pointed his cock at Finn. Finn swished his hair and swallowed Ian's cock. He gave Ian three deepthroated bobs before feeling Ian's cock pulse in his throat. He was no more finished with Ian when Ocean's cock appeared. Finn swallowed it down and quickly gave Ocean's cock rapid deepthroat bobs. While Ocean and Ian were locked at the lips, Finn slammed his nose into Ocean's smooth skin over and over. Finally, Ocean grabbed his head and held him deep. Finn felt the pulses in his throat for a third time and came himself. Ian grinned as his leg was splashed with cum.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

"Ian, I've been in touch with a headstone company," Dennis said as they were enjoying breakfast. "They come highly recommended and when you are ready, perhaps we can go see what they have to offer." Ian stopped munching on the bacon in his mouth and stared at his plate.

Memories of his mom and dad flooded his consciousness. The both of them laughing and dancing to music while a very young Ian clapped and laughed with them.

"You can do it, son," his father whispered in his ear as he let go of the bicycle.

"I'm so proud of you, Ian," his mom said, giving him a warm hug.

"Ian, wanna drive the Range Rover?" his dad asked, holding up the keys.

"We're going to take a quick flight to your dad's newest project. We'll be back for supper. Stay out of trouble. I trust you Ian to make the right decisions. I love you," his mom said as she gave him a hug. Those were the last words his mother said to him. Ian watched them wave from the cockpit and later watched as the place took off into the early afternoon sun.

"Ian, you okay son?" Dennis asked. Ian looked up. With giant tears flowing down his face he looked over at Dennis.

"I think I would like that very much." Barbara got to Ian first and wrapped him in a warm hug. Ocean was second and slid down beside Ian's chair on his knees.

"Good. I'm free this afternoon," Dennis said, his voice quavering, but still trying to maintain his emotions. "Maybe we could go visit after school?"

"We've got swim team practice this afternoon," Ocean said.

"I'm sure coach will let me skip when I tell him what we're doing."

"Perfect, let's just meet here at the house after school," Dennis said with a smile.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Ocean, Ian, Max, Finn, Caden, Luke, Cory and Tanner all gathered at their own table in the lunchroom and were enjoying each other's company, bantering back and forth. Max noticed movement from the 'football' table. He paused and watched as David, the team's star halfback, slowly stood up and turned toward the 'gay' table. David took a deep breath and started toward the boy's table. Max slid his chair back and stood up. He locked eyes with David. The halfback visible swallowed but continued his walk toward Max. David walked up to Max and tentatively smiled.

"Max, the guys have talked it over and we want you to be our quarterback," David said softly. Max's expression remained stoic. He looked at David hard.

"What changed your minds, David?" Max said firmly.

"You're our quarterback. With you leading our team, we have won more games than ever before. We don't care if you're, ah, fucking boys. We just want you to be our quarterback."

"What if I wanted to drop to my knees and suck your cock, David? How do you feel about that?" David blushed and stammered.

"If that's what it takes for you to be our quarterback, I'm all in," David said shyly. Max's eyebrows rose.

"David, we've known each other since eighth grade. You're cute and all, but I don't want to suck your dick." David frowned. "Look, you're cute and all that, but I only want to have sex with people who want to have sex with me. You're straight. You like girls. I have no interest in coming on to you or anybody else on the team. I'm bi-sexual. I like boys and girls. David, I just like sex, okay? But! I want you to tell the team that I have no desire to get fucked by the entire football team. I only want to win games. When we're naked in the locker room, I don't want the guys to feel like I'm perving on them. Shit, we all look at each other. I've seen you looking at me. Yeah, I've got a big dick and I expect people to look. But, that doesn't mean I wanna have sex with everybody that looks." David stepped back a step.

"You don't find me attractive?" Max sighed and reached out to David and pulled him into a hug.

"You're a stud, David. I know you've got a nice cock and a really nice bubble butt, but I don't want to have sex with you. You like girls and I respect that. It doesn't mean that I don't appreciate your body, because you have a really nice one. I'd be a fool to pass up an offer to have sex with you, but I know that's not what you want."

"How do you know that?" David said with a smirk. Max's eyes bugged out.

"What do you mean?"

"I wouldn't be opposed to having you suck me. I also wouldn't be opposed to fucking you."

"Whoa, full stop. Look, David. I know we're all honey teenagers, but what the fuck?"

"I just want you to come be our quarterback, Max. Most of they guys are lugheads, dumber than a box of rocks. Then, there are those of us that have an open mind. We're not opposed to hanging with the dudes every once in a while. Afterall, just like you said, it's just sex." Max smiled.

"Okay, but I want every member of the team to understand that sex is consensual. It only happens between people who what it to happen. No just grabbing for the taking. That goes both ways. I'm not going to do anything with anyone unless I am asked first. And, I expect the same respect from every member of the team." David nodded in agreement. "One more thing. If I hear the word fag or cocksucker from anyone on the team, I'm out. I will not be verbally assaulted by anybody. Is that clear?"

"Crystal clear, QB. It's good to have you back on the team." David went back to the 'football' table and made a quiet announcement. The entire team cheered. Max smiled and waved. As he sat back down, he looked around the table to the grins of everyone there.

"I'm so proud of you Max," Ocean said as he slapped him on the back. "There's hope for humanity yet."

"So, do you think you could set me up with David?" Luke asked.

"You are such a slut," Finn said.

"You say that as if it's a bad thing," Luke smirked.

"I'm in too," Tanner said with a grin. Max frowned at both of them. "Okay, okay, just kidding."

"Who's kidding? I'm dead serious. That David is a hunk," Luke said to the laughter of the entire table.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Ian pulled RR up to the monument company with Dennis and Ocean. They got out and looked at the headstones on display. Ian looked at each one while Dennis went inside to get a salesperson.

"God, Ocean. I have no idea what to get. This is something that will be around for hundreds of years." Ocean put his arm around Ian.

"You'll know when you see it, Ian." The boys continued to look through the headstones on display with Ian's anxiety growing every minute. Dennis came back out with a salesperson.

"Ian, this is Andrew. He'll be helping us today," Dennis said. Andrew was a bit taken aback by the youth of his customer.

"Uh, hi, Ian," Andrew stammered. Ian looked up and saw the skepticism on the salesperson's face.

"Hi, thanks for helping me today. My parents died and they have no headstone. I need to pick something because they need something to honor their lives." Andrew smiled and understood the enormous decision that rested on the young boy's shoulders.

"We have some more around to the side. Let's look over there, okay?" Ian nodded and followed Andrew around to the side of the building. As they rounded the corner, Ian saw the monument he wanted.

"That one there," Ian said as he walked over to the stone that seemed to call out to him. Ian's memory suddenly brought up the last words his mother said to him … "I trust you Ian to make the right decisions. I love you."

"That's one of our top of the line monuments," Andrew started to say.

"I don't care what it costs. This is the one I want," Ian said as he ran his hand over the smooth marble. "How soon can you have it installed?" Andrew looked at Dennis. Dennis smiled and nodded.

"We'll have to engrave it first, but we could probably have it installed next week. Have you given any thought on what you want engraved? I mean, there's the names, date of birth and date of death, but most people choose a piece of scripture or something."

"Mom and dad to a loving son," Ian almost whispered as big fat tears rolled down his face. Andrew smiled and nodded his head.

"I'll take care of that for you. If you'll give me your email, I'll send you a sketch of what it will look like before we start the actual engraving." Ian nodded, never taking his eyes off the monument.

Half an hour later, Dennis parked RR in the driveway and glanced in the rearview mirror. Ocean had Ian wrapped in his arms.

"We're home boys. Why don't you two relax a bit in the apartment. Supper will be ready at seven. Ocean, I think a rum and Coke is in order and maybe some mellow weed." Ocean smiled at his dad's reflection in the mirror and nodded.

It was later that evening, after supper, that Ian and Ocean were piled up on the couch in their apartment doing their homework when Ian suddenly had an idea.

"I want to go camping," Ian said out of the blue. Ocean looked up with raised eyebrows.

"There's eight of us now, Ian. We'll need to get a couple more sleeping bags and at least a gallon of lube."

"No, Ocean. Just us. Just you and me. One last time before it gets really cold. I want to feel the way I did that first night we spent together. All the sex we've had with our friends has been fun, but I need me some one on one Ocean time. I can't remember the last time it was just the two of us. I need that right now. And thank you for going with me to the monument place today. That was really hard, emotionally. You being there meant everything. I love you more than you will ever know and I want us to spend a weekend together, away from everybody else. Just you and me. Can we do that?"

"Of course, we can do that," Ocean said as he wrapped his arms around Ian. "I love you too, ya big hunk," Ocean said grinning at Ian, who smiled back.

"Good. Steak and baked potato Friday night. Eggs and sausage Saturday morning. And then let's do tin foil chicken Saturday night."

"With plenty of Captain Morgan rum and Coke."

"And plenty of sex weed."

"And lots of Swiss Navy lube." They laughed and started making plans for a camping trip the following weekend. Lists were made and gear was organized.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

The weather the following weekend was miserable and the campout was unceremoniously cancelled. Instead, Ocean fired the grill and cooked the steaks. The potatoes went into the microwave instead of campfire coals. Ocean went so far as the put up the dining fly on the back porch. A tarp was laid out on the wet deck and a sleeping bag was spread out. They stripped naked and enjoyed their Friday night 'camping trip' meal, dry under the tarp and warm on the sleeping bag, while the rain poured down around them … lightening flashing and thunder rolling through the valley. They toasted with Captain Morgan rum and Cokes. For dessert, they smoked some mellow weed.

"Somehow, this style of camping is almost, and I emphasize, almost, better than the real thing. We have running water, a refrigerator with an icemaker, a microwave, a grill and most importantly, we have a toilet. I'll be right back," Ian said as he raced toward the bathroom. Ocean leaned back and thought back on that night when Ian had stumbled into his campsite. It seemed to Ocean to be years ago when it was only a few short months. Ian came back and snuggled up to Ocean.

"Yo," Ian slurred. "Wanna ride my pony?"

"What the fuck, Ian?" Ocean said as he laughed out loud.

"You know what they say … hung like a horse. I've got a pony that's stamping his front right hoof and snorting hot visible breaths into the cool evening air. He smells sex in the air and he grows anxious. He stamps the feet again. His ears twitch. His nostrils fill with the smell of sex. His cock falls down and stretches itself, slapping against the pony's stomach several times. He's ready. He wants to fuck."

"Jesus, Ian. Gimme thirty seconds," Ocean said. His cock was stone hard after Ian's horse story. Twenty-two seconds later, Ocean returned to their makeshift campsite on the porch with a bottle of Swiss Navy Lube. Two quick pumps of lube on his finger followed by two more and he was ready. Ocean positioned himself over Ian's hard seven inch cock and lowered himself, sinking Ian's hard cock into his velvet slick smooth hole.

"That's perfect, Ocean. Take me inside. Let me fill your ass. Let my cock make your prostate one happy camper. Slide on down. That's it baby. Fuck yourself on my cock."

"You keep talking dirty to me and I'm gonna cum before we even get started," Ocean said as he bottomed out on Ian's hard cock. "Yeah, that's just right. I've got your cock buried deep in my hole and it's fucking hot." Ocean raised up halfway and eased back down on Ian's cock. "Oh yeah, baby. I want to make slow love with you tonight. I want to feel your cock slide in and out of my hole." Ocean slowly rode Ian's cock, feeling each inch as he moved his butt up and down on Ian's hard cock. They fucked slowly for at least ten minutes, both feeling the sensuous feelings of their love making as Ocean slowly rose and fell on Ian's hard cock. Ocean was in a world all to himself as he rode up and down on Ian's cock. The feelings in his hole were beyond description. He ground his ass down on Ian's cock again and again. Ocean wrapped his arms around Ian's neck and kissed him passionately. Their tongues wrestled for domination as Ocean continued to slowly grind his hole down on Ian's cock. Ocean pulled back from the kiss and picked up the pace.

"Oh yeah, baby," Ocean panted as he slammed his ass down on Ian's cock. "Good god, your cock is fucking hot!" Ocean said as he continued to slam his ass down on Ian's cock, over and over again.

"Fuck!" Ian exclaimed. "You better cum soon, because I'm getting ready to flood your ass with hot cum. I'm close, Ocean. Shoot a hot load on me!" Ocean hammered down and leaned back. Hot ribbons of cum showered down on Ian's chest. Ocean's ass clamped down on Ian's cock and Ian groaned as his cock shot out huge blasts of cum into Ocean's hole.

After round four, it was well after midnight when Ian and Ocean, wrapped in each others arms, fell asleep ... sated ... and exhausted.

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