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by Jevic
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Chapter Nine
"Trouble in Paradise"

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Ocean by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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Ian drove RR into the school parking lot and parked next to the pool. Their last swim meet of the season was taking place today.

"You ready?" Ocean asked.

You betcha," Ian said with a confident smile. "Coach has me on the relay again. Tanner has really stepped up his game, so we shouldn't have any problems winning." The boys went inside and headed for the locker room. They were greeted with high fives and butt slaps from their teammates. Ian had finally become accustomed to being naked around his teammates and stripped off his clothes without a second thought. Ocean went over to talk with the coach while Ian changed.

"How's it hanging?" Tanner asked, as he sat his gym bag on the bench beside Ian. Ian grinned and looked down at his cock. Then he looked back up at Tanner with a grin.

"Hanging kinda loose today. What about you?"

"After last night, they're hanging kinda empty," Tanner said with a smirk.

"Oh, that's right," Ian said as he remembered Tanner had a boyfriend now. "How's it going with Noah?"

"Let's just say I'm having a hard time sitting down today," Tanner said with a grin.

"How big is he again? Not to be crude or anything. You know, never mind. That was a way out of the line question. Sorry."

"No worries. He's about your size, just a little thicker."

"I remember seeing Max fuck him that one time, but I didn't pay attention to his cock. I know you two have history. How have you dealt with that?" Ian said.

"We deal with it on just about a daily basis. For now, Noah is top in all things we do. I want him to be in charge and I want him to know that he is. I took advantage of him for so long and I still feel horrible about that. By putting him in charge, it makes him comfortable and, I've actually found that I like it when he tops. He's very considerate of me and makes sure I enjoy being bottom. He makes love to me and I don't have to think about what to do. I just enjoy the feelings," Tanner explained.

"I'm happy for you, Tanner," Ian said.

"Thank you for putting me on the shrink. My father is in jail, where he belongs, thank God. My home life is back to normal. My mom basically ignores me. She knew what was going on and I hold her accountable. She lets me do whatever I want. She knows he's in jail because of me and she's fine with that, but still, she knew. I can't forgive her for that. As for Noah, he's been great. He even came to the shrink with me a couple of times. He's got us on the right road now." Ian smiled and patted his hand on Tanner's shoulder. "I will say this," Tanner said. He leaned over and whispered to Ian. "The boy knows how to fuck. I came twice last night without even touching myself. We must have gone through a half dozen positions. It was freaking hot, even though my ass reminds me about it today."

"Please tell me your ass is just fine and you're going to swim it off today. In the past, I've used a little pain or some emotion to help me. I use it to drive me to swim harder. Don't let some pain in your hole be a distraction."

"Please, that little nudge in my butt is pure motivation. We win today and Noah has agreed to a steak dinner and get this, he's agreed to bottom!" Tanner quickly looked around to make sure no one else heard what he said.

"Noah? Bottom?" Ian asked with a grin. Tanner almost squealed with excitement.

"Yes, mister 'I'm a top' has agreed if we win, I get to fuck him." Ian grabbed Tanner by the arm and looked him straight in the eyes.

"You remember what Max taught you about fucking? Right?" Ian said with all the sincerity he could muster. Tanner looked him back in the eyes and smiled.

"Yes, Ian. I remember. I know I've been a complete asshole to tons of people, but could you please possibly give me a break and share in my joy of the moment?" Ian smiled and backed down with a grin. He gave Tanner a hug.

"Yes, I can give you a break because you deserve it, Tanner. You have grown by leaps and bounds in the last month or so and I have come to respect the cute young stud you have become."

"I'm so excited to show Noah that I know how to treat a bottom. I'm ready. I've learned and I'm finally ready to show Noah the true love and respect he deserves. He's, well, he's become special to me." Ian hugged Tanner again, remembering the day they 'taught him a lesson' in his mind. The Tanner he held in his arms was a completely different Tanner from that day. This Tanner finally got away from the abuse and learned what boy on boy sex was all about.

"I'm so happy for you Tanner. I still have nightmares about what we did to you," Ian said with a sob.

"Please don't feel bad about that. I needed it, Ian. I needed to learn how boys make love with boys. My father was, well, let's just say I'm happy he's in jail. He almost wrecked me. He almost sent me down the same path he was following. God knows what happened to him to cause him to do what he did to me, but I'm so thankful you and your friends stepped in and stopped all that. I'm a completely different person now and I have you to thank for that. You gave me that note with the psychologist's name and number. Talking with him changed my life. So, thank you. Thank you for caring. Thank you for giving me this new life." Ian hugged him harder and desperately tried to keep from crying.

"You're the one who made the change happen. I'm glad I was a small part of the reason for the change and I'm happy that you're happy," Ian said as he looked Tanner in the eye.

"Thanks, Ian. I mean that. Thank you."

"We're gonna win today. Tanner, you and I are going to win this meet, especially with us together again in the relay," Ian said as he reached down to adjust himself in his Speedo. "You've really improved. You swim faster than I've ever seen you swim."

"Thanks, Ian," Tanner said as he adjusted his cock as well. "That means a lot." Ocean walked up and started stripping.

"Hey Tanner? You ready for today?" Ocean asked.

"Ready as ever."

"Cool, coach thinks this will be an easy win," Ocean said as he pulled on his Speedo.

"Best not to get too cocky," Tanner said. Ocean adjusted his cock in his Speedo and looked up at Tanner with a grin.

"Kinda hard to do when my hands are full of cock." The three boys laughed and headed out to the pool deck. Ian was called to the block first. He adjusted his goggles and mounted the block. He glanced to his left and met eyes with his competition.

"Good luck," Ian said. He looked his competition over quickly and felt his cock twitch. This boy was beautiful.

"Thanks. Same to you," the cute boy in the blue Speedo said with a smile.

"Swimmers take your mark!" was called out and the starter's pistol rang out with a loud bang. Ian launched himself into the water and came to the surface swimming hard. He looked to his left with each breath and noticed his blue Speedo clad competition was staying right next to him. Ian performed a perfect flip turn at the far end of the pool and poured it on coming back. He couldn't see the boy in the adjacent lane because he was taking breaths looking in the opposite direction. Ian gave it his all and finally slapped the concrete. He looked to his right and saw blue Speedo boy there. He looked up to his scoring judge only to find her comparing stop watches with blue Speedo boy's judge.

"We have a tie," the judges announced. "We both have the exact same time, down to the hundredths." Ian looked at blue Speedo boy and grinned. He pushed his goggles up on his head.

"I'm Ian."

"Lucas," the boy said holding his hand out. Ian shook it with a smile.

"Nice to meet you."

"You swim quite well. I usually win easily," Lucas said. Ian snorted with laughter.

"Me too. You're real competition."


"I guess we swim again?" Lucas nodded.

"That's what usually happens, I guess. I've never been in a tie before."

"Me neither," Ian said. Ocean held out his hand at that moment and pulled Ian out of the water. Ian immediately turned and offered Lucas a hand. Lucas took it and Ian pulled him out of the water. Ian then gave him a brief hug. They turned to the judges.

"You two beat the rest of the field by a large margin. So, you two will swim again against each other. Go ahead and mount the blocks." Ian and Lucas mounted the blocks. Ian in his red Speedo and Lucas in his blue.

"Good luck," Ian said as he adjusted his goggles over his eyes.

"You too," Lucas said with a grin.

"Swimmers take you mark!" The starter's pistol rang out and Ian launched himself off the block. He swam full speed the entire length of the pool. When he performed a flawless flip turn at the end of the pool, he glanced over and saw he was just barely ahead of Lucas. Ian poured it on swimming as hard as he could. When he finally slapped concrete, he immediately looked to his right. Lucas was right there. They both looked up to the judges.

"Blue Speedo wins by quarter second," the judge announced. Ian grinned at Lucas.


"Thanks. You're good. Really good. I plan to swim on the college level next year. You have any idea where you want to go?"

"Haven't really thought about it yet. I guess I should though."

"Put Appalachian on your short list. That's where I plan to go. We would be great swimming together instead of against each other."

"I'll keep that in mind. It was a privilege competing with you today."

"Likewise." The boys shook hands. Ocean pulled Ian out and once again, Ian reached out to Lucas. He pulled the winner out of the water and again gave him a brief hug. Just before Ian released Lucas from the hug, Lucas whispered in his ear.

"You're really cute." Ian grinned and mouthed 'you too' back at Lucas. Ian walked with Ocean back over to where their team was gathered. Ian showered off under the deck shower and toweled off.

"What was all that with blue Speedo boy?"

"He told me I was cute," Ian said.

"What?" Ian just smiled.

"He told me he's going to Appalachian for college and told me we would be great swimming together instead of against each other. I haven't even thought about college. Have you?"

"Not really, but Appalachian sounds like a good choice and it's not that far from here. Now stop changing the subject. Do I need to be worried about blue Speedo boy?"

"Lucas. His name is Lucas and no, Ocean. You have nothing to worry about. I was just admiring the competition. Ocean grinned just as he was called to the blocks.

The starter's pistol fired and the relay was on. Ian looked over and saw that he would be swimming against Lucas. Tanner launched into the water as the third part of the relay started. Ian took his place on the block. Tanner swam hard and increased the lead by almost a body length. Ian grinned at Lucas.

Tanner slapped the concrete a half second before his competition. Ian launched off the block and swam as hard as he could, determined to beat Lucas this time. Ian could see Lucas gaining on him just before executing another flawless flip turn and heading for his finish. His mind was filled with images of Lucas with his toned body, bubble butt and nicely shaped bulge in his speedo. Ian slapped the concrete and looked right to see Lucas slap his hand on the concrete almost a full second after Ian.

"Red wins!" the judge called out

"Congratulations," Lucas said with a smile.

"Thanks, and I talked with my boyfriend. We're going to look into Appalachian State."

"Awesome!" They high fived. Ian needed to keep the conversation going. His cock had plumped during his swim and he needed it to deflate before he got out of the water.

"I used to live in Hendersonville and went to high school there. Sorry, but I don't remember you and I'm sure I would have noticed you."

"We just moved over the summer. Dad took a new job and we moved here from Tennessee."

"Well, that explains that. Thanks."

"Has your cock gone down yet?" Lucas asked with a smirk.

"What?" Ian squeaked. Lucas leaned over the lane divider.

"You're stalling getting out. Did you pitch wood during the race?" Ian blushed. "Thought so. I did too, so adjust yourself best you can and let's get out." Ian nodded and reached down to adjust his cock. He looked up and saw Ocean grinning down at him.

He reached an arm up and Ocean pulled him out of the water, then Ocean turned and pulled Lucas out of the water. Ocean gave Lucas a brief hug and whispered in his ear.

"I think you're cute too." Lucas beamed. Ocean grinned as he watched Lucas walk away. He turned to look at Ian and glanced down.

"You're speedo is just about stretched out past acceptable. Take a quick shower and grab a towel," Ocean said grinning. Ian blushed even more but grinned back.

"Sorry. I can't believe I've never plumped up during practice or during meets and here we come to almost the end of the season and my cock decides to get hard. Fuck!"

"It's cool, Ian. If you'd be a little more attentive, you would have noticed our teammates have been showing hards all season." Ian glanced around and quickly noticed three other boys with hard cocks. Ian sighed in relief.

"Okay, so I'm not the only one, but still. It's embarrassing. I'm gonna shower and change. Then let's go home and you can help me with this hard cock of mine," Ian said with a wink as he sauntered off.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

"Dad, we need to talk about college," Ocean said at supper that night. Dennis about choked on his wine. Barbara smiled and patted Dennis on the back.

"You want to talk about college?" Dennis said in disbelief.

"Yeah, Ian and I have been talking and we'd like to visit Appalachian. It's not too far away and I may be eligible for a swimming scholarship." Ian sat up and paid attention. With millions in the bank, he didn't have to worry about scholarships. He had no idea about Dennis and Barbara's finances. It had never been discussed.

"Uh, I don't want to be out of line here, but I have plenty of money," Ian said softly. Dennis turned to Ian and smiled.

"Thanks, Ian. I appreciate that, but that's your money. Barbara and I have a quite healthy portfolio, thanks to some smart investing. Don't get me wrong. I'm not about to go out and buy a Ranger Rover, but we're fully ready to pay for Ocean's college."

"I didn't mean to pry. I just wanted to make the offer. You guys have taken me into your family and loved me without question. That kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated. I love you all very much and consider myself a part of this family. Ocean has come to mean a lot to me. I'm sure you both know that I love him with all my heart. I appreciate that you both have given me the opportunity to explore that love without reservation. Your son means the world to me and in the time I have been a part of this family, you both, Dennis and Barbara, mom and dad, have become the parents that I miss so much. You'll never replace them, but I can not imagine in my wildest dreams of having two other people that come so close to the real thing. I love you both. It is an honor and privilege to be a part of this family. But, that means I have certain responsibilities to this family and I wanted to make sure that you both knew I am willing to help in any way I can." Dennis and Barbara both had tears in their eyes.

"You can buy me a Range Rover if you want to," Ocean said with a grin. Everybody broke out in laughter. "Mission accomplished. It was getting way too serious around here."

"Thank you, Ian. I appreciate every word you said," Dennis said wiping his eyes.

"How about some dessert?" Barbara said. "I made a chocolate chess pie and I have some Redi-Whip in the refrigerator."

"Perfect!" Ian said. "I saved some room." The family enjoyed their dessert and the boys headed upstairs to their garage apartment.

"We didn't get to go camping," Ian mused.

"No, we didn't, but we kinda, sorta camped on the deck."

"Yeah, we did. I'd kinda, sorta like a repeat of that, but let's keep it in here. That bed has your name on it and my cock is stirring in my pants," Ian grinned.

"Oh yeah, lover boy," Ocean purred as he wrapped his arms around Ian. The boy's mouths met in a searing hot kiss. They both started taking their clothes off and moments later stood looking at each other completely naked.

"I wonder what's going on at Max's?"

"Really? I'm ready to fuck your butt and you're curious about Max? What the fuck Ocean?"

"Just give me a second to check." Ocean grabbed the binoculars and looked out the window. "Holy shit, Max and Tanner are about to go at it. Wanna go over and join in?"

"I would really like this to be about you and me right now," Ian said.

"Okay, but let's do it while we watch Max fuck Tanner. You game?"

"No, I'm not," Ian said sadly. "Not interested at all." Ian got up, pulled on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and walked out the door. Ocean called after him, but Ian ignored him. Ian climbed into RR and started it up. He quickly backed out of the drive and took off down the street. Ian slammed his hands on the steering wheel in frustration. The only time Ocean and he had made love was their first night and then the fake camping trip on the deck. That was it. Every other time it involved at least one, if not two or three other people. Ian hit the steering wheel with a closed fist. Ian was pissed … pissed at Ocean in a bad way.

"Damn it!" Ian screamed out. "Am I being selfish? Is asking my boyfriend for some one on one sex being unreasonable? Fuck!" Ian absentmindedly turned onto the highway heading for Hendersonville. 'Lucas lives in Hendersonville' Ian suddenly thought to himself as Ian drove down the highway.

"Why the fuck not?" Ian said out loud. He headed for the popular hangout spots in his hometown, hoping to see some friends. He rounded the corner at the park and saw a few cars parked there. Ian slowed and looked. Suddenly Cody came running out of the shadows waving his arms. Ian stopped the car.

"Ian!" Cody called out. "Ian!" he said running up to the driver's door. Ian rolled the window down. "It is you! Park this fucker so I can give you a hug." Ian grinned and threw RR into park and jumped out. Cody wrapped his arms around him in a warm tight hug. "I'm so sorry I missed the get together at Little Pigs. I had to work, but Davin told me all about it."

"I've missed you Cody," Ian said. "And I'm so happy for you and Davin." Cody released the hug and looked at Ian.

"What's your boyfriend's name, River? Canyon?" Ian laughed

"His name is Ocean."

"Ocean? Who the fuck names their kid Ocean?"

"Some really cool folks that I like a lot," Ian said with a grin.

"Come on. Let's join the group. I know there's some peeps that would love to see you." They made their way over to the picnic tables where a dozen teens were hanging out.

"Hey guys!" Cody called out. "Look what the cat drug in! Ian Knight!" Several people called out in greeting, but one particular boy moved forward to greet them.

"Hey, didn't expect to see you so soon."

"Hi Lucas," Ian said with a grin.

"You two know each other?" Cody asked.

"Yeah, we swam against each other today in the swim meet over in Harmony," Lucas explained.

"And I beat him," Lucas said with a grin.

"And I beat you in the relay, so there," Ian said grinning back.

"Cool. Ian, you want a beer?"

"Sure, that'd be nice." Cody took off. "So, where's your boyfriend?" Ian asked Lucas.

"Unattached at the moment. Where's yours?" Ian sighed.

"He's being narrowminded, uncaring and totally obsessed with sex."

"I could deal with being obsessed with sex. What gives with the rest?" Lucas said, taking a sip of his beer.

"Don't get me wrong. Ocean is wonderful. It just seems that every time we have sex, it involves at least one other person if not two or three or even four. Am I being unreasonable asking for some one on one time?"

"You lead an interesting life, Ian Knight," Lucas said with a grin. "Do you top or bottom?"

"I normally top. But I've been known to bottom occasionally. Why do you ask?"

"Come on, Ian. I think you're cute. You think I'm cute. Let's hookup."

"I … I …" Lucas leaned in close, cupped Ian's crotch in his hand and squeezed it gently.

"You're hot, Ian. I want you to fuck me," Lucas whispered in Ian's ear before swiping his slick tongue on Ian's neck. Ian groaned and turned his head to lock lips with Lucas in a blistering hot kiss. Their arms circled around each other as the kiss grew hotter.

"Oh shit! Sorry." The boys broke apart and turned to look at Cody. "Uh, here's your beer Ian. I didn't realize you had an open relationship with Ocean. Davin didn't describe it that way when he told me about your time at Little Pigs."

"Ocean is a bit obsessed with having other people in our bedroom right now. While I really enjoy having a few extra people in the bed, I do enjoy one on one the best. He's apparently not ready to do that. When it's just one other person, I can give that person one hundred percent of my attention. Add more people into the mix and my percentage of attention goes way down. Thanks for the beer, by the way. It was good to see you, Cody. Tell Davin I said hello. Lucas and I are gonna go fuck right now. See you later." Cody grinned.

"Okay, sounds like you have an interesting love life. You two have fun," Cody said as he turned and walked back to the small crowd of teens.

"I have a van," Lucas said. "It's customized," he added. "And it has a bed," Lucas whispered. Ian kissed him again, but only briefly.

"Where is your van?"

"Right behind you." Ian turned and looked. Sure enough, there was a van parked next to RR. Ian grabbed Lucas's hand and headed to the van. Lucas opened the side door and crawled in. Ian crawled in behind him then turned and closed the door. Lucas turned on the low level lights illuminating the entire interior with dim golden light. Then he switched on some music on low level. Lucas sat on the edge of the bed and turned to Ian.

"You are one hot fucker," Lucas said breathlessly. "I want to see you naked." Lucas sat down beside Lucas and pulled his own tee shirt over his head. Lucas did the same then moved down to his knees in front of Ian. Lucas pulled on Ian's shorts. Ian lifted his butt and Lucas pulled the shorts off leaving Ian completely naked. Lucas looked Ian in the eyes as he lowered his head and licked Ian's cock shaft from bottom to top. Ian smiled. Lucas winked and he moved lower and sucked in Ian's balls, giving them a thorough tongue washing. Ian moaned.

"Yeah, that feels so good, Lucas. You've got a hot tongue," Ian whispered. Lucas eased the balls out of his mouth and started on Ian's hard cock. Lucas swirled his tongue around the head and sucked it in. He bobbed his head on about half the shaft a few times then stopping with just the head in his mouth. He looked Ian in the eyes. As Ian watched, Lucas went down on Ian's cock slowly until his nose was buried in pubic hair. Ian groaned. Lucas winked and started bobbing his head up and down on Ian's spit slick cock, taking it all the way on each downward bob. Lucas reached his arms up and tweaked Ian's nipples. Ian reached out and stroked Lucas's straight dirty blond hair. Their eyes remained locked with each other. As the minutes passed, Ian grew closer and closer to cumming.

"You're gonna make me cum, Lucas. I'm getting close." If anything, that comment urged Lucas to speed up, slamming his nose into pubes every time. Ian felt a wet finger at his hole. It slowly worked its way inside and hooked up to press on his prostate.

"Fuck, that's it. I'm gonna cum," Ian groaned. Lucas buried Ian's cock deep in his throat and adored the pulsing of the cute boy's cock as it shot loads of cum down his throat. He felt Ian's ass clamp down on his finger with each pulse. Lucas pulled back and let the last of the spurts wash cum across his tongue. He eased his finger out of Ian's hole. "Fuck, that was hot!" Ian said. Lucas sat back and lowered himself to the floor. He casually pulled his shorts off and tossed them aside.

"There's lube on the shelf to your left. Why don't you grab that and come join me down here?"

"Why don't you lay back on the bed. I wanna eat your ass and then we'll fuck." Lucas moved up, lay back on the bed and spread his legs wide. "Yeah, you're so hot like that," Ian said as he looked hungrily at Lucas's smooth hole. Ian slid off the bed and got on his knees. He pulled Lucas closer and ran a smooth swipe of his hot tongue across Lucas's hairless hole. Ian turned on the magic as his tongue worked on the hole. Lucas's moans encouraged Ian on and he drove his tongue into Lucas's hot ass again and again.

"Fuck, that feels good, Ian. Here's the lube. Get me ready," Lucas said. Ian pumped a glob on lube on his finger and eased it into Lucas's hole. It slid in easily. Ian finger fucked the hole for a few seconds before adding more lube and pushing two fingers in. Lucas moaned as Ian added a third finger and loosened Lucas's hole so they could fuck.

"Okay, that's good. Now slick that hot cock up and let's get it on," Lucas said breathlessly. Ian grinned and pulled his fingers out. He lubed his cock and lined it up. He looked up at Lucas.

"Yeah, put it in me. Make me feel good." Ian eased the head through the tight ring of muscle and paused a few seconds. He looked Lucas in the eyes as he pushed in a couple of inches. Lucas nodded. Ian pushed it on in to the balls.

"Yeah, that's awesome," Lucas purred. Ian pulled back halfway back then ground his cock in. He set a slow grinding pace.

"Kiss me," Lucas whispered. Ian leaned over and lips met lips in a blistering hot kiss. Lucas wrapped his legs around Ian and locked them at the ankle. With each slow grind in, Lucas used his legs to pull his ass up against Ian's cock. Ian picked up the pace. He buried his face in Lucas's neck, kissing and licking the smooth skin. Ian leaned back up and grabbed Lucas's legs pulling them wide apart. He picked up the pace until the skin slapping skin sounds filled the van.

"Fuck, you're good," Lucas puffed out. Ian grinned and sped up some more. "Oh, oh, yes, yes," Lucas said with each thrust. Ian slowed down.

"Let's switch. Doggy?"

"Yeah." Lucas rolled over and got on all fours. Ian moved in behind and slid his cock back in. He grabbed Lucas's hips and sped back up to skin slapping skin speed. Lucas arched his back. Ian grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled Lucas's head back.

"Fuck yeah, dude. Fuck my ass!" Lucas called out. Ian hammered his seven inch cock hard into Lucas's tight hole. He moved his hands back to the hips and started a long dick fuck, pulling almost all the way out and slamming back all the way in.

"Go fucker! Give me that cock!" Ian reached around and grabbed Lucas's cock. It was hard as a rock. "Don't jack it. I'll cum." Ian moved his hand back to the Lucas's hip and continued his long dick fuck.

"I wanna ride your cock. Let's switch up," Lucas said. Ian grinned as he slowly pulled his cock out.

"This is fun. I haven't had sex like this in a long time. You're one super hot dude." Lucas smiled.

"Yeah, I've needed this. Lay down on the bed." Ian stretched out and watched as Lucas crouched down. Ian held up his cock and Lucas lowered his ass down taking the cock all the way in. Lucas grabbed Ian by the shoulders and started slamming his ass down on Ian's hard cock. Lucas kept that up for a few minutes, then leaned back on his hands and rode some more. Finally Lucas came down on his knees. He grabbed himself by the ankles and hammered his ass down on Ian's cock.

"Fuck!" Lucas screamed out as he slammed his ass down and came. Hot ribbons on cum blasted out of his cock, spraying cum all over Ian's face and chest. As Lucas came down from his orgasm, Ian rolled him over on his back and slammed his cock in three hard times and came, flooding Lucas's hole with hot teen cum. Ian dropped down and kissed Lucas, who wrapped his arms around Ian.

"That was fucking awesome," Lucas whispered. Ian continued to grind his cock into Lucas's cum slick hole. Ian leaned back up and picked up the pace. "Yeah, you big stud. Fuck yes. Round two," Lucas said in amazement. "I've never been fucked like this before. Shit yes! Fuck me, Ian." And Ian did just that, speeding his strokes back up to skin slapping skin. He grabbed Lucas by the thighs and hammered his cock into Lucas.

"Oh, yes, oh, yes, fuck, me, fuck, me," Lucas called out with each hard thrust. Sweat was rolling down Ian's chest as he fucked Lucas relentlessly for another ten minutes.

"I'm getting close. I'm gonna cum soon," Lucas panted. He grabbed his cock and gave it a single pump. "Oh fuck!" It exploded sending hot spurts of cum flying across his face and chest. Ian pulled his cock out, gave it a pump and sprayed Lucas with nine, ten hot blasts of cum, landing wetly in Lucas's hair and on his face.

"Fuck dude! You hit my face!"

They heard hoops and hollers outside along with wolf whistles and applause. Lucas and Ian grinned at each other then flopped back on the bed trying to catch their breath.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Ocean stood in the driveway and watched Ian drive off. He listened as RR burned rubber turning onto the main road. Ocean took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"Was that Ian?" Ocean jumped. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you son," Dennis said. Ocean nodded. "What's he need this late at night?" Ocean shook his head.

"He doesn't need anything but to be away from me right now," Ocean said with a sob. Dennis hugged his son tightly. "I screwed things up and I don't even know what I did."

"Ian's a good kid. He'll come back when he's cooled down," Dennis said as he smiled at his son. "Did you have an argument?"

"No, we didn't argue. That's just it. I don't understand. I just made a suggestion and he walked out the door."

"Come on son. Let's go up to the deck and smoke a bowl. We'll figure it out." Father and son plodded up the steps and walked out onto the small garage apartment deck. Dennis pulled a bowl out of weed out of his robe pocket and took a hit. He handed the pipe to Ocean and glanced over at Max's house.

"I see Max has company tonight. Looks like they're really into each other." Ocean looked over and nodded.

"Actually, dad, uh, well …"

"Be blunt with me Ocean. You know I'm cool."

"I suggested to Ian that we go next door and join Max and Tanner. Then he bolted."

"Back up, Ocean. What did he say before your suggestion?"

"He said he wished we had gone camping, but the weather sucked and we camped out here on the deck instead. Then he said he wanted to do that again, but inside on the bed instead. He said … oh fuck."

"You just remembered where you fucked up, didn't you?"

"Yeah, he said he wanted some one on one time with me and I went off an insisted we go next door. What a fuckin' chump I am!"

"There's a plus to this," Dennis said. Ocean looked at his dad with wide unbelieving eyes. "You now know how you fucked up and you now know how to fix it." Ocean actually smiled a small smile.

"Yeah, maybe. He's probably out there getting some one on one action with somebody right now."

"If that's the case, then so be it. Ian is, how do I say this … emotionally needy, but not in a bad way. Just think about it for minute. He's living a perfect life and one day," Dennis snapped his fingers. "It all goes away in the worst way possible. He finds himself living with people that could care less if he lives or dies. He gets raped. The authorities don't give a shit. He's screwed, plus he has to deal with the loss of his parents. Suddenly, he meets you and everything is butterflies and daisies. Then the symptoms start showing up. The anger. The shrink and all that. But … but through it all you have been there for him. You have been by his side through thick and thin. You have let him become dependent on you. It's not your fault. It's not anybody's fault. The truth is, Ian needs someone to anchor his life to and that's you, Ocean. Tonight, you basically cut the cord to the anchor. Let Ian go and find himself. I know in my heart of hearts that he loves you, Ocean. He will be back. He might not be the same Ian that walked out tonight, but he will be the Ian that loves you. When he comes back, do not grill him on where he's been or who he's been with. That's not your job. You are to welcome him into your loving arms with no questions asked. You already know why he left, so offer to give him what he wants. If he is cold to you, be warm to him. Don't worry if he turns his back on you. It's okay. He's probably still pissed and probably guilty over whatever he got up to."

"So I just walk on eggshells until he's cool?"

"Pretty much, son. You brought this on yourself and you'll need to deal with it."

"Thanks, dad," Ocean said as he hugged his father.

"You're welcome. I'm stoned and I need to go to bed."

"Me too," Ocean grinned as he watched his father head down the stairs. His father always had the answers to Ocean's problems and he loved him deeply. Ocean headed into the apartment and crawled into bed. He was determined to wait all night if necessary for Ian to come home. He knew he'd screwed up and with his father's words echoing in the mind, Ocean knew what he had to do to make things right.

It was nearly two o'clock in the morning when Ian slipped quietly into the apartment. Ocean lay quietly in their bed listening as Ian silently moved into the apartment. Ocean heard Ian take his clothes off and every so gently crawl into their bed. Ocean took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He gently rolled over and put his arm around Ian and slowly snuggled up to him as he had done every night since Ian came to live with him. Ian stiffened at first, but finally relaxed into Ocean's embrace. Ocean smelled the sex on Ian and at first stiffened, then relaxed. He was the one who screwed up and he was determined to make it right.

"I love you and I'm sorry," Ocean whispered. Ian stiffened. "I am so sorry. I know what I did and I am so ashamed. You wanted to make love with just me tonight and I insisted we go next door and join Max. I am so sorry that I didn't listen to you. Ian, you mean the world to me. I love you with all my heart and I just wasn't listening to you. I promise to always listen to you and put your needs above mine. I am so, so very sorry. I don't care what you've done tonight or who you've been with. It doesn't matter. I don't care. All that matters to me is that you are here with me in our bed. I love you, Ian."

"I fucked Lucas tonight. I fucked the shit out of him and made him cum twice. It was the hottest sex I've had in a long time. I enjoyed myself. We used to have that, Ocean. We used to make love with each other and love and respect each other. I don't know what happened. Having other people in our bed is hot, but I fell in love with you, Ocean. I didn't fall in love with Max or Tanner or Luke or Cory or Finn or any of our friends. I fell in love with you. It's you I want to make love with. It's you that I'm in love with. Having someone else join us is fun, but you've got to remember that it's you I love, not anybody else. I want you under me while I make love to you. It's your cock I want down my throat. It's you I want in every way possible. Sure, it's fun to have an orgy, but the bottom line is, I want you, Ocean. I don't care about anybody else but you. I want you and just you when we make love. If we both, mutually decide to invite someone to join us, then it's sex. It's not making love. It's recreational sex.""

"I'm glad you got some one on one time tonight. I know that's important to you. And, by the way, you reek of sex and I'm fine with that. I hope blue speedo boy or whoever made you happy. I absolutely do not have a problem with that. I really don't. We've had our wild times with a lot of different people. But, Ian, I want you to know that all those times we had with other people was just sexy fun. I had no idea that you needed one on one time with me and for that, I am truly sorry. I promise that I will be more attentive to you and your needs. This is all new to me as well. You stumbled into my campsite and here we are." Ian rolled over and looked Ocean in the face.

"I'm sorry for running out and having sex with someone else." Ocean shook his head.

"I'm the one that drove you away. It's my fault and I'm sorry."

"If you say sorry one more time, I'm gonna fuck you through the mattress. So shut up already!"

"Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Now you said something about a mattress?"

"Ocean, I've cumed twice tonight. I'm done."

"I bet if I sucked your cock, you'd get hard. My hole is already lubed up and ready to go. All you have to do is slip it in and make love to me."

"Are you serious?" Ocean grinned as he leaned over and sucked Ian's cock into his mouth. He tasted Lucas but didn't care. He wanted Ian to make love to him. He needed Ian to make love to him.

"I've already cum twice. I know I smell like him and you still want me to fuck you?" Ocean sucked hard on Ian's cock and had him hard in no time.

"Yes! No! Yes! Ah, look. Let's make love. I don't want to fuck. I want to make love with your cock in my ass all night long." Ocean moved over Ian and lined Ian's cock up with his ass. Ocean sank down on Ian's hard cock and sighed as the cock he's come to love, filled his hole. Ocean looked down at Ian with loving eyes.

"This is making love. We are connected with part of you inside of me. Two people can't get any closer than we are right now. I feel your cock in my ass. My prostrate is happy. My hole is happy and I am happy. We are one, Ian. We are joined together in love and affection."

Ocean leaned over and captured Ian's lips in a loving kiss that turned into a searing hot lip lock. Ocean glanced at the alarm clock. It was two eighteen. As he rolled over and wrapped his arm around Ian, he glanced again. It was five forty two. It had been marathon sex with every position imaginable. It had been slow, it had been fast, it had been grinding and it had been hammer time. It had been everything Ocean needed that he didn't even know he needed. Ocean felt complete. He finally figured it out. It wasn't so much a quest to have sex with as many people as possible and preferably at the same time. That way of thinking was out the window. He had everything he needed wrapped in his arms. As he nudged his nose into Ian's hair and inhaled, he smelled the boy he loved. The boy he loved that now smelled like himself. Blue speedo boy along with all the others were put on the back shelf. Ian was his boyfriend. Ian was who he loved. Ian was his world. Ocean drifted off the sleep with a gentle smile on his face.

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