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by Jevic
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Chapter Ten
"Uncle Blake"

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Ocean by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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Sheriff Bill Anderson ran a tight ship. Oklahoma County was one of ten counties that made up Oklahoma City, but seeing as his county also contained the city name, he rode a little higher in his saddle. He had been sheriff for almost two decades and he'd seen more than his fair share of low life's, but it was a feather in his cap when Sheriff Bill Anderson turned the key on the cell lock with Blake Knight inside. The sumbitch had cussed and raised all kinds of holy hell when they arrested him. Sheriff Bill even had to user his Taser on crazy Blake.

Bill smiled at Blake, because this was no misdemeanor charge this time. This was a felony and old Blake Knight was looking at hard time at 'Big Mac' the Oklahoma State Penitentiary over in McAlester. Bill looked forward to the day he transferred Blake into the hands of Warden Jim Farris.

Two weeks after Blake's arrest, Sheriff Bill had a happy step in his feet as he walked into his office and sat down at his desk. One of the matrons brought him his cup of coffee, just as she did every morning. He glanced over the reports from yesterday and smiled. Three more drug arrests. Perfect. The morning was looking up, but then a deputy gave the worst news Bill ever wanted to hear.

"What do you mean he escaped? People don't just waltz out of a high security lock up?" Sheriff Bill billowed and standing to look at his deputy. "Who fucked up and let him get away?"

"He had laundry duty. We're still checking the surveillance tapes," Deputy Tim Coffee explained.

"How fucking long does it take to skim over a surveillance tape?"

"I've been watching it for almost two hours and he's just washing laundry."

"You are an absolute complete fucking dunderhead. Don't watch it in real time you idiot! Skim through it!" Deputy Tim raced out of the room. "I'm beginning to regret the day his momma begged me to give that boy a job." Twenty minutes later, Deputy Tim walked back into the sheriff's office.

"He got out under a pile of dirty laundry," Deputy Tim reported. Sheriff Bill Anderson slowly stood up from his desk and looked Deputy Tim directly in the eye.

"And just who was overseeing laundry this morning?" Tim gulped.

"That would be JD, ah, sir," Tim squeaked. Sheriff Bill Anderson was usually a quiet man, practically whispering while he talked. That personality went out the window as Sheriff Bill screamed blood murder!

"That sonofabitch is gonna go straight after Ian. God damn it! You tell JD he's fired! Tell him he better not come see me right now cuz I might shoot him!" Deputy Tim looked at the sheriff with eyes wide as saucers. "Git!" Sheriff Bill shouted. Deputy Tim just about wet his pants as he scrambled out of the sheriff's office.

"Well shit," Sheriff Bill mumbled to himself. "I've got to call that boy right now. Blake Knight is just crazy enough to go after that kid." The sheriff checked his file and found Dennis Nolan's phone number. "Well, what are you waiting for? Check the security tapes!" The deputy scrambled out of the sheriff's office while Sheriff Anderson picked up the phone and punched in the number.

"Hello," Dennis said.

"Dennis Nolan?"

"Yes, who's calling please?"

"This is Sheriff Bill Anderson calling from the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office here in Oklahoma City. I believe a youngster by the name of Ian Knight is under your care?"

"Yes, he is. I guess you're the one that had the Range Rover shipped to us?"

"Yeah, that'd be me."

"You made Ian's day. He loves that car. Thank you for doing that. He really appreciates that."

"Happy to do that for him. Listen Dennis, we have a situation you need to be aware of. It seems that, ah, Blake Knight, ah, escaped from my jail this morning. He's Ian's uncle. The same uncle that caused all those problems for Ian. We're very familiar with Blake here in Oklahoma County. He's been in and out of my jail more times than I have fingers."

"Okay, sheriff. Why do I need to be aware about this?"

"Old Blake is just crazy enough to come after Ian."

"What?" Dennis exclaimed.

"Well, it was Ian's lawyer that put old Blake in jail. Now Blake probably blames his nephew for all his troubles including being in jail. I've personally seen him in an angry rage before and it's not a pretty sight. He can get real mean. Now, we're doing everything we can to find him and when we do, I'll let you know. But, in the meantime, just keep your eyes open and be sure to lock your doors at night."

"Okay, I hope you find him soon."

"Oh, we will. Just giving you a heads up. I'm also going to call your local police department and fill them in on the situation. I'll send them a mug shot so they know who to look for."

"Thanks, sheriff. That means a lot."

"One more thing. If Blake shows up, you call nine one one. Don't try anything with him. He's crazy and he's aggressive too. Don't let him in your house. Don't talk to him. Don't do anything. Just call nine one one. And, knowing him, I'd say you should consider him armed."

"Okay, thanks for the heads up." Dennis ended the call and took a deep breath. He glanced at the clock. One forty-five. Ian and Ocean were at school and Dennis didn't expect them back home until just before four. Dennis glanced at the keypad for the alarm system. The number for the alarm company was on the keypad. Dennis quickly called them. After explaining his situation, while not going into too many details, he requested the company to come out and add the garage apartment to the current system. An installation appointment would usually be scheduled at least a week out, but Dennis insisted this was an emergency need and even agreed to pay a bit more for same day installation. So, after being assured that the installation team would be out before five, Dennis hung up and sighed in relief.

He went to his gun safe and entered the combination. He peered inside and took a rapid mental inventory. He checked the shotguns and the rifles. They were in perfect condition and loaded. He pulled out his Glock nine millimeter pistol. After checking the clip and engaging the safety, Dennis racked a shell into the chamber. He put the pistol in his bedside table drawer. Dennis pulled out his wife's Glock, checked it and racked a shell in too. He put her pistol in her bedside table drawer. One thing he and his wife found out they liked was shooting their pistols. They were members at an indoor shooting club not far away and went there at least once a week for an hour or two. They had been members for just over five years. Both Dennis and his wife could disassemble and reassemble their Glock pistols and were considered experts at the club. Enjoying their hobby was about to pay off should Blake show up.

After readying the weapons, Dennis made his way outside and inspected each and every flood light to make sure they were working. Once that was done, Dennis checked all the windows in the house and in the apartment to make sure they were all closed and locked. Once Dennis had done everything he could think of to make his home as secure as possible, he sat down and tried to think of anything else he could do.

The doorbell rang and Dennis jumped, startled at the sound. He glanced outside and saw the alarm company van. With his heart still hammering in his chest, he opened the door. Dennis walked with the two men and explained what he wanted done. The alarm for the apartment would be a completely separate system but would also alert the house system. Dennis had them put sensors on all the windows and doors, plus a glass break sensor. Smoke and carbon monoxide sensors were added too. Dennis asked the men for any more recommendations. They suggested adding sensors to the garage doors as well. Dennis agreed and they got to work.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

"What are you guys up to this weekend?" Max asked as he walked toward the parking lot after school with Finn, Ocean and Ian. They stopped at Ian's RR because he was in parking spot number one. It was the parking spot closest to the school entrance.

"Haven't really made any plans, Max. What do you have in mind?" Ocean asked. Max's face slowly turned into a sly smile.

"I know that look. He's thinking sex," Finn said swishing his hair.

"Of course, I'm thinking sex," Max said with a grin.

"What kind of kinky sex are you thinking about?" Ocean asked.

"Have you ever had sex with a goat?" Ocean, Ian and Finn busted out laughing. Max laughed too. "Actually, I'd like to try a train. You know, where everybody lines up and fucks at the same time."

"Not following you, Max," Finn said. "A train?"

"Okay, Finn, you fuck me. While you're fucking me, Ian fucks you. And while Ian is fucking you, Ocean fucks Ian and so on. We can do it laying on our sides or standing up. I bet we could beat a Guinness World Record."

"They keep world records about that?" squeaked Finn.

"Fuck if I know, but if they do, I know we could beat it," Max said. "We get together with us four along with Luke and Cody and I'm sure you have friends in Hendersonville, right Ian?" Ian nodded.

"Actually, that would work best with three people," Ocean suggested.

"How's that?" Max asked.

"With three people, the person in the middle does all the moving while the other two just stay still. The one in the middle pushes his cock into the boy in front of him and that pulls the cock in his butt out. When he pulls back from the boy he's fucking, he pushes his ass back, taking the cock behind him into his ass. Here, let me show you." Ocean pulled Max in front of him. "Finn, stand behind me." Finn moved and put his hands on Ocean's hips.

"Now, you two don't move." Ocean moved back and forth between Max and Finn. "See what I'm talking about now?"

"That looks hot, especially for the boy in the middle," Max said with a grin, "But we won't be breaking any Guinness World Records doing that."

"No, we'll just be having fun, but we can go after your world record if you want to,' Ocean said.

"Deal," Max said with a grin.

"Okay, sounds good. Next time we're all together we'll pull a train. What are you and Finn up to tonight?" Max looked and Finn and grinned. Finn grinned back and swished his hair.

"Maybe something," Max said with a grin.

"I've got binoculars," Ocean said with a wink.

"Really? You'll have to let me borrow them one night," Max said with a wink.

"Ha! You two have fun. See you guys tomorrow," Ocean said. Max and Finn headed for their cars and Ian climbed into RR with Ocean.

"Max has turned into a sex fiend," Ian said as he drove RR out of the parking lot.

"Yeah, and to think he was the quintessential straight high school quarterback just a few short weeks ago."

"Quintessential? When did you start using hundred dollar words?"

"Since I met you and your super brain," Ocean said with a wink.

"You only flatter me because you want sex?"

"Of course, I want sex. Is that a problem?"

"Nope. Not a problem at all."

They pulled into the driveway and parked next to an alarm company van. When they got out of RR, they saw two men working up at the apartment.

"I wonder what's going on," Ocean said. "Let's head inside and ask dad." The boys went in through the kitchen door and found Dennis pacing back and forth in front of the fireplace.

"Hi boys. Please have a seat. We need to have a talk," Dennis said pointing to the couch.

"What's up dad? And what's up with the alarm people. We hardly ever use the system we have," Ocean said as he sat on the couch along with Ian.

"We have a bit of a situation." Dennis stated. He took a deep breath. "You boys listen carefully. I got a phone call earlier today from a sheriff out in Oklahoma City. He had some disturbing news about your uncle, Ian." Ian gulped. "Seems your uncle escaped from the jail and the sheriff thinks he might be on his way here." Ian jumped up. "Easy son," Dennis said. "The sheriff knows Blake and he thinks he might, and I do mean might, be headed here. I've already gone through the whole house and the apartment making sure everything is secure. When we originally had the security system installed, we didn't even think about the apartment. That's why they're here now. When they finish, we'll come up with a code for you guys to use to turn the alarm on and off."

"This is crazy," Ian said. "I can't believe this! He thinks my uncle is on the way here to do what? Beat me up? Kill me?"

"The sheriff called our police department and gave them a heads up too. The sheriff also told me that he knows your Uncle Blake very well. He said that Blake has been in and out of his jail a bunch of times and the sheriff thinks he's just crazy enough to come after you." Ian wrapped his arms around himself in a panic. "Here me out. Blake had it made and had you out of the way too. When Tom Tomlinson did his lawyer thing, Blake ended up in jail. I'm sure he wasn't too happy about that."

"So, I'm supposed to live in fear that he might jump out of the shadows at any minute and kill me?" Ian said in a panic. Then he thought about Ocean and his family. "And because of me, you guys are at risk too." Dennis sighed.

"Until they find him and get him back in jail, we just need to be a little more aware of our surroundings. We will start using the alarm system and I'm going to turn the outside flood lights on every night. I've already checked them and they are working perfectly. Oh, Ian, I want you to park the Range Rover in the garage and lock the door. Just use Ocean's Jeep for a while. Your Ranger Rover sticks out like a beacon and we don't need Blake to see it. I'm having the apartment alarm cover the garage too."

"Okay, I'll park it as soon as the alarm people are finished. I am so sorry that I'm bringing trouble to your family, Dennis." Dennis wrapped his arms around Ian and hugged him tight. Ocean got up and hugged them both.

"You're part of this family, Ian. Don't forget that. We'll protect you and I have a feeling they'll catch him pretty quick," Ocean said.

"That's right. Don't get yourself all worked up, Ian. These are proactive measures we're taking. That's all. Everything will be just fine as long as we are careful." Dennis said. "We all love you Ian and we want you to be safe."

"Thank you." The doorbell rang and all three of them jumped. Dennis went to the door and met the alarm installers. Ian and Ocean joined them and got a thorough explanation of how the system works. This system they had installed had a speaker and microphone. If the alarm is activated, someone from the monitoring center will come on the speaker and ask who's there and what the problem is. They will also ask for a password. Ian and Ocean were asked to come up with something they could easily remember. They looked at each other and grinned.

"Swiss Navy," they both said at the same time. With the installation complete, Ian and the Nolans were as prepared as they could be. Hopefully, Blake Knight would be caught and they could all relax., but for now, they were all on alert.

"Ian, here's a copy of the key to the garage doors. Go ahead and park the Range Rover inside and lock up all the doors," Dennis instructed as he handed over a silver key. Ian nodded and added the key to his key fob. He pulled RR into the garage. He walked out and pulled the garage door down and locked it. He locked the other two doors as well and headed in for dinner.

Barbara was brought up to date when she got home. She had picked up dinner at the local Japanese Steak House. Dennis explained what he had done to secure the house while Barbara set out their dinner. Ian had relaxed somewhat and seemed to enjoy his hibachi steak and shrimp, dipping every bite into the creamy pink shrimp sauce. Ocean devoured his chicken and shrimp. Barbara kept a close eye on Ian. She knew he was scared to death. She, herself, was scared too.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

"Where ya headed?" the truck driver asked as the hitchhiker climbed up in his cab.

"Trying to get to North Carolina."

"Well, this is your lucky day. I'm delivering this load of lumber to Asheville. That's in the western part of the state. I'll be picking up a load in Asheville and hauling that to Wilmington. That's on the coast. So, wherever you're headed in North Carolina, I can drop you off."

"That's great! Thank you."

"I'm Buford. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

"Blake. My name's Blake. I really do appreciate the ride." The driver pulled back out on Interstate Forty and shifted up through the gears. Blake sat back in the comfortable seat.

"When do you think we'll make Asheville?"

"Should pull in about eight o'clock this evening."

"That'd be perfect. You can just drop me off there."

"You got it."

"I'm coming to get your sorry ass, Ian," Blake thought to himself. "Yeah, I'm gonna fuck you up good. Nobody takes what's mine and gets away with it. I'm gonna find you and beat the ever loving shit out of you, then I'm gonna put a bullet right between your motherfucking eyes. Then I'm gonna drive my Ranger Rover over your dead body … several times." Blake smiled.

Later that evening, Blake stepped down from the truck and looked around the truck stop. He was looking for someone to be careless. In less than ten minutes, Blake smiled as he slid into a still running car and took off.

"Well, isn't this a nice surprise," Blake said as he picked up a purse from the floorboard. He rummaged around and came up with a wallet stuffed with cash. "Yeah, a very nice surprise."

Blake drove onto Interstate Forty and headed east. He took the Interstate Twenty-Six exit and headed south. The return address on the letter from the lawyer was Harmony. If Blake remembered correctly, it wasn't too far from Hendersonville and that was only forty-five minutes down the road. Blake rummaged around the car some more. When he opened the glove compartment, he grinned from ear to ear. He pulled out a thirty-eight revolver, a Saturday night special.

Blake took the Hendersonville exit and headed for his brother's house. He knew there was a park somewhere nearby where teenagers hung out. Maybe he could get some information on where Ian lived. After a few wrong turns, Blake finally saw the park sign and pulled into the small city park and stopped. He saw three teenagers hanging out by the picnic tables.

"Perfect," Blake said to himself. He walked over to the teens.

"Say, any of you guys know Ian Knight?" Blake asked as he walked up.

"Maybe. Who wants to know?" one of the teens asked.

"Long lost relative. I know he lives over in Harmony, but I don't have the address. Think one of you might know what it is?" Blake asked as he pulled a twenty out of his pocket and offered it.

"Don't know the exact address, but he lives with the Nolan's on Dogwood Road," one of the teens said as he snatched the twenty.

"Thank you kindly," Blake said with a sneer. He walked back over to his car and got in.

"What did you tell him that for?" Cody asked as he pushed on his friend's shoulder.

"Easy twenty. What's the fucking problem?"

"Ian's uncle is the only relative I know of and he's supposed to be in jail. You just told that guy where Ian is. That's the fucking problem," Cody said as he pulled his cell phone out and took a quick picture of the man's car as he was backing out of the parking place. The car came to a sudden stop and the man jumped out.

"Hey you fucker! What are you doing taking pictures of me? I'm gonna beat you to a pulp and shove that phone straight up your ass!" Blake shouted and started running toward the teens. They all took off into the darkness of the park. Blake stopped short and peered into the darkness. "Fuck it," he mumbled and went back to his stolen car. He started it up and burned rubber leaving the small park.

Cody ran like the wind and hunkered down next to the kiddie slide. He looked back toward the parking lot and watched as the headlights turned and left. He quickly sent the picture to Ian and explained in the text what had happened. Cody hit send and hoped he was doing the right thing. He looked at the screen and saw 'delivered' come up beside the text message. Cody thought a minute and decided this was important enough for a phone call.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Ocean pressed the "stay" button on the alarm keypad. A small green light started blinking indicating the system was armed.

"Okay, we're all set. The alarm is on." Ian looked up from his homework and nodded. Ocean rumbled around in the kitchen. He came back to the desk and sat a Captain Morgan and Coke in front of Ian, along with a bowl of snacks.

"Thanks," Ian said. "When did we start drinking on a school night?"

"When evil uncles escape from jail. Drink up. It will help you relax, Ian. I have some other ideas to take your mind off all this shit, but that comes a little bit later in the evening," Ocean said as he took a drink himself, then popped a Pistachio in his mouth. Ian grinned and took a healthy slug from his own drink.

"You just want in my pants."

"Of course, I want in your pants. I'd be a fool to pass up the opportunity to worship your most lovely ample cock," Ocean said with a smirk.

"Thank you, Ocean. I know you're trying to take my mind off of … asshole. I appreciate that." Ocean gave Ian a chaste kiss on the lips and smiled. "You call that a kiss?" Ocean leaned over and locked his lips with Ian's, giving him a smoking hot kiss.

"How much more homework do you have?" Ocean asked, breathlessly. "My timeline for the evening just changed and I see some cock worship in your very near future." Ian snorted in laughter.

"I've got a little more trig and then some French to translate. Maybe twenty minutes," Ian said looking down at his homework.

"Good, I've got maybe fifteen minutes more on mine. Drain your drink and I'll fix us another." Before either of them moved, Ian's phone dinged. He picked it up and tapped on his text message icon. It was from Cody. Ian tapped to open the message and gasped.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Ian said as he stood up quickly.

"What?" Ocean asked as he rushed over to look at Ian's phone.

"It's my fucking uncle! He's in Hendersonville!" The phone rang and Ian answered.

"Cody! I got the picture! Thanks!"

"He tried to attack us when he saw me take the picture," Cody huffed, still trying to catch his breath.

"He didn't hurt anybody, did he?"

"No, we're all fine. We just ran out in the park where it's dark. He gave up and took off."

"Okay good. I gotta go. We gotta call the cops! Talk with you soon," Ian said as he pressed end.

"Quick, let's show this to dad." Ocean ran over to the alarm keypad and entered the disarm code. Ian and Ocean raced down the steps and pounded on the locked kitchen door. Dennis showed up a few seconds later. He disarmed the house alarm and unlocked the door.

"What going on?" Dennis asked, his eyes darting around. Ocean and Ian noticed Dennis was holding a pistol.

"Easy with gun, dad. Nobody's here, but they're on the way," Ocean said. Dennis put the gun in a drawer just inside the kitchen door. Ian passed his phone over to Dennis who quickly read the message and looked at the photo.

"Shit! Come inside boys and lock the door." Dennis handed the phone back to Ian and picked up his own. He dialed nine one one. Dennis explained the situation about Blake. The police already had information from the Oklahoma City Sheriff's Office and were aware. Dennis thanked them and hung up. "The police are on the way."

"Dennis, what's going on?" Barbara said as she came in from the bedroom.

"Ian's uncle was seen in Hendersonville," Ocean explained. He handed Ian's phone over so his mom could see. Barbara got a determined look on her face, nodded and handed the phone back. Then she turned to Dennis.

"You got yours?" Dennis nodded. "I'll get mine."

"It's in your bedside dresser drawer. Barbara smiled and turned, heading back to the bedroom.

"What the fuck, dad?" Ocean asked.

"Language, Ocean. Your mom is getting her pistol. Don't worry, we've both spent tons of time at the shooting range. You're mom's actually a better shot than I am."

"What's all this 'love the earth' shit then? I thought that meant you love, peace and harmony and all that. Look where we live! Harmony for Christ's sake!"

"That's twice you've cussed in the last fifteen seconds. Do not cuss at me again … asshole," Dennis said with a grin. Ian and Ocean smiled back. "Yes, we are what you like to call us 'modern day hippies' and I guess we are. The modern day part of that includes protecting yourself. We like to stay protected." Barbara walked back into the den with her pistol in her hand.

"I'm feeling safer by the second, dad," Ocean said as he gave his father a hug. As soon as he let go, a police car zoomed into the driveway, tires screeching and blue lights flashing.

"Ian, come with me and bring your phone," Dennis said as he headed out the back door. Dennis greeted the officer and explained what was going on. The officer was already aware that a fugitive by the name of Blake Knight might be in the area. A picture had been provided by the sheriff in Oklahoma. Ian showed the officer the picture on his phone.

"A friend of mine just snapped that over in Hendersonville less than ten minutes ago," Ian explained.

"Can you forward that to me?" the officer asked. He gave his number to Ian who quickly forwarded the picture. The officer got the picture and sent it out in a mass text to all officers on duty along with a text explaining that Blake Knight had been sighted in the area. A reminder was also sent out that Blake Knight should be considered armed and dangerous.

"Okay, we've got this. All officers on duty have a picture of Blake and the picture you just gave me of the car. You guys go back inside and lock your doors. We've got a couple of unmarked cars on the way. They'll park just down the street in both directions. Don't you worry. If he shows up, we'll get him."

"Thank you, officer," Dennis said. "Blake is Ian's uncle who did some pretty nasty stuff to him. The sooner he's back in jail the better." The officer looked over at Ian and noticed the kid was scared to death.

"Don't worry, Ian. We'll get him." Ian smiled a small smile and nodded.

"Thank you," he said softly. The officer smiled and got back in his patrol car and left. Dennis and Ian headed back inside. Dennis locked the door behind them and armed the alarm system. Then he joined his family in the den. Ian was white as a ghost, but Ocean wrapped his arms around him and they settled back on the couch.

"So, what's the scoop?" Barbara said as she stood up from her chair.

"Every police officer on duty has a picture of that car and a picture of Blake that came from the sheriff. There are unmarked police cars parked just down the street on either side of the house. I've locked the door. I've armed the alarm system. The flood lights are on. We're all set. Blake was headed here from Hendersonville. That's about a twenty minute drive, so we should know something soon." Barbara nodded and relaxed a bit. Ian's eyes were wide open. Fifteen uneventful minutes passed and were followed by another fifteen uneventful minutes.

Ocean's phone rang, but he had left it upstairs in the apartment. The call went unnoticed. Then Ian's phone rang. Ian glanced at the screen. Why would Max be calling?

"Hey Max."

"Ian, there's some dude sneaking around behind your house." Ian paled.

"Thanks, Max." Ian looked up at Dennis. "Blake's in the back yard. Max saw him from his window." Dennis dialed nine one one.

"This is Dennis Nolan. The fugitive Blake Knight was just sighted behind my house."

"Officers are on the way sir." Less than fifteen seconds later, a police car came screaming in the driveway followed by three more. Blue lights were flashing through the den windows. Ian buried his face in Ocean's chest, shaking like a leaf. They heard dogs barking and police officers yelling. A shot rang out shattering the kitchen sink window. Ian screamed. The glass break sensor on the house alarm picked up the broken glass and triggered the alarm. The siren went off and screamed out loudly. There were more shouts from outside. Dennis disarmed the alarm and quieted the siren. Another shot rang out. Seconds later, multiple shots rang out. And then it was quiet. Ian held his breath. A minute later there was a knock on the front door. Ian squeaked and buried his face in Ocean's chest. Dennis looked out and saw a police officer. He opened the door and had a brief conversation with the officer. When they were through, Dennis thanked the officer and closed the door. He came back into the den and looked at his family. He took a deep breath.

"It's over. They got him. He won't be bothering you ever again, Ian. That first shot was from Blake. The following shots were from the police. They're sending for an ambulance to take Blake's body away."

"They k-killed him? Like dead killed him?" Ian asked with terrified eyes. Dennis nodded.

"Yeah, they did, son. He refused to obey their commands and then he shot at them. They had no choice but to shoot back." Tears instantly flooded Ian's face with sheer relief.

"Thank God, thank God, thank God," he whispered over and over. Dennis's phone rang. It was the alarm monitoring station. Dennis explained what happened and hung up.

"Barbara, I don't know about you, but I could use a a mellow joint right now, but with so many police officers around, I think I'd settle for a drink."

"I think we could all use a drink." Barbara went to the kitchen and mixed Captain Morgan and Cokes, deliberately being generous with her pour of rum. Dennis helped her and brought drinks to the boys.

"Drink up boys. It'll help you relax," Barbara said as she sat down on the couch and gave Ian a hug. "It's okay now, Ian. What we just went though would rattle anybody. Just look at my hand. It's shaking like a leaf. I can barely get my drink to my mouth," Barbara said with a chuckle. Ian smiled a weak smile.

"Thanks, and thanks to all of you. Dad, you're sure the police have everything under control?"

"Yes, son. I'm sure." Red lights started flashing though the den windows. Dennis looked out and saw an ambulance. "There's the ambulance now." Ian glanced out the window. Ocean walked over to the window and watched as they loaded Blake's body on a stretcher and cover it with a sheet.

"They're moving him now," Ocean said quietly. "This nightmare is finally over."

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

The Friday afternoon, after Blake had been killed, Ian got a phone call from Tom Tomlinson, his attorney. He was sitting on the couch in their apartment with Ocean beside him.

"Hello Mister Tomlinson," Ian said.

"I've told you to call me Tommy. How are you, Ian?"

"Still a little shaken up, but I'm okay now."

"Good. I have news for you concerning your uncle and his estate." Ian gulped and grabbed Ocean's hand. Ian hit the speaker button so Ocean could hear as well.

"Okay, this can't be good Tommy."

"Oh, but it is Ian. You are his only living relative and according to Oklahoma law, you are entitled to everything he owned."

"I'm sure that can't be much," Ian said softly.

"Blake might not have been wealthy in a cash sort of way, but he owned a hundred and seventy-five acres of land that a development company is interested in. Land that is going for, conservatively, six thousand an acre. You do the math, Ian. Six thousand times a hundred and seventy five and what do you get?"

"Ah, about a million bucks," Ian guessed.

"Almost to the penny. Do you want me to arrange sale of the property?

"Oklahoma City is in Oklahoma as in the Midwest with tumble weeds and all that?"

"Pretty much, oil wells and cowboys and all that, but I hear it's really nice if that's what you're in to. Are you thinking about keeping some of it?"

"Just considering my options, Tommy. Tell you what, just go ahead and sell it all. And give a hundred thousand to Oakwood Cemetery. I want benches installed all around with plaques saying the benches are in honor of my parents. Have the benches placed where people can sit and remember their loved ones. And let's give three hundred thousand to Hendersonville Parks and Rec. I want them to put in a skate park and call it Knight Skate Park. I'd like a plaque put somewhere with my parents' names on it. That should get a good start on a nice park for my friends. Now, let's set up an annual scholarship for Harmony High School. Let's set aside another three hundred thousand. The scholarship is for anyone that needs anything to be able to go to school. Make it at least a thousand dollars a year per recipient. It should be based on need and I would like a committee to oversee it, not just one person. I think that leaves three hundred thousand. Just transfer that to my personal account."

"You're the boss. I'll take care of it," Tom said.

"One other thing, Tommy. It's about Blake. He needs to be buried and he needs a headstone. I know he's a worthless piece of trash, but I will not do to him what he did to my parents. Carve out some funds from this sale and bury him in Oklahoma. Arrange for a headstone with his name and dates of birth and death. Have the grave marker people engrave 'an angry man' on the headstone."

"You're sure that's what you want, Ian?" Tommy asked. "An angry man?"

"Yes, I'm sure. 'An Angry Man' describes that asshole to a 'T'."

"I couldn't agree more. Okay, consider it done."

"Thanks Tommy, be sure to back your fee out before distributing the funds."

"I like a kid with brains. Go to law school and get your degree. I'll hire you."

"Thanks Tommy. What's your percentage on this one?"

"Since most of it is going to charity, I'll cut it to five percent. I've gotta cover my expenses."

"That's generous! Thank you! Just give me an accounting at the end of it all."

"You got it, Ian. Take care."

"You too." Ian clicked the end button.

"You just gave away a seven hundred thousand dollars?" Ocean asked perplexed.

"Pretty much."

"Are you fucking crazy?" Ian jumped up from the couch and turned to Ocean. He put his finger right between Ocean's eyes.

"You, shut the fuck up! It's my money and I will do with it as I please. If I want to burn it in a campfire, then I will." Ocean started to protest. "Shush, you! I am giving away money from my fucked up uncle to honor my parents. To give little old ladies a place to sit down and visit with lost loved ones. I'm giving underprivileged kids at our school a chance and, and I'm providing a skate park for my friends while honoring my parents. And I'm giving fucking Blake what he refused to do for my parents, I'm burying him complete with a headstone that says he was an asshole. Do … you … have a problem with that?"

"I want to suck your cock so bad right now my cock is just about to cum in my pants."

"Well, well, well. We finally get back to sex. That's what we were about to do before my insane uncle decided to show up and get himself killed. I think I'd rather kill your ass with my cock. I'm feeling exceptionally horny right now."

"I love it when you're like this. You know what you want and you take it, so bring it on," Ocean said as he shucked his shorts, leaned back and put his legs in the air. "Fuck me through the mattress!" Ian smiled and reached for the Swiss navy lube.

"Be careful what you ask for, Ocean. My cock is ready. I hope you've shaved your ass and kept it nice and smooth and ready for a good fucking."

"Oh yeah, just shaved this morning, so come on and give me your hot cock. I need it!" Ian moved between Ocean's legs and pumped some Swiss Navy lube on his fingers. He eased them into Ocean's hole and finger fucked his boyfriend. As Ocean's hole loosened, Ian smiled. He slicked up his cock and lined it up.

"I'm gonna fuck you now, Ocean. There's no love making tonight. There's just fuckingl You down for that?" Ian asked while the head of his cock was kissing Ocean's slick hole.

"Hell yeah! Give me that cock. Don't hold back. Just fuck the ever loving shit out of me." Ian smiled and eased his cock into Ocean's hole. "Oh yeah, slide that fucker in my ass and make me see stars." Ian paused a moment and smiled. He slid his cock slowly all the way into Ocean's hole until he was buried balls deep.

"You good?" Ocean nodded. Ian pulled halfway back and slammed his cock down deep. Ocean groaned. Ian pulled back and slammed down again. Ocean groaned again.

"Fuck me!" Ocean demanded. Ian pulled back and hammered his cock into Ocean's smooth hole. Over and over Ian's cock slammed into Ocean. Seven inches of hot cock rammed into Ocean's velvet smooth hole. Ian was almost out of control as he hammered his cock into Ocean.

"Yeah, fucking you now," Ian puffed out as he nailed his cock into Ocean.

"Fuck, me, fuck, me, yes, yes, yes," Ocean chanted as his ass was rammed with Ian's hard cock. "Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, give, me, that, hard, cock," Ocean screamed as Ian pounded his cock into Ocean's hot hole. Sweat was running down Ian's chest as a good ten minutes later, he was still pounding Ocean's hole. Ian couldn't believe how long he lasted slamming his cock into Ocean's hole.

"I'm gonna fill you up with cum," Ian finally panted. "Gonna fill your ass with a hot load of Ian cum. Gonna fuck you so hard my cum will fly out your nose!" Ian slammed his cock into Ocean's hole over and over. Ten more minutes of slamming continued until Ocean screamed. His cock blasted out a hot load of cum, spraying ribbons of hot cum all over his hair, face and chest. Ian slammed his cock deep into Ocean's hole and came. His cock exploded and drove shot after shot of hot teen cum deep into Ocean's hole.

"Oh yeah," Ian puffed and he continued to pump his spurting cock into Ocean's cum slick hole. Ian leaned over and gave Ocean a sizzling hot kiss. He was almost out of control with lust as he continued to slowly pump his cock into Ocean's cum flooded hole.

"Fuck yes!" Ocean said. Ian pulled all the way out and looked at the love of his life.

"Doggy." Ocean didn't hesitate as he quickly flipped over to all fours. Ian watched as his cum dribbled out of Ocean's hole. The sight alone made Ian's cock surge with hardness. He leaned over and licked Ocean's hole, lapping up his cum as it dribbled out. Ian was so turned on he couldn't wait. He leaned back up and lined up his cock on Ocean's quivering hole. Ian saw more cum dribble out. He tapped his cock head on Ocean's hole, covering it in cum. "Ready?"

"Oh yeah, gimme that cock!" Ian slammed it all the way in. "Fuck!" Ocean screamed. Ian grabbed Ocean's hips and pumped his cock in hard. Ian paused a minute and pulled out.

"What's wrong?" Ocean asked looking back at Ian.

"I've got an idea," Ian said as he went to the bedside table. He pulled the dildo out and grinned. Ian grabbed with Swiss Navy lube and slicked up the dildo. Ocean looked at Ian.

"What are you gonna do?"

"I'm gonna push this dildo into your ass and then I'm gonna push my cock in and double fuck you." Ocean groaned as Ian eased the eight inch dildo all the way into Ocean's hole.

"Okay, here we go," Ian said as he lined up his cock. "You ready for a double fucking?"

"Oh yeah. Gimme that cock!" Ian pushed his dick in next to the dildo. Ocean groaned. Ian kept going until his cock was buried deep in Ocean's hole along with the dildo. "Now you've got two cocks in your ass," Ian said as he pulled halfway back and ground his cock back in. The feeling was exquisite. The suction cup at the base of the dildo was pressed against his pubic hair. As Ian pulled out the dildo eased out a couple of inches. When he drove his cock back in, his body pushed on the dildo, driving it all the way in. Ocean babbled continuously. The all out cock assault on his hole was scorching hot. They'd never done this before and Ocean found himself wondering why. This was super hot.

"Fuck, Ian. Fuck!" Ocean screamed. "That's hot! Fuck me!" Ian grinned and sped up. He looked down and watched as his cock slid in and out next to the dildo. Skin slapped skin as Ian hammered his cock in along with the dildo. Ian pulled out and grabbed the dildo. He drove it into Ocean's hole, slamming it in all the way over and over. Ian moved to his back and slid in between Ocean's legs, bringing them to a sixty-nine position.

"Suck me!" Ocean took Ian's cock all the way in. Ian continued to slam the dildo into Ocean's hole. Ocean deepthroated Ian's cock over and over. Ian looked up at Ocean's cock and smiled. He sucked it into his mouth and took it deep into his throat. Ocean saw stars and came. Ian felt Ocean's cock pump hot spurts of cum in his throat. It was too much. He slammed the dildo into Ocean's ass and held it still. Ian came, pumping spurt after spurt of hot cum into Ocean's mouth. Both boys swallowed as the cum kept flowing. Ian eased the dildo out of Ocean's ass and dropped it on the bed. Ocean lifted up and spun around facing Ian. Ocean grabbed Ian's cock, lined it up and sat on it, grinding his ass on the hard cock. He locked lips with Ian and they kissed a lazy tongue filled kiss.

"That was intense," Ocean whispered into Ian's ear as he kissed and licked on Ian's neck. "Fucking insanely intense." Ian grinned.

"Thank you. I needed that," Ian whispered back. Ocean continued to grind his ass down on Ian's cock. "If you keep that up, we're gonna go another round." Ocean eased his ass up and off of Ian's cock. As it left Ocean's ass, it slapped wetly on to Ian's stomach. Ocean moved down and slurped it into his mouth. He swallowed it down to the pubes and held it there, enjoying the feeling of Ian's cock in his throat. Ian pumped his cock a couple of times. Ocean looked up and locked eyes with Ian. Ian pumped his cock again. Ocean slowly came up off the cock and let it slap back down on Ian's stomach.

"I love your cock. I love it especially when it's in my ass or down my throat."

"You're a cock hound, Ocean. You do know that I love you, don't you?" Ian said softly.

"I do and I love you too, Ian. Now put your cock back in my ass and make love to me."

"Seriously?" Ian asked. Ocean nodded, then lay back on the bed and lifted his legs. Ian smiled and moved on top on Ocean. He slipped his still hard cock into Ocean's slick hole. Ocean locked his legs at the ankle behind Ian then wrapped his arms around him.

"Make slow love me, baby," Ocean whispered. Ian smiled and lowered his head capturing Ocean's lips in a sensuous kiss, all the while, grinding his cock into Ocean's hole.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Dennis smiled at his wife. Their round of lovemaking had been quite robust and both were catching their breathes while laying back on their bed.

"I didn't know you had that in you, love," Barbara said.

"I think we both had some motivation," Dennis said with a wink. Dennis had walked outside earlier to take the trash to the trashcan. That's when he heard the loud voices from the garage apartment. Dennis slipped back inside and grabbed his wife. They stood at the kitchen door and listened as their son was obviously being fucked within an inch of his life and loving every single stroke. Dennis went back inside and quickly grabbed a sex joint. Barbara and Dennis smoked the joint listening to the sounds of the vigorous sex coming from the apartment. Ten minutes later, they we naked and in their own bed. With the sounds of Ian and his son in the back of his mind, Dennis fucked his wife. There was no room for love making. The sex joint had done its job as Dennis fucked his wife. The boys had brought renewed sexual interest into the home and Dennis and Barbara were happy to cash in on that interest. Dennis plowed his cock into Barbara for hours before they both succumbed to an exhausted sleep, wrapped in each other's arms.

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