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by Jevic
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Chapter Twelve

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Ocean by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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Ocean and Ian walked in the kitchen door, coming home from school. Barbara heard them and joined them in the kitchen. Ocean was rummaging around in the refrigerator for a snack.

"Hi mom," Ian said as he gave her a quick hug.

"Hi boys. Good day at school?" Ian nodded and took the apple Ocean handed him. "Ian, you got some mail today," Barbara said as she handed Ian an envelope. Ian glanced at the return address and noticed it was from his attorney, Tom Tomlinson. Ian sat the apple down on the counter and opened his mail.

"It's an accounting of my inheritance from Uncle Blake."

"How much did they end up getting for the land?" Ocean asked. Ian smiled.

"Seven thousand two hundred twenty-five dollars an acre. That's over twelve hundred more than Tommy anticipated. I see the checks have been sent to Oakwood Cemetery, Hendersonville Parks and Recreation and Harmony High School." Ian looked up. "I wonder why I haven't heard anything from the school yet." He glanced back down at the letter. "It says here the check was mailed two weeks ago."

"Maybe it got looked over," Barbara suggested.

"The check was for three hundred thousand dollars," Ian said. Barbara's mouth dropped open.

"That'd be kinda hard to look over," Ocean said as he took a bite from his apple.

"Ian, I don't mean to pry, but you gave three hundred thousand dollars to your high school?"

"I told him he was crazy, right before we had amazing sex," Ocean said taking another bite of his apple.

"I'm not your father, Ocean. You don't get to talk bluntly with me. Save that for him. I'll buy you lube, but I don't need to know the blow by blow details,' she said with a smile. "It seems to me that before we get all worked up, Ian, you should give Tom a call and see what he knows," Barbara suggested.

"Good idea. I'll call him right now," Ian said as he fished his phone out of his back pocket, found Tom's number, and hit the call icon. A few seconds later, Tom answered.

"Ian! How's my favorite law school student?"

"Tommy, I think we might have a problem," Ian said, matter of factly.

"Okay, what's up?"

"Has the check to the school cleared?"

"Hang on, let me pull up our account. What is the problem, Ian?"

"I would think if I received a check for three hundred thousand dollars, I'd be, at very least, reaching out to the person who wrote the check."

"You've heard nothing?"

"Not one word."

"The check cleared almost a week ago. Let me look at the image." Ian waited. "We have a problem, Ian. Someone tampered with the check. Let me call you back."

"Okay, Tommy. If someone is fucking me, I want to know who it is."

"You got it."

"See you." Ian pressed the end button and looked up.

"Well?" Ocean asked.

"Someone tampered with the check," Ian said bluntly. "Tommy is working on it. Nobody fucks with me and gets away with it."

"Language, Ian," Barbara chided with a grin.

"Sorry mom, thanks for keeping me straight on the road of life with the solid white line on the right and dashes to the left."

"Smartass," Barbara said with a grin and gave Ian a hug.

"Don't you worry. Tom's one of the good guys and he'll find out what going on," Barbara paused and looked at Ian. "You gave three hundred thousand to your high school?"

"It was all part of my inheritance from Blake. He had some land and it got sold and I got a load of cash. So, I decided to give it away. Blake was an asshole and I didn't want his money. So, I gave most of it away. I gave money to the cemetery for benches. I gave money to Hendersonville Parks and Rec for a skate park and I gave money to Harmony High for underprivileged students with needs."

"I told him he was nuts for giving all that cash away. Nuttier than squirrel shit. I'd have bought a new Range Rover and spent the next month in Hawaii," Ocean said as he chomped happily on his apple.

"I put a cool half million dollars into my personal account, Ocean." Ian said with a grin. "And that's after I gave away all that money."

"Awesome, let's go to Hawaii."

"I also had Blake buried in Oklahoma complete with a head stone engraved with 'An Angry Man' because he failed to have a headstone put on my parent's grave." Barbara sat in utter disbelief at what Ian was telling her.

"An Angry Man?" Barbara asked.

"Yep. Serves that sonofabitch right. He did all this to me and he went and got himself killed trying to kill me. So, he gets what he got. May his soul rot in hell." Barbara laughed out loud.

"That's so perfect, Ian. I'm proud of you," Barbara said. "Yes, Blake was a bad man that did horrible things. You have every right to do what you did. I think your epitaph on his headstone is truly fitting. He was an angry man." Ian's phone rang.


"Ian, it's Tommy."

"That was fast, Tommy."

"Seems Mrs. Parker, the school secretary, the one that gave you a hard time about the parking pass, had been reassigned to the district office. She received the check and altered it so the funds would go into her personal account. I have the sheriff, the principal and the chairman of the school board looking into this. Looks like Mrs. Parker is looking at a lot of prison time as soon as they catch up with her."

"That bitch!"

"Pretty much," Tom Tomlinson said with a chuckle. "I had my man look into her account and it looks like she cashed it all out. Anybody stupid enough to be going around with three hundred 'k' in their pocket is stupid enough to get caught and caught quickly. So don't worry, Ian. The cops will get her. It might take a little longer, since cash is untraceable, but most people remember when someone flashes a lot of cash around."

"Thanks, Tommy. That makes me feel marginally better."

"On a side note, the bank manager has been fired for cashing the check in the first place. It was rather obvious to anyone that the check had been altered and branches are not supposed to issue that amount of cash on the same day. They are supposed to order that amount of cash for delivery. I doubt that manager will be in the banking business again."

"Am I paying you enough, cuz you sure do work a lot for me?"

"If you had read the entire settlement sheet, you would have seen that I set you up on a retainer. You pay me each month a set amount and I take care of whatever you need taking care of."

"Tommy, take an extra thousand dollars and spend it on you and your wife. Thank you."

"I don't think David would appreciate being called a wife, but thanks for the sentiment."

"You have a boyfriend?" Ian asked.

"I prefer to call him my husband, but yes, I am quite happy being gay."

"Awesome, Tommy. I am so happy for you."

"Thanks, Ian. Anything that comes up about the check and I'll let you know."

"Thanks, Tommy." Ian hit end on his phone and looked up.

"Well?" Ocean asked. "Who's the bitch?"

"Tommy has a boyfriend. He's gay just like us."

"Okay, that's really cool, but who is the bitch?"

"Mrs. Parker is the bitch, again. First, she gave me a hard time about my car and my parking pass. Now she altered the check and cashed it. The cops are looking for her, but how do you trace cash transactions? She's gonna get away with all the money I wanted to go to kids in need," Ian said with a sob. Ocean hugged him tight.

"They'll find her, Ian. Don't worry," Ocean said as he rubbed his hand on Ian's back. "If push comes to shove, you've got an unexpected half million in the bank. You could always write another check." Ian abruptly stood back from the hug.

"I wanted to help some kids in need, Ocean, but I'm not going to be writing another check. I'm concerned but not stupid. Besides, a little trip to Hawaii before we start college might be fun." Ian kissed Ocean on the nose and smiled.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Dennis pulled into the driveway, coming home from visiting with clients on a Friday afternoon. He couldn't help but grin as he watched Ian and Ocean wash the Range Rover wearing nothing but their Speedos. He grabbed his phone and took a quick picture.

"If you guys had a car wash, every woman and probably a few men anywhere nearby would be lined up for a gawk at your Speedos," Dennis said with a laugh. He walked up and showed them the picture he'd just taken.

Ocean and ian wash RR

"You know, that's a great idea," Ian said. "The swim team can have a car wash and raise money for underprivileged students. And we'll do it wearing our Speedos!"

"That's a great idea, Ian," Dennis said.

"Can you text me that picture dad?" Ocean asked. "I want to send it to coach along with Ian's idea."

"Sure," Dennis said. He tapped on his phone and seconds later looked up. "There you go. Now get back on RR. Your soap is starting to dry." Ian shrieked and whirled around and grabbed the hose. He sprayed down RR, washing the suds away. Dennis laughed and headed inside.

"Sup boy yo's?" Max said as he walked up from his yard. "Looking mighty hot this afternoon in your skimpy little suits."

"We're thinking of having a car wash to raise money for underprivileged students. Not just us, I mean the swim team. Anyway, I've suggested it to coach, so we'll see."

"You'd make a ton oh cash wearing those, ah, Speedos?"

"Yep, they're called Speedos."

"Doesn't leave much to the imagination especially if you plump up a bit," Max commented.

"Been there done that," Ian said with a grin. "At one swim meet, there was this one boy that was really cute and I plumped up big time," Ian said, then paused. "Sorry, Ocean."

"Nothing to be sorry about. We've already covered this, Ian."

"I know, but still …"

"What the fuck are you two talking about?" Max said. "I'm missing something here."

"Remember when I told everybody about Ocean and me having a spat over group sex?" Ian asked. Max nodded. "Remember I left and had sex with someone else?" Max nodded again. "That's who I'm talking about. I forgot and brought it up even though I didn't want to."

"I told you it's okay, Ian. What the fuck?" Ocean said.

"Sounds like you two need to have another conversation, or …" Ocean looked up at Max. "Invite him to have a three way. At least you'll both have sex with him and you can put this shit behind you." Ocean glanced at Ian. Ian shrugged.

"He is cute, Ian. I'm, uh, I'm open to that, but only if you want to," Ocean suggested.

"Advantage blondie. Your serve Mister Knight," Max said with a grin.

"Are you sure?"

"Delay of game Mister Knight," Max said with a smirk.

"Okay, okay, shut the fuck up Max!"

"Cursing the umpire, foul! You need to make up your mind!" Max said with a wink.

"Okay! I'll call Lucas. Jeez."

"Game! Win goes to blondie because shaggy brown was a wimp!" Max high fived Ocean. Ian carefully went through the exercises his psychologist taught him to deal with anger issues. He was almost calmed down when Ocean lit the fuse.

"So, Ian, blue speedo is a big old bottom? You said you fucked the shit out of him. I bet you could drive a truck up his slutty ass and he'd never know it," Ocean said with a laugh. Ian snapped. He saw red. He threw the hose to the ground and whirled around.

"You are so far out of line! You … know … nothing!! How can the person I claim to love be so fucking hateful?" Ian screamed.

"I was just making a joke, Ian. There's no need to get upset," Ocean said.

"Upset! You think I'm upset? You, Ocean Nolan, you just made fun of someone you don't even fucking know. Did you know he's being raised by a single mother. There's no dad, just his mom. Did you know he works two fucking jobs to make enough money to help keep the lights on? Just because I chose him to have sex with when you fucking ignored me gives you no right to make fucking jokes about him! None!" Ian took a deep breath. He finally looked at Ocean, his face furious. Ian was breathing hard. Ocean was still smiling.

"Are you finished with your little temper tantrum?" Ocean said with a smirk.

"I can't fucking believe you. You think this is funny?" Ian took a breath and then his shoulders slumped as he gave up. "You know what, I'm done with you, your disrespect and your stupidity. Done!" Ian ran to the stairs and raced up to the apartment. He grabbed his suitcase and threw in everything he owned that he could reach. He raced back down the stairs and threw his suitcase in RR.

"Fuck you, Ocean. Go drown in your fucking name!" Ian screamed as he jumped in the driver's seat of RR. "I fucking hate you right now!" Ian slammed the door and started RR. He shifted into reverse and burnt rubber backing out of the driveway. He burnt more rubber as he raced down the street.

Max suddenly felt very out of place. He looked over at a stunned Ocean.

"I am so sorry. I contributed to that. Ocean, my God, please forgive me," Max said with tears running down his face. Ocean dropped to his knees as he watched the blue tire smoke dissipate into the clear cloudless sky. Ocean dropped his head. Big fat tears dropped onto the hot concrete driveway and sizzled in the heat. Ocean soundlessly rolled over onto his side into a fetal position. He rocked back and forth saying 'no' over and over again.

Max dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around Ocean.

"I'm so sorry," Max said. "I'm so sorry."

** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Ian screeched tires as he pulled into the parking lot of a local hotel. He slammed his fist down on the steering wheel as tears rolled down his face.

"Goddamit, Ocean!" he screamed as he pounded his fists again on the steering wheel. Ian took a deep breath. He stepped into the lobby and asked for a room. Moments later he dragged his suitcase into his room. He slung it on the floor and dove onto the bed. Ian wrapped himself around a pillow and cried himself to sleep.

It was a few hours later that Ian woke. He remembered everything that was said and shook his head. How could Ocean be so callous? Maybe he was just saying those hateful words because he was jealous? He had been more thoughtful since that time with Jacob, but that didn't stop the orgies. It didn't even slow down the multiple people in their bed. Ian loved Ocean with all his heart, but something was not right. Something changed in their relationship. Something like a slow growing cancer had been driving them apart. Ian sighed. He truly wanted to work things out with Ocean, but he was so pissed off that any thoughts of reconciliation were a long time from happening. Ian needed space to think. Ever since stumbling into Ocean's campsite that night, Ian hadn't been alone. Ocean or Barbara or Dennis or any of their friends had always been there. Ian needed some Ian time.

He headed out and stopped at a Waffle House. It was just a little after seven that evening when Ian sat at the counter and mused over the menu. Finally, Rose Marie took his order of a chicken sandwich with hash browns, scattered, smothered and covered and a sweet tea.

"We'll get that right out for you, sugar," Rose Marie said sticking her pencil, back into the hair bun on top of her head. Ian waited while sipping on a glass of sweet tea. The chicken sandwich finally came and tasted like cardboard, but at least the hash browns were somewhat browned and crunchy.

Ian finished his meal and headed out toward Hendersonville. Lucas was on his mind. He needed someone who understood and Lucas was at the top of his list. Twenty minutes later, Ian drove RR into the city park. He put RR into one of the parking spaces and rolled down his window. It was Friday night and a good number of teens were gathered around the picnic tables. Ian listened to the laughter and watched the beer cans get passed around. Smoke was blown into the air occasionally as the teens talked and laughed. Ian sighed.

"What's a hot stud like you doing sitting in his car all alone on a Friday night?" Ian smiled and watched Lucas walk up to his car.

"I was thinking about you, actually." Lucas leaned in the window and gave Ian a hot kiss.

"Miss me?" Lucas asked. Ian smiled.

"Yeah, something like that."

"More trouble in paradise?" Ian nodded. "What's up with your boyfriend, Ian? We hooked up, what, a little over a month ago and here you are again?" Ian could only nod. "What the fuck? Is he crazy? You are way too hot for anyone to treat badly. Maybe you need to reconsider who you really want to be in your life. I don't want to pass judgement on someone I've only just met once at a swim meet, but, Ian, why are you letting him upset you? He's a looker, that's for sure. Is he really that bad?" Tears started running down Ian's face. "Oh man, come here. Get out of the car. You need a hug." Ian opened the door and stepped into Lucas's arms. "It's okay, Ian," Lucas said as he held Ian tight. The waterworks opened and Ian cried his heart out. He cried because he loved Ocean and he cried because he was mad at Ocean. He really cried because he was disappointed in the one person who had become the center of his life. Ocean had let him down, again.

"I'm so sorry, Lucas," Ian sobbed. "I didn't mean to come here and drag you down into my misery."

"Shush. You're my friend, well, you're more like my sexy friend with benefits." Ian snorted with a laugh. "Good boy. See you do have the potential to be happy. Just get all that sadness out of you and we'll go have some fun. There's a new skate park they've just started building and a couple of areas are already open. Knight Skate Park is part of this park and I've got an extra board." Ian stood back from Lucas and actually smiled.

"I'd love to see it," Ian said as he wiped his eyes.

"Come on then. Let's get some boards from the van and we'll walk over." Ian followed Lucas and accepted the spare board. The boys walked about a hundred yards over to the new skate park. Ian's eyes took in the new construction and smiled. They walked up to the main entrance of the skate park and Ian looked at the sign with his parents' names on it. For Lucas, two plus two added to four and the light bulb went off.

"Your last name is Knight, right?" Ian nodded. "Does this park have anything to do with you?"

"Yeah, see the sign?" Ian pointed to the plaque. "It's named after my parents." The boys walked over and read the plaque.

"I thought you lost your parents in an airplane accident?" Lucas asked puzzled.

"I did, but I came into some unexpected money and decided Hendersonville needed a skate park. This is where I grew up. This is where most of my friends live and I just wanted to do something nice."

"You did this?" Ian grinned and nodded yes. "You are my absolute hero! This place is awesome!" Lucas threw his arms around Ian and hugged him tight. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Let's ride," Ian said as he dropped his skateboard down and kick flipped it. He mounted his board and took off around the newly constructed bowl with Lucas following closely behind. They crisscrossed, banked, rim rode, laughed and had a blast.

Lucas talked with Ian some more about Ocean. He knew Ian was in love with the blond haired boy with the different name. They talked while they skated. The more they talked the more Lucas was convinced that Ocean loved Ian. If Ocean could think about what he was going to say before actually saying it and if Ian could be a little more patient and not snap to anger so fast, the two might just make it as a couple.

Half an hour later, Ian topped the bowl and kicked his board up, grabbing it in mid-air.

"Awesome! That was fun. I haven't been on a board in ages," Ian proclaimed.

"Looked like you were on it yesterday," Lucas said, trying to catch his breath.

"Just seeing this makes me feel good. I had a nasty uncle that really fucked me over. Long story short, he's dead and I got his money. So, I donated some to Hendersonville Parks and Rec and here we are."

"You must be loaded, Ian."

"Nah, just didn't want the money. He was a really angry man and I didn't want any of his angry money." Ian suddenly remembered how hard Lucas worked just to keep the lights on. "Lucas, I want to do something. You have been a good friend and good friends help each other. Let's head back to RR. I have something I want to give you." Lucas was perplexed but nodded yes. When the boys got to RR, Ian pulled his suitcase out and rummaged around, finally finding what he was looking for. He got a pen and wrote something down before turning to Lucas.

"I know how hard you work to help your mom and I just wanted to give you a little something to help you both," Ian said in his most sincere voice. He handed Lucas a check. Lucas looked down at the check and his eyes bugged out.

"You can not be serious," Lucas whispered as he stared at the check. Ian smiled.

"Serious as a heart attack."

"You can afford this?"

"Yes, Lucas. It is a gift to you. It is not a payment for some of the most intense sex I've ever had, but a gift. You are a sweet boy who is working his nut's off and I thought I might give you and your mom a bit of a break from all that hard work."

"Ian, a hundred thousand dollars? Are you sure?"

"One hundred percent sure. I came here because I was pissed at Ocean. I came here to, well, to be honest, I came here to fuck you. I fully intended to take out my anger at Ocean by drilling you through that thin ass excuse for a mattress you have in your van. Instead, you take me skating. You tell me to give Ocean a second chance. Not one time did you mention that you wanted to have sex. Lucas, you saved my life tonight."

"That sounds like an Elton John song," Lucas said with a grin.

"Yeah, now that you mention it, it does, but I mean it. You made me realize that I do love Ocean, even with his flaws that seem to piss me off. I love that boy. And I love you for making me see that. Take this money and make your life better. Make it easier on your mom. And this fall, we'll see each other at Appalachian State and swim our ass's off for ASS!" (Appalachian State Swimming)

"I don't know what to say," Lucas said looking up at Ian.

"Just say thank you and do me the favor of enjoying your life. Lucas, I can never thank you enough for helping me through one of the hardest, emotional moments in my life."

"You will be one of my closest friends for the rest of my life," Lucas said as he wrapped his arms around Ian. "Thank you."

"You are so very welcome."

"You know, we could spend some quality time in the van," Lucas said with a smile. "You're pretty awesome in the bed." Ian smiled.

"You know what. I think that sounds like a good idea, but I have a hotel room for the night."

"Even better. We can fuck on a real mattress," Lucas said with a smirk.

"The hotel is over in Harmony. Follow me?"

"Sure." Ian drove back to the hotel with Lucas following in his van. They parked and went to Ian's room. The boys embraced and had a hot tongue twisting kiss. They both started stripping their clothes off quickly and seconds later, they wrapped their arms around each other in a warm hug.

"Let's flip flop fuck," Ian suggested.


"Yeah, I like to get fucked every now and then, and I like your cock. Speaking of your cock," Ian said as he pushed Lucas back on the bed. "I don't think I got to suck on you last time." Ian dropped to his knees and gazed at Lucas's seven inch cock. "You're about my size. Nice," Ian cooed. He sucked in one ball, then the other and played with them with his tongue. Lucas grinned as he watched Ian work over his boys. Ian slid the balls slowly out and ran his hot tongue up the shaft to the precum slicked head. He wrapped his lips around the head and lapped up the precum with his tongue.

"Suck me," Lucas whispered. Ian took a deep breath through his nose and started down on the hard cock shaft, not stopping until his nose was buried in pubes. "Fuck yes," Lucas moaned. Ian slid his wet lips back to the head then drove back down, burying his nose in pubes again. Ian did it again and again, speeding up with each bob of his head. He loved the feeling of the cock driving into his throat with each down stroke. His left hand kneaded the balls as he continued to bring Lucas closer to cumming. Lucas's breathing was starting to speed up and his moans told Ian he was about to get a hot load of cum in his mouth.

"I'm getting close," Lucas panted. Ian wiped a finger across Lucas's spit slick balls, getting his finger slick and eased it into Lucas's hole. "Oh God!" Ian slid it all the way in and hooked his finger against Lucas's prostate and Lucas came. Ian buried his nose in pubes and held still, feeling the cock pulse, shooting hot blasts of teen cum down his throat. Ian came back up to the head and felt the last three spurts of cum wash across his tongue. He swallowed and went back down all the way. Ian eased his finger out of Lucas's hole, hollowed his cheeks, sucking hard and slowly came back up to the head. He wrapped his hand around the spit slick shaft and squeezed the last few drops of cum into his mouth.

"Fuck, that was hot. Now, put your dick in my butt and fuck me," Lucas said. Ian grabbed the bottle of lube and pumped a big glob on his finger. He pushed it into Lucas's hole. He did it again and added another finger.

"That's good, now give me that hot cock." Ian pulled his fingers out and slicked up his cock. He stood up and pulled Lucas's ass to the edge of the bed at the bottom corner. He lined up his cock and pushed it in slowly until he was balls deep. "Yes, that's it." Ian pulled halfway out and ground his cock back in Lucas's tight hole.

"God, your ass is tight," Ian said. He pulled all the way out, lined it back up and pushed in slowly until he was all the way in. Ian couldn't help himself as he picked up speed and started long dicking Lucas. The feeling as he drove his cock back in was exquisite. Ian's cock was rock hard as he drove it over and over into Lucas. He pulled all the way out and slammed it all the way in without having to line it up.

"Oh fuck, that was good," Ian said. He pulled out again and slammed it back in. Ian did that until he was finally ready to switch to all out fucking. He slammed it back in and started fucking hard, hammering his cock into Lucas.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, yes, yes," Lucas called out with each brutal thrust. Ian pistoned his cock into Lucas's hot slick hole. Sweat started running down his smooth chest as skin slapped skin in the hotel room. Lucas's cock was leaking precum all over his stomach as it bounced with each thrust. Ian's balls slapped Lucas's ass with each stroke. He pounded his rock hard cock into Lucas over and over. Without warning from Lucas, Ian watched Lucas's cock explode with hot ribbons of cum shooting up and hitting Lucas in the face.

"Fuck!" Lucas screamed. Ian slammed home three more times. He pulled out quickly and hopped up on the bed. He pointed his cock at Lucas's face and pumped it twice. Hot blasts of teen cum covered Lucas's face. Lucas opened his mouth and Ian shoved his cock in filling Lucas's mouth with cum. Lucas swallowed the sweet cum and sucked hard on Ian's cock, getting every luscious drop.

"That was some hot fucking," Ian puffed out, trying to catch his breath.

"Too right, now put it back in and fuck me some more," Lucas said. Ian grabbed the Swiss Navy lube and pumped a glob on his finger. He shoved it in his hole. He did it again, then straddled Lucas.

"What are you doing?" Ian lined up Lucas's cock and sat down on it all they way. "Oh, fuck that's good," Lucas said. Ian bounced up and down on Lucas's hard seven inch cock, enjoying the feeling as it stroked his prostate. Ian's cock slapped wetly against Lucas's stomach with each downward stroke. Ian grabbed his ankles for leverage and slammed his ass down on Lucas.

"Your cock feels so good in my ass," Ian said.

"Oh, yeah, baby. Ride my cock. Make our balls churn with another load of cum. Ride it Ian!" Ian continued to slam his ass down over and over. Then he reached out and wrapped his arms around Lucas and rolled them over so Lucas was on top.

"Now, fuck me, Lucas. Gimme that hot cock," Ian said. Lucas was surprised by the change, but didn't hesitate as he started to fuck Ian at skin slapping skin speed. "Fuck yeah! Screw my ass!" Lucas smiled and hammered home, giving Ian a thorough fucking. He decided to give Ian a bit of what he himself had enjoyed. Lucas pulled all the way out then slammed his cock back in. He found he could do it without having to line his cock up and grinned. He repeated that and watched as Ian's cock bounced on his stomach spreading precum everywhere. Lucas returned to fucking Ian hard, then he decided it was time for a change. He pulled his cock out.

"Doggy." Ian didn't hesitate and flipped over to all fours. Lucas slammed his cock back in. He grabbed Ian's hips and fucked Ian's slick hole hard. The velvet smooth hole his cock drove into was pure heaven. Lucas usually bottomed, but enjoyed topping occasionally and the boy he was fucking was hot. He reached out and grabbed a handful of shaggy brown hair and pulled back. Ian moaned loudly and arched his back even more as his hole was hammered by Lucas's hot hard cock.

"Fuck me!" Ian called out. "Fuck me!" Ian hadn't bottomed in a long time and having Lucas's cock hammer his prostate felt sinfully delicious. Ian pushed back against Lucas with each stroke. Lucas could feel the cum churning in his balls and knew he was about to cum.

"I'm about to fill your hole with a hot load of cum," Lucas told Ian.

"Fuck yes, pump me full of cum!" Lucas clutched his hand full of hair tighter and pulled harder. Lucas was at a full speed fuck. He looked down and watched his cock hammer into Ian's ass. He slammed in hard and came. His cock pulsed, shooting hot spurts of cum deep into Ian's hole. Ian's untouched cock blasted out nine, ten hot ribbons on cum on to the hotel bedspread.

"Don't stop! Keep fucking!" Ian called out. Lucas pulled back and started slamming his cock back into Ian's cum slicked hole. "Yeah, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Ian screamed. Lucas reached out and grabbed two fistfuls of hair and pulled back hard. Ian came again spraying more cum on the hotel bed spread by blast after blast. Ian moaned loudly as his ass muscles clamped down on Lucas's hard cock. Lucas slammed his cock as deep as it would go and flooded Ian's hole with a second load of teen cum. Lucas let go of Ian's hair and collapsed forward onto Ian's back sending them both crashing down on the cum stained bed spread. At that point, Ian could care less. His hole was singing the Hallelujah Chorus, his balls were empty, he desperately needed to catch his breath and Lucas's cock was still buried deep in his cum filled ass occasionally pulsing it's last few drops of cum. Ian was in bottom heaven. That was literally the best fuck of his life. Lucas eased his cock out of Ian's wrecked hole and rolled over onto his back, gulping in lungfuls of air. Ian turned on his side and scooted closer to Lucas, throwing an arm across his slightly sweaty chest. Ian pulled his knee up and put it on Lucas's leg.

"I don't know what it is about you, but every time we have sex, it is the most intense sex I have ever had. I thought what we got up to in your van last month was hot. Tonight, we've done everything sexual that two boys can do and it was awesome." Lucas turned his head and kissed Ian on the forehead.

"Let's take a quick shower and get some sleep. I have no plans tomorrow and I'd like to spend it with you," Lucas whispered. Ian grinned and nodded his head.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Ocean rolled over and reached out for the familiar warm body sleeping next to him. He woke up and looked at the cool sheets next to him. Ocean rolled over on his back and sucked in a lungful of air as he remembered yesterday's events. Max was truly a good friend as he'd helped Ocean up to the apartment and into bed. From there, Ocean had cried himself to sleep. He woke up long enough to grab a plate of leftovers from the refrigerator and eat a meager meal. Then he'd wallowed in bed, feeling sorry for himself. Ocean went over the day minute by minute until he finally figured out where he'd fucked up and could not believe his own stupidity. Once again, he'd managed to insult Ian. Not only that, he insulted the boy Ian went to when Ocean pissed him off the first time. Ocean felt like hammering his head against a brick wall. Was he really that stupid? This was the second occasion of stupidity and Ocean was beginning to wonder if he was a complete dumb ass.

Ocean knew Ian was with Lucas and that pissed him off. Even though Ocean felt guilty for insulting Ian, that little blue speedo queer was not going to steal Ian from him, even if he had to beat that fucker's ass. Jealously raised it's ugly head in Ocean as he sat on the side of the bed seething in anger. He remembered that shit's cute little blue speedo and the way Ian had lusted for him. And then to learn that Ian had actually gone and fucked him made Ocean stand up and scream.

"That motherfucker has what is mine!" Ocean yelled out into the empty bedroom. He suddenly stopped himself. "Fuck!" Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Ocean looked up and saw Max and Finn standing there. Ocean waved them in.

"Ocean, I was going to ask you how you are, but I heard you yell," Max said as he came over and gave Ocean a hug. "Take a deep breath, buddy." Finn swished his hair, then walked over and stood behind Ocean. He reached around and held Ocean in a hug from the opposite direction.

"Ian is who I want to be with. Ian is who I'm in love with. It is up to me to fix this shit."

"You need to be patient. I know Ian will come back. He loves you too much. Just let him cool down and do whatever he's doing," Max said.

"He's fucking blue speedo! That's what he's doing!" Ocean bolted for the door and raced down the stairs. He jumped into his Jeep and burned rubber backing out of the driveway. Ocean revved his Jeep and zoomed down the street, racing for where he had no idea. He pounded the steering wheel in frustration. First, he turned toward Hendersonville, then he whipped around and headed toward the far side of town where the interstate ran through.

"Ian had packed a bag. He would need a place to stay. I hope to God he didn't drive straight to Hendersonville," Ocean thought to himself. He zoomed past the Outback Steakhouse and then the Olive Garden. He happened to glance to his left at the Hilton Garden Inn and saw RR. Ocean slammed on the brakes, tire smoke boiling up into the mid day sun. He whipped the Jeep into the parking lot and found a space. In under a minute, Ocean was at the front desk demanding to know what room Ian was in.

"For the third time, sir, I can not confirm or deny that this Ian person is even a guest of this hotel," the front desk clerk told Ocean.

"His fucking Range Rover is in your fucking parking lot," Ocean growled.

"I don't get paid enough to be cussed out so you can leave or I call the cops," the clerk said sternly.

"Call the fucking Air National Guard. I do not care. You either give me his room number or I'm going to have to get physical." The clerk had already alerted his maintenance man and at that precise time, great big, burly Sean eased up to the front desk. He looked at Ocean with a sneer.

"You can take your fag ass out the front door and leave peaceful like or I can fuck you up. It's your choice. Either way, the cops are on the way. Did I mention my brother's a cop? Now you move it along before things get out of hand," Sean said with a 'no room for argument' voice. Max and Finn raced through the front door and quickly saw what was going on.

"No, you listen to me," Ocean said as he glanced down at the name tag. "Sean. My boyfriend is here in this hotel. His car is outside. I know he's fucking someone else this very minute and I need to stop him from doing that! So, get the fuck out of my way and I'll go find him myself!" Sean smiled.

"Ocean, no!" Max screamed just as Sean took Ocean down hard. Five police cars came screaming in the parking lot, blue lights flashing and sirens yelping. Ocean was in handcuffs in seconds.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

The sirens caught Ian's attention as he and Lucas laid back on the bed, catching their breaths after a rigorous round of morning sex. He moved to the window and looked down at the parking lot. Five police cars were converged on the hotel portico. Ian watched as two police officers escorted a blond boy out and unceremoniously shoved him into the back of a police cruiser.

"Oh, fucking hell," Ian said. "Ocean is here and the police just arrested him." Ian quickly pulled on his shorts and a tee shirt. "I'll be right back." Lucas went to the window and looked down.

"What the fuck is going on, Ian?"

"I don't know, but I've got to go downstairs."

"Okay. Do you want me to come down with you?"

"No, it might be better if you just wait here please." Lucas nodded and went to look out the window. Ian jetted out the door and ran down to the elevator. He punched the 'down' button repeatedly. Finally, the car arrived and Ian quickly punched the 'lobby' button. It seemed to take forever for the elevator to reach the lobby. Ian darted around a few people and raced toward the front desk. As he came around the corner, he saw Max and Finn talking with a police officer. He slid in beside them.

"What's going on?" Ian asked Max.

"Ocean has been arrested."

"I saw that! What's he been arrested for?"

"He demanded to know your room number. When they wouldn't give it to him, he pitched a fit, threated violence and they called the cops," Max said slowly shaking his head.


"Who are you?" the police officer demanded.

"I'm his boyfriend. Please let me talk to him." The officer turned and called the sergeant over.

"This is the boy that caused all the trouble," the officer said pointing at Ian.

"I did not cause this problem!" Ian said defiantly.

"You're the one cheating on your boyfriend. I'd say that constitutes probable cause," the officer said.

"I'm not cheating! Look, just let me talk with Ocean," Ian pleaded.

"Not gonna happen," the sergeant said. "Arrest this fag too," the sergeant said with a smirk. "You queers are causing too much trouble."

"My lawyer will have something to say about that, sergeant."

"You can call whoever you want to, but right now, you're going to jail."

"You're messing with the wrong fag today, sir. I'm going to tell my lawyer, Tom Tomlinson, to file a lawsuit against the town of Harmony and you personally for a hate crime. I hope you have good insurance because I'm gonna sue the shit out of you." The sergeant sneered.

"Shut the fuck up faggot!" the sergeant yelled as he punched Ian in the stomach hard. "You are the scum of the earth and if President Trump has anything to do with it, you'll rot in prison or better yet, be shot." Ian bent over in pain. "Haul both of these queers to jail and lock them up together. Maybe they'll beat the shit out of each other and save my knuckles from being skint up."

Max discreetly dialed Tom Tomlinson and told him what was going on.

Lucas approached the sergeant, still recording video on his phone.

"I have that entire exchange on video including you punching Ian. You, sir, are going to prison!" Lucas screamed out. The sergeant lunged, trying to grab the phone, but Lucas stepped back quickly.

"Arrest that faggot too!" the sergeant bellowed out. Lucas turned to run but instead, he ran straight into a police officer. Seconds later Tom Tomlinson slid his car into the hotel parking lot and jumped out. The sergeant cocked his arm back to punch Lucas.

"You might want to think twice about that, Sergeant." The sergeant whirled around and faced an irate attorney.

"Assault on a minor, hate crimes, harassment, profiling and arrest with no probable cause? You're looking at a bare minimum twenty million dollar lawsuit and twenty years in jail."

"Fuck you Tomlinson. You're queer too from what I've been hearing."

"My sexuality has nothing to do with this. You will release these boys right here and right now or we get to have a nice chat with my buddy Judge Holloman, who also happens to be gay. So, what's your decision?" The overweight police sergeant looked Tom Tomlinson in the eye. His face was scrunched up in pure hate.

"They're all goin' to jail," the sergeant said. Then he spit on the ground at Tom's feet. "Cuff 'em all." Tom turned to Ian.

"I'll have you out within the hour. Don't you worry."

"This is insane!"

"This sergeant is out of line. I'll handle it. Just cooperate and don't say anything else. Keep your mouth shut and tell your friends to do that same thing,' Tom instructed. Ian nodded. The officers hand cuffed Ian, Max, Finn and Lucas and put them in patrol cars. The sergeant sneered at Tom as he climbed into his patrol car with Ocean handcuffed in the back seat and took off.

Forty-five minutes later, after Judge Gene Holloman had issued a written order, a lawyer and a District Attorney stormed into the police department and walked up to the desk sergeant.

"You have five juveniles in custody?" The desk sergeant looked up into the face of an irate judge and his eyes bulged out.

"Yes, sir, we do."

"Cut them loose, right now!"

"I'm afraid I can't do that." Another man walked up to the desk. He looked the desk sergeant in the face.

"I'm District Attorney Roy Gibbons. You release those young men right now," Roy ordered.

"But, but Sergeant Brown said …"

"I don't give a fuck who said what! You bring them here to me right now or I'll hold you in contempt of court!" The desk sergeant picked up the phone and made a call.

"They'll be here in a minute." Sergeant Brown came around the corner and saw Tom and Roy at the desk.

"What's going on here?" he shouted. The district attorney looked up at the desk sergeant.

"Place this man under arrest," DA Roy Gibbons said with a sneer. "He's being charged with a hate crime, obstruction of justice, violation of rights, assault on a minor, assault by a peace officer and whatever else I can think up. Put this man in handcuffs!" Roy said firmly. The desk sergeant nodded to two officers who moved toward Sergeant Brown.

"Oh, fuck no," Sergeant Brown started as he pulled his weapon. "No fag DA is gonna tell me what to do." The five boys were escorted to the lobby and walked in on the stand off. The other two officers had their weapons in hand and aimed at the sergeant. The boys huddled in the corner. Sergeant Brown's eyes were wild as he looked over the people in the lobby. He looked at Lucas, remembering the video the kid made of him punching that other kid. Sergeant Brown turned his pistol toward Lucas and fired. Lucas went down. The other officers fired back and Sergeant Brown fell down to the floor, dead before his body hit the concrete. Ian screamed and ran toward Lucas. He dropped to the floor and scooped Lucas up into his arms, but it was too late. The bullet hit him in the heart and he had died instantly.

"Nooooooo!" Ian yelled out. He looked down into Lucas's lifeless blue eyes and screamed. "No, no no!"

"Call an ambulance, right now!" the district attorney screamed at the desk sergeant. Ocean was stunned in shock as he looked at Ian holding Lucas's body in his arms. He turned and wept as he made his way outside. Max looked at Finn.

"You take care of Ian. I'm going after Ocean." Finn nodded and dropped to the floor beside Ian. He wrapped his arms around him and held on tight as Ian rocked back and forth holding Lucas's lifeless body to his chest.

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